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AMC Is Trending In The Right Direction

AMC is trending in the right direction

AMC Entertainment stock is up more than 2000% year-to-date and no short seller can take that away. Not Gasparino, not Richfield.

AMC stock is adjusting itself for higher highs and higher lows again. Should you be excited? I sure am.


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AMC has become our world. It has become such an important part of all our lives. We’ve stuck together through every high and low, no matter what challenges we have faced as a community.

There’s a thick skin in the game now, be proud of it. And if you are a new ape, you now know we really meant it when we said we are not leaving.

Despite the number of opposing forces, AMC is trending in the right direction.

Breaking $48 Level of Resistance

Why is this so important? What happens then?

There’s a lot of facts, data, and logic as to why I’m so optimistic about AMC. And I think a lot of you will agree on what I have to present today.

But before I do, I want to give a massive thanks to the 100+ FrankNez supporters on Patreon. Running a blog at this scale is quite costly and your support means more than you will ever know. I will leave that link at the bottom of the article.

Now, AMC tested $48 four times now and it moved past the $50 mark. We’re now seeing AMC retest this area a fifth time.

The last time we broke $50 per share the stock trailblazed up to $72 per share. We are currently in unknown territory which means retail investors set the play.

AMC Is A High Demand Stock

AMC is a high demand stock no matter which way you look at it. The stock is in high demand from both retail investors and short sellers. Retail buys the stock and shorts equally demand to borrow it.

This momentum play is what’s keeping AMC trending in the right direction. The stock is so popular now that almost anyone who finds out what we’re fighting for will simply join just to fight.

This is great news for you and I because it means the share price will continue to surge and set higher resistance levels as the community keeps expanding.

And as long as shorts don’t cover, apes will continue to raise the bar, setting higher highs and higher lows.

This Trend Is About To Get Bigger

When AMC reached $72 per share all it did was make a statement. It introduced the ape community to the world and gave everyone who heard of us a fighting chance.

It was generous enough to let more people on board when it hit $30 per share. But I don’t think the next time it reaches a low it will be within this range. If it trades like Tesla did, AMC’s next floor could potentially be in the $70-$100 per share (next time around) as it continues to surge.

Will people keep buying? Without a doubt. Think about the institutions who are buying stock worth more than this amount right now. Whales will always buy if they see a rising trend here.

AMC has this rising trend right now. It was up more than 3000% back in June and fell back to 1500%. Well, it’s up more than 2000% now after reaching a higher floor.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep holding this stock. Even if you got in at $70 per share, there’s absolutely no way you cannot make money during this historic event! With that being said, there’s no doubt in my mind every ape in the community will be profitable this month of September.

But don’t be a Wanda and sell to break even. Selling at $70 will only bring the price back down. The stock needs to be comfortable testing higher levels of support.

And as Roensch Capital has said, the higher we can set AMC up fundamentally before the short squeeze, the better.

My advice to you as a friend (not financial advice), is that as you begin to be profitable (on paper), keep letting it ride up. You will thank me later.

AMC Stock Prediction (September)

After seeing AMC trade for 9 months now, I feel confident saying it’s going to be a really happy month for apes. I saw us start small with no voice to now owning more than 80% of the float, saving the movie theater industry, and sparking a movement against corruption.

We are now a community to be reckoned with.

Last month I mentioned August was going to be the last chance apes had to buy AMC stock at $30 per share because I noticed the stock had created a new floor. And I was right!

I was able to stock up at this level share price before it breaking resistance and moving past $40 levels.

If you plan on adding to your position, buy the stock now. AMC stock is about to move past $50 per share this month and if you missed adding at $30 per share, you’ll wish you had added at $40 too.

I’m By Your Side No Matter What


We’ve been in touch on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, via email, you name it! You know who you are. Maybe I’ve said it to only a few and maybe not enough but I’m by your side no matter what.

I wish I could mention all you great apes sharing the content. You are the ones changing other people’s lives. If it weren’t for you, some apes wouldn’t even have this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity that we all have!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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Here’s Why Red Days Shouldn’t Scare AMC Stock Holders

why is amc down
Why is AMC stock down?

I’ve seen a few retail investors literally destroy their day just because AMC is down for one day. Ladies and gentlemen, lets take a step back and realize look at the overall stock chart. Days like this is where it is all earned.

Red days combined with FUD are going to test you. AMC stock experienced a downwards consolidating phase due to low buying pressure and massive amount of shorting. However, we’re finally beginning to trend upwards again.

If you thought of selling today but didn’t, this is what diamond hands are made of. Diamonds are made under pressure. Don’t let one red day ever ruin your mood. That’s not the ape way.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I just want to talk to the community. I love engaging with each and every single one of you on social media but today I have a message.

Lets get started!

The battle of $8.01

The battle of 801

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m a longtime AMC stock holder. I’ve seen it all. The battle of $8.01, I was there; I bought that day. The Discord chat groups were blowing up. There was so much anxiety and anticipation during this rally.

Chat after chat to push and hold was all you saw during this battle. On the last second before the market closed, we were victorious. We had reached $8.01 where call options in the money would help us move forward.

There were more battles like this. Like breaking the level of resistance at $14 for example. Where every time we reached this level, Wanda Group would cash in; further diving the stock price down.

It’s a war community. It’s a financial war between the apes and short sellers. Good versus evil, truth vs corruption and chaos. Are you going to let a bloody day ruin your entire day? Or are you going to prepare for the fight that will lead you to victory?

And if you can’t control your emotions, don’t take it out on the community. We’re not children.

A message to seasoned apes

We’ve been fighting this together. We’ve been part of this movement since the beginning. Now it’s up to us to pass down the information we’ve uncovered to the new infantry that has joined this amazing community.

We must remind our new apes what it takes to hold AMC stock, and that they’re partaking in a part of history that will always be remembered.

And if you’re a seasoned ape that’s growing impatient, use my strength to hold up. I’ve got your back, Trey has your back, and other community leaders have your back.

The matter of the fact is AMC continues to be heavily shorted which means the squeeze play is still very heavily on. When we squeeze these shorts out of their positions, we’re going to celebrate like never before.

A message to the new apes buying AMC stock

This is no game. You’ve opened a position at a higher price than most of us. But your risks will be rewarded if you dive into the due diligence we’ve found and strategize accordingly.

The lucky part? You got in right before this short squeeze play. I’m happy to be able to provide you with insight and knowledge on what’s been occurring. Welcome to the community and prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster like no other.

You’re about to see some serious gains, and some serious losses. However, it’s only a gain or loss if you sell. What your account reflects during the intraday is only on paper. It’s not real yet. Not until you decide to make it real. So if you’re going to make anything on paper real, make sure it’s some massive and life-changing gains. This is not financial advice but advice from a friend.

Community leaders will continue to post due diligence for the community to read. I’ve said this a few times now. This information is simply for record keeping purposes only; for the archives.

I’m documenting what’s occurring during this short squeeze timeline, even if articles and DD don’t have anything to do 100% with a short squeeze play. The information is important nonetheless.

