Will AMC Have a Short Squeeze Soon? All You Need to Know

Will AMC have a short squeeze soon?
AMC Short Squeeze – #AMCtothemoon #AMC – AMC Stock Forecast – AMC Stocktwits

What a storm. What a battle right? AMC keeps on keeping on, and although AMC has been on discount recently, retail investors continue to buy and hold it.

Retail investors are very excited about the data that’s been collected for months now.

Will we see an AMC short squeeze while we continue to ride this bear?

And if so, how soon?


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog providing you with content on stocks, crypto, and market news. Today we’re discussing AMC Entertainment stock.

Lets get started!

How soon will we see an AMC short squeeze?

Retail investors all want to know.

Is it this week?

Will it be next week?

Or, are we looking at a longer game here?

Here’s what we know.

Key Highlights

  • AMC closed at $7.43 on November 29th. The stock continues to be heavily shorted. AMC Entertainment is set up for a short squeeze despite its split.
  • Shareholders continue to buy and hold the stock.
  • AMC’s short interest data shows us the stock has the perfect setup for a short squeeze.

Below is a series of documented facts and positive news that all influence AMC’s potential towards a short squeeze.

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AMC stock news and highlights [2021 Archive]

FOX Business reported AMC to have a strong chance of a short squeeze.

Coming from a big news platform it certainly brings the stock sentiment up for most retail investors.

This is the type of news retail investors need to keep an eye out for.

AMC Short Squeeze News Fox Business
Strong chance of a short squeeze – Fox Business AMC

AMC is still currently the most shorted stock in the market.

President and CEO of AMC Entertainment Adam Aron, announced AMC will reopen all 13 AMC theaters in New York City as of March 5th, 2021.

As of today, all AMC movie theaters are now open across the United States with many selling out.

Check out what Adam Aron had to say (via. Investor Relations AMC)

“Since reopening our first theatres with AMC Safe & Clean in August, AMC has welcomed back nearly 10 million moviegoers nationwide without a single reported case of COVID-19 transmission among moviegoers at our theatres. We look forward to welcoming back our New York City guests to the big seats, big sounds and big screens that are only possible at a movie theatre.โ€

Adam aron, President and CEO of AMC Entertainment

For those who thought AMC was a dead company, think again.

The company is now generating big revenue since it’s reopening.

Melvin Capital closing in June

Melvin Capital AMC Stock
Melvin Capital Hedge Fund – AMC – AMC Stocktwits

This is huge.

Melvin Capital is a hedge fund that has been shorting both AMC and GME stock.

Melvin Capital suffered a 49% loss it’s first quarter of 2021, via. Markets Insider.

Today, the hedge fund is scheduled to close in June of 2022.

Here’s why this matters:

  • Not only are shorts losing money every day but huge hedge funds are bleeding
  • This is a huge win for retail investors
  • Unless shorts close their positions, hedge funds will continue to suffer
  • Interest rates can skyrocket for short sellers enabling them to close their positions
  • An AMC short squeeze might be closer than we think

Here’s what retail investors can do:

  1. Continue to hold your positions, it’s free
  2. Buy the dips to counter any short attacks
  3. Share articles on social platforms that can provide value to the community
  4. Keep a close eye on the stock to not miss the squeeze

I’m going to discuss a little more on the short borrow fee that continues to increase for these hedge funds shorting the stock.

This is going to be a massive component to a short squeeze.

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Positive news for AMC Entertainment (Archive 2021)

Adam Aron gives positive news on AMC Entertainment – Archive 2021
  • AMC Entertainment has raised more than 2.2 billion dollars in cash
  • 90% of AMC theaters in the United States are now open with New York and Los Angeles finally reopening
  • Vaccinations and policies are making movie theaters safe
  • New movie titles are guaranteed to increase sales revenues
  • CEO and President Adam Aron expresses an optimistic future for AMC Entertainment
  • AMC Entertainment has implemented a Safe & Clean program under the advisement from Harvard University’s prestigious School of Public health as well as well as the No. 1 U.S. cleaning brand, The Clorox Company. This means movie goers can now return at ease knowing a proper sanitation program has been put in place.

Hedge fund affiliate partners such as MarketWatch, The Fool, and other finance website have been trying to redirect the public from investing in this stock.

That’s primarily because hedge funds are losing millions by the day.

A short squeeze could even put them out of business.

This is why it’s important for me to spread the positive news surrounding AMC.

I don’t believe in the manipulation of the media and I will continue to update these articles as more great news unfolds.

Is AMC Shorted?

AMC’s current short interest is around 21% (last updated 8/30)

As of 10/21, we’re seeing 0 shares have been made available to borrow, via Stonk-O-Tracker.

AMC’s short shares available will be updated here so be sure to bookmark this page.

AMC Short Shares Available to borrow

While shorts might have the capability to short AMC stock, this is only temporary.

They will run out of borrowed shares and eventually have to cover.

There are finally investigations going around regarding naked shorting.

BREAKING: Anchorage Capital closes after betting against AMC stock

What does this mean for the AMC shareholder?

Expect to see gains after shorts have run out of borrowed shares to use.

Hedge funds and short sellers alike have dug a deeper hole for themselves.

What this means for the AMC shareholder is a squeeze bigger than anything the market has ever seen before.

I am personally doubling down.

Not only is bankruptcy off the table (via. Los Angeles Times), but AMC movie theaters are now about to begin reopening in larger parts of the United States.

Which of course now introduces revenue.

AMC Entertainment Quarter Earnings History (2021)

Below are AMC’s quarter earnings for 2021, the year the ape movement began.

