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6 Tips on How to Grow a Small Business

How to grow a small business
Small Business Tips: How to grow your small business.

Published by FrankNez Team.

Building a small business means working round the clock. No real vacations, no time offs, and no dumping the responsibility over someone else’s shoulder.

We’re not sure why you chose the grind.

But now that you have, we’d like to congratulate you.

You’ve made a bold move because only 5% of the world’s population chooses entrepreneurship.

It’s surely a tough journey.

But if you do it right, it’s just as rewarding.

In this post, we will cover 6 tips that can help ease your early days and help you lay a strong, unshakeable foundation to grow your business successfully.

1. Know that you’re running a small business, not a one-person business

how to grow a small business
How to grow a small business

Speaking of 2022, one of the most common mistakes people make when they begin a small business is that they assume they have to do it all on their own.

They do so with the intent of saving more and having complete control.

That’s a destructive approach unless you’re running a one-person business.

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Finances, marketing, product management, customer service, and resource management are all different and demanding domains.

If you hold yourself responsible for everything, there’s a high chance you’re going to mess things up and burn yourself out.

Consequently, you may lose your existing customers, waste investments, and lose health.

Your business will suffer instead of growing. 

So, one of the first things you should do when trying to grow a small business is to accept that you need help and build a team to help with your business goals.

2. Know your financial options

For a small business to grow, it needs funds.

Many entrepreneurs choose to go the debt route by taking out loans or using credit cards.

While this is a viable option, it’s not the only one and definitely not the smartest in the long term.

Small business growth hacking is all about minimizing risks.

So, instead of taking on additional debt, consider these financial options:

  • Crowdfunding: This is a great option if you have a solid product/service and an audience that’s willing to invest in your business.
  • Family and friends: You can always approach your loved ones for financial help. Just make sure you have a proper structure in place and treat it like a business deal by creating contracts, specifying interest rates (if any), and having a clear repayment plan.
  • Grants: Check with the government or other organizations for business grants that you may be eligible for. 

You can follow this link to learn more about financing a new growing business.

3. Aim for a small, dedicated, and resourceful team

If you’ve been smart enough to realize the need for teamwork in growing your business, there’s another common mistake you need to look out for — building a big team.

And we mean that both in terms of quality and quantity.

You don’t need to hire big names (i.e., the best professionals in the industry), and you don’t need to hire a lot of people.

Instead, consider hiring only a handful of energized people. Prioritize soft skills, field knowledge, and professionalism over field experience.

If they’re good at learning and have a dedicated drive to work, they can help you make your business a success.

Remember, you can teach technical skills, but you cannot teach soft skills. If the person is skilled at what they do but not dedicated to work, they can only keep your business running.

They’ll never help you grow it because they won’t be interested in going the extra mile. So, look for people with the right drive.

Also, initially, it’s a good idea to hire someone who can take care of 2-3 roles instead of one. The smaller your team, the better you’ll be able to communicate and innovate.

4. Build a strong online presence

how to grow a small business with social media
How to help a small business grow.

Digital presence is a great opportunity for any business in the 21st century.

Even if your target audience lives in your vicinity, it’s essential to establish a website and maintain active social media pages. 

Why? Because: 

  • It builds credibility and helps you become an authority in the industry
  • It eases customer experience as they can approach you without leaving their home
  • It serves as a gateway to potential partnerships and investments

And the best part?

It’s much cheaper than physical advertisements.

You can begin marketing your business on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube simply by creating and sharing relevant content for your target audience without any substantial investment.

You can also try to create video content as it has taken over the internet. In a variety of settings, videos may captivate and involve your target audience.

There are options to create interesting short reels and upload full-length videos on well-known social media platforms.

Using any online video editing software, you may create and edit persuasive and appealing videos for your audience and attract the right kind of consumer attention.

Here are some easy marketing hacks to help kick-start your small business’s online growth.

5. Build a blog

how to help a small business grow
How to help a small business grow.

Blogs are also a part of your online presence. But if we were to recommend one aspect of digital marketing that can boost your small business’s growth by leaps and bounds, it would be blogging.

How so? Well, blogs help you build customer relationships and generate leads.

Basically, people read blogs to learn something new. When you share bits of your business and educate them about subjects relevant to your product/service, it helps them trust you and regard you as an authority.

It also helps them view you as an approachable and customer-friendly entity when they interact via comments or emails. 