The AMC short squeeze message

The message has always been simple and no one says it better than Trey. Buy and hold. It’s that simple. No matter what other news is occurring, holding is going to be your path to a successful trade. Remember, this is a trade and not an investment.

Hedge funds are losing millions to hold their short positions every day and have lost billions of dollars along the way. Meanwhile, seasoned apes have seen gains to-date. We’re winning as a whole.

If you got in during this temporary runup, know it’s only temporary. Zoom out and look at the yearly chart. We experienced AMC run up from $5 to where it’s at today. As AMC continues to run up, you too will see this significant gain as the price increases.

Why was AMC down today?

The answer is simple. It’s for the same reasons we’ve had red days and red weeks in the past. AMC stock continues to be heavily shorted by hedge funds. They’re borrowing stock left and right. I update the numbers here every trading day.

Even if you’re a new retail investor buying AMC stock, you must look at the movement and gains as a whole. Hedge funds lose millions of dollars every day they have not closed their short positions in AMC. You and I experience gains or losses on paper with no additional fees.

Their losses from fees aren’t on paper however, they’re very much real. And although they continue to hold their positions, there will come a point where they’ll have to suck in their pride and take the L.

A message to short sellers

amc short sellers

You should have closed at $5. That is all. No I’m just kidding. In fact I’m glad you didn’t close at $5 and you want to know why? Because the AMC community grew and it allowed us to become a stronger force than you could have ever imagined.

Not only that but more people now have a chance of beating you at your own game. Every person you allowed in now has a role in history as this play continues to unfold.

Every single one of us will hold our positions until you’re wiped from this play. You are cornered. All attention is on both of us. Who do you think the public is going to choose. Corrupt investors willing to bankrupt businesses with no regard for the economy or the people, or for the people fighting for financial freedom?

Close your positions while you’ve only been exposed to this community, or keep holding and get exposed to the world. Because once this is over, names will be out. Go back in time today, and make your little problem less bigger.

Finance | Knowledge | Freedom


Community, if you ever find yourself in need to talk to someone please reach out. I understand some days can be daunting and frustrating but we must learn to control or emotions. Talk to others in the community and build your strength. I’m going to leave my social media links below so you have access to me at all times.

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And lastly…

If you think an ape in the community needs to hear this please share it with them. What makes our community so great is that we are always lifting one another up. I’d also like to personally invite you to my Discord group if you are not a part of it yet.

I created this safe community for us to share AMC stock news, DD, and even memes. Why not? AMC memes are the funniest memes on the internet right now. My mod Stonky is great with these you’ll love em’.

Here’s a personal invitation for this sub community. See you there.

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Massive Disruption: Prepare For The MOASS

Massive Disruption: Prepare For The MOASS
MOASS Incoming

MOASS incoming. The feds are printing trillions of dollars, hedge funds have lost billions of dollars due to retail. People also seem to be worried about a possible recession.

And, the feds are now requiring major banks to hold roughly $1 trillion in high quality capital – enough to survive a severe recession and still be able to lend to households and businesses.

They crazy thing is only a few out of the 34 major banks hold more than $1 trillion in assets. How will this affect investors, and the common people?


Welcome to Franknez.com – today’s topic is rather grand. How prepared are you for a MOASS?

Lets get started!

There’s a lot going on here. I’m going to break major key points and give my overall thoughts and opinions on how everything ties together.

With so much money being lent out this means it’s all eventually going to have to be paid back sooner or later. Lets dive into the distribution of all this leverage and debt first with repos and how they work.

The Feds & Repos

The feds have been printing out a large sum of money to lend to banks, who also lend to financial institutions such as hedge funds. Well the feds have also been collecting billions in reverse repos from money going back into the repo market.

A repo market is essentially where a transaction between treasure securities and cash meet. In other words, they are short-term collateralized loans.

Money is continuously being printed and transacted back and forth through both repos and reverse repos. This loop is the reason why our dollar is becoming worthless every day.

Who Uses Repos?

Financial institutions such as banks and hedge funds both have access to this unlimited supply of leverage, or cash from the feds.

Repos are used as leverage to trade securities with the intention of profiting from the leveraged cash, and eventually paying the loan back.

While repos are primarily supposed to be used as a short term ‘collateral loan’, institutions take advantage of the loan to further leverage other positions in the market.

Hedge funds can use repo to increase their leverage, which magnifies both their potential gains and their potential losses. We know hedge funds have lost billions of dollars from shorting AMC and GME stock this year alone.

What Can Be Done About Excessive Repos?

The feds might be looking at ways to facilitate the amount to be borrowed by establishing a particular ceiling. However, I personally don’t think this is enough.

Some fundamental questions are yet to be resolved, including the rate at which firms (besides banks and primary dealers) would be eligible to participate.

How Much Leverage Do Hedge Funds Have From Repos?

In the figure below, we can see that 29% of asset managers (hedge funds) have direct access to repos from the feds. However, dealer who hold 41% and banks who hold another 20% can easily lend money to hedge funds with interest.

how much leverage do hedge funds have from repos

The problem here is that hedge funds are overleveraged and have too much power as a single entity. Hedge funds have been the root to economic downturns such as the Great Recession of 2008 and the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

In fact, it’s because of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) was born. It was meant to protect retail investors from fraud and illicit activity from hedge funds.

Unfortunately, the SEC has only proved to be a lobbied pawn from hedge funds; slapping them with fines that have no effect or real consequence to the injustice in the markets.

Hedge Funds Face Major Scrutiny

Market manipulation has been exposed by a growing community of retail investors originating from the sub Reddit known as r/wallstreetbets.

The community has since grown outside Reddit and established a variety of subcommunities on Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Groups, and other forums across the internet.

This community of retail investors known as ‘apes’ have sparked a movement worldwide to expose the corrupt tactics hedge funds use to short stock in the market and bankrupt companies.

Some of which include naked shorting and dark pool trading, which CNBC’s Melissa Lee publicly speaks out on.

The attention is now on hedge funds. Both Republicans and Democrats agree strict laws should be imposed on Citadel Securities after the Archegos incident earlier this year.

And it looks like their lifeline is about to be cut off.

Large Banks To Hold $1 Trillion In Capital

Effective October 1st, thirty-four of the largest banks will be required to hold roughly $1 trillion in high-quality capital.

The banks are:

  1. Ally Financial Inc.
  2. American Express Corporation
  3. Bank of America
  4. The Bank of New York
  5. Barclays
  6. BMO Financial Group
  7. BNP Paribas USA
  8. Capital One
  9. CitiGroup
  10. Citizens Financial Group
  11. Credit Suisse
  12. DB USA Corporations
  13. Discover
  14. DWS USA Corporations
  15. Fifth Third Bancorp
  16. Goldman Sachs
  17. HSBC
  18. Huntington Bancshares
  19. JP Morgan Chase & Co
  20. KeyCorp
  21. M&T Bank
  22. Morgan Stanley
  23. MUFG Americas
  24. Northern Trust Corporation
  25. The PNC Financial Services
  26. RBC US Group Holdings
  27. Regions Financial Corporation
  28. Santander Holdings
  29. State Street Corporation
  30. TD Group US Holdings
  31. Truist Financial Corporation
  32. UBS Americas
  33. U.S Bancorp
  34. Wells Fargo & Company

Out of these 34 companies, only JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and CitiGroup hold more than $1 trillion in assets.

