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Will AMC Stock Squeeze in 2022? [Short Interest Data]

Will AMC Squeeze in 2022?
AMC Short Squeeze – AMC Entertainment 2022 – AMC Stock Price – AH9 Stock – AMC Stock Squeeze

Will AMC squeeze in 2022?

The Fool thinks you should sell your stock, but retail investors aren’t budging.

Mainstream media who serve hedge funds in a conflict of interest have been egging retail investors to not buy the stock all of 2021.

If you listened to The Fool who told you not to buy AMC when its share price was low, then you would have missed out on a trade that went as high as 3000% in gains!

While the runup to $72 per share might have caused AMC’s short interest to drop to 14% from 20%, AMC’s short interest has now gone up to 21%.

Ladies and gentlemen, AMC stock has plenty of room for growth in 2022.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that provides retail investors with market news with integrity. Today we’re discussing AMC’s short interest data to determine whether it will squeeze in 2022.

Let’s dive right into it!

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Mainstream media wants retail to lose

It’s no secret the financial platforms who have been attacking AMC stock are tied together.

Wall Street Journal’s parent company is News Corp., who also owns Barrons, MarketWatch, and DOW Jones Newswire.

Well, there’s a relationship between Citadel Securities’ CEO Ken Griffin and News Corp (he owns stock).

This creates conflict of interest because of the influence these people in power have who are shorting AMC stock.

Citadel Securities is one of the top 10 financial institutions shorting AMC stock.

So, let’s look at the data that shows whether or not AMC will squeeze in 2022.

AMC Short Interest Data (2022)

AMC Short Interest Data 2022

AMC’s short interest is currently at 18.19%.

The short interest tells us the percentage of a stocks float that is being shorted (shares have been borrowed and not yet closed).

Because AMC is heavily shorted at nearly 19%, this is a short squeeze play in 2022.

An 18% short interest is equivalent to approximately 144.97 million shares on loan (shares that have been borrowed and have not yet been closed).

When AMC’s short interest dropped from 20% to 14% (6 points), the share price rose to $72 per share.

New short positions have brought AMC’s short interest up to 18% again meaning there are many shorts that have yet to be squeezed from their positions.

AMC’s short interest for 2022 is updated here daily for free, via Ortex.

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Whether AMC’s stock price is up or down, the short interest tells us a large portion of AMC’s float continues to be shorted.

The short interest is the main recipe for a short squeeze.

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Will AMC Squeeze in 2022?

will AMC squeeze in 2022
Will AMC stock squeeze in 2022? Game over short sellers | AMC Stock 2022 – AMC Stock Price

AMC has a high enough short interest to squeeze shorts from their positions in 2022.

Sitting at 18% short interest, it’s more than enough to get the price up well into the high hundreds of dollars per share.

Whether regulators will investigate naked shares, FTDs, and other forms of counterfeit shares for hedge funds to cover is another topic.

AMC will need momentum if it’s to see another massive runup in share price.

Furthermore, hedge funds will lead their customers into losses for the second year in a row if retail investors continue to buy and hold the stock in 2022.

AMC Entertainment stock has plenty of room for growth and mainstream media doesn’t want you to know it.

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Who is AMC stock for?


AMC stock is for the retail investors who are willing to take a little risk to multiply their investment through a short squeeze play.

A short squeeze play is a long commitment with incredible upside.

If you’re lucky enough to get involved in the ape community you’ll find yourself fighting for a fair and transparent market, where your voice means everything.

Reasons why AMC wont squeeze in 2022..

I’ve always been transparent with the community.

There are many of you who got in when I first began publishing the data early last year and are sitting on unrealized gains today.

And although AMC could have squeezed during various occasions last year, there are still things that can hinder AMC from squeezing this year.

Here’s a list of things that will refrain AMC from squeezing shorts from their positions:

  1. Retail investors start selling AMC stock
  2. Retail investors stop buying AMC stock
  3. New buyers aren’t introduced to the stock or short interest data
  4. Number of day-traders increase
  5. Regulators don’t enforce margin calls / protect retail from market manipulation

The AMC community has not had a problem holding or buying the stock.