AMC’s quarter earnings for 2022 will be updated here and on another blog post once those have been announced later this year.

AMC Q1 earnings for 2021

AMC announced their Q1 earnings for 2021 on Thursday, May 6th. Things have been looking particularly bullish and optimistic since that point.

For the retail investor this means the upper hand is yours.

AMC Entertainment has raised over $2 billion dollars to hold them off until the year 2022.

If you missed the conference call you can view it here for your viewing pleasure. [ARCHIVE DATA]

Archived – 2021 Q1 Earnings Call – AMC Stock Forecast – AMC Stocktwits

AMC Q1 2021 highlights

  • The AMC community is recognized
  • Q1 earnings are higher than last years 4th quarter
  • Expectations for Q2 – Q4 are much higher
  • Food and beverage sales are up by 45%
  • Sales revenue will continue to rise as new titles are being released

AMC Q2 earnings for 2021

Quarter 2 earnings for AMC were absolutely amazing! I published an entire article on this information you can read all about here.

AMC Q2 2021 highlights

  • Record breaking $2 billion in liquidity
  • Increased revenue / tickets & concession
  • AMC to accept Bitcoin by the end of the year
  • GameStop partnership
  • Enhancing the cinema experience with sports and music performance

You can read Q3 earnings here and Q4 here.

I will be updating 2022 earnings highlights here so be sure to join the newsletter for updates!

I left 2021’s earnings call in this article for record purposes.

You can read 2022’s Q1 highlights here.

When will an AMC short squeeze happen?

When will an AMC short squeeze happen?

It’s really hard to tell.

Even experts can’t identify an exact date and time.

However, the possibility of an AMC short squeeze is certainly possible given that it is still the most shorted stock in the market and the stocks volume continues to rise.

We also now have more data then ever before that indicate a massive short squeeze is almost certain to happen.

Especially now that the SEC has announced some crackdown on shorting.

With Melvin Capital and other hedge funds losing money, it’s only a matter of time before the short borrow fee continues to skyrocket and shorts have to close their positions.

It’s tendie time!

Analyst AMC predictions

With that being said, Trey’s Trades predicts a short squeeze is highly likely. Trey has been a leader in the AMC community.

More data points towards the stock reaching $1000+ per share.

See what stock analyst Trey has to say.

AMC short squeeze – AMC Stock Forecast – AMC Stocktwits

The real questions is, how can retail investors make this AMC short squeeze happen?

We know that short-sellers eventually have to cover their positions. This means that they will eventually have to buy AMC stock at the current share price.

  1. If retail investors continue to drive the share price up by buying the dip and holding their positions, short-sellers will have no other option than to buy from the retail investor at a higher share price.

2. Retail investors will also need to buy the climbs in order to show a demand for the stock. This doesn’t have to be huge buys, rather incremental to validate the current share price.

This play essentially creates a supply and demand scenario between retail investors and short-sellers. The results? A short squeeze.

Hedge funds are doing everything they can to prevent a short squeeze

How are they doing this?

  • By promoting false information online (we’re certain you’ve seen it)
  • Through strategies such as short-ladder attacks in the market
  • And, by restricting certain brokerage accounts from allowing its retail investors to purchase or buy shorted stocks (Robing hood)

This is what retail investors can do to fight corruption:

  • Share content that presents facts (blog posts, analysis videos, etc.)
  • Continue to educate yourself and make investment decisions based on your personal analysis
  • Follow your instincts
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What will an AMC short squeeze look like?

We’ll begin to see a trend similar to that of GME (Gamestop). AMC will enter a bullish territory before hitting an ‘abnormal’ peak in which AMC would have ‘squoze’.

What will an AMC short squeeze look like?

It seems we’ve already hit the bottom.

AMC continues to be heavily shorted through dark pools and other market manipulation tactics.

This price level can be seen as a buying opportunity for retail investors looking to squeeze shorts out of their positions.

We’re now sitting at $7.43 per share.

Join our topic discussions on the channel.

An AMC short squeeze will certainly make headlines.

Expect to see various gains prior to any sort of major peak as well as volatility.

Gamma squeeze vs Short squeeze

Don’t confuse gains and momentum with a short squeeze.

Here’s the difference between a gamma squeeze and a short squeeze:

A gamma squeeze are momentum gains. These usually occur from call options closing in the pocket resulting in heavy buys or purchases in the market.

A short squeeze is vigorous and can spike with no warning.

This is where you see 100% gains in a matter of seconds and minutes.

A short squeeze can even reach 1000% and 10,000% gains.

AMC Short Squeeze Stock Prediction

AMC Stock Forecast – AMC Stocktwits

New retail investors are wondering whether $1k, $10k, or even $100k per share is even possible.

Gabe from ReviewDork does some math that’s going to leave you with an open mind.

AMC stock price predictions range from $1,000 to $100k+.

But I’m curious to know your thoughts on this.

Leave a comment at the end of the blog post.

Will AMC reach peaks like GameStop?

AMC has been fortunate enough to receive more publicity and hype than GME did, at least recently.

The volume will speak for itself, and retail investors will just have to wait to find out.

We’ve seen that abnormal gains are naturally part of a short squeeze.

Volkswagen rose up to nearly $1,000 when it squeezed back in 2008 due to a similar strategy produced by car manufacturer Porsche.

Analysts are predicting AMC can even go above the $1K mark if retail investors and institutions alike continue to buy and hold their positions.

Wouldn’t this be something. If you’re holding 1,000 shares and AMC spikes to $1K per share, you my friend have made 1 million dollars!

I strongly suggest using a reputable broker such as Vanguard or Fidelity oppose to phone apps like Robinhood.

