Federal Court Judge Is Tied to Defendant in Robinhood and Citadel Case

Judge Altonaga connection to defendant law firm
Judge Cecilia Altonaga dismisses ‘meme stock’ lawsuit

A Miami district court judge admits the Citadel and Robinhood transcripts are suspicious.

However, the federal court has dismissed the case due to a lack of evidence.

Now, it’s important to note this case is separate from Citadel vs SEC.

This is the class action lawsuit by retail investors claiming Citadel Securities and Robinhood conspired to halt GameStop trading and other ‘meme stocks’.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that fights for the retail investor. Today we’re discussing the latest market news surrounding Citadel and Robinhood.

Justice may have not been served but at least the message from retail investors has been made loud and clear.

According to Business Insider, the court said that the evidence between Citadel Securities and Robinhood was not sufficient.

And although retail didn’t win this one, retail did manage to put 6 crooked financial institutions in court.

Judge Cecilia Altonaga Connection to Defendant’s Law Firm

What’s suspicious is that Altonaga’s husband George Mencio, is a partner to Holland and Knight, the defendant of Two Signa Securities in this case.

This creates a major conflict of interest.

This again goes to show the advantages the system has over retail investors.

judge altonaga connection to two signa securities

It’s going to take serious activism from bigger influencers to really shake the system.

According to the class action document, Holland & Knight were defending Two Signa Securities.

The transcript below details the connection between the two entities.

Redditors over at r/AMCSTOCK uncovered that George Mencio, Altonaga’s husband is indeed tied to Holland & Knight.

This is confirmed through Holland & Knight’s professional’s page on their website.

holland & knight george mencio judge altonaga connection

Law.com also confirms the relationship between Geroge and Altonaga.

While it is not confirmed whether George Mencio actually defended Two Signa Securities himself, the connection between both parties is rather jarring nonetheless.

judge altonaga george mencio connection

The Reddit community is taking this matter very seriously.

Bookmark this page for possible updates.

Apes Fight a Polluted Financial System

polluted financial system

The class action lawsuit came about after “Ken Griffin lied” went viral on Twitter.

Transcripts between Citadel and Robinhood were leaked regarding the halt of GameStop and AMC earlier this year.

Now a federal judge is saying there isn’t enough evidence.

And while politicians can be bought, retail investors can’t.

Our financial system needs honest people.

This case will be another reason why the ape community will continue to make noise.

Names are being recorded and those failing to protect the people are writing their legacy.

The retail community wants justice.

It seems that for every solution retail has, there’s always some connection that intervenes.

What Do You Think Can Be Done?

I’m curious to know what you think can be done about this incompetence.

Who with massive influence can help the community shed light on these matters?

Do you think Adam Aron has a plan to take down the culprits betting against his company?

Leave a comment below.

Final Thoughts


Whether the connection between Judge Altonaga and George is merely a coincidence, it’s a rather good one.

Matters like this only further build my conviction in fighting for a fair market structure.

As I mentioned earlier, perhaps there was no justice in court, but there was acknowledgement.

The fight for a fair market will not happen overnight, we are living in its process.


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  1. Joey1sniper

    I’m a long time conservative. In the last several months, I have learned one important thing about this country: both parties are corrupt as hell and only look out for their own interests. So I’ll make it short and sweet: I’m not a donkey or elephant, just an ape with a large family who are looking out for each other. Peace.

    • Frank Nez

      Thisss 💯💯💯

  2. Barry Ives

    We need to put Gensler under pressure to quit on a total failure to protect investors against corruption

    Removing or going up against Gensler will show we will not be silenced

    Would be great if you can do a piece on Gensler failure to date

    • Frank Nez

      I’ve written on Gensler a few times. I believe the SEC must be investigated.

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