One of the biggest problems the community faces today is regulators not protecting retail investors against the predatorial strategies from hedge funds.

The community has always been a beacon for change.

Apes will need to voice market concerns to elevate awareness.

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Market regulation in 2022

Market regulation 2022 SEC

AMC stock had multiple chances to squeeze in 2021, however, hedge funds always found a loophole that would prevent them from reporting information, or trading stock in the lit exchange.

Market manipulation continues to be a threat to every retail investor in the market.

AMC Entertainment was on the brink of extinction, it was about to go bankrupt.

Hedge funds took this opportunity to overleverage their short positions in the stock, betting it would close forever.

Once retail investors got in and saved the company, the community uncovered a number of market manipulation tactics that allowed hedge funds to prevent the stock’s share price from soaring.

The fight for a fair market continues in 2022.

For the ape community, this is more than just a short squeeze play.

It’s about freedom.

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BREAKING: Executive Order 14032 Could Be a Big Deal for AMC Stock

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Cinemark Competes with AMC in New NFT Deal

Cinemark Competes with AMC in new Thor Love and Thunder NFT Deal with Disney
Business News: Cinemark Competes with AMC in new Thor: Love and Thunder NFT Deal with Disney

Cinemark is looking to compete with AMC Entertainment theatres in a new NFT deal it just made with Disney.

From Tuesday, June 28th, through Thursday, July 7th, rewards members will get a chance to win one of 1,000 NFTs for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

AMC Entertainment was the first company to release NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to their movie theatre guests upon the purchase of a ticket.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has released a Spider Man No Way Home NFT, Jurassic World NFT, The Batman NFT, Lightyear NFT, and many more.

Shareholders also received a rare series one “I Own AMC” NFT.

Read how much those are worth here.

Here’s the latest market news.


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Cinemark teams up with Disney

Cinemark teams up with Disney in Thor: Love and Thunder NFT
Business News: Cinemark teams up with Disney in Thor: Love and Thunder NFT

“Cinemark is thrilled to collaborate with Disney on the release of these exclusive Marvel Studios NFTs for Thor: Love and Thunder,” said Wanda Gierhart Fearing, Cinemark Chief Marketing and Content Officer. – Box Office Pro.

The movie theatre industry has been steadily recovering ever since the pandemic struck the world in 2020.

Cinemark Holdings, Inc.’s total revenues for Q1 2022 increased by 303% to $460.5 million compared to $114.4 million for Q1 of 2021.

AMC Entertainment on the other hand earned $785.7 million in revenue during their first quarter of 2022, compared to $148.3 million in Q1 of 2021.

Cinemark’s marketing campaign to distribute Thor: Love and Thunder NFTs with Disney is a great move for the company.

However, AMC Entertainment continues to be the leader in the movie theatre industry, offering a more premium experience to its guests.

What are your thoughts on Cinemark competing with AMC Entertainment in the NFT space?

Leave a comment down below.

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What Can We Expect from AMC’s Next Earnings Call?

AMC Earnings Call
AMC Earnings Call Q4 Expectations – AMC earnings Date

AMC’s next earnings call is expected to happen on March 1st.

The report will be covering AMC’s financials for Q4 of 2021, the year ‘meme stocks’ stunned the financial world.

The movie theatre company said it expects revenue of about $1.172 billion, up from $162.50 million the year-earlier quarter.

Is AMC Entertainment improving fundamentally?

Here’s what we can expect from AMC’s next earnings call.


Welcome to Franknez.com – AMC’s next earnings call is not too far ahead. I want to go over how the company has grown and what we can expect in the report.

Let’s dive right into it!

AMC’s earnings call for Q1, Q2, and Q3 surprised the entire financial industry to say the very least.

And after AMC said it expects to make more than $1 billion in Q4, the earnings call seems to be one of the most anticipated reports.

AMC Earnings History 2021

AMC Earnings Call 2021
AMC Earnings History – AMC Earnings Call 2021 – AMC earnings Q4 2021 – AMC earnings date

I created a long-form blog post on AMC’s short squeeze but also touched base on the company’s fundamentals and earnings report throughout the year.