Simply because the broker colluded with market maker Citadel to halt the buying of ‘meme stocks’.

Read: Codes to see if your phone has been hacked

Is it too late to get in on AMC stock?

Absolutely not, at least not yet.

AMC Entertainment is still heavily shorted.

You will have to decide whether its current share price is worth it if trades at $100, $500, or even $1,000+.

AMC Entertainment stock has not even started squeezing yet.

Redditors have touched base on this topic and are determined anything below $100 is a buy.

Where was AMC trading at before the pandemic?

AMC was actually trading between $30-$35 back in the booming party economy of 16′!

AMC stock started to decline as their debt increased and hedge funds began to heavily short it.

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What if a short squeeze doesn’t happen?

If an AMC short squeeze doesn’t occur, AMC stock price will still go up allowing shareholders to make at least some sort of profit.

With AMC theaters now open, it’s inevitable that the company will begin to see bigger sales revenue every time a new title is released.

I update this post when new titles make the headlines regarding earnings.

Keep in mind that AMC’s share price during the booming party economy of 16′ was roughly around $30 per share.

If a short squeeze doesn’t happen, fundamentals will continue to bring the stock up as more investors are buying the stock.

However, a short squeeze not happening is very unlikely as AMC is currently the most shorted stock in the market and most held stock, beating both Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA), via. NASDAQ.

Majority of the float is also held by retail investors and short sellers are going to be forced to close their positions very soon, more on that coming up.

As Mark Cuban bluntly put it, keep holding.

Why hasn’t AMC squeezed yet?

why hasn't AMC squeezed yet
AMC Stock Forecast – AMC Squeeze – AMC Stocktwits

AMC hasn’t squeezed yet primarily to two main reasons.

  1. The stock requires volume to drive the stock price action up
  2. Shorts need to close their positions

Volume really just comes to more and more retail investors as well as institutions getting in on AMC stock.

Regarding shorts covering, retail investors need to squeeze them out of their positions by holding their positions and helping increase AMC’s short borrow fee.

You can keep tabs on AMC’s short borrow fee as it changes every day via. Ortex, or Fintel.

AMC short borrow fee

As of 10/21 AMC’s short borrow fee rate is 18.20%.

Read: When do shorts have to cover their position? (AMC)

Aside from this, Wanda Group had caused a little bit of disruption for retail investors by profiting on the first sight of gains.

This turmoil was only short-term but is a reason why we’ve seen some selloff in the market a few weeks ago.

However, Adam Aron has brought awareness in an interview with Trey’s Trades that this selloff from Wanda is simply policy from China.

Retail investors should not be concerned.

Is AMC Ever Going To Squeeze?

All the numbers point towards the right direction for a massive short squeeze.

Shorts and hedge funds continue to lose money every day.

The interest is growing at an alarming rate and AMC’s current utilization is at 100%.

It’s possible the lives of these retail investors are about to completely change.

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And lastly…

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What will an AMC short squeeze mean for you?

Let us know in the comments section below what an AMC short squeeze would mean for you!

If you’re an AMC shareholder let us know in the comment section below.

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      Hi Steve, I refer to the short borrow fee hedge funds have to pay to borrow the stock. Essentially if it becomes costly for short sellers to hold the stock due to the fee, they may willingly close their positions as it makes no sense to continue losing money.

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      • J.M.

        Thank you for replying to my comment. So, I have another question. I placed an order to buy one share at 26.50 when the markets open on Tuesday. Would that be enough or will the price of the stock be even higher at opening? Tonight I have watched some videos and some of the youtubers think the price could go to $ 50 this week.

        • Frank Nez

          Of course ๐Ÿค
          The share price could open a little lower than close which means your order will execute (process) or it may open higher. Chances are if it opens higher than you will have to cancel your transaction and buy at the new โ€˜ask amountโ€™. The price could certainly double next week.

          • Eric J Baranek

            Hey, I wanted to mention this for you or others commenting, be careful saying price points to sell at, could get you into hot water if the SEC considers it market manipulation or something (can’t think of the term).

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            Everyone can sell at whatever price point they want. This is a free market and investors can buy, hold, and sell at free will.

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        How did you obtain the information that AMC is the most shorted stock on the market? I am all in on AMC, but wanted to know how I or you can verify that fact.

        • Frank Nez

          It was on a list before it was taken down by the hedge fund affiliate website. Hedge funds are losing billions of dollars shorting AMC now, via CNBC. And according to fintel, the number of short shares made available to short AMC continues to grow and take place.

          • Anj

            Where is the best place to buy these shares from?, a secure app or website?

          • Frank Nez

            I recommend Vanguard or Fidelity.

  36. Richard

    I have 1020 bananas in movie tickets and still holding 30 bananas in video games. I also have 3 c bananas at $7.50 expiring June 11. I plan on selling my c bananas hopefully at $100 plus to cover my banana purchases and have some to stow away in a rainy day fund. My 30 bananas are simply for play…letโ€™s see where it peaks! And lastly, my 1020 bananas are being held close to my heart, but I could part with them at $1000+! Once tendies are collected, depending on what I sell for ($25000 per banana seems a fair price) I set aside 40% for capital gains, 30% into high yield dividend investments and live off the dividends, 10% will go to family, friends, those in need, 10% in my trade account for day trading, and I save the last 10% for the best….toys, fun, and travel!!!

    • Frank Nez

      Love it! Thanks for commenting Richard ๐Ÿค๐Ÿฆ

  37. Joseph J Auwarter

    adding 90 bananas Monday #diamond hands forever, screw the hedge funds and their markets manipulation!!!!!

