Free Live Daily Updates: AMC Short Interest Today + More

AMC Short Interest Today

Free Live Daily Updates: AMC Short Interest Today + More.

Community, I’m going to be updating this list of momentum stock and their short interest and utilization daily (AMC short interest, BBIG, MULN, BIOR, GME, APE, and many others).

Be sure to bookmark this page for daily AMC short interest updates and more.

Other metrics being updated daily will include the cost to borrow, shares on loan, + short squeeze scores.

If there are other heavily shorted stocks you’d like me to update daily, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to look into them before adding them to the list!

– Frank Nez

#1. MMAT Short Interest

Short Interest: 10.73% | Utilization: 90.77 | Cost To Borrow: 17.05 | Shares On Loan: 39.24 Million | Days To Cover: 9.03

MMAT Short Squeeze Score: 84

(Updated Daily)

Market News Today - Senator Inquiries Now Grow on The MMTLP Scandal

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#2. AMC Short Interest Today

Short Interest: 7.80% | Utilization: 47.70 | Cost To Borrow: 1.79 | Shares On Loan: 22.26 Million | Days To Cover: 1.22

AMC Short Squeeze Score: 57

(Updated Daily)

Market News Today - AMC CEO Now Identified As Extortion Bid Victim

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#3. GME Short Interest

Short Interest: 20.52% | Utilization: 85.30 | Cost To Borrow: 2.96 | Shares On Loan: 72.73 Million | Days To Cover: 24.36

(Updated Daily)

GME Short Squeeze Score: 86

Click the image to read the latest GameStop news article.

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Short Interest: 19.70% | Utilization: 88.31 | Cost To Borrow: 15.55 | Shares On Loan: 73.37 million | Days To Cover: 1.35

(Updated Daily)

MULN Short Squeeze Score: 75

MULN Stock News
Click the image to read the latest MULN stock news aritlce.

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Short Interest: 25.37% | Utilization: 96.03 | Cost To Borrow: 10.99 | Shares On Loan: 355.08 Million | Days To Cover: 10.86

(Updated Daily)

LCID Short Squeeze Score: 86

Daily Market News

FrankNez - Daily Market News and stock updates.
FrankNez – Daily Market News and stock updates.

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  1. Alan

    But your reported SI shows 8%. much lower than AMC. Where are you seeing it higher than AMC?

  2. Milton

    Thanks Frank. Can you add the outstanding share information too?

  3. Kathy Hicks

    The fbi is more concerned on Trump. They are scamming the whole world with Biden disgrace of democracy. They all need to go. All these investors and banks are in on the government and they continue to get rich.

  4. Kathy Hicks

    The FBI is the most corrupt it’s ever been. God forbid.

  5. Ron Mecca-Dahle

    Please add MMTLP to your list,
    and GTII, and GNS.
    Thank you for all your help.

    • MamaJ

      Thanks for all u do for all communities! You truly are fighting to get fair honest info out & it’s appreciated.

      Would you consider looking into both $LAES, the sister Co to & $WKEY. They have a partnership w Elon/Starlink releasing the FOSSA-powered satellites. Low float, Swiss Co, Laes was a free divie & truly free, just joined the Nasdq June 1 I believe it was. Wkey wants to do another r/s & hasn’t recovered from the last. And then all these outstanding sh w Laes that weren’t issued…what am I missing? Would love to hear your opinion on $WKEY & $LAES if you can.

      Regardless keep up the GREAT work! And thank u for the continuous free, but we should be donating, info!

  6. mrcomp11

    It matters and it matters even more when shills comment negatively towards AMC


    Does this even matter Frank? The corruption has continued and will continue for quite some time. The true value of AMC has been stifled for a very long time. What makes you think this will stop? Adam Aron is diluting his shares when he doesn’t have too, is he corrupt too? Should he step down? I wish he would. Do you agree that until the FBI gets involved nothing will change?