You can read the full article here.

Here are the highlights of AMC’s earnings history for Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2021.

AMC Q1 2021 highlights

  • The retail community is recognized by Adam Aron
  • AMC Entertainment raised over $2 billion in cash to keep them afloat
  • Food and beverage sales are up by 45%
  • AMC Theatres is no longer on the brink of bankruptcy
  • Expectations for Q2-Q4 are significantly much higher

AMC Q2 2021 highlights

  • Increased revenue in tickets/concession
  • AMC to accept Bitcoin as form of payment
  • Adam Aron teases about a GameStop partnership
  • AMC theatres discusses licensing for sports and music events

Read AMC’s full Q2 breakdown here.

AMC Q3 2021 Highlights

  • $763.2 million in revenue
  • Reduced net loss from $905.8 million in 2020 to $224.2 million
  • Up 81% in revenue from Q2 2021 and 488% from Q1 2021
  • AMC Entertainment shows promising path to recovery

Read AMC’s full Q3 breakdown here.

What to expect: AMC Q4 earnings call

AMC earnings call
AMC Earnings Q4 2021, AMC earnings report, AMC earnings date

We can expect AMC Entertainment to break box office records for Q4 .

When looking at AMC’s earnings calls in 2021 you begin to see a trend.

AMC Theatres has seen impressive progress throughout the year despite company and market adversity.

The company already said it is expecting more than $1 billion in revenue for Q4.

The theatre chain had a lot of success with movies such as Spider-Man No Way Home, Godzilla vs Kong, Mortal Kombat, A Quiet Place 2, The Conjuring, and more.

Leave a comment below naming your favorite movie of 2021!

We will get AMC’s Q4 earnings on March 1st.

CEO and President Adam Aron has expressed his confidence in the growth of the company.

In Q4 we can expect to see lowered debt too.

AMC Entertainment has recently refinanced their debt to lower their interest rate.

The company also sold a junk-bond for $950 million which will be allocated towards paying off debt that was due in 2025.

The theatre chain is starting 2022 as a completely new company fundamentally.

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Should you buy AMC Entertainment stock?

should you buy amc stock
Is AMC stock a buy?

Retail investors buying AMC en masse are buying the stock to squeeze shorts from their positions.

Because the movie theatre chain was in danger of bankruptcy in 2020, short sellers began to heavily short the stock.

AMC’s short interest is currently at 21%, more than enough power to send the stock into the hundreds of dollars per share, perhaps even thousands.

If you’re looking at AMC fundamentally as a company, well, the company has made incredible progress.

Their goal is to completely get out of debt while increasing their revenue streams.

Former Frito-Lay executive Ellen Copaken has joined the team to lead the popcorn business side of things.

Moody’s has also upgraded AMC to Caa2 due to the industry’s rapid recovery.

And with a massive shareholder base, the bullish sentiment and buying power from retail is strong.

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AMC Entertainment CEO Now Owns 2.3 Million Shares

AMC CEO Adam Aron
AMC CEO and President Adam Aron

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron released his stock ownership on Twitter this week.

The theatre chain leader now owns a total of 2,355,806 shares of AMC Entertainment stock.

Adam Aron had sold millions of AMC shares leading to the end of the year in 2021, a plan he had advised shareholders many months prior in advance.

The CEO said he never sold shares in his time running the company before.

And now he wants to give some of his wealth away.


Welcome to Franknez.com – I want to go over the latest AMC market news with you today. Despite news of conflict around the world, here’s some positive things going on with AMC Entertainment.

Let’s dive right into it!

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AMC Entertainment CEO increases AMC position

AMC CEO increases AMC position
AMC CEO Adam Aron now holds more than 2.3 million shares

When AMC’s CEO Adam Aron was selling shares last year corporate media was running amuck.

Every platform run by News Corp. was attacking AMC’s CEO and mocking the retail community for his decision.

Now that Adam Aron has increased his position in AMC, no one is covering it.