In this list of the top 15 banks by assets, you can see just how far from $1 trillion a lot of these banks are. And this is just half of them from the feds list!

top 15 largest banks by assets
Top 15 largest banks by assets

With so many banks far off from reaching $1 trillion in assets, they’ll have to find the collateral from other means.

In my personal opinion, liquidation in the markets.

What Causes A Stock Market Crash?

A stock market crash is caused by those who bought stock on margin, lost value in their investments, and owe money to the entities that granted them those loans, according to Britannica.

A stock market crash is usually the cause of ‘panic selling’ or heavy liquidation in the stock market. With so many institutions owing other institutions money back, we’re going to see massive liquidation occur during the biggest margin call in history.

Hedge funds and short sellers now have higher margin requirements, and it looks like the feds just applied their own requirements to the biggest banks in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be the biggest opportunity of your life if you’re holding shorted stock, especially if they have a negative beta. Heavily shorted stocks with negative beta include both AMC and GME stock.

How Does A Stock Market Crash Affect The Average Person?

Unfortunately, the average person could lose their pension during a stock market crash and also find it difficult to obtain loans and mortgages. And if you own stock, your portfolio will suffer significant losses.

What Happens To AMC And GME If The Stock Market Crashes?

Stocks with negative beta tend to act the complete opposite during a stock market crash. AMC and GME holders will experience the MOASS as short sellers and institutions begin to cover their overleveraged positions.

But if you hold other common stock, keep in mind its value will drop. If you’re long, this could be seen as a great buying opportunity to add to your stock portfolio.

Other heavily shorted stocks with high short interest should also see a major increase in share price as hedge funds begin to pay their dues.

If the stock market crashes, it will be one of the biggest blessings for both AMC and GME shareholders as institutions will have to pay back every share they borrowed to short both these stocks.

Community, our time is coming. Banks have until October 1st to come up with the capital to fund their requirements. Expect liquidations left and right. Both the stock and crypto markets will be tanking.

And although AMC and GME are currently making upward moves, don’t be surprised if they fall back down one last time before shorts are inevitably squeezed from their short positions.

The MOASS we’ve all been waiting for is on the horizon. Get excited.



Before you leave, I want to say that I appreciate every single one of you who’s read FrankNez since the inception of this amazing community. It’s been a long and powerful journey to say the least.

I’m excited to see what the next chapters hold with you. Keep paying the knowledge forward 🤝.

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The Latest AMC Stock News For The Ape Community

AMC Stock News
AMC Stock News & Updates

Community, today I want to discuss some AMC stock news and updates. If you’re following me on Twitter, then you’ve seen me post this article a few times.

Bookmark this blog post because I’m going to be updating this article every time new AMC stock news is released! If you’re subscribed to the blog’s newsletter then you will be receiving an email notification or email from me once this article has been updated.

franknez.com AMC stock news

Welcome to Franknez.com – I want to give more to the community. So, here’s the latest AMC stock news for you.

Now, this particular piece you’re about to read is from one of my moderators on the Discord, AMC with FrankNez. I’ll leave the link to the group at the end of the article. Enjoy!

Written by: Erin Scott 

APES! Huge news on the horizon for AMC. 

If you’ve been in Frank’s AMC discord, you likely have seen me in there posting memes, or cracking wise, as I am the resident memelord and comedic relief in the server. 

I have been doing some of my own DD, as you should too! Never take anyone’s word for it. Look for yourself apes, all the information is out there if you look hard enough, and boy howdy let me tell you.

I’ve found a few tasty breadcrumbs that could potentially be a trail leading to some major catalysts for an AMC runup. Now bear in mind, folks. I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. I am just a smoothbrained crayon eating ape investor who is hyped as all get-out and have a very strong bullish sentiment about the next few days in AMC.

As Frank says, let’s get started! 

Adam Aron announces AMC theaters will be launching its first ever $25+ million NATIONAL ad campaign with starlet Nicole Kidman! Apes, this is huge! Adam is joining us to remind people that the theater experience is a time honored tradition in our country, that won’t be driven away by greedy hedge funds! 

Aron has also been talking with Melissa Lee about never-been-done plans for AMC! Apes, could this be the AMC/GME team up that’s been speculated since AA confirmed he has reached out to GME’s Ryan Cohen??

As of the time of this writing, Melissa Lee hasn’t aired with the story yet, but I am sure Frank will update this article accordingly. Fam, imagine our favorite stocks joining with our community and taking the fight BACK to the shorts who would seek to rob us of our favorite entertainment!?

Furthermore, when doing a little digging, I came across this juicy choice chicken nugget dipped in spicy affirmation sauce! Confirmation of a SEC Investigation on shorted stocks baby! Right in section 5 of GME’s 10Q earning report filed with the SEC itself written in plain English on GameStop’s investor website. 

Click the link to view.

And lastly, we have been bullish for days apes! We have a solid 45° uptrend, and a signal like this chums the waters for those big institutional investors! Something huge is coming our way apes, strap in and hang on, because I have a feeling we are about to take a ride to the next level! 

I will keep this short and sweet but if you enjoyed this article, stop by in Frank’s discord and say hello! I’d love to hear from my fellow apes! STONKY KONG, OUT!

Written by: Erin Scott 

NSCC-005 Raises Margin Requirements (9/3)

The DTCC just released a filing approving the NSCC’s proposal to increase the minimum required fund deposit (margin requirements) for short sellers.

Short sellers were required to keep a minimum balance of $10,000 in their margin accounts until now. As of September 3rd, 2021, these accounts are require to keep a whopping $250,000 by law.

NSCC 2021 010 Effective on September 3rd

“On the morning of the effective date, members with a fund deposit below $250,000 will incur a deficit, that will require funding by 10AM EST”.

How Does This Affect AMC?

This doesn’t just affect AMC, this affects the entire market. Plays that are currently heavily shorted such as GME, SPRT, and BBIG for example, will all be affected.

Short sellers are getting a 2500% margin increase as of September 3rd, 2021. Community, this is massive. If short sellers cannot meet this requirement then their positions will be liquidated.

Your favorite stocks are about to start moving up through a series of gamma squeezes. These gamma squeezes could cause hedge funds to close out their positions resulting in multiple short squeezes from multiple heavily shorted stocks.

These series of gamma squeezes must not be confused with a short squeeze for any particular stock. These margin requirements will first eliminate the smaller short sellers.

Holding will be crucial if we are to squeeze the bigger short sellers from their positions. Massive things are right around the corner!

