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Who is Frank Nez?

Born Bryan Frankie Antunez, Frank Nez is an American entrepreneur and journalist with a background in marketing, writing, and startup development.

What is FrankNez?

FrankNez is a personal brand and personal finance blog dedicated to serving novice investors and people who just want a more sustainable financial life.

What is FrankNez known for?

Franknez.com is known for daily market news and updates, teaching people how to invest in stocks and crypto for the first time, options trading for beginners, and personal finance tips.


who is FrankNez? Frank Nez background

Prior to creating multiple startups and teaching people how to not only make money, but how to multiply it too, Frank Nez had already built a 6-figure clientele by the age of 23 before leaving the family business at the age of 25.

Frank Nez majored in small business development and project management and minored in marketing and finance with a Business Administration degree by age 20.

He is the author of Reaching The $10K Mark: How Perseverance Overrides Adversity. This inspiring and motivating eBook captures the world of every aspiring seller striving to make it big in their sales career.

Frank Nez has dedicated his time to exposing stock market injustices and conflicts of interest as a retail activist while serving his readers through a variety of personal finance content to help them reach the next level.

Mission Statement

The mission is to expose market injustices, give retail investors a voice and tell their stories through incredible journalism, all while helping readers achieve the next level of their financial journeys.

Soaking in the experience

I spent some time in Puerto Peñasco, AKA Rocky Point, in June of 2020 with family and had such a great time. This experience is something a lot of us were really looking forward to. This time in Mexico was spent with my son and girlfriend at the time, along with extended family members which made the trip that more memorable.

It was then that I realized after all these years of working so hard, that this is what life is really about. It’s about sharing experiences with those closest to you. It’s not about the fancy cars or the watches, to me it’s about having the freedom to really and truly experience my family. I don’t want to live every day with them being in the background anymore; I want to be there.

This trip amplified my desires

Without a doubt, this trip only added to my fuel and passion of breaking from societies norms and to work tirelessly on my own startups.

I came back two years later after becoming what I said I was going to become two years prior, humbly.

You can follow my journey and work on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

who is frank nez | what is franknez

About my readers

My readers aren’t your average people. They’re the ones that are breaking old traditions and aspiring for more.

My readers are unlocking:

  • Millionaire mindsets
  • Goals
  • Discipline
  • A desire for a better life
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • And so much untapped potential

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Business Life

Frank Nez is the Founder and owner of Easy Marketing Concepts, an advertising agency dedicated to serving small and large businesses across the United States.

Easy Marketing Concepts has worked alongside Patrick Bet-David’s PHP Agency and served a variety of companies with promotional apparel for giveaways and stadium events.

Options Trading Course: Made for beginners

Frank Nez has developed an options trading course that helps people create the income they’ve always dreamt of by trading the stock market.

People are earning hundreds of dollars per day from a mere $15 investment in this options trading course.

Frank Nez is a full-time options trader and teaches readers the basics of trading in a simple 3-part video series.

The first video teaches you how to buy a call option, the second video shows you how to buy a put option, and the third video goes in depth with strategy – when to get in, and when to get out (coming out in August, 2022).

It’s that simple.

Sponsored Content

Frank Nez has teamed up with marketing agencies from around the world to educate the public about crypto, investing, and business tools that will help them create more value in their daily lives.

Frank Nez does not endorse or close a deal if a piece of content will not provide readers with maximum value in any way, shape or form.

“When I am not working on any of my startups, I enjoy playing video games with my son and having a glass of wine or two with my fiancé.”

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