He stated on Twitter that his ownership has risen to 793,974 shares plus 1,561,832 granted but unvested shares, totaling 2,355,806 shares.

“A forceful incentive to do what is best for you and all AMC shareholder” – Adam Aron.

Adam Aron is leading shareholder through example as retail investors continue to buy and hold AMC stock.

The announcement of his share increase came after he mocked short sellers following the federal investigation announcements.

Short sellers and corporate media with ties to hedge funds, market makers, and banks have negatively impacted AMC’s share price.

Now the DOJ and SEC are working together to regulate unfair practices in the market.

Other recent institutions buying AMC stock

Two massive institutions that have appeared on the radar for buying AMC stock have been RenTech and the pension Calpers.

The largest pension in America increased their stake in both AMC and GameStop.

The institution now owns a total of 619,400 shares of AMC and 85,400 shares of GameStop.

Rentech’s most recent filing on the other hand shows the company has been loading up on AMC Entertainment stock all year since the second quarter of 2021.

The financial institution is run by world class mathematician Jim Simmons.

Read: These financial institutions bought more AMC shares in January

Retail investors are currently weary of financial institutions buying AMC and GME stock wondering whether they’re lending the shares or going long.

If they’re being lent out, short sellers are paying a fee to borrow them and eventually have to be bought back.

On the contrary, if institutions are going long this is very bullish considering how much upside potential these heavily shorted stocks have.

AMC’s and GameStop’s reported short interest are both approximately around 20%.

(Updated daily here)

This is more than enough buy-back power to create a short squeeze for both AMC and GameStop.

Adam Aron announced he’s donating $1 million

AMC’s CEO said on Twitter in mid-February that he’s going to be giving away $1 million of his currently owned AMC shares to respectable charities.

“I benefited greatly as retail investors have embraced AMC. That makes it time for me to step up and personally give back.” – Adam Aron

However, because not all charities prefer donations in stock, 1/3 of the $1 million will be donated in AMC stock while the remaining 2/3 will be in cash.

Will donating 333,333 shares of AMC stock affect retail?

In short, no.

At least not unless the charity cashes in the donation.

See, charities are able to receive tax-free benefits by holding the stock so there is definitely an incentive to not sell the shares.

Well done Adam Aron.

How are you feeling about Adam Aron?

Adam Aron
AMC Entertainment CEO & President Adam Aron

Adam Aron is known for saving the Norwegian Carnival Cruise Line when it came near bankruptcy.

He is also co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and was hailed by Newsweek for transforming the ski-industry during his time at Vail Resorts.

Now he’s embraced the culture and retail community who helped save AMC Entertainment from the pandemic that disrupted the movie theatre industry and the world.

How is Adam Aron doing as AMC’s CEO and President and does the media give him enough credit?

Leave a comment below.

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AMC CEO Adam Aron on Short Sellers

An Excellent AMC Exit Strategy Guide: Short Squeeze

An excellent AMC exit strategy guide: Short squeeze
When should I sell my AMC stock?

A lot of you might be wondering what’s a good exit strategy guide for an AMC short squeeze. I have an excellent exit strategy guide for you.

I will help you determine what type of retail investors surround the AMC community and help you take an approach you might have not thought of.

franknez.com amc exit strategy

Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where you can digest content on stocks, crypto, market news, and more.

Lets get started.

I’ve received emails and enthusiastic responses on the discord to write on this subject matter.

After all, it’s a very important topic to discuss, right?

We all want to be ready for when an AMC short squeeze occurs.

I want you all to make money. Not just money though, stupid money. But it will be up to you to decide just how much you’re willing to gain during the process of a squeeze.

How long can a short squeeze last?

A short squeeze can last several days to several weeks.

When Volkswagen squeezed it lasted about 3 days before it started descending.

GameStop on the other hand lasted several weeks and has gone down very slowly.

Trey’s Trades has given his personal opinion in the past saying that an AMC short squeeze may potentially last weeks, just like GameStop’s.

And I agree.

With that being said, lets start by discussing the 3 types of sellers.