  8. Elvin Villalobos

    What’s the difference between the CTB info you provide of 251 vs. what’s being reported by others of over 1000 +/- % ??

  9. John Myers

    Would you please update green globe international Inc., GGII. Thank you.

  10. Robert Ballard

    I have asked the same question today on another post. I hope Frank will give the explanation.

  11. Barry Novotny

    Why the slight drop in Short Squeeze Score on AMC? Down to 89.

  12. Barry Novotny

    Please explain the short squeze score. For example, you have AMC at 90 or 91, is that good or bad? What is the max and minimum and what does it need to be to trigger a squeze?

    • Barry Novotny

      Hi Frank, please give us some context as to what the meaning of short squeeze score means. For example, you have AMC with a SSS of 90. Does that mean a squeeze is likely, or maybe imminent, or maybe not likely any time soon? What is the range, 0-100? What is good versus what is bad? Or better yet, what means likely versus not likely? I love your content and your posts. Please continue to keep us informed. Regards, Barry

  13. Robert Ballard

    Please provide the purpose, importance for each of the numbers and how those numbers determine your short squeeze score for people who are new investors (3th grade education). Trying to explain it to my granddaughter.:

    Short Interest:
    Cost To Borrow:
    Shares On Loan:
    Days To Cover:
    Short Squeeze Score:

  14. Jesse De La Cruz

    How does short interest drop from 25% to 15% with APE and price not go up. Confused

  15. Ben

    Is APE being shorted heavily? I heard it is higher SI than AMC

  16. David Henderson

    Amazing site! Thanks so much for compiling this list. Would you consider adding LCID? Tons of upcoming catalysts and growing short interest.

    • Frank Nez

      I will be adding soon – thanks for requesting.

  17. Alfredo Iznaga Moreira

    Frank, I can’t stop thanking you for all the information you offer us daily, I want to ask you if you can include on this page how the interest behaves in the short term of this new action, the APE? What if you could give your criteria for your behavior today and your future at your discretion?

  18. Al Musella

    Can you report on nwbo. I can’t understand what happened recently. They reported great results from their clinical trial and the stock dropped doesn’t make sense.

  19. Eric

    Regarding AMC, it’s written days to cover 2.84. Is it 2.84 days from the last record date from Marketbeat? ?Or 2.84 days to cover from today?

  20. Dustin

    Thanks fie keeping this page updated! Great job!

    Can you add CVNA (Carvana Co.) to this page please

  21. Francis

    Hi Frank, not sure why I can’t leave a comment but I’m able to reply to other comments. Are these 8-9 stocks the most shorted stocks on the market? With the highest short interest? What about NILE, CFVI, PHUN, and LLL? Appreciate your time and content so much. I’ve learned so much over the past year from your website- thank you!

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Francis,

      Thanks for your comment! These are not stocks with the highest short interest but rather heavily shorted stock the community has voted to get daily updates for. Happy to hear my website has provided you with value.

  22. Don Varenhorst

    Usually at what time do you update this webpage? I’d like to know bc I get on about an hour before the market opens and usually this page was from yesterday. In this case June 29th (today is the 30th). Could you please let me know so that I don’t come here hoping that it’s been updated already? lol I really appreciate it. I wish I could afford your patreon, but I’ve only got pennies to invest. Crazy world. Thanks!

    • Frank Nez

      I usually wait an hour or two after market opens for full updates

  23. Don Varenhorst

    11.80 CTB is a percentage rate, not dollar amount. So if they borrow shares (shorting) then they are paying a percentage rate of 11.8%.

  24. Robert Quinn

    What exactly does “Days to cover” mean? I see on has 0.17? AMC is 3.75. I don’t get what this means that number never changes

  25. Michael Fogarty

    I just asked this to you on Twitter before I noticed I could leave a message here. I am new to following you and I wondered if you have looked into RDBX at all. It is Red Box as you probably know but I heard yesterday that its short interest was 157% and cost to borrow was over 600%.. can you tell me where to find that data to verify this? And if it is accurate, is this a good (the next) squeeze play?