Plus, if you link your blog with an analytics tool, you can monitor the traffic and get some very useful data to generate leads. You can further narrow down your target audience or market your service/product to them via email marketing.

Now, blogging need not be on websites only. You can maintain a blog wherever you’re likely to find the majority of your audience. If you target other business owners or CEOs, it’s a good idea to maintain a blog on LinkedIn.

Bluehostnow starting at $2.95/mo.

Plus, this approach is highly resource effective. It takes only about 30 minutes to share something valuable with your target audience (no need to go fancy, use free tools like Canva to design graphics and pair them with value-adding content). 

If you’re blogging on a social channel like LinkedIn, you will have minimal platform costs. And if you have a website, you’ll only have to pay around $20 – $60 monthly.

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6. Keep a close eye on competitors

Small business owners often make the mistake of assuming it’s too early to compete.

But once you’ve entered a market, you’re already in the competition. 

Do not hold yourself back by either thinking too less or too much of yourself.

You’re in the field and are just as equal.

So, make sure to regularly conduct competitor analysis and learn from their flaws and strengths.

A key tip to boost your growth by 10x is to look for that one complaint that your competitor receives frequently and fails to address. 

Good luck!

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Shareholders and The Public Are AMC’s Only Hope

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron: Stock Market News + more.
AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron: Stock Market News + more.

Short and distort campaigns are flooding Twitter after AMC Entertainment beat Q3 earnings.

AMC’s share price tumbled despite the company having beat earnings expectations for Q3 of 2022.

Variety says AMC’s partnership with Zoom is bizarre and Hollywood Reporter is focused on AMC’s $227 million loss ($0.22 loss per share) despite revenue for Q3 being up $968.4 million.

Zacks Consensus Estimate predicted a loss per share of 25 cents, so AMC performed better than expected.

What we’re seeing is that the public alongside AMC shareholders are the only hope for the company.

Mainstream media isn’t willing to give AMC the credit it deserves.

Below are highlights from AMC’s Q3 earnings call.

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AMC Q3 Earnings Highlights

AMC Q3 Earnings
AMC Q3 Earnings Beat – Stock Market News + more.

Here’s a quick look into AMC’s Q3 earnings call.

  • 53 Million guests attended AMC Theatres in Q3, a 33% increase from Q3 of 2021.
  • $1.5 billion in debt financing
  • AMC finished Q3 with just under $900 million in liquidity ($896m in cash).
  • AMC’s Preferred Equity (APE) helped the company raise $37 million in capital to pay down debt.
  • The movie theatre company says market conditions are out of their control when addressing falling share prices.
  • AMC had $500 million of improved and adjusted EBITDA, and an increase of $18.21 per patron.
  • A new AMC credit card is set to be released early next year and retail AMC popcorn will be hitting the shelves soon.
  • The company is striving for positive cash operations by Q4 of 2022.

AMC Entertainment had an overall successful Q3 for 2022.

On the list of the most anticipated movie theatres coming to AMC this year, is Black Adam, which has surpassed $300 million in earnings since its release three weeks ago.

Two other anticipated films coming to AMC theatres in Q4 include Black Panter: Wakanda Forever and Avatar 2.

AMC’s Market Cap is Still Below Its Debt Load

AMC stock Reddit
Wallstreetbets: AMC Stock Reddit.

AMC Entertainment’s current market cap is sitting at $2.88bn, the company has north of $5bn in debt.

The movie theatre chain company has done an incredible job at paying down its debt, although company shareholders and the public are what’s keeping AMC Entertainment afloat.

As long as there are moviegoers and investors feeding the company with liquidity, AMC Entertainment is far from gone like many short sellers would hope.

The public’s eye on the largest movie theatre chain company in the world has not faltered; for them, going to the movies is merely a means of reality going back to normal after the pandemic lockdowns.

And as we saw in Q3 earnings, AMC’s attendees have increased 33% from Q3 of last year, seating more than 53 million guests in Q3 alone.

Shareholders also play a massive role in the success of the century old movie theatre company.

The difference is shareholders are battling short and distort campaigns in a conflict of interest with mainstream media and Wall Street institutions who hope to profit from the possibility of bankruptcy.

And although AMC is no longer on the brink of going bankrupt, Wall Street seems to have a personal vendetta against retail investors who disrupted the flow of their short scheme.

Holding AMC Stock?