3 types of retail investors in AMC

There are 3 main types of retail investors holding AMC stock. Identifying which type of retail investor you are will help you determine your own personal exit strategy for when this stock squeezes. In short, they are the:

  1. Get in and get out sellers
  2. Anxious profit taker
  3. Diamond hand seller

I’m going to break down these 3 types of sellers for you so you can determine and identify where your conviction is in the stock.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that any number being used below is to provide the community with examples. The key here is to simply have a plan and to provide you with perspective.

Get in and get out seller

This type of retail investor is in it for a quick buck.

These retail investors will cash in at the first sight of profits.

This group will be a very small group of people, mainly due to the lack of DD (due diligence) in the stock itself.

If you’re a new retail investor and don’t have the slightest clue as to what’s been going on with AMC Entertainment, I recommend you do a little bit of digging.

I’ve published several posts for the community which you can find under the ‘top posts & pages’ column on the right side of my blog.

Negligence of researching information could just cost you a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This AMC exit strategy will not yield impressive profits.

Anxious profit taker

The anxious profit taker is most likely going to be the retail investor who holds longer but takes profits at the first sight of dipping in the market.

Retail investors who cashed in on GameStop when it dropped back down to $193 after reaching $347 missed out on the bounce back up to $325.

Some retail investors will fall under this category simply because of the anxious emotions that are simply human nature.

Remember this example when AMC squeezes and it starts to come down.

Holding a little longer could potentially prove to be a better financial decision.

Refrain from allowing anxiety to make a financial decision for you.

Your AMC exit strategy should serve you to make the most out of this trade.

Diamond hand seller

This is going to be majority of the AMC community who have been deeply involved in the research and fighting for the cause.

This type of retail investor is not looking for a quick buck, they’re not looking to double nor triple their money.

These retail investors are going to be the ones who get to experience a life changing event.

Diamond hand sellers are the retail investors who are going to call the supply and demand.

They’re going to hold the stock past $100, $500, and possibly even $1,000.

Again, we will find more out as this short squeeze begins to unfold.

These retail investors are the seasoned apes in the community who are not leaving until they’ve made enough money to change their lives and the lives of many others.

How many AMC shares do I need to become a millionaire?

AMC exit strategy

This is going to highly depend on two factors.

  1. The number of shares you have.
  2. The share price of the stock.

If you own 1,000 share of AMC stock then that means the stock price will need to be worth $1,000 for you to make $1,000,000.

Keep in mind that you will need to pay taxes on this.

I published an article where you can determine your tax rate here so be sure to bookmark it for later.

And if you own 5,000 shares of AMC stock then the price will only need to go up to $200 for you to make $1,000,000.

But maybe you’re not looking to make 1MM, and that’s okay.

Your number of shares = your multiplier.

Everyone’s AMC exit strategy will be different

See there is no actual number that I can tell you when to pull out.

This article is to help you identify your conviction towards the stock and the overall sentiment of the community surrounding AMC and its data.

More data will be released to the community as the squeeze unfolds which could help you navigate your way to maximum profitability.

AMC’s charts will reveal a lot of information when this squeeze happens.

This is when the community will begin to take a more serious approach to identify when to sell.

How to identify when to sell

AMC exit strategy

An excellent way to determine when you should sell your shares is to look at the number of shares you currently hold and make an honest assessment of how high you think AMC’s stock price can potentially go up to.

I wrote how I think we’ll know here, based on the short interest data.

Then, set a number you will be happy with profiting from.

Remember, an AMC short squeeze could last several weeks.

This means you have time to identify when to sell as the stock goes up or down.

You might even see yourself shooting higher depending on the stocks price trend.

This information will come to light when we have the analytical resources.

Example of an AMC exit strategy

If you’re holding 100 shares of AMC and your goal is to make $50,000 then you’d have to sell at $500 per share.

The same applies if you’re holding 5,000 shares and your goal is to make $4,000,000. Your sell target would be $800 per share.

In this scenario the stock could hypothetically speaking have squeezed high instantaneously.

And again, there could be many scenarios but I’ll go with this to use as an example.

Set a profit target for yourself and stick to it.