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Michael, looking at RDBX and it has a 162% SI, and 571 CTB. It is indeed heavily shorted. With enough buying pressure it could certainly cause it to squeeze.

  26. Lex M

    Hi Frank, quick question, are “days to cover” on related to days the market is open? Like regular business days?

  27. Quoc-Sang Duong

    Thx for Mullen Update Mate 🙂

    • Frank Nez

      No problem 🤝

  28. Francis

    Hi – can you explain days to cover? Can you use amc as an example where you say above 2… days. What does that mean? Thank you so much and great content

  29. John


  30. Robert Weiss

    Frank am I understanding this right on BBIG the cost to borrow on a short sale is 11.80
    like in $11.80 isn’t that extremely expensive.

  31. John

    Frank thnx for the SI % like your articles 👍

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks John! 🤝

  32. Emily


  33. Nick V.

    To everyone reading this, I strongly encourage you to join Frank’s paid Patreon site. I’ve been a member for a couple of months now and the information he provides is worth FAR more than the nominal $12 or so per month. Thanks Frank for all you do and keep up the great work me friend!!!!

    • Frank Nez

      I appreciate that Nick, much love brother 👊🔥

  34. Frank Nez

    Done! I usually update the data on days the market is open.

  35. John

    Hi Frank can you update the SHORT INTEREST ITS FROM FRIDAY…. 😜👍

  36. Joey

    SENS is #5 on the short interest list. It was announced FDA approval for the 180 day Eversense is weeks away. In your opinion, do you see a potential gamma squeeze with SENS?

  37. Amir

    Hi Frank,

    I was just checking SPCE.

    The short as percentage of float is listed as 16.62% based on Marketbeat and 18.83% based on Yahoo Finance as of Nov. 30, 2021.

    Days to recover is 2.8.

    At which point and according to what metrics can we time a possible short squeeze?

  38. John

    Hey frank thank you for your great info & updates brother 👍

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for reading the blog brother 🤝

  39. Rob

    Hello Frank, could you tell me what the most important thing is to look out for on these shorted stocks; the short interest, cost to borrow, utilization of shares on loan? I can’t make that out.
    If AMC squeezes I am planning to invest a bit of money in another shorted stock because I love the community and the tension this year on AMC.
    It’s getting pretty excited now with AMC. I’m looking forward to your answer. Thanks.

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Rob, the short interest is basically the percentage of the entire float that’s being shorted. It’s important because it can be viewed as the ‘juice’ AMC has to runup. As shorts begin to cover, the short interest percentage will drop. It fluctuates from time to time but it’s a good indicator to how shorted the stock is. Thanks for commenting!

  40. Jennifer Snider

    What do you think about the SI of CRTX?

  41. Scott

    Can you explain why shares on loan has dropped over the last several weeks from 113m to 86m and yet the price drops? Is it possible that Hedgefunds have found a way to circumnavigate a potential MOASS?

    • Josh

      Would be useful to know..

  42. Balencia

    how about Evfm

  43. Raished Yahia

    Hey Frank. I’m invested in AMC and SNDL and hoping for big gains in both but another I have heard some SI buzz about is PROG which shot up alot over this week so maybe you could run the numbers on it. Thanks for what you do.

    • Frank Nez

      I will include PROG in the list, thanks 🤝

  44. Scott Blackburn

    Thank you for all you do. Any chance to get the short interest data before the market opens each day so we can know breed where we stand with AMC going into the trading day?

  45. moses

    Hi Frank , can you check pls HTRX ?

  46. Moses

    Hi Frank, can you check HTRX and what is your suggestion ?

  47. DD

    Update on $ANY stock?