AMC Theatres On Demand

Whip Media just announced that AMC would be using their services for AMC Theatres On Demand.

AMC Theatres On Demand would offer more than 5,000 movies from every major studio and indie film distributors, available for purchase or rent.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with AMC to power AMC Theatres on Demand for their millions of customers and provide an infrastructure that is efficient and scalable”, said Carol Hanley, president of Whip Media.

Keyword ‘Scalable’

Amazing news for AMC Entertainment indeed. This type of bullish news should push AMC stock further up since fundamentalists are still looking at AMC fundamentals.

The ape community understands that fundamentals are out the window when it comes to a short squeeze play. However, every step along the way counts.

Any business that goes online now goes from limitations to unlimited possibilities. While AMC Entertainment earns money the traditional way, through ticket sales and concession stands, they will now have the ability to earn revenue at scale through their online services.

AMC going online can easily raise its value to a 3-figure stock alone. It no longer depends on old traditional business methods. AMC has now configured a hybrid business model that will generate revenue even while movie theaters are closed after business hours.

This is certainly exciting news.

AMC Breaks Through $40

What an amazing day for the ape and retail community. AMC finally broke the $30 level of resistance and flew past $40.

AMC stock volume traded at a whopping 221 million! The average volume is approximately 169 million. Today’s momentum pushed through short sellers like a mob trampling shoppers at a black Friday sale.

AMC closed today (8.24) in the mid $40s. My August prediction came true, $30 share price levels are now a thing of the past.

August was the time to bulk up before momentum started taking over again. I predicted that these coming days would consist of AMC having an open runway of which we saw happen today (8.24).

Short Sellers Lose $800 Million

According to Ortex, short sellers amounted a whopping $800 million loss as AMC stock spiked up more than 20%. Short sellers betting against the stock can expect this pattern to occur in the coming days to weeks as AMC surges.

The opportunity to close positions in the $30 range are long gone. This is what happens when greed overpowers reasoning.

This last week in August could be pivotal. If shorts do not close their positions now, they will continue to suffer immense losses.

The BIGGEST Catalyst To A Short Squeeze

You know what the biggest catalyst to an AMC short squeeze is? It’s you. That’s right. You reading this.

The ape community is the biggest catalyst to this short squeeze trade. As long as retail investors continue to hold the stock, a short squeeze is inevitable.

Now, while we cannot control what whales (institutions) do, we can certainly control what we do. And that’s all that really matters during this play. Especially given the fact that retail investors own more than 80% of the free float.

Today we saw sells of up to $2.2M, and it barely affected the share price. This shows you just how strong we are as a community.

Citadel Pulls Money Out From Melvin Capital

This weekend (8.22) we learned that Citadel pulled out an incredible $500 million from the hedge fund Melvin Capital. Citadel had an initial investment of $2 billion dollars in Melvin Capital according to sources.

That’s 1/4 of their investment in the hedge fund. Citadel and partners plan to withdraw the money at the end of the third quarter. They made the investment in late January during the time Melvin Capital’s short positions were under attack by the heroes who saved both AMC Entertainment and GameStop.

The ape community saved two major companies in American history and are on a mission to squeeze shorts from their positions. Will Melvin Capital end up closing their doors? It’s certainly possible, especially if the hedge fund continues to lose money.

What Does This Mean?

We’re beginning to see that hedge funds short on AMC and GME stock are now resulting to desperate measures. They are scrapping money from their own pockets now.

See, retail investors liquidate their positions in other stocks to buy more AMC, to buy more GME stock. Ultimately to make more money right?

Hedge funds on the other hand are liquidating their stocks, and pulling their investments out from other institutions because they’re running out of money. They’re required to keep money above margin requirements.

Charles Schwab, a whale invested in both AMC and GME stock, has raised margin requirements for short sellers driving these stocks down. Failing to do so will result in intraday margin calls.

Melvin Capital Enters Deeper Waters

Unfortunately for Melvin Capital, Citadel just left another hole in their sinking ship by pulling out a quarter billion dollars from the hedge fund. Melvin is already down about 43% this year with about $11 billion in assets remaining.

The retail community continues to buy and hold both AMC and GME stock. AMC stock is setup for another technical break above $40 which will only cause short sellers to trend negative on paper.

Hedge funds cannot afford to lose their clients investments this long. It’s been 8 months of nonstop losses for short sellers all year. Clients will be pulling money out.

It seems retail investors will not only be forcing short sellers to close their positions, but will also take down the hedge funds who planned to bankrupt America’s favorite companies.

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If you enjoyed this short piece be sure to subscribe for more updates. I will be revising this piece as new AMC stock news comes up for the community.

Anything that has to do with our community winning against short sellers will be posted here. A lot is going on and has been going on.

Get excited for the next part of this journey.

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Every AMC Ape Will Be Profitable In September

Every AMC Ape Will Be Profitable In September

Apes were chatting about their gains on paper on my Discord this evening. Brandi mentioned she was finally seeing her account transition from red to green. It’s these type of discussions that really get me fired up.

Knowing my community is profitable motivates me to keep doing what I love doing. And that’s writing great content for you.


Welcome to Franknez.com – if your AMC account is still red, I’m here to tell you profits are on their way to you right now.

Lets get started!

Now, anybody who got in on AMC stock prior to today’s share price level is profitable. You might have gotten in at $30, $15, or even at $5 when I first started blogging about this massive opportunity.

If you remember me blogging about AMC since early February leave me a comment below! I’m curious to know how many OG apes are still reading FrankNez.

However, newer apes are either on the brink of being profitable or have yet to break even. If that’s you, don’t worry. I was there myself.

History Is About To Repeat Itself

You might have heard somewhere that September is starting to feel a little like May. And that’s because we’re starting to see a trend here. Before AMC moved up in June, it had a long period of consolidation. Once it broke that consolidation, it began trending upwards before making the incredible climb past $70 per share.

Well apes, we just broke the $30 level of consolidation late August and are on track to break $50 per share once we retest $48 again. The reason why $48 is so important is because AMC has tested this level three times already.

This bullish indicator has shown us that once it tests a level its fourth time, it tends to break in a momentum run.

This is where whales, known as institutions, begin to buy again. New retail investors are going to jump in on the stock and shorts are going to lose a ton of money.

Short sellers were able to withstand the first round, but will they be able to handle phase two?

We’ve Come Back With A Bigger Ape Army

Did you notice the massive drops in the crypto markets? Seems like someone is liquidating profits for something big that’s about to take place.

Remember, Charles Schwab raised margin requirements for short sellers shorting both AMC and GameStop. On top of this, the NSCC has raised margin minimums from $10,000 to $250,000.

This means short sellers are under some serious heat. But guess what community? We’ve come back with a bigger ape army than the first time. The knowledge spread, and so did the conviction towards this short squeeze play.

Apes aren’t going anywhere until shorts have covered their positions. And you know what? We’ll still be here even then.

I know some of you cannot wait until you’re able to retire from this short squeeze play. But I’m not retiring. I will continue to be here for you even after we’ve mooned.