  38. Kevin

    140 bananas for now, will try to get another 100 by end of tomorrow.

    • bryanfrankieantunez


  39. Brandon H

    I have been holding AMC since shortly after the 8.01 battle. Iโ€™m holding until I can pay off all my debt, pay for all my childrenโ€™s college tuitions in full, reinvest enough for each child to never have to see what scrapping by ever felt like. Allow my wife and I to retire early or Atleast retire from full time jobs. I started with $100 invested in AMC and now currently hold just short of 2500 bananas and have even gotten my wife in on this as well as friends and other family members. Simply present the evidence and itโ€™s a no brainer!! Everyone has their own sell points to meet whatever financial requirements they might have. No one can be mad at them for doing whatโ€™s right for them. If you have held this long paper hands have turned to diamonds my friend

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Thank you for commenting Brandon. I was part of the 8.01 battle. We will prevail ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿš€

  40. Kimberly

    Thank you for this article. I’ll be honest and say that I had no idea that this was happening. I have AMC stock on robinhood and began to research the jump today. I have 50 shares. I will be buying more tomorrow. A lot more. I’ll also be setting up accounts elsewhere in the event that the brokerages do what they did with GME. I am burdened with student loan debt. My grandmother left me her home but it’s over 100 years old. The time has come where I either need to do some major repairs (plumbing and electric) , sell the house, or knock it down to rebuild. I hope to pay off my student loans first and then rebuild on the land so that I stay on what my great-grandparents built in this HCOL area where my neighbors paid $900k+ for their homes.. Knocking off the student loans will free up hundreds of dollars per month that I can put towards whatever I decide to do with the house. Maybe i’ll build it back up as a triplex to rent out. I am on the ride to $1k with the rest of you. If anything, i’ll have a good night’s sleep knowing that there are billionaires who are currently losing sleep.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Thank you for your comment Kimberly and for sharing your story with the community.

    • James

      This is no longer 1k floor. You all need to be thinking higher floor. 1k was months ago. Floor is now 100k. If we all hold strong we can change the lives of fellow apes who have 100 shares or less. I have 500 shares myself and this needs to be life changing for all of us. The hedge funds deserve whats coming to them. Hold strong

      • Kimberly

        Iโ€™ve spent the last few days researching and buying. I will definitely be holding much much higher than the $1k mark. Iโ€™ve gotten a few friends and family in too, even people who wouldnโ€™t buy more than 5 shares because they are skeptical and think that the powers that be wouldnโ€™t allow this to happen lol

    • Honet

      It warms my heart to read about everyone’s dreams here. I’m hodling 70 shares bought in February and will buy some more tomorrow! To the moon!

      • Frank Nez


    • Joshua

      Get off of Robin Hood they will Rob you and they are affliated with Citadel!! Transfer before it is too late!

      • Frank Nez

        Yes! Share this one brother https://franknez.com/why-new-retail-investors-investing-in-amc-should-avoid-robinhood/

        • Hutch

          I have 42 shares on RH and terrified of moving at this critical time. I donโ€™t trust them either way. Is it potentially dangerous to transfer during the squeeze? I heard it can take up to 10 days..
          Not sure what to do and weighing my risks.

          • Frank Nez

            Hi Hutch – it’s taken 3-5 days for some apes I know. A squeeze could last days and I think we’ll be hitting the hundred dollar area before an actual short squeeze is initiated. I could be wrong and it could happen sooner but I would personally switch. Do what you think is best for you

    • YOUNG

      I’m korean and I bought 3000 at 58.5.

      Anestly little nervous.

      But I think this is huge opportunity to change my life

      Please give me warm word

      Can I meet the shorts squeeze? In AMC?

  41. DaHungryUnko

    Great article! Iโ€™m only holding around 150 shares. Hopefully everyone has seen the recent numbers and have upped their sell price. This is a squeeze thatโ€™s never been seen before and the longer we hold the higher the price will be! We are all going to profit from this, but our profits will be determined by how long we hold onto our shares! AMC to the Moon!

    • bryanfrankieantunez


  42. Disestablish

    80 shares and holding. Revenge for 2000 & 2008 market manipulations. My karma gonna run over some hedgie dogma.

  43. DrChi

    A “short squeeze” to me would become the opening of my portal to travel to another dimension. A dimension where I will create a non-profit organization whose sole purpose it is to create an environment that allows people to experience the synergy necessary to pursue their greatest potential in life. This forum will allow people not only to work with each other but to readily trust one another because we won’t have to deal with all this egocentric nonsense that we are forced to deal with in our plutocratic empire (e.g. Hedge Funds shorting companies in a vain effort to bankrupt them so that they can usher in a replacement industries that they have already heavily invested in). This will be an institutionalization of truth & an organization of justice. Its primary function will be to assist all its members in becoming the best they can be and integrating that expression into our forum to promote its own diversity. Our mission is a spiritual goal for the self-actualization of our Oneness with all. Just like Apes Together Strong!

  44. H.M.M

    I only have 105 shares, but I want to have a pitbull rescue. Everything I have in AMC is for my love of the breed.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love it!

    • Dawn Giasi

      I always dreamed of a dog and cat rescue so I have 900 shares. Pitbulls are so loyal anf affectionate if raised with love!

