On an interview with Trey’s Trades, Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Entertainment expresses positivity and bullish sentiment surrounding his company.

“I’m tired of playing defense, it’s time to play on the offense”, says Adam Aron.

In this interview, Adam Aron talks about the importance of communicating with his shareholders and how he works for them.

Trey’s Trades received this interview when Trey tweeted Adam about possibly having him on. Adam’s 30 year old son actually forwarded him Trey’s tweet that requested the interview. Thank you Trey for making this happen and for continuously providing value to the community.

Adam Aron explains the 500 million share dilution

“There’s confusion about what this share authorization means”, says Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Entertainment.

Adam explains that authorizing more shares doesn’t mean they are all going to float in the market immediately. He expressed that the last time they issued approximately 500 million shares was back in 2013. These shares were put out in the market in the span of several years. The first time they were used was in early 2016 and early 2017. The last time they put more shares in the market was September of 2020.

He explains, “foolish dilution is bad and smart dilution is smart”.

Adam Aron is a CEO that knows how to strategies the use of a dilution in a way that can be a positive development for AMC Entertainment.

AMC pledges not to use even 1 of those 500 million shares in 2021

Adam Aron made a huge public announcement on April 14th during his interview with Trey’s Trades.

He made a pledge to AMC Entertainment shareholders that the company would not be putting even one share out into the market out of the 500 million shares if for 2021 if approved.

Adam Aron President and CEO of AMC Entertainment

“We are going to pledge right now today publicly and we will file this publicly so it will be binding on us, because you can’t announce intentions and then not carry through it, we hereby pledge at AMC that if the shareholders approve this authorization for 500 million new shares to be issued we will not use one of those 500 million shares in calendar year 2021. Not one. Not one.”

β€” Adam Aron, ceo and president of Amc entertainment

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. Adam Aron published and SEC filing pledging his promise to its shareholders. You can view the filing here.

I’ve personally gone back to my proxy vote and changed my vote from no to yes.

The reason being is that Adam Aron has demonstrated to be a legitimate CEO and genuine human being that cares about his shareholders.

He has a strong will to overcome adversity, as you might know him from saving Norwegian Cruise Line from bankruptcy back in mid-90s. This man is the perfect figure for AMC Entertainment.

Trey’s Trades interview with AMC CEO Adam Aron

I can’t express in writing the reassurance Adam Aron brings to the table regarding the approval of 500 million shares and what this would mean for both retail investors and AMC Entertainment as a company.

If you haven’t watched the video yet you can view it here.

“I’m a shareholder too” – Adam Aron, CEO & President of AMC

Adam Aron has done what most big time CEO’s have never managed to do in their entire careers.

Not only has he connected with the ape community deriving from the Reddit phenomena, but Adam Aron seems to have gained an enormous amount of respect from retail investors all over the world.

Adam Aron comments on AMC short squeeze news

Adam’s focus is better directed on the long-term prospects of AMC Entertainment. Which is appropriate for a CEO to focus on.

He thinks any short squeeze probability and intricacy of share price movement is better left to analysts and retail investors. He’s pro people making their own decisions despite what he thinks.

We can tell Adam is not really allowed to discuss his opinions regarding an AMC short squeeze. His leadership requires him to discuss fundamentals and long-term prosperity.

AMC Entertainment’s message from CEO to analysts prediction $0.01 share price

“I guess if I thought the one penny guys was accurate, I might be selling stock. And I’m not selling stock. Or I might choose to run a different company, but I’m not gonna choose to run a different company. I’m a bull about AMC’s future long-term prospects.”

Then this…

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to bet against movie theaters, and I certainly don’t think it’s a good idea to bet against AMC, and I’d like to think it’s not a good idea to bet against Adam Aron either”.

Movie theater facts from AMC Entertainment’s CEO

  • Going to the movies is the second most common out-of-home experience in the United States, second to going out to eat at a restaurant (pre-pandemic).
  • In 2019, AMC sold 250 million tickets, the industry sold 1 billion tickets in the United States.
  • Movie theater tickets were sold 7 times as much of all professional sports tickets combined.

Apes Together Strong Documentary

Trey presents Adam Aron with the recent news about a documentary that’s being developed by the ape community through the Mulligan Brothers. Trey will be the executive producer.

The goal is to capture the story of AMC, the community, and process of how retail investors have come to love this company.

Adam Aron expresses his willingness to properly cooperate with the documentary makers.

“I’m not here today because of the Reddit rally or the Robinhood effect, I’m here for one reason and one reason only. The people who subscribe to your channel, a lot of them own AMC stock. And it’s very important for a company and a management team to talk to his or their shareholders. I just have an enormous appreciation to the shareholder of our company. It’s your company and I work for you. And that’s why I’m here”.

The CEO goes on to say more genuine words after this amazing quote. If you’re an AMC shareholder, you can’t help but to be proud.

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