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Known for combating mainstream media propaganda, particularly in the stock market, FrankNez quickly became the #1 market news source for retailer investors around the world.

SimilarWeb is currently ranking #136 in Finance and Investing in the United States alone, earning the news blog a spot in the top 150 nationwide.

Who is Frank Nez?

Frank Nez is an American entrepreneur, retail journalist, author, and content creator. He’s the founder and author of the popular finance and news site

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About is the #1 news site for retail investors. Millions of readers are tuning in to receive the latest economy news, stock market news, business news, and banking news.

Founded in 2020, tens of thousands of readers have subscribed to the official FrankNez newsletter to receive daily market news and updates straight to their inbox.

Frank Nez has been a contributor to larger media publications such as TheStreet and is currently featured on NewsBreak.

Publications have been cited on official SEC documents as well as congressional reports.

Mission Statement

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“The mission is to harness the power of this media site and expose market injustices, give the people a voice, and tell their stories through incredible journalism, all while helping readers achieve the next level in their financial journeys through early market analysis and opportunities.”

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Finance is the core foundation to living an abundant and prosperous life. Our finances allow us to give back, to build and create, and to spoil our loved ones.

Knowledge in the markets allows us to identify major opportunities. Opportunities are everywhere; FrankNez keeps you in the ‘known’.

Freedom is the ultimate goal every reader is seeking. And it’s out there, it’s just waiting for you to catch up to it.

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