  45. Zach

    I’m new to stocks, this is my first week. Slept on them for years and laughed as I was ignorant and didn’t know or desire the knowledge. Getting into crypto led me into stocks, and discovered amc (wow shocker lol) but I’ve only bought 10 stocks. I’ve heard people say it could skyrocket into the 5 and 6 digits, and if that’s a real thing, it’ll put me into a position to get my children, my family into a home they deserve <3

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Welcome to the community Zach, happy to have you here. Thereโ€™s loads of information you can find here regarding price predictions and probabilities from analysts ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿค

  46. Timothy

    114 still buying cause my mom and dad lost there house in 08 do to hedge funds and government even after I help them pay down there note still wasnโ€™t enough to save there home now there renting please to all in the movement remember to sell at the top for us little share holders we look up to you guys

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Very noble of you brother – thanks for commenting your story. Don’t forget to share the article with the community.

  47. todd

    APE HOLDING 22,627 shares @ $13.00 since Jan. Waiting for by fellow APES to come get me so we can go to the FRICKEN MOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Wendy

    667 here! But all with RH…Iโ€™m afraid if I start the transfer Iโ€™ll miss out ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      I know a lot of people are transferring asap, Wendy. A squeeze could last several days though. Weeks even.

      • Luke Skywalker

        I have 343 with RH. What is the concern? Why are people transferring?

        • Frank Nez

          People are transferring because Robinhood halted trading on GameStop back in January.

      • Here are people

        Where are people transfering to. WEBULL OR WITH WHO?

        • Frank Nez

          Thereโ€™s a list of real brokerage accounts on this article: https://franknez.com/how-to-invest-in-the-stock-market-step-by-step-for-beginners/

          • Luke Skywalker

            Thanks. Do you know of a particular brokerage firm that did not restrict trading of Gamestop back in January? I would like to use that one, being that this event could be life changing, and I want to make sure i get all my money when the time comes to sell.

          • Frank Nez

            Vanguard and Fidelity are top notch brokerage accounts. No restrictions as far as I know

    • Diego

      Fidelity transfer takes 1 full day…. Do it

    • Concerned Citizen

      I’m just newish Ape and talking for Entertainment purposes (not financial advice – it’s your money and your call) #ApeEvolution

      But this is what I think I’ve learned so far…sorry no links provided on this post!

      RobinHood is different from many trading platforms that go thru Citadel bc they have been exposed for selling user trading information to Citadel as part of their business model. So when they limited or shut down trades during GME and AMC mooning before, they saved Citadel gobs of money. They did it once and I don’t doubt if the money to them is right, that they’d do something to bail out Citadel again. Many trading apps move their trades thru Citadel, from what I read from recently (Verification needed). But about 10 other popular apps (Webull included – which I am using and have 500+ shares of AMC @45) also trade thru Citadel which also gives Citadel an advantage due to their ability to micro-manipulate trades to their advantage (if they delay your purchase from going thru for a few moments, they can get incremental amounts of guaranteed money as stock prices fluctuate in their favor). The various existing Short positions don’t expire at once, they have a price and time of expiration (I believe the next one coming is end of July at $40 – Verification needed). Buying dips (at asking price) is a way to counter short/put ladder attacks as it creates demand and raises prices. Expect, as we move closer to end of month, that hedgies will do everything they can (illegal stuff too – Ken Griffen has been admonished a few times before for illegal stuff but he’s still around and has multiplied his assets in recent years).

      Best thing we can do is share links to good information so Apes are more informed. POST ACCURATE SHORT POSITIONS WITH DATE DUE. BUY AND HOLD WHEN IT LOOKS TIMELY AND WHEN PRICE IS CLOSE TO THEIR STRIKE PRICE.

      Some helpful tips to new Apes
      -turn off stock sharing on whatever app you use (if your getting little interest payments, then you are most likely helping hedgies bc they can borrow your shares to use to short attack you). If your not doing Ape stuff then I don’t see a prob turning it back on, but it does benefit hedges and day traders more than average retail investors and tradition Apes that just buy and hold till moon comes with expiring short position
      -when posting info, share links that other Apes can verify and learn how to do their own due diligence
      Be a helpful ape member and share/link verifiable info and even post ur position.
      -given the different short position prices and due dates, I expect mini-moons vs 1 upUranus-moon
      -don’t put in so much that you can’t recover because everyone can promise you the world online. Anonymity removes consequence and people can be as evil as they want just to pass the time
      -HOLDING in this situation where retail holds high % of float and reported short positions being 15% (probably much higher due to failures of market makers and limp SEC)
      -this could go on indefinitely as new short positions are created bc hedges “know” normal people get impatient and scared. But Ape psychology scares them too. And as a coordinated collective, Apes can be a real disruptive force moving forward. So selling and repositioning lower might be a viable strategy. As the AMC short drags on for at least 2-3 months longer (Mooning with each short expiration). There are short positions after the $40 one ending this month at 30, 20 etc…. that’s probably where things get crazy. And that’s probably when opposing hedges will join in to make some easy money against at hedges’ shorting positions.

      F@cked up things I’m seeing
      Hedgies churning the market
      -Algorithmic trading takes advantage of super low latency (communication speed with market), hi-fidelity (massive information rates allowing for thousands of trades per sec – Verification needed), and of course as sometimes bankroll of over a trillion dollars multiplied by options
      -i suspect algorithmic collusion when more than 1 hedge company is shorting, possibly even on opposing sides of when you see barcoding prices, but definitely when price drops significantly despite relatively even buy/sell trading volume. When smoke clears and SEC tries to pin it on them, they can innocently shrug and feign ignorance.
      -Hedgies are most likely using Put option trades instead of shorts to mask short attacks to circumvent Ortex numbers (2 week interval where shorts are reported by hedges – shady reporting suspected)
      -people being mean to other people. No need to spread hate to other people. We are all people just trying to get thru the harsh realities of life. Corporations and their CEOs are not people so you can hate them all you want.
      -Wall Street market makers enable all this BS so root for understaffed SEC. SEC needs to really crush entities that are raping the people and bleeding our collective, taking advantage of stock market loop holes and new algorithmic trading practices that seem to facilitate unspoken collusion. And the software companies making these algorithmic trading softwares should share in penalties.
      -federal reserve IS the banking system and not a real government entity. It cannot be audited nor can the involved private banks that make it up. It stole the ability of our government to print our own money. So essentially on top of the fact that all that Quantitative easing money (many trillions) after 2008 went to Wall Street banks (which is why stock market prices reached these unworldly heights). We basically pay for each dollar made. Goldman Sachs is in charge of printing money for a certain fee/interest (tax on life which goes unopposed).
      -shorting system is an archaic system created when the Pony Express was still a thing. Modernizing it would be good, but who is going to do it? Prob Wall Street and the politicians they donate to and who after they retire sit on their boards. It’s a beautiful system if you on that side (look at all the new hedge fund IPOs).