Don’t be afraid to take your profits once you’ve set your goals down. In the end, they are your goals and your goals alone.

If you feel you’ve made a life-changing profit then take it.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can calculate your exit strategy.

Create a bracket

Create a bracket and note down on paper how much money you’ll make with AMC’s stock price at $100, $200, $400, $600, $800, $1,000 and so on.

This will allow you to see your possibilities in writing.

Here you can determine your risk tolerance.

Everyone’s will be different to some degree.

You might select $600 as being your absolute bottom with your price target being $1,000.

This example is just one way you can prepare and plan for an AMC exit strategy.

Your numbers might be higher than these and that’s great too.

Just make sure it’s in line with the data, otherwise you might be left bag holding.

By creating a bracket for yourself you can plan and execute almost immediately when the stock hits your price target.

Increase your multiplier for bigger profits

Contribute to your position if you’re not happy with where your price targets are at.

Something I’ve personally done is I’ve added to my position after doing some math and locking down my goals.

This will help me pivot in the event that the share price doesn’t reach my expectations.

My goals will require me to diamond hand this and I’m 100% okay with this.

Signs a short squeeze is over

AMC exit strategy

Like any other short squeeze in history, the stock eventually has to come down. Signs that indicate a short squeeze is over include:

  • Price action gradually declines after several weeks to months
  • Short interest and utilization plummets
  • The stock will begin to consolidate oppose to running up
  • The overall bullish sentiment is over

Most of this data will be presented to the community by analysts and DD reporters like myself.

When there are strong indications that the short squeeze is over, you will know.

The community will not allow other members to get left behind.

How to prepare yourself for a short squeeze

I’m confident most retail investors who have done their homework are going to make a lot of money.

One thing you can do to identify your opportunities is to continuously educate yourself as this short squeeze unfolds.

You can watch analysts on YouTube as they update the community with AMC chart trends.

I will be providing you with value here as well as on my Discord group.

When should I exit my position in AMC?

As you can tell, there’s no specific number that can be generalized for every retail investor.

Retail investors should be setting their goals and abide by them. If your goal is to make $100k then shoot for $100k.

If it’s to make $1,000,000 then you can certainly do so.

But shoot for the moon because that’s where retail investors intend on holding onto.

So, although everyone’s AMC exit strategy will be a little different, most retail investors are diamond handing the stock.


For instance, if AMC squeezes up to $800 and it consolidates then we can anticipate there’s room for supply and demand.

Not all shorts would have covered which means retail investors can continue to drive the price action up by holding their positions.

In this scenario you could continue to ride it out and shoot bigger.

But if we see a pattern laddering down after about a week or so, then that’s a good indication you can begin taking profits (on the way down).

Can AMC really reach $1000+?

AMC Rocket

AMC, like any other stock technically has no ceiling.

The difference here is that AMC can have one of the biggest short squeezes in history mainly due to how heavily shorted the stock is.

Short squeezes are violent and suppressed movement can also play a role in its gains.

There hasn’t been a short squeeze in history that has had a community like AMC does, with the exception of GameStop of course.

We also haven’t seen a battle between hedge funds and retail investors like that of with AMC shareholders.

Hedge funds suffered significant loses amounting to billions with GameStop.

The last thing they want is to lose more money to a second company so they doubled down their short borrowing power with AMC.

This means more short shares to borrow equivalate to more short sell loses, and potentially a MOASS (mother of all short squeezes).

Read: How soon will we see an AMC short squeeze?

Do not panic sell

One thing I do want to express to the community is to not panic sell as you begin to see perpetual gains with AMC.

These series of gains are known as gamma squeezes.

They can be a result of an increase in retail investors buying the stock as well as small short sellers beginning to cover their positions.

An AMC exit strategy should be level headed.

Get involved in the community to see how everyone is holding up through the gains.

Chances are many retail investors within the AMC community are going to be holding the stock relatively high.

If something needs to be addressed surrounding the squeeze and its movement, the AMC community will communicate it.

Keep up with the latest news in the stock

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people will be covering the stock as it begins to move upwards and ultimately squeeze.

