AMC Q3 Earnings Call Highlights by Frank Nez [Results]

AMC Q3 Earnings Call Highlights
AMC Q3 Earnings Call Highlights

The AMC Q3 earnings call was amazing to say the absolute least.

One theme we’re going to see come up more than once is that of progress.

Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Entertainment had quite a lot of astonishing things to say for Q3 of 2021.

I’m going to break down the conference call highlights for you today.

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AMC Entertainment just had their Q3 earnings call conference today, November 8th, 2021.

A lot has happened since AMC’s Q2 earnings call and when you break it down you see just how exponential the growth has been.

Not just from Q2, but also from Q1.

The company has managed to eliminate a lot of debt while multiplying their attendees and earnings.

We’re also going to see how this century old move theater chain raises the bar for companies across America with its vision on new technology.

AMC Entertainment Third Quarter 2021 Results

AMC experienced a whopping $763.2 million in revenue for Q3 this year of 2021, compared to $119.5 million in 2020.

That’s almost a 7X growth from it’s previous year-to-date.

In this year’s Q3 results we also see that AMC reduced their net loss from $905.8 million in 2020 to $224.2 million this year.

The differences are drastic.

Right off the bat we can see this progression happening from the company when comparing it to the state it was in just last year alone.

When most businesses would have closed down, AMC kept persisting.

AMC Entertainment is up in revenue 81% from Q2 of 2021, and up an outstanding 488% from Q1 of 2021.

When comparing the growth from earlier this year, it’s exponential.

AMC has executed to say the absolute least.

According to Adam Aron and Sean David Goodman, these extremely positive trends continue on to the beginning of Q4 for AMC.

October just so happened to be AMC Entertainment’s biggest month for attendance and admission revenue.

“The upwards trend is clear and unmistakable”, says Adam Aron.

And although AMC is not out of debt quite just yet, the progression we’re seeing shows us the company has a clear vision on where they’re going.

9 Examples of Positive Development Inside AMC

9 examples of positive development within AMC
CEO & President, Adam Aron

AMC has had a number of accomplishments during this incredibly challenging year for what I believe many companies have faced.

Despite the adversity from heavy short sellers, AMC Entertainment has been able to produce positive development within the company.

  1. Concert movies and live sporting events
  2. Open caption showtime in movie theaters
  3. AMC Thrills and Chills exclusive horror movies
  4. Launched popular older films
  5. Charitable events and donations
  6. Accepting cryptocurrencies for gift card purchases
  7. Introduced AMC Investor Connect
  8. Opened the Grove & Americana theatres
  9. Unveiled 7 new stunning Nicole Kidman advertising campaigns

AMC’s concert movies and live sporting events have drawn a new crowd to AMC Entertainment movie theaters across the country.

From a Chance the Rapper film to UFC fights, AMC is nowhere short of providing its theatrical experiences to both music lovers and sports fans.

AMC Theatres has a long history with horror. John Carpenter’s legendary Halloween premiered at the Kansas City AMC Empire Theatre in 1978.

This is where the Thrills and Chills project originated from.

Charitable events AMC has taken on includes the Flight 93 memorial, donations to the wounded Warriors Project, and Dian Fossey’s Gorilla Fund.

The company has funded these charitable events and donations from their ticket revenue.

In various occasions, Adam Aron has also announced the acceptance of cryptocurrencies which is a massive project that will benefit both the company and investors holding these digital assets.

For the first time ever AMC Entertainment has gone to creating advertising campaigns!

AMC Theatres Nicole Kidman Advertising

AMC Theatre’s Strength Is Showing

Adam Aron has made it very clear that his movie theatre chain is continuously innovating and moving forward.

He warns naysayers to not make the mistake of looking at the rear-view mirror but to rather look at the front windshield towards where AMC is going.

In this AMC Q3 earnings call, Adam Aron provided a great key points to the company’s strategy moving forward.

  1. To transform AMC to do more than just premier movies
  2. Create kiosks in malls that sell AMC branded popcorn (new business model)
  3. Sell popcorn in convenience store
  4. Offer home-delivery popcorn services for movie lovers
  5. Explore the NFT world and combining that technology with new movie titles

Adam Aron also mentioned the likelihood of including movie theatre prizes and discounts inside popcorn, something like that of a ‘golden ticket’.

One thing you have to give credit to this CEO is for being heavily involved with his shareholders.

As a shareholder myself, I give my thanks to Adam Aron for looking out for the owners of the company.

The Path To Recovery

If there’s anything major we can take from the AMC Q3 conference call, it’s that the company’s financial results have gotten stronger.

We’re seeing massive progression here.

AMC Entertainment has been on the path to recovery, improvement, and innovation.

With more than 140 million global attendees this Q3, AMC shows no signs of slowing down nor catastrophic failure.

The company is on a sure path to recovery and continues to provide value to millions of people across the globe.

“Our spirits are upbeat”, says Adam.

And so are ours.

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