      There is a silver lining in all this madness! (Getting Political so stop reading if you don’t care about unity and love)
      Our Constitution can be amended. Let’s vote out established players that keep screwing the people. Let’s vote out people that spread lies (even if they dont realize they’re lying). Let’s protect our children from a hate-filled education system that could indoctrinate generations. Children are innocent! But fathers and mothers who take advantage of the publics trust should face a family ban on politics for at least a generation (Singapore style- Verification needed). Our votes can keep in the ones we approve of and replace those that we don’t. Stop voting strictly on parties lines and vote for the best candidate. If you don’t see one, then you probably have to stand up and run yourself.
      And the secret weapon is the write-in candidate. Who needs a party when you can raise up an honest man or woman who can intelligently argue and defend his position in a 6-12 hour debate? A candidate who know history and can stand up to rigorous fact checking. Yes, they will have to be at least that smart…

      (MeetKevin, a YouTube influence and educator is running in California and he seems like an outstanding person.)

      Crap kids are hungry. I need to make dinner.

      Much love and respect to all that want a better, unified United States!


  49. ali

    I have about 7100 shares, i missed gme tendies, i missed doge tendies, i am not missing AMC. i would love for it to goto $1000 so i can buy a house and retire my parents. To say it would be a dream come true is an understatement. AMC will squeeze inshallah(god willing)

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      God willing ๐Ÿ™ blessings are coming

    • Mike DeVries

      Ali, its Mike…. How’s it going? I think back then on May 8, 2021, I had 6000 shares and 7000 Call Options for AMC. I think we were cranking in June 2021 when we were going up and I thought, “Yes, this is the squeeze… It is happening!” I think I was up to like $1.55M at one point! Yet, the “short interest” (a.k.a. Hedgies like Melvin Capital & Market Makers like Citadel) successfully stopped all this in its tracks from happening by “pulling the buy button off RobinHood” to strategically create the situation that forcefully caused people sell AMC to protect their equity! Are we going to witness another similarly decisive tactic utilized to protect the short interest from suffering the consequences of justice for their corrupt & evil trading techniques that exploit, manipulate, and control the world? Here we are now 9 months later after having the plug pulled on us the first time! We seemed to have gotten back down to a low of about $13.45 and we now seem to be finally making a rebound back up a little to like $20.55 at the moment. So it has taken 9 months to recover an we are barely doing it now. Will this go back up to $75 and then what tactic or trick will they pull out of the bag to tame this wild beast back down and keep it its cage this time? I am so amazed how long this has taken and how easily they can prevent it from truly happening. Do you still have 7000 shares? Right now I am currently sitting on 1000 shares of AMC and 5 Call Options. I am trying to figure out a day trading strategy to allow me to constantly make money for as long as this process takes to reach fruition so that I am not just sitting there watching this investment go up & down over and and watching my Call Options expire worthless over and over for ever & ever! So what’s your outlook on all this? I would love to hear your thoughts and brainstorm ideas with you. God Bless you!

  50. Trish Anderson

    Only 320 shares at the moment but still adding slowly, if it only squeezes to $1000 I can be debt free own our house outright and do some renovations. Hodling for more but would still be ecstatic with that outcome.

  51. MattyIce

    Holding 4,045 bananas. I hope to have enough money to buy a stake in the company I work for, and I want to buy a nice piece of land and put up a dope barndominum. I want to make sure my that my teacher wife no longer has to work to support our family. I am a disabled vet and my disability and part time work just doesnโ€™t make ends meet. This money is going to change everything for us. Lastly I want to be able to pay for my brothers wife to receive the best medical care in the world. Last year our family received a huge blow when we found out that she has a terminal disease called pulmonary arterial hypertension. There is no cure except for a lung transplant, and without it she will only live a maximum of 12 years. So hopefully this money will be able to take care of all things. I HODL for you, and I know you all will HODL for me.

    • Jay Bondo

      Between a Buddy and me we have close to 30,000 shares and plan to HODL as long as we can to make sure EVERYONE gets bananas for years to come! AMC100K!!

      • bryanfrankieantunez

        Thatโ€™s an insane amount of shares congrats ๐Ÿพ

      • Oceanminnow

        So many different price targets I only have about 40 shares but I hope the big holders keep holding until the price goes high enough I can take some time off work and get my cancer treatments. If nothing else I can at least leave my family without a ton of debt.

      • D cash

        WOW. Reading all this is inspiring. My well to do buddy jumped in on 20,000 shares and I did what I could to to keep up and started with 10,xxx and am now a total of exactly 14,200 shares. I thought we were nuts after a while but seeing others out there with their big hairy Ape nuts on the line (Hairy Ape tits I guess for the ladies), I got a small feeling of comfort knowing we’re not alone. Cheers to the future.