How Soon Will All AMC Apes Be Profitable?

A good number of you have actually just transitioned to being profitable. If that’s you please leave a comment below letting other apes know!

Although I do not know at what level you will be profitable, I do know that AMC is about to break $50 per share relatively soon due to chart patterns.

Breaking this level is going to kickstart another runup past $70 and beyond, fundamentally. And you know what this means right?

As long as apes continue to hodl, this price movement could ignite the rocket we’ve all been patiently strapped to. There’s absolutely no way smaller short sellers will be able to afford holding their positions a second wave.

Their accounts could even potentially get liquidated as the stock becomes harder to borrow. For hedge funds, this could mean the short borrow fee rate goes up, resulting in greater losses.

In summary, shorts drown in debt and losses while the ape community profits ‘x’ times over . September is proving to be a great month indeed.

Should You Buy AMC Stock Now?

should you buy amc stock now?

If you’re looking to add to your position, now could be a great time to do so before we break $50 and really begin to move forward.

We may consolidate in the high $40s a little longer before retesting $48 for the fourth time, we may not. Just as I was certain about breaking $30 last month, I’m certain we will be seeing $50+ very soon though.

I will continue to update the community as we progress so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter or follow me on social media. I will be leaving those links below.

Are you profitable right now?

And lastly, the community would love to know. Are you profitable? What do your gains look like on paper? Leave a comment below. At the time of this publication I’m up more than $36k and hodling STRONG.

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BREAKING NEWS: Synthetic AMC Shares Moved To Brazil Stock Exchange


Approximately 513 million AMC shares, known as BDRs are being traded through Brazil’s stock exchange program.

BDRs are certificates issued by a depositary institution in Brazil that represent securities (stocks) issued by publicly-held corporations with headquarters overseas. 

DISCLAIMER: “The depositary institutions must be authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil (Banco Central do Brasil – Bacen) and CVM to issue BDRs. The responsibility of disclosing the financial information of the issuing foreign company lies with the depositary institution.”

You’ll find that the depositary institution that disclosed this information was CitiBank.


Welcome to Franknez.com – a fellow ape by the name of Jimmy_AMC uncovered some rather disturbing news straight from CitiBank confirming the existence of millions of AMC shares overseas.

What is A2MC34 BDR?

A2MC34 is the ticker symbol for AMC stock in Brazil. A2MC34 is a depositary receipt. One of those receipts represents 1/6th of an actual share in the NYSE.

The depositary receipts are represented by a bank account or institution, in this case CitiBank, in which they have converted AMC shares into these so called BDRs (foreign stock).

It is up to the issuer (CitiBank’s client), whether they choose to convert the BDR into actual NYSE shares or not. “There are plenty of issuers that operate with closed books”, according to Fidelity International Trading.

This particular BDR is not a sponsored ADR. An ADR is an American Depositary Receipt that is negotiable, meaning AMC Entertainment has absolutely no legal say or obligations to these depositary receipts.

How Does A2MC34 BDRs Affect Share Price In The U.S?

It doesn’t. According to the Fidelity International Team, these BDRs are a separate instrument and are not going to track the pricing of a share trading in the U.S market.

AMC’s shares outstanding in Brazil are approximately 3.08 billion, via Bloomberg. Remember, this is a completely separate entity then the outstanding shares here in the U.S markets (500 million).

AMC’s market cap is 101 billion real (Brazil) which has nothing to do with the market cap in the NYSE according to the Fidelity International Trading Team.

You divide 3.08 billion shares by 6 to calculate the equivalence of 1 whole U.S market share and you get more than 513 million U.S shares that have been converted into BDRs.

You can listen to the entire conversation between Jimmy and Matthew Connor from Fidelity International Trading below.

So what does this mean for AMC and retail investors? It means that about twice the float in outstanding shares was converted into BDRs offshore. This means these shares no longer have to be covered by any institution who created them in the first place.

We need answers from the SEC and its chairman, Gary Gensler effectively.

CitiBank Is One Of The Largest Custodians In The World

CitiBank BDRs

With $23.7 trillion in assets under custody and administration and a global custody network spanning more than a hundred markets worldwide, Citi is one of the largest custodians in the world.

As you can tell, we’re going down the rabbit hole on this one. Now, because CitiBank provides private banking services to institutions globally, they are not obligated to let Jimmy_AMC know who exactly processed these BDRs.

You can listen to the phone conversation between Jimmy and Michael Moore, a director at Citi on his YouTube channel here.

The DTCC Approved These BDRs

I did a little bit of research as to how this process even begins. Well come to find out, the issuance needs to go through a private custodial bank, such as Citi, then processed through the DTCC, and finally going through the custodians program to convert the underlying asset.

BDR Issuance Flow

The DTCC approved converting more than 513 million [NYSE] AMC shares into 3.08 billion BDRs (foreign stock), essentially brushing these synthetic/extra shares under the rug from the U.S markets.

I want you to take this in for just one second…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is financial treason. This information must reach the masses.

I urge for community leaders and influencers to speak out on this incredible matter. We have to protect our people.

The Community Is The Only Solution


Apes.. No body of government will stop this. But there are more than 4 million of us in this community. Make a RUCKUS.

It is clear now, the mission of the apes. We fight for our financial freedom and for the freedom of others.

The question is, are you willing to fight this adversary? Will you defend the data and the community? And will you be part of this unfolding historical event?

Frank “Caesar” Nez

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We Are Experiencing One Of The Best Chapters With AMC

AMC Chapter

You know what I love about this chapter in AMC right now? That those folding are being eliminated. That’s right. We’re getting stronger and I know you can feel it too.

This is all psychological now and those who keep their head on will win this play. It’s growth time baby.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I’m going to discuss with you why we are experiencing one of the best chapters in this short squeeze play right now. Stick around to the end, it’ll be worth it.

Lets get started!

Speaking of people folding, there’s been a little bit of egotism from people making money on momentum plays via Twitter and people coming out as shills; won’t mention any names. But community, this is good.

Now, I don’t usually speak out on this but I think we can all really gain value from what we are seeing happen here. After all, we are bound to experience setbacks and betrayals during any great journey. Would it really be a great story if we weren’t?

Don’t Invest In AMC!

You see these headlines everywhere. We’ve literally become immune to them. The fact that the media has been telling the public not to buy AMC stock is just incredible!

Who thought they’d care so much about your finances right? Who do you think has your best interest? Hedge fund affiliates who get paid to write lies? Or the community who’s been doing DD all year and actually saved the entire movie industry… yeah, we did that.

The fact is majority of the community has earned some serious gains on paper. And if you’re currently negative at the moment don’t worry because I am not selling and neither are the rest of the apes.

This play was built on community and only the community will reap the massive rewards from this play.

Negativity Isn’t Here To Stay


We are all going through this intense, exciting, and fruitful event. Yes, fruitful. AMC is up more than 2000% year-to-date and I don’t ever forget that.