What are your current thoughts on AMC stock and in the direction the company is going?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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Gary Vee’s ‘VeeFriends’ Partners Up With Toys”R”Us

VeeFriends Toys R Us
NFT News Today: VeeFriends partners with Macy’s and Toys”R”Us.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘VeeFriends’ is partnering up with Toys”R”Us and Macy’s for the new launch of limited edition plush collectible characters.

The collection is converting actual digital ‘VeeFriends’ NFTs to physical plush figures.

Each collectible will have a QR code that will lead the owner to a 3D animation short film or character song.

For those who are unfamiliar, ‘VeeFriends’ is serial entrepreneur and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT project.

Gary Vee is known for his down to earth yet incredibly strong diction and powerful presence on stage as a mentor, coach, and motivational speaker.

He’s huge in the NFT and entrepreneurial world now bringing life to his hand drawn NFT characters.

Let’s dive into the latest NFT and business news today.

Macy’s and Toys”R”Us Resurrection

Toys R Us at Macy's

There’s no denying that ‘VeeFriends’ is going to be bringing a lot to the table for both Macy’s and Toys”R”Us.

Gary’s plush figures are being sold exclusively at these two retail stores which means the supply will only be limited to these two brands.

Toys”R”Us ceased operations in 2018 but was resurrected in 2022 when Macy’s announced the opening of Toys”R”Us stores at its retail locations in 9 states.

An additional 19 states are set to open before the holiday 2022 shopping season.

Macy’s has had its fair share of troubles too, coming close to bankruptcy at least three times in the past decade.

But the company has made a comeback and is currently profitable.

As of September 30, 2022, Macy’s Inc had a $4.3 billion market capitalization, putting it in the 82nd percentile of companies in the Retailers – Department Stores industry.

Currently, Macy’s Inc’s price-earnings ratio is 3.0. Macy’s Inc’s trailing 12-month revenue is $25.9 billion with a 6.0% profit margin.

And with limited edition ‘VeeFriends’ plush figures now entering the retail chains, one can be sure to expect a successful project.

Learn More About VeeFriends Collectibles

For more information on VeeFriends collectibles, visit the official VeeFriends page here.

Here are some words from Founder and CEO of VeeFriends, Gary Vaynerchuk:

“This partnership means way more to me than you could ever imagine. The thought that VeeFriends will be in Macy’s and Toys “R” Us simultaneously is incredible. I fondly remember growing up in Edison, New Jersey, walking down these stores’ aisles as a kid. We chose characters that we think embody exciting features for first-time collectors, much like some of the toys I picked up on the shelves of Toys “R” Us the first time. I can’t wait to see them in-store and on the shelves — it’s a full circle moment for me and a very big step for the company.”

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Citadel Has a Long History of Market Manipulation

Citadel Market Manipulation
Market News: Citadel and friends are entering the crypto space | Ken Griffin.

Citadel and friends are entering the crypto world very soon.

EDX Markets plans to bring ‘traditional finance’ to the crypto space, a not so ‘traditional’ space to begin with.

The exchange made up of Citadel, Sequoia, Paradigm, Virtu, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity is debuting in November.

EDX Markets will start trading a limited number of spot, crypto tokens starting with a November trial period, with the official launch in January, per Bloomberg.

Similar to trading equities and options, EDX will allow investors to buy and sell digital assets through their existing broker dealer, rather than an outside venue or directly through a crypto-native exchange. 

“We’re taking some of the best features of traditional finance and bringing it to the digital markets to make it more efficient, and bring that cost saving to investors,” Nazarali said.

Nazarali is the former global head of business development at Citadel Securities.

But as many are aware, these financial institutions have a long history of playing unfair.

Will these sharks taint the crypto space too?

Let’s look at Citadel’s market manipulation history.


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Citadel Market Manipulation


In 2015, an account operated in China by the brokerage arm of US hedge fund Citadel was suspended.

It was the latest casualty of regulators’ hunt for market manipulators and short sellers at the time.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission said that the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges had suspended 24 accounts as part of a probe into high-frequency trading.

The investigation focused on a practice known as “spoofing” in which an investor submits a buy or sell order but then withdraws it before a sale is completed — a practice that can mislead investors by creating the false impression that a stock is trading at a particular price.

Citadel confirmed that one of its accounts managed by Guosen Futures was among those suspended.


SEC Citadel

In 2017 Citadel paid the SEC $22.6 million to settle charges of misleading conduct.