  48. Ewan Burns

    Hi Frank. I read fintel scores ATIF as highest short squeeze score, any ideas if that’s correct or worth looking into? Thanks for the good work

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Ewan,

      I see the utilization is actually 100 right now with 103.90k shares on loan.. I will certainly look into it.

      • Ewan Burns

        Thanks Man!

  49. Ilir Balazhi

    whats with $BB

    • Frank Nez

      BB short interest: N/A, Utilization: 14.08, Cost To Borrow: 0.78, Shares On Loan: 33.10

  50. Hans im Glück

    What about BB?

    • Frank Nez

      BB short interest: N/A, Utilization: 14.08, Cost To Borrow: 0.78, Shares On Loan: 33.10

  51. Cory

    Hey Frank. What about ANY short squeeze?

    • Frank Nez

      Utilization for ANY is at 90% but short interest is at 3%

  52. Jakob ry

    Hey Frank the for tour god Work, what about CEI. BBIG AND ZEV

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Jakob,
      BBIG is on the list. ZEV = 97 Utilization and 19.62 short interest
      CEI = 89 Utilization and 5.28 short interest

  53. Isaiah

    What about ttcf?

  54. I don’t know

    Hey Frank👋🏻. What about ATER as a short squeeze?

    • Frank Nez

      ATER added to the list

  55. Rob

    Hello Frank, can you explain to me where to pay attention to; SI, Cost to borrow, utilization and shares on loan?. What does it say these numbers and percentages? I’m trying to find out, as an new investor, what’s important to find out if and what shares first needs to be covered by the HF. Thanks in advance. Greetings from Holland

    • Frank Nez

      Greetings Rob, short interest is the percentage of the float that’s being shorted and has not been covered, cost to borrow is the fee from the broker, utilization is how much of the float is being loaned, shares on loan are the actual number of shares that are being loaned.

  56. Milton

    Frank, the numbers from AMC Stonk-O-tracker on the shares available to borrow are way off or wrong. I consulted Ortex and they told me the formula to calculate it is: (shares on loan)/utilization – (Shares on loan). (107.74M)/0.9339-107.74M=7.63M. So, currently there are still 7.6 million AMC shares available to borrow according to Ortex data. BBIG has about 3.43 Mil shares available to borrow. Thought you like to know.

  57. Brandi

    Thanks Frank! This is awesome.
    Are the shares on loan the amount of shares shorted? Just wondering if theres a way to estimate how high these have potential to go.

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Brandi, the shares on loan are the number of shares that are being borrowed. The SI is the percentage that’s being shorted. Thanks for commenting 🤝

      • Brandi

        Thanks so much!

  58. vic g-man

    MMAT- Meta-Materials 34% short, only 1.2B market cap, 6.3 held by Institutions , average volume 100k, last three days over 200M shares traded fast moving averaged crossed over 50day and 200day today, dancing around $4.40sh.

  59. BW

    Thank you Frank. How about Any? Sphere 3D

  60. Lieurene

    Thank you Frank! What about CLOV?

    • Frank Nez

      Added to the list!

  61. Fernando Marrón Carvajal

    Hi frank!!! What about NAKED? I think that this stock could be very interesting?

    • T.

      Naked is frustrating, almost seems like a snail. If I might compare.

  62. Rob Staite

    So are you saying their are other squeezes going to happen before AMC does?

    • Frank Nez

      They may happen before, at the same time, or after. I can’t say for sure. However, multiple plays will be skyrocketing 🚀

  63. T.


    • Frank Nez

      SENS added ✅ SOLO = 19.46% SI … FSR = 26.26% SI

  64. Mark

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate all you do for the community!

    • Frank Nez

      🤝 thanks Mark

    • john

      Frank that “short squeeze channel” on YouTube is so on target of what’s going on man

  65. Frank Chsker

    how about XELA technology

    • Frank Nez

      This one has a low SI of 2.61%, Utilization at 41.43

  66. Frank Nez

    Thank you!

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