My message to our new apes is that negativity isn’t here to stay. The media has been talking nonsense all year and you have to overcome it. A few people are scared right now and I have empathy towards that.

But none of the negativity that comes up from time to time is going to matter after AMC squeezes. You know what your plans are, you know how you’re going to enjoy your money.

And once this short squeeze comes to fruition, none of the negativity that ever infiltrated our community will matter anyway. You will look back and think to yourself, I overcame and I am stronger now.

Most DD Moving Forward Won’t Matter Anymore

I wish I had more DD to share with you today like FTDs and what not but it doesn’t really matter. There are two main factors that will determine whether AMC squeezes or not:

  1. Whether apes hold or not
  2. and whether short sellers are able to keep up with the 2500% margin requirement raise

It really does come down to these two main reasons. If you sell the stock then you contribute to the red waive that’s fighting the buyers moving AMC’s share price up.

Day trading AMC is only slowing down squeezing shorts from their positions, and you are essentially disserving the community by doing so.

Holding the stock is the strongest defense the community has, it’s our foundation. Buying the stock is really just playing offense. So if you’re in this play for a short squeeze, stick to the narrative of buying and holding.


We literally cannot tell you what to do with your money. What we can do is put the data out there for you to make a financial decision for yourself.

Out of 4 million apes, I’ve reached 1 million of you and counting. I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to provide this data to the community.

I don’t know how many sold at $70 or $60 per share but I’m happy to know I potentially played a part in making someone a lot of money. As for me, I’m in this for a short squeeze.

Do I Really Think Massive Moves Are Coming?

AMC Rocket

Absolutely, without a doubt. I do think that people who sold are going to wish they held through this dip. AMC is on trajectory to breaking the $40 level since it has tested $48 three times now. We can see that the stock wants to climb.

Tremayne believes AMC’s short squeeze could be similar to that of Tesla’s. If that’s the case then AMC’s share price will similarly continue to runup and find higher highs and higher lows throughout the months.

This type of runup is not violent but rather more like a marathon. It’s not certain whether AMC will squeeze this way but it’s important to take into consideration just how much bullish sentiment is behind this stock as it is.

After all, retail sentiment is what drives the stock market. As long as the community is bullish, AMC is bullish. Or should I say, apeish.

Patience Might Just Have Finally Paid Off

If you’re scared of dates, stop being scared of dates. That energy is not going to serve you nor the community. Anxiety attracts more anxiety.

I published this article discussing the effective date of the margin requirements and a few people within the community were trippin’ about the date as if they couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t make up the date, nor the proposal. It’s literally on paper proof. You’re not a child to where your expectations should ruin your entire mood if something doesn’t come to fruition, or go according to plan.

Embrace amazing and exciting information that could potentially cause some massive upswings without being pessimistic about it. Expect it. Scared money doesn’t make money so quit self sabotaging yourself.

We’ve heard it before; this is psychological warfare. How are you going to defeat hedgies when you can’t even defeat your own inner voice. Be kind to yourself and think about the positive outcomes rather than the negative ones.

I do not control what happens when this proposal goes into effect this Friday, September 3rd. But am I excited for the possible outcomes? Absolutely! This could be massive and you should be excited too!

So, Why Is This Such A Great Chapter?

AMC Book

Lesser things are holding us back. Wanda Group is gone. Mudrick? Canceled. Paper hands? Gone. Shills? Exposed.

We don’t even have to worry about AMC’s fundamentals anymore. The company is set. It’s time we do our part for this short squeeze to play out.

See the thing is you are now able to identify who provides real value in the community and who doesn’t. You’ve learned to avoid mainstream media. And most importantly, you’ve shared the research and data that is a once in a lifetime opportunity to anyone who gets their hands on it.

The community has experienced major discomfort through patience. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where the real growth happens.

Listen To This

Everything that has happened with this short squeeze play had to happen. This buildup is a process and we need to remember that not everyone is meant to bear the gifts from this short squeeze play.

But you are and that’s why this is such a great chapter.

Share this with somebody who needs to hear it


Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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What Will An AMC Short Squeeze Look Like?

what will an AMC short squeeze look like?
AMC Short Squeeze

AMC Entertainment stock is up almost 2000% year-to-date, but it hasn’t squeezed despite what mainstream media is telling you. Momentum and an upwards recovery is why AMC stock is surging again.

So, what will a short squeeze look like?


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I want to discuss what an AMC short squeeze will look like for those of you who are still new in this trade.

Lets get started!

We finally broke AMC’s level of support in the $30 range and start a new chapter towards breaking $50. The stock just recently tested $48 before getting pushed back down by short sellers shorting the stock.

And although shorts are merely suppressing AMC stock from running its course, they are only slowing down the inevitable.

This minor move up to the $40 range combined with propaganda of a short squeeze is meant to divert new retail investors from getting in on this trade. Hedge funds are desperate as they consequently suffer billions of dollars in losses from the ape community alone.

But don’t let them scare you away from your money. AMC has not squeezed as short sellers have not covered their short positions.

There Are More Than 105 Million Shares On Loan

Ladies and gentlemen, if shorts covered their positions and AMC just went through a short squeeze, the number of shares on loan would have dropped significantly.

But they haven’t changed. Shares on loan are the number of shares that have yet to be returned to the lender by short sellers. If this number is not going down, it means short sellers have not covered their positions yet.

And as we know, you cannot have a short squeeze if short sellers do not cover their positions.

We would have also seen AMC’s short interest ultimately get obliterated to 1%-2%. It’s currently deemed ‘extremely high’ at 17%. Short interest is the percentage of short shares in a stock’s outstanding float.

AMC Entertainment keeps getting shorted no matter what the mainstream financial media platforms relay to the public. If you want real news and data subscribe to the blog. No propaganda here.

A Lid Full of Pressure Is About To Pop Open

Short sellers are about to go down in history for having the biggest losses to ever be recording in finance archives.

Hedge funds continue to gamble a trade they have been losing for 8 months now. That’s 8 months of suppressing a stock’s share price through the unethical practices of naked shorting and dark pool trading.

When the lid pops open here’s what you can expect.

Intraday Gains Will Be Astronomical

The short squeeze ‘claims’ from the mainstream media were that of only 20% gains. As this lid pops open, we can expect gains to run between 100%+ during intraday trading.

This is how you will know the short squeeze has commenced. We would need to keep an eye out on the short interest and shares on loan. This is basically our ‘fuel’.

We will be able to predict how much room for growth is available as these numbers go down. For example, if AMC reaches $1,000 per share but the short interest and shares on loan are still relatively high, then we know that AMC has not peaked yet.

The ape community would need to continue to hold to see numbers beyond that amount.

Differentiating Gamma Squeeze VS Short Squeeze

The 20% gains we experienced could be seen as a gamma squeeze. While this could have been a combination of momentum caused by FOMO, it could have also been micro short sellers closing their positions.

However, these micro positions didn’t even affect the short interest or shares on loan. This goes to show just how massive AMC’s share price will surge once big short sellers begin to close their positions.