        • bryanfrankieantunez

          Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚- thanks for reading brother. Cheers ape ๐Ÿฅ‚

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      You have a good heart Matty – thanks for commenting brother

  52. Tania jolley

    Iโ€™m still a baby investor. I only have 19 shares. I hope to double or triple that before the squeeze.

  53. Der Gelderzeuger

    Hello, I am from Germany! Ultimately positive and uninfluenced news on AMC. I can now have some faith in journalism again

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      I appreciate the comment ๐Ÿ™Greetings from the U.S to our readers in Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

    • Shawn Fornari

      We can do this!

      • bryanfrankieantunez


  54. Marshall Beagley

    Iโ€™m new to investing but I have 10 and still buying

  55. Nick

    AMC 100K!

  56. Brian Terrell

    I purchased all my AMC shares via Robinhood. I was reading something that suggested Robinhood was not a good place to buy these AMC shares, but I am confused on why that is. Can someone explain to me why Robinhood is a bad place to buy the AMC shares?

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Hi Brian – thank you for your comment. The reason being is that Robinhood stoped retail investors from buying GameStop stock during its heavy momentum. This manipulation caused an outrage. Retail investors were only allowed to sell ๐Ÿค” retail investors have switched brokers to avoid this from happening with AMC.

  57. Pat

    Great article. Holding at 750 bananas. Hoping to set up an early retirement or at least become debt free

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Thanks Pat! Becoming debt free is one of peopleโ€™s biggest financial goals, love it

  58. Costan

    372 bananas …. looking to get some more … i don’t want much ,just to be able to get a place that i can call home and get rid of the rent stress.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love it ๐Ÿ™ shoot for the moon ๐Ÿš€

  59. Haiden Murray

    Could only afford 150 shares being a 2nd year mechanical engineering student, but I am hoping to have no student debt and get my mom out of debt too. Just got into the stock market, missed the first squeeze. Helps being Canadian, my dollar is worth less :). $1000 minimum!!!

  60. Chris

    FrankNez—it’s “Robinhood”, not Robing Hood. C’mon bro.

  61. Bun

    It would mean my gf and I can live a wonderful life without worrying about the financial bumps! Pay off all our debt and be super happy!!

    I hope it happens and I can look back at this comment and be so thankful!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love it brother – thanks for your comment

  62. Jared

    Holding 2850 shares. Been holding since February. Took part in the first squeeze in January, made 10k, and doubled down my position. Itโ€™s been a ride but I know the squeeze is inevitable. Reading this post has helped strengthen my patience.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Great multiplier brother! Happy to hear my post has helped you during this crazy battle. Iโ€™ve been holding since February and Iโ€™m EXCITED for whatโ€™s coming ๐Ÿš€

  63. john D

    1000 shares in a tax free Roth IRA…..my dream house has a boat lift in the back yard.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      You’re doing it right with the Roth IRA brother

  64. Cheryl

    2000 shares, 100 shares for each of 6 children, 400 shares for me a condo to live
    near them, 800 shares for taxes, and 200 shares for church and helping others

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love how you broke it down ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  65. Concetta

    8600 shares and holding. Single mom of 2. One of my children is disabled and this could change my life so I can afford to bring him home and take him out of adult residential living because I could finally afford a care giver 24 hers a day. Im a nurse for medically fragile children and I want to be able to purchase medical equipment that medicaid cannot always supply cost free. Parents cant always afford these things and I would love to set up a fund with some of my money.
    Plus I of course would like to live a better life for my daughter and myself and bring her brother home.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Thatโ€™s beautiful, Concetta. Sending positive thoughts out to you and your family ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ stay strong ๐Ÿ’ช

  66. rodney COLEMAN

    821 ,,, so far

  67. Hoan Le

    13450 shares and keep adding.

    • bryanfrankieantunez


  68. Maria

    Love your article! Open heart surgery survivor and cancer survivor here. Currently beating another cancer. Looking forward to my 1000 shares to help me retire after 36yrs of working and just enjoy my family.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Incredible – cheers to you Maria, keep strong ๐Ÿ’ช

  69. Maria

    Got to admit I only bought bec of FOMO. Now holding 1000 shares and excited to see what happens!

  70. Jeremy Davidson

    1830 here, let the good times roll! Slowly adding to the total.

  71. Shasta Mae

    650 shares ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

  72. Brontide

    Holding exactly 776 shares. I just want to make sure my wife will be taken full care of after I am gone from this world. I made that promise to myself when we got married.

  73. floyd j fenex

    made some money on doge just bought 1000 shares
    to the moon baby!!!!!!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Congrats on Doge, time to take AMC to the moon

  74. Fearlessfrog

    2500 shares strong! Holding since early Feb. Probably bought over 30 times slowly adding to my total. Hoping for 1000!

  75. Bryan

    Iโ€™m 950 shares long and climbing. Already have a house/car/dog/cranky ass wife and new golf clubs. Iโ€™m just in it for fun and will more than likely distribute gains back into AMC and charities.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      I had to read this aloud to my partner ๐Ÿ˜‚ love it

    • Tammy Robinson

      I’m a cranky ass wife and I approve this message ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‡

  76. M. Benham

    350 shares, to platforms. Recovering my retirement that resolved in ’08/09. Maybe, just maybe, this apette will find a way to retire sooner. โœŒโค ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿคฒ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿš€

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Early retirement sounds nice ๐Ÿน๐Ÿ•ถโ˜€๏ธ

  77. John Gadau

    300 Shares and WISH I could buy more.

  78. James

    130 Bananas and goal is to het to 500 before squeeze! Def paying off student loans and house. Then starting my own business.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love it – what kind of business do you want to start?