The hedge fund misled customers about the way it priced trades.

The SEC found that between 2007 and 2010, Citadel used two algorithms to execute stock trades on customers’ behalf that gave investors a worse price for their trades, even when Citadel knew better prices existed elsewhere.

“This affected millions of retail orders,” said Stephanie Avakian, the acting director of enforcement at the SEC at the time.

Citadel neither admitted nor denied the findings.


In 2021, Failure-to-Delivers (FTDs) rose dramatically in the period leading up to January 28th, 2021, a phenomenon consistent with increasing short interest by market makers such as Citadel Securities.

FTDs are indictive of naked short selling, which occurs when a short seller does not actually possess the security it is supposed to borrow.

This practice is largely inaccessible to individual investors but accessible to market makers.

At the time, Citadel, Robinhood, and others restricted retail investors from buying ‘meme stocks’ in order to prevent escalating institutional losses.

Citadel eventually lost billions after betting against AMC Entertainment in 2021.

But the entire system needs a refresh – The DTCC waived a total of $9.7 billion of collateral deposit requirements on January 28, 2021, saving brokers, and screwing up retail investors.


The Chicago Tribune published a piece explaining exactly what retail investors have been warning the SEC about.

Citadel Securities’ dark pool dominates a big part of the financial world, accounting for as much as half of U.S. stock market activity.

The Chicago Tribune says this prominent dark pool is run by Chicago Billionaire Ken Griffin’s Citadel Securities and has been targeting small scale retail investors.

And they’re not wrong.

Dark pools are typically involved in payment for order flow (PFOF), where they pay broker firms to receive retail order flow.

Brokers such as Robinhood and TD Ameritrade accept payment for order flow.

But retail investors have been bringing these nefarious practices in the market to light.

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Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Dies After Insider Trading Lawsuit Claims

Market News: Bed Bath & Beyond's CFO Gustavo Arnal has died after insider trading claims.
Market News: Bed Bath & Beyond’s CFO Gustavo Arnal has died after insider trading claims.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s CFO Gustavo Arnal died shortly after facing lawsuit claims of insider trading with GameStop’s Ryan Cohen.

His death occurred days after the company had announced it would be closing 150 stores and cutting 20% of its corporate staff.

The incident occurred less than two weeks after the executive, 52, was named in a federal class-action lawsuit on allegations of federal securities fraud, insider trading, and breach of fiduciary duty, according to court documents, per Business Insider.

The Chief Financial Officer was found dead on Friday after falling from the 18th floor of a New York City apartment building.

Arnal was cited in the suit along with activist investor and GameStop chairman Ryan Cohen, who the lawsuit claims collaborated with the CFO in a “fraudulent scheme to artificially inflate the price of Bed Bath & Beyond’s publicly traded stock.”

On August 18, both Arnal and Ryan Cohen sold shares of the company, with Arnal selling more than 42,000 shares for an estimated $1 million, and Cohen selling the entirety of his 9.8% stake through his firm, RC Ventures, causing share prices to plunge.

The lawsuit claims Cohen — who is also the co-founder of Chewy and chairman of GameStop — approached the CFO about his “pump and dump” scheme in March 2022, and “convinced Gustavo that their plan would be a mutually beneficial one.”

BBBY CFO & GameStop Chairman allegedly collude in pump and dump scheme

Ryan Cohen BBBY Insider Trading Lawsuit Claims.
Ryan Cohen BBBY insider trading lawsuit claims.

“Under this arrangement, defendants would profit handsomely from the rise in price and could coordinate their selling of shares to optimize their returns,” the lawsuit states. 

Arnal allegedly worked with JPMorgan, which is listed as a defendant in the suit on claims the bank “aided and abetted” the plan by “enabling Cohen to use JPM’s accounts to effectuate such transactions and otherwise launder the proceeds of their criminal conduct.”

Ryan Cohen made a profit of $68.1 million from his stake in Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bed Bath & Beyond was one of the so called ‘meme stocks’ that was halted last year alongside AMC Entertainment stock and GameStop after retail investors had aimed to squeeze short sellers from their positions.

Investors and shareholders are still figuring out how to process this tragic death.

Leave your thoughts down below.

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Gary Gensler, Ken Griffin: Involved in Audit Quality Scheme?