It’s when these big players start covering that we’ll begin to experience the beginning of a short squeeze.

How Long Will A Short Squeeze Last?

As we begin to see massive intraday gains, the short interest data should let us know how much more ‘squeeze’ we have left. This means that we won’t know just how many days or weeks this squeeze may last for until we have an understanding of how many shorts have indeed closed their positions.

And although we won’t know exactly 100%, the short interest data can be a great guide to let us know how much juice is available on this trade.

This information will be relayed to the community as this trade continues to unfold. For now, we HODL until it’s payday.

We fortunately have a beautiful thing going. Short sellers on the other hand have had a bad day every day for the past 8 months. Now that SUCKS.

That Other World Is Waiting For You


That vision you keep seeing for you and your family is patiently waiting on you just as much as you’re waiting for it to come to fruition.

We are in a very unique position here. The data is out there and you have all the information you need to make this thing a reality for you.

Trey said in a recent video that only you are in charge of your financial situation. This play is meant for everyone to make money. And he’s absolutely right. We cannot tie the community down.

But one thing is certain on my part and that’s that I am not selling until shorts have covered their positions. That’s my promise to you.

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Read: How high can AMC stock price skyrocket up to?

Here’s What We Can Expect In The Next Days (AMC)

AMC Ape Community

It is finally the last week of August. AMC has been consolidating in the low $30 range all month. Yesterday (8.23), short sellers lost $270 million according to Ortex. Imagine how much more they’re going to continue to lose as the stock price continues to surge.

Proposal NSCC-2021-010 should be going into effect moving forward. More on that later.


Welcome to Franknez.com – yesterday was a great trading day for AMC Entertainment. It’s this type of momentum that’s going to allow us to break above $40 and beyond.

Lets get started!

The Last Chance At $30

In a recent Trey’s Trades video, Trey goes over the technical analysis that will break this $30 range we’ve been trading at. I was able to identify AMC’s new bottom weeks ago simply from the chart patterns.

In his video, Trey discusses that right now could be a great time to buy with less risk than before. And I agree.

Everyone is entitled to their own financial decisions, but I do believe we are about to see the $30-some dollar range for the last time. Similar to when we saw $5, $9, & $14 for the last time.

Those of you who bulked up on the stock at such a low price were able to exponentially increase your positions in AMC stock. Well, it looks like we now have this opportunity again.

And if you’re curious, I’ve been buying the stock for 7 months in a row. What can I say, I like the stock. But seriously, how do some not take advantage of these prices. We literally own AMC..

What If I Can’t Afford The Stock Anymore?

AMC Empty Pockets

If you cannot afford to buy AMC anymore don’t worry, ape. Keep hodling strong. While AMC’s bottom is now significantly higher than what it was early this year, it is still certainly affordable for most.

Especially if you look at it as a clean slate, right? Think about it, what if AMC was never $5 per share, or $9. But rather, $30.

That’s what I’m referring to.

Momentum is beginning to pick up again. I don’t think AMC will be seeing the $30 range any time soon, which is why I’ve made it my responsibility to load up during this time of consolidation.

So, if you can afford to add to your position, this is a great time to do so.

We’re Beginning To See A Bounce

We tested $38 last week and we tested it again yesterday (8.23). Short sellers continue to short AMC stock regardless of so much bullish sentiment in the market.

I guess you can say it’s sparred sort of a battle now. At this point neither side wants to give up. Unfortunately for short sellers, we have the higher ground.

With margin requirements lifting for short sellers, they must keep feeding cash into their margin accounts while retail investors simply have to hold the stock.

We just recently saw Citadel is pulling 500,000,000 from Melvin Capital as well. So, what does this tell you? Hedge funds are beginning to liquidate more assets. But this case feels like it’s more so closer to home right? Their narrative has clearly changed if it’s come to this.

Short sellers are losing millions of dollars with each day that passes. This is why we’re going to begin to see a bounce very very soon. Although AMC’s short interest is extremely high, the small percentage that has gone down could be small short positions backing out from the play.

At least according to Trey, but this makes sense if you think about it. Either short sellers begin to cover now, or continue to bleed out slowly as we gain momentum back.

We’ve Seen This Consolidation Phase Before

AMC Consolidation

When predicting AMC’s next move through technical analysis, we can see that we’ve seen this consolidation before. AMC consolidated in the $9 for quite some time before eventually breaking past $14. What came after this long consolidation period was the massive move up to $70 per share.

Chart patterns tend to repeat themselves and we can see this is about to happen with AMC once again.

The question is, will short sellers close their positions and end this once and for all, or will they continue to suffer staggering losses as apes continue to raise the floor?

One thing is certain, AMC is about to break the level of resistance. And if you bought the stock while it was trading above today’s current share price; well, you’re about to finally start seeing gains on paper.

Those Who Sold At $70

Those who sold at $70 per share probably won’t be reading this. But we know they will not reap the rewards of what’s to come next. If you were the 1% who was able to sell and double up, that’s different.

The community is about to start seeing big gains again, but refrain from selling. Sell, and we’ll be back in the $30s.

This happened when we were consolidating in the $9 range. Every time we would reach $14, Wanda Group would sell. This would then bring the stock price back down to resistant levels.

If another massive selloff takes place at $70 (or less) then the community will only stun the momentum.

Lets give the world a show, let AMC run up.

It’s Too Early To Think Exit Strategy, For Now

Unless you’re planning on cashing out a few thousand, ten thousand, or even your very first one hundred thousand dollars, it’s too early to think about an exit strategy.

I wrote an exit strategy article that you can read here, but do it for the purpose of bookmarking it for when AMC has squeezed.

I personally wouldn’t bark up this tree until shorts have covered their positions. This of course is just my sentiment. You are free to do as you please as this is not financial advice but only my opinion.

The article talks about setting a goal for yourself and basically selling once you’ve met that goal. It’s a great read to get an idea of what life will be like when you’re ready to cash in.

But for now, I think it’s too early and I know the ape community would agree.

Expect The Unexpected

Keep an open mind. Some apes don’t think a squeeze will happen soon, others think breaking the level of resistance will take longer. Be open to all of it.

Keep in mind it’s easier for shorts to close their positions now then what it will be as AMC’s stock price begins to surge past $40, $50, and so on. And although the technical setup at the moment shows we can break this level of resistance within the next few days, anything can happen.

What’s important and what hasn’t changed is the one true narrative of this journey. Buying and hodling.

Despite stock market news, stock market updates, and new catalysts, our narrative remains the same. All other news can be bullish or neutral, and that’s okay. But retail investors must understand that all other factors are simply part of the process.

This is a squeeze play. Fundamentals are out the window. At least for the most part since mainstream media still has influence over the markets.

Expect the unexpected and be open to even the greatest possibilities coming to fruition very soon.

FOMO Is About To Kick Into Overdrive

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

And of course, during any momentum runup you have to welcome FOMO buyers with open arms. It’s this type of momentum that will beat shorts betting against the stock.

