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Free Live Daily Updates: AMC Short Interest Today + More

AMC Short Interest Today

Free Live Daily Updates: AMC Short Interest Today + More.

Community, I’m going to be updating this list of momentum stock and their short interest and utilization daily (AMC short interest, BBIG, MULN, BIOR, GME, APE, and many others).

Be sure to bookmark this page for daily AMC short interest updates and more.

Other metrics being updated daily will include the cost to borrow, shares on loan, + short squeeze scores.

If there are other heavily shorted stocks you’d like me to update daily, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to look into them before adding them to the list!

– Frank Nez

#1. MMAT Short Interest

Short Interest: 10.73% | Utilization: 90.77 | Cost To Borrow: 17.05 | Shares On Loan: 39.24 Million | Days To Cover: 9.03

MMAT Short Squeeze Score: 84

(Updated Daily)

Market News Today - Senator Inquiries Now Grow on The MMTLP Scandal

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#2. AMC Short Interest Today

Short Interest: 7.80% | Utilization: 47.70 | Cost To Borrow: 1.79 | Shares On Loan: 22.26 Million | Days To Cover: 1.22

AMC Short Squeeze Score: 57

(Updated Daily)

Market News Today - AMC CEO Now Identified As Extortion Bid Victim

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#3. GME Short Interest

Short Interest: 20.52% | Utilization: 85.30 | Cost To Borrow: 2.96 | Shares On Loan: 72.73 Million | Days To Cover: 24.36

(Updated Daily)

GME Short Squeeze Score: 86

Click the image to read the latest GameStop news article.

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Short Interest: 19.70% | Utilization: 88.31 | Cost To Borrow: 15.55 | Shares On Loan: 73.37 million | Days To Cover: 1.35

(Updated Daily)

MULN Short Squeeze Score: 75

MULN Stock News
Click the image to read the latest MULN stock news aritlce.

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Short Interest: 25.37% | Utilization: 96.03 | Cost To Borrow: 10.99 | Shares On Loan: 355.08 Million | Days To Cover: 10.86

(Updated Daily)

LCID Short Squeeze Score: 86

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AMC’s Cost to Borrow Has Hedge Funds Burning Money

AMC Cost to borrow
Market News: AMC’s cost to borrow increases

AMC’s cost to borrow continues to rise.

In the past, we’ve seen how important this data has been regarding major price runup.

Not only does a high cost to borrow incentivize short sellers to close their positions, but it gets AMC one step closer to a squeezing.

In this article I’m going to break down the number figures and explain why the CTB and other data is pointing AMC in the right direction.

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Cost To Borrow explained

The cost to borrow is the average annualized percent (%) of interest on loans hedge funds have to pay.

For example:

AMC has approximately 197.22 million shares on loan as of the publication of this article.

Hedge funds are paying 215% annually on these loans.

This translates to approximately $424 million per year, or $35 million per month.

In the meantime, it’s costing retail investors $0 to hold their positions in AMC stock.

Hedge funds will continue to pay more as AMC’s cost to borrow rises.

Free Live Daily Updates: AMC Short Interest + more

Short interest

AMC short interest

AMC’s current short interest is: 24.36%.

This is the percent of a company’s free float that is shorted.

AMC is a short squeeze play because of this number figure.

This number figures tells retail investors that there is a high interest in shorting the company stock.

It’s this data that allowed retail investors to foresee big price moves in January and in June of 2021.

This same data tells investors today that AMC has the potential to hit another all-time high.

Some of you might be familiar with the correlations between short interest and rise to $72 per share last year.

AMC’s short interest dropped from 22% to 20%, then to 14% when it ultimately skyrocketed in price from $14 per share to $72 per share.

Despite what mainstream media has said in the past, no, AMC’s short interest is not too low to squeeze shorts from their positions.

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Will AMC’s cost to borrow force shorts to close?

AMC short squeeze
AMC cost to borrow – AMC short squeeze

Hedge funds may be incentivized to close their short positions in AMC stock as the cost to borrow increases. At some point, it’s not worth paying that high of a fee to continue shorting a company that has fundamentally improved.

AMC is no longer the same endangered company it once was during the pandemic.

The company has improved every quarter since 2021 and has managed to get rid of a lot of debt.

The world’s largest movie theatre continues to innovate and adapt to the changing world.

While online streaming threatened the industry, revenue from box office hits has proved people are still going to the movie theatres, despite the convenience of watching movies at home.

Short sellers are betting against a recovering and innovating film industry generating billions in revenue now.

As AMC continues to prove itself fundamentally and the cost to borrow rises, expect short sellers to begin closing their short positions.

Here is where patient investors will see massive returns.

BREAKING: AMC Entertainment Gets $1bn Boost in Titles from Apple

Do you own AMC stock?

Are you an AMC shareholder or are thinking about buying AMC stock?

Leave a comment below.

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