Center for Audit Quality (CAQ)
Market News: Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) conflicts of interest

Not only has Gary Gensler been complicit to ongoing manipulation in the market, but he seems to be part of a scheme that starts at the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ).

The conflict of interest is unreal when you have a big hedge fund owner and regulator in the same funding board, and a chief who either doesn’t get it or is part of this scheme.

Joe Ucuzoglu of the CAQ and Citadel’s Ken Griffin are part of the same funding organization, The Kennedy Center Corporate Fund Board.

The Corporate Fund Board is a nationwide partnership of distinguished business leaders (i.e., Ken Griffin) from prominent corporations (i.e., Citadel), helping mobilize corporate partners and secure critical funding.

Joe Ucuzoglu is the Chief Executive Officer at Deloitte US, leading the largest professional services organization in the United States.

According to the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ), Joe Ucuzoglu frequently speaks on a broad range of current issues facing the business community including the regulatory landscape.

You see the conflict of interest here?

What a mess.


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What is The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ)?

CAQ Center for Audit Quality
Center for Audit Quality Scheme | Gary Gensler speaking at CAQ

The CAQ is dedicated to enhancing investor confidence and public trust in the global capital markets by fostering high-quality performance by public company auditors.

The CAQ also convenes and collaborates with other stakeholders to advance the discussion of critical issues requiring action and intervention, and advocates policies and standards that promote public company auditors’ objectivity, effectiveness, and responsiveness to dynamic market conditions.

In simple terms, the CAQ works for the big guys to discuss critical issues they are undergoing and solve the problem(s) to fit their required market conditions.

The problem here is it leaves the retail investor out and caters to financial investors instead.

Gary Gensler CAQ

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is in charge of protecting retail investors but seems to be enamored by his title rather than the actual work it takes to tackle market injustices in a number of conflicts of interest.

CAQ CEO background

As CEO, Lindsay is responsible for carrying out the mission and vision of the CAQ’s Governing Board, which is comprised of CEOs from eight leading public company auditing firms, including Joe Ucuzoglu’s Delloitte US.

Julie Bell Lindsay served as a Managing Director and the Deputy Head of Global Regulatory Affairs at Citigroup, a bank who’s been fined several times for fraud in the past decade.

Julie joined Citi in February 2009 as General Counsel – Capital Markets and Corporate Reporting, where she was the lead lawyer responsible for Citi’s public disclosures and global capital markets activities.

Prior to Citi, Julie served as Counsel to Commissioner Cynthia Glassman at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, where she counseled the Commissioner on all matters relating to public company disclosure obligations, corporate governance standards, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and Financial Accounting Standards Board, enforcement matters, and issues affecting registered foreign companies. 

The Center for Audit Quality sounds more so like a lobbyist group than anything else.

But I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Leave a comment down below.

Shoutout to @EduardBrichuk for the puzzle pieces on the matter.

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8 Things to Consider Before You Close Your Businesses for Good

should I close my business? When to close your business
Should I close my business? When to close your business for good.

Published by FrankNez Team.

Deciding to close down a business is never easy—specifically, the paperwork associated with it and whether or not you still have employees.

Having to lay them off and sell your assets can be troublesome if there is a lack of demand for them in the market. Hence, making your work even harder.

There might be certain things you should be considering and keeping in mind before you close down for good.

This may include all the financial obligations and other liabilities you must meet before you can shut down your business. If you have been in the industry long enough and are willing to close down your business for good, this article is for you.

Read this article to learn about the eight things to consider before you close your business for good.

8 Things to Consider Before You Close Your Business for Good 550

what to consider before closing down business
What to consider before closing down business

In this section, we tried to outline the eight things you must do before you close your business altogether.

●     Submit A Notice of Dissolution

When closing down a business, you will have to file paperwork that declares that you are closing it down. You must submit the notice of discontinuation to the corporate registry in your local city or area.

When trying to close down a financially solvent business, you must also go through the formal process of member voluntary liquidation.

The company’s assets will be liquidated, any legal problems will be resolved, and any unpaid creditors will be compensated by a professional insolvency practitioner who has been appointed as liquidator.

You can learn about declaration of solvency before preparing the document needed.

●     Settle Your Taxes

Before you shut down your business, you should remember that you have to pay off all your due taxes. This includes the taxes from last year that are being carried over to this year and must be paid off.

When settling taxes or liabilities, you should be able to show that you are financially solvent and can pay the dues on time.