As AMC begins to make its way up again, we’re going to experience more buyers to get in on the play; institutions included.

Short sellers have been doing quite well at suppressing FOMO but this is their fear. The psychological tactic behind their play has been to tire the retail investor out into selling their positions.

They don’t understand the community though. We are not going anywhere until every short buys back every share they owe.

FOMO could scare a waive of short sellers into closing their positions. This is why it is very important that the ape community hold their stock no matter the circumstances.

FOMO is the crowd that tramples over the staff that opens the front doors during a black Friday sale. That staff are short sellers in this narrative. They fear the crowd.

AMC Will Have More Runway To Soar

AMC Runway

As AMC stock gets harder to borrow, I believe AMC will have more runway to soar in the days to come and moving forward. Short sellers have been losing money for almost 9 consecutive months now. Brokers have even raised their margin requirements and it seems all forces are against them.

I think it’s fair to say this play has gone long enough for these financial institutions (and regulators) to say enough is enough. And you know what? If this drags on all year I’m cool with it.

A play that drags longer would be especially good to see if every week consisted of perpetual gains. I actually wouldn’t mind this type of play. It would mean short sellers continue to bleed money while retail investors see an increase in net worth every week. Sounds good to me!

All in all, I’m all in


I feel fantastic about AMC right now. The community has learned to overcome this psychology warfare, short sellers are hanging by a thread, and AMC stock continues to show massive strength in the market.

AMC has not let off. It wants to go up. And if it weren’t for so much shorting, the stock would be in another galaxy right now.

Share this article with an ape and leave a comment below letting the community know, are you all in?

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AMC Stock: Handling Buying At A High Price + Losses

AMC Stock Getting In At A High Price
Holding AMC losses? Here’s why you shouldn’t worry

Dear fellow ape, did you buy AMC stock at a high price? By high price I mean to the point where you’re currently negative on paper.

If so, I want to help you navigate this temporary season. See, majority of us have been there before. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you’ll know at some point I was negative $9K+!

I remember seeing my position in AMC plummet and thinking, wow.. How soon will things get better? Here’s what you need to know.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today’s message is to our new apes that have joined the movement. I’m excited you’re here today.

Lets get started!

Things did not get better so soon, and I know you can certainly relate. So why did I keep holding? Why didn’t I just say, “screw this, I’m cutting my losses”?

The answer is simple. The short interest data really built a strong conviction towards the stock within me. I remember I didn’t even tell my fiancé how much money I was under at first because I knew it was temporary, and it was only on paper.

I understood that if I held, my losses would shrink and I would eventually come up breaking even. Once I broke even I knew that I would then profit soon after.

Here’s Why It’s Important To Hold

Had I sold and cut my losses, I would have never experienced my current gains in AMC stock. And if you’re curious to know, yes I’m still holding but more on that in a bit.

As I was holding the stock, my losses eventually got smaller and smaller as AMC’s price action moved upwards. This is when the stock had jumped up to $20 per share back in January.

I bought in at $14 and the stock dropped to $5 per share. I didn’t begin profiting until at least 3 months later. The stock consolidated a lot around the $9 range. And once it broke $14, AMC stock really began to climb.

It took three months for my investment to bear fruit before ultimately finding a higher low of what we now know is the $33 range. So I’m still up significantly, 5-figures. But I still hold.

What I did during the time my investment was negative is I took advantage of the share price instead. I loaded up on shares like crazy. So, if you’re looking to increase your number of shares now is the time to do it.

The Data Hasn’t Changed

AMC short squeeze data
AMC losses are only on paper

Why do I continue to hold? I could take my profits, forget this battle and invest in other long term plays. The reason is because the data has not changed.

This is how I know you will come profitable soon, except you probably won’t have to go through two dips like us seasoned apes did. This could perhaps be the last big dip before MOASS.

I mean who knows, maybe we do find a higher low down the road. But even then, you’ll find yourself in a similar position to us who have been holding since early this year. You’ll be profitable, but you’ll understand there’s a lot of potential.

AMC Short Interest %

Now, back to the data. Short interest by definition is considered to be extremely high at 20%. AMC’s short interest is currently at 18%. A high short interest is considered to be around 10%. This data tells you that AMC is a rare case. Apple’s short interest is 1%, just for comparison.

Utilization is in the high 90% and the shares on loan are above 100 million according to Ortex data.

But wait, there’s more. More than 60% of trading has occurred inside dark pools. This means that a lot of the buying pressure is not even reflected in AMC’s current share price! Dark pool usage has been increasing which means short sellers are running out of options. And it’s only a matter of time before they’re suspended from using these ATS’s (alternative trading systems).

How? Whether you believe the SEC will do something or not, change takes time. We didn’t have the attention of mainstream media nor of the SEC earlier this year, but we do now.

The point here is they now know, that we know. The spotlight is on them. Will they expose themselves as slaves of corruption? Or will they demonstrate to the world that they serve the people?

Will AMC Stock Go Back Up?

will amc stock go back up

Absolutely. AMC has found a new bottom in the $33 range. The last bottom was between $5-$9 and it consolidated at that price range for a few months before making a massive break.

AMC recently tested $37 again and touched $38. Once we break these levels and move to $40, the stock will see $45 again. We know this through the Fibonacci retracement that presents technical analysts with the levels of resistance the stock went through.

This technical setup allows us to trace patterns whether AMC is trending downwards or upwards.

AMC Movement Facts

  1. Apes own more than 80% of the float
  2. Retail investors continue to buy the dips
  3. Large institutions keep bulking up on the stock
  4. Shorts have not covered their positions
  5. Hedge funds are under intense scrutiny
  6. Short sellers continue to face difficult losses
  7. We’ve grabbed the attention of mainstream media
  8. Naked shorting and dark pools have been exposed
  9. The community is growing every day
  10. We’ve saved an entire movie industry

Give yourselves a round of applause. These facts are all going in the history books. No one can take away the ruckus the community has made.

Change is inevitable, the apes are inevitable, the biggest transfer of wealth in all human history is inevitable. This was meant to be and you were meant to be a part of it.

If you’re currently holding losses in AMC, welcome to possibly one of the biggest moments of your life. More than 4 million apes stand beside you.

The data says short sellers are overleveraged, whales continue to buy the stock, brokers are raising margin requirements, the SEC is getting involved. It is happening.

Apes, keep holding; we’re being processed.

What’s Up With Margin Calls?

AMC Margin Call

Why do you think historical amounts of cash are currently being pumped into our financial system? My guess is feds are getting ready to bail short sellers. They’re preparing for something massive.

We know that short sellers have been trading billions of synthetics and we also know that they have to cover those positions too. Hedge funds have been liquidating several positions in the markets and I can only assume they will need help from the government too.

These margin calls will be the biggest margin calls in history.

Final verdict

If you’re holding losses at the moment, do not worry. If you’re like me and you trust the data, you know that these losses are only temporary.

Amazing things are on their way to you, I know you can feel it too.

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