  79. Lori

    Just shy of 200 bananas ๐ŸŒ!!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      One of my brothers is around there too โšก๏ธ

  80. Philip Bolcar

    14,004 shares AMC $ 9.18 average … will pay for Medical School for our daughter … she is determined to become a pediatric surgeon!!!

  81. Eyal chai

    5000 shares and will be buying nore

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Great multiplier ๐Ÿ’ฏโšก๏ธ๐Ÿฟ

  82. Jason BOND

    19,000 shares and buying the dips till we go to the moon. AMC1000!

  83. Eugene

    132 shares is all I could afford. Holding for the Moon. Letโ€™s hit 1K+ baby๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Right on- Best of luck to you brother!

      • John Gadau

        I now how 1000 shares. Even raised my avg to 9.13. Fingers crossed. I need this to happen soon.

    • Mike Barron

      Sorry you are miss informed the price target is now $10,000/share.

  84. adri

    500 shares and holding strong..To the moon we will go..

  85. Bill

    At 375 shares currently and recently divested from all long positions purchased last March when the market dropped. Said profits are going into AMC. Should land at just a hair over 1,500 shares.

    Iโ€™ll continue to work and continue to invest until my investments can cover our lifestyle.

    Holding until the moon, cause itโ€™s time the little guy won for a change.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      I put profits from other stocks into AMC too – Holding to the moon brother ๐Ÿค

  86. Kimberley Hickey

    13000 shares of AMC and Iโ€™m holding to see one of the greatest transfers of wealth from the 1%erโ€™s. I love the negative publicity about how stupid we retail investors supposedly are. Weโ€™re not the ones paying interest in this game!
    HOLD ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿš€ ๐ŸŒ•!!!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Holy moly! Thatโ€™s quite a multiplier. HODL ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿš€

  87. Francis

    Holding 2,000 shares. I’M Bullish ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please join our Facebook forum group

    3. Gorilla Gangz to the moon!!

    Hold strong for your fellow AMC holders!!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love it! Be sure to share on the forum Groups ๐Ÿ˜Š

  88. Wayne Cain

    272 shares pushing for $500 first then pull out my initial investment and roll with the punches hoping for $1-$2k peak. I want to take my profits and quit my job and day trade for the rest of my life. Oh and be debt free!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Debt free, day trading, no boss – love it.

    • Gary A Ellison

      FYI pulling out early only weakens the squeeze potential and limits it’s peak

  89. 2keen4u

    Big 200 and buying more! Just love the hype and community! Love what it stands for ! Less we forget! 2008.01! Not a penny less will I sell for!

  90. John Williams

    I have 1055 shares and amc short squeeze will allow me to retire and have enough investment income to where I should be good for awhile. I will also pay off my home and do home improvements and vacation

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Thatโ€™s the life – best of luck John

  91. Hasm

    To the moon
    Never sell before 500$ minimum
    Thanks for this great job
    We will see us to the moon ๐ŸŒ™

  92. Gonzalo

    Great DD and info 2k bananas deep and strong ass ape hands.

  93. Investor26

    1030 shares. Iโ€™ve never stopped working since I was 8 years old selling newspapers. This would finally give me a nice vacation and early retirement.

  94. Dan

    Single dad, always rented and this would be life changing allowing me to buy a house and be mortgage free

  95. Krista D Fisher

    1600 bananas and holding….

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      To the moon – best of luck to you

      • Krista D Fisher

        Now i am the proud owner of 3607 shares! Wow what a difference 2 months makes!

        • bryanfrankieantunez

          Huge! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  96. Mike Barron

    Currently 3300 shares holding to the moon.($1000 or better) this will set off my retirement nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Wow! AMCto1000 brother

      • Hifi

        Isnโ€™t it amc 100k now? Why is everyone setting the bar so low. Donโ€™t short yourself๐Ÿ˜‚

        • bryanfrankieantunez

          Itโ€™s whatever you want it to be brother ๐Ÿš€

  97. Perry

    Great article ๐Ÿ‘ 7600 shares and keep buying and holding ๐Ÿฆ

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Insanity – cheers to you brother, thanks for reading FrankNez

  98. steven

    Single dad 6 kids and 231 shares

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Right on – best of luck to you brother

    • Stevan G.

      Currently retired. I can pay off my house, buy a truck and boat with cash. Help my son finish med school. Holding 400 shares to the Moon.

    • Dawn Giasi

      I really hope this works out for you and your children!!!

  99. James Katsanos

    40 shares and holding. Squeeze would give me time to take a year off of work at prepare my own business.

  100. Jeff Morton

    Squeeze would allow me to pay off my house loan and have a lot saved up for when I retire in 8.5 years. Of course a brand new Corvette in the driveway as well.

  101. Goku

    650 Bananas For a new house in a new state!

  102. Chad Johnson

    Iโ€™m a amc share holder! 466 bananas ๐ŸŒ and Iโ€™m not letting go until amc5000!!! Cuz I love the stonk!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Wow that’s quite a number of shares!

      • Acadma

        Holding 1100 bananas and looking to sell $37,000 of TSLA shares to buy around 3500more bananas. When this squeezes I will be able to pay off all my debt and buy a home outright!

        • bryanfrankieantunez

          I liquidated some Tesla for AMC as well โ˜๏ธ๐Ÿฅ‚

          • MICHAEL K ROUSE

            Same. I sold Tsla and amzn. Let’s see where it goes.

          • bryanfrankieantunez

            Liquidated some TSLA as well.

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