This means you will always have the help and support from analysts and others in the community that will help contribute to your AMC exit strategy.

Analysts I trust in the community include Trey’s Trades and Roensch Capital. You can watch their analytical videos on YouTube.

I would stay clear of headlines from the likes of Yahoo Finance, The Fool, InvestorPlace, and MarketWatch as they have been known to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (known as FUD).

For compact information join my Discord group

AMC with Franknez.com Discord

I post the latest short borrow fee rates and updates on both my Twitter and Discord Group.

I will personally be updating the community with news and chart trends from analysts as this squeeze unfolds.

My mission is to help you make as much money as possible so be sure to join the community and stay informed as this event unravels.

I’m confident the community will continue to keep everyone informed on chart trends and AMC exit strategies as this historic event unfolds.

What would an AMC short squeeze mean for you?


Let me know in the comments section below what an AMC short squeeze would mean for you or your family.

And lastly, if you found value in this post please be sure to give it a social share.

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The Most Innovative Things Happening With AMC Today

AMC News Today
The most innovative things happening with AMC right now

AMC Entertainment is making incredible progress through their innovative approach towards the future.

The company has announced several achievements and goals during the Q3 earnings call conference.

Here’s a list of the most innovating things happening with AMC right now.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I want to go over how AMC is evolving through innovation and by catering to its shareholder base.

Let’s get started!

Be sure to leave a comment below at the end of the article letting the community know which of these innovations you’ve been most excited about.

#1. Cryptocurrencies

AMC gift cards crypto
AMC news today – AMC Theatres accepts cryptocurrencies

It’s no secret AMC Entertainment has embraced cryptocurrency.

Adam Aron’s innovative approach stemmed from the high interest of his shareholders on Twitter.

At first, he announced AMC Entertainment would be accepting Bitcoin.

But now, he’s prioritized Dogecoin and even Shiba Inu coin.

Whether retail investors will use assets to buy a theatrical experience is up to you to decide.

I much rather invest it, how about you?

You can buy cryptocurrency using Coinbase.

You’ll get $10 in Bitcoin when you sign up which means you’ll already have credit for your next AMC purchase.

Once you hold crypto, you will be able to purchase AMC products with cryptocurrency.

#2. AMC/GameStop Collaboration

AMC GameStop Partnership

Adam Aron teased about potentially reaching out to GameStop to see how they could innovate together.

In Q3, the CEO mentioned there were now some talks about how AMC and GameStop could collaborate.

And although nothing has been officially confirmed between the two, we do know Adam Aron is open to creating something rather innovative with GameStop.

Can you guess how this would enhance the theatrical experience?

What would you like to see happen between these two companies?

Leave a comment below.

#3. Live Sports & Concert Showings

AMC News Today – Live Sports and Concert events

Sports fans and music lovers alike were excited to see their favorite sports and concert films on the big screen.

AMC Entertainment gave its audience a little taste of an innovative project in the works.

Adam Aron has said that they have been working on obtaining licensing agreements to premier concerts and live sports events across their movie theater chains.

AMC took an innovative approach by showing the Poirier vs. McGregor UFC fight in its theaters.

AMC Chance The Rapper
Chance The Rapper – AMC Entertainment News

We also saw Chance The Rapper partner up with AMC Entertainment when they released “Magnificent Coloring World”, a dive into the artist’s tour.

This innovation has to be one of my personal favorites, what do you think?

#4. AMC Introduces Investor Connect

AMC Investor Connect - AMC Entertainment News
AMC news today – Investor Connect – AMC Entertainment News

Speaking of shareholder favorites, AMC has introduced Investor Connect.

Investor Connect is a platform designed for AMC’s shareholders.

The program gives retail investors free popcorn when they go watch a movie at their local AMC movie theaters.

This quirky perk provides investors with a small benefit for supporting the company.

Investor Connect is an innovative way to get movie lovers and movie-goers an incentive to also purchase company shares.

#5. AMC On Demand

AMC On Demand - AMC Entertainment News, AMC News Today
AMC on Demand – AMC news today – AMC Entertainment News

A streaming platform has finally made its appearance.