●     Inform Your Staff

When closing down your business, you must inform your staff and employees beforehand. This is because they need to prepare alternative ways as you will be closing down as a business.

Furthermore, you also need to assure and inform them that you will provide them with their due payment for their work.

You should send all the necessary documents to your tax center with payroll accounts containing EI premiums, income tax deductions, and CPP contributions within seven days.

●     Clear Your Company name

Canceling your business name is necessary when you are closing down your business. This is because if you do not clear up your business name, it will keep showing that your business exists in real-time when it doesn’t.

●     Disable your bank accounts

While you remove your business name and cancel it, it is essential to erase anything associated with it.

It may include business bank accounts and cards related to it. Make sure to cancel all the credit and debit cards and close the bank account.

●     Tally up your supplies

If you are the type of business specializing in selling goods instead of services, you might have closing inventory at the end of the month that you couldn’t sell.

You can sell this remaining stock with discounts to liquidate the asset to have some cash in hand. especially if you have a business that contains perishable stock.

●     Clear off any liabilities that remain

Paying your taxes is important. However, the paying of other liabilities is very important as well. Hence, try to pay off all the liabilities as soon as possible. This may include debt remaining to suppliers or landlords.

You can learn more about debt when closing down your business.

●     Provide your contact details before leaving

Sometimes, people cannot communicate with you further when you close down a business. This is because you are no longer operating, and they have no valid reason to talk to you about debt or possible future prospects.

 In such cases, you must leave some sort of information or method of communication, for example, for your suppliers.

Ending a business journey respectfully and in a good manner is what makes you a good businessperson at the end of the day.


Overall, we tried to outline the possible eight things to consider before you close your business for good.

Therefore, we hope you can understand what to do when closing down. From liabilities to staff notice, we hope you got all the aspects of what should be done when closing down a business.

Since you read this article, you might be interested in learning about other kinds of investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the contributing elements to the company’s closure?

The most common reasons a business may actually close down are insufficient capital, personal use of funds, poor location, and poor management. All of this mainly leads to the failure of a business.

When should I shut down my company?

It’s time to think about closing up shop if you see that your business and personal partnerships are hurting significantly.

There is no correct time to shut down your business, but if you notice the financial solvency of your business is curving down, you should probably shut down.

How can you determine the value of a small business?

The total value of the company’s assets, including inventory and equipment, is added, and all liabilities and debts are subtracted.

Which is preferable: closing a business or selling it?

You should always consider selling before you end your company. As a result, the business will be able to pay you well for the time and effort you put into it.

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Cinemark Competes with AMC in New NFT Deal

Cinemark Competes with AMC in new Thor Love and Thunder NFT Deal with Disney
Business News: Cinemark Competes with AMC in new Thor: Love and Thunder NFT Deal with Disney

Cinemark is looking to compete with AMC Entertainment theatres in a new NFT deal it just made with Disney.

From Tuesday, June 28th, through Thursday, July 7th, rewards members will get a chance to win one of 1,000 NFTs for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

AMC Entertainment was the first company to release NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to their movie theatre guests upon the purchase of a ticket.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has released a Spider Man No Way Home NFT, Jurassic World NFT, The Batman NFT, Lightyear NFT, and many more.

Shareholders also received a rare series one “I Own AMC” NFT.

Read how much those are worth here.

Here’s the latest market news.


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Cinemark teams up with Disney

Cinemark teams up with Disney in Thor: Love and Thunder NFT
Business News: Cinemark teams up with Disney in Thor: Love and Thunder NFT

“Cinemark is thrilled to collaborate with Disney on the release of these exclusive Marvel Studios NFTs for Thor: Love and Thunder,” said Wanda Gierhart Fearing, Cinemark Chief Marketing and Content Officer. – Box Office Pro.

The movie theatre industry has been steadily recovering ever since the pandemic struck the world in 2020.

Cinemark Holdings, Inc.’s total revenues for Q1 2022 increased by 303% to $460.5 million compared to $114.4 million for Q1 of 2021.

AMC Entertainment on the other hand earned $785.7 million in revenue during their first quarter of 2022, compared to $148.3 million in Q1 of 2021.

Cinemark’s marketing campaign to distribute Thor: Love and Thunder NFTs with Disney is a great move for the company.

However, AMC Entertainment continues to be the leader in the movie theatre industry, offering a more premium experience to its guests.

What are your thoughts on Cinemark competing with AMC Entertainment in the NFT space?

Leave a comment down below.

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Adam Aron Says There Are No Synthetic AMC Shares

Synthetic AMC Shares
Market News: AMC CEO says there is no reliable info on synthetic AMC shares

Adam Aron just took it to Twitter announcing they (AMC) have seen no reliable information on synthetic AMC shares.

The CEO said “inbound tweets ask over and over for a share count”.

He then said, “some of you believe the count is much higher. As I’ve said before, we’ve seen no reliable info on so-called synthetic or fake shares.”

Retail investors have been adamant about getting a proper share count due to the ongoing and excessive naked short selling of AMC Entertainment stock.

A share count could expose the overleveraged amount of ‘synthetic AMC shares’ and force institutions to take accountability by closing them – triggering a short squeeze.

There are many opinions going around in the community after the CEO’s announcement.

Let’s discuss it.


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Shorting in AMC never left

AMC Short Interest Ortex

Before we get into AMC’s synthetic shares, it’s important to note that AMC has accumulated more short sellers than ever before.

AMC has a current short interest of 22.90%, and more than 195 million shares on loan.

When AMC reached an all-time high of $72 per share, its short interest had dropped from 23% to 20%, then to 16%.

AMC’s short interest has been rising ever since that drop, giving the stock plenty of room to squeeze shorts from their positions.

So, shorts never really left, despite mainstream media calling the short squeeze play dead.

The conflict of interest between the media and hedge funds is something retail investors should all be aware about.

But most of you already know this.

Is Adam Aron really oblivious to the amount of shorting that has taken place in AMC Entertainment stock?

Or is he not allowed to speak on the matter due to the position he’s in as the CEO of the company?

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne did, despite the ridicule and investigations he received.

The only difference is Adam Aron has an army behind him willing to support a fair market for all participants.

Similar to Gary Gensler, it is in my opinion that Adam Aron may simply be maintaining the status quo.

But I’m curious to learn what you think.

Proof of synthetic AMC shares

Adam Aron says they have not seen any reliable information on synthetic AMC shares.

But most of the proof are in the FTDs that accumulate every month when there aren’t enough shares to meet contractual obligation.

There have been more than 16.5 million AMC FTDs this year through May according to research.

Naked short sales and selling an asset without borrowing it first are two of the leading causes for failures to deliver.

These naked shares are the shares the CEO isn’t counting – or in other terms, what shareholders want him to investigate.

He stated on Twitter AMC knows only of 516.8 million shares.

And while shareholders know this legal count as well, it’s the ‘illegal’ synthetic AMC shares the community want brought to light.

But it seems the CEO isn’t interested in combating a corrupt market.

It seems he much rather remain focused on the business aspect, which too is understandable.

However, not meeting shareholder demands could have serious repercussions in the future.

Is Adam Aron risking AMC’s future by not tackling the problems shareholders are facing in the market?

I’d love to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog down below.

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Confirmed: AMC Received Free Shares of National CineMedia

Market news and updates: CEO confirms AMC received 6 million shares from National CineMedia for free.
Market news and updates: CEO confirms AMC received 6 million shares from National CineMedia for free.

Adam Aron announced on Twitter AMC had received free shares of National CineMedia.

Barrons, a news site owned by News Corp. falsely claimed AMC purchased the stock of a failing company.

Shares rose for both AMC and NCMI stock on Wednesday.

The CEO stated the shares came to AMC because they’ve grown their circuit by continuously adding theatres last year.

AMC owns approximately 6 million shares of National CineMedia now.

National CineMedia is an American cinema advertising company.

NCM displays ads to U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology.

The advertising industry is a huge industry.

Perhaps AMC begins to create a new revenue stream through the use of ads in their cinemas.

Other recent AMC news and updates

The movie theatre chain had incredible Q1 earnings results this year and also beat every quarter in 2021.

The company also acquired a 22% stake in Hycroft Mining (HYMC) in March as well as several movie theatres not only last year but this year too.

AMC Perfectly Popcorn brand is on schedule to sell across grocery stores, malls, and other retail stores by the end of 2022.

Adam Aron teased shareholders could see a stock dividend by the end of 2023.

AMC stock is currently on a downtrend as the SPY pulls the entire market with it despite positive news and fundamental improvements.

Shareholders continue to buy and hold the stock as they look to squeeze shorts from their positions this year.

The battle in the market continues.

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