AMC On Demand allows people to stream movies online as well as purchase movies.

AMC Theatres On Demand is available on Roku, LG and Samsung Smart TVs or via the AMC Theatres website or app.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited to see how much more innovative this streaming platform gets.

#6. CEO & Shareholder Relations

Adam Aron Twitter

Agree with me or not but the relationship Adam Aron has built with shareholders is unlike something we’ve ever seen.

Adam Aron has been able to communicate with the shareholder base to come up with all these great and innovative ideas for the company.

You don’t see this happening with other companies.

AMC Entertainment is innovative in the way the CEO connects with his shareholders.

Twitter has been a great platform for Adam Aron to run polls and ask the community questions.

The platform has also allowed the CEO to make announcements and clear any miscommunication online.

Are you following Adam Aron on Twitter? Let me know in the comment section below.

Final Thoughts


What are some innovative things you’d like to see AMC Entertainment do?

How can movie theaters evolve nowadays?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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How Do Hedge Funds Manipulate The Stock Market?

How Do Hedge Funds Manipulate The Stock Market?
How hedge funds manipulate the market

Hedge funds have been manipulating the stock market for decades.

But it wasn’t until now that a community has risen to raise awareness of market injustices.

The shorting of both AMC and GameStop stock have uncovered a number of nefarious strategies used against retail investors.

What is the SEC doing to regulate these financial entities?

We’re here to find out.


Let’s get started!

Overleveraging Borrowed Shares

overleveraged borrowed shares

Hedge funds have an incredible supply of short shares available to borrow.

This advantage has allowed them to manipulate a stock’s share price by initiating short-ladder attacks.

While supply and demand are pushing a stock’s price up, hedge funds short the stock using an insane amount of leverage.

This predatorial strategy has yet to be announced as illegal nor has it been addressed by the SEC.

Off Exchange Trading

Hedge funds and market makers are getting away with being able to trade and swap stock in foreign exchanges where the stock’s price isn’t required to be disclosed.

They’re taking retail orders and, in a way, manipulating the circulating supply by not reporting accurate transactions.

We’ve seen this happen with Barclays.

Stock market manipulation
Barclays CEO, Jes Staley – Hedge fund manipulation

Reports by Finra have been made public detailing multiple fines on Barclays for inaccurate books and records.

Barclays is one of Citadels clearing houses.

Off exchange trading where transactions aren’t displayed on the list market such as the NYSE is a massive problem the SEC is still trying to figure out.

Though the SEC is trying to implement the D-Limit order that will allow stocks to trade under IEX, they’re having trouble from hedge funds and market makers.

Citadel has sued the SEC on this matter, we have yet to receive a public update on the case.

Naked Shorting

AMC and GameStop have had an incredible amount of FTDs, or failure-to-delivers.

These are orders that have not been executed in options, and are usually a result of a ‘short party’ not owning or not having all of the underlying asset.

This has led retail investors to the educated assessment that synthetic shares are floating in the market; shares known as naked shares used to short a stock.

According to Investopedia, “Despite being made illegal after the 2008–09 financial crisis, naked shorting continues to happen because of loopholes in rules and discrepancies between paper and electronic trading systems.”

Naked shorting has gone mainstream with CNBC’s Melissa Lee and Fox Business’s Charles Payne bringing light to this predatorial practice in the market.

Retail investors must use their voice to address these issues to the SEC.

The Use of Mainstream Media Outlets

According to The Fool, you should invest in this or that “instead”.

We’ve seen the headlines countless times.

The Motley Fool is a source that provides its subscribers with hand-picked stocks with potential gains.

With tremendous respect, stick to what you do.

The integrity of this company is to help investors pick winning stocks, not to divert them from a stock due to its potential upside that can cause hedge fund partners to lose billions of dollars.

And that’s exactly what happened.

No matter how many times mainstream media outlets tried to divert retail investors from buying AMC stock, it cost hedge funds a lot of money all year.

And at the same time, a lot of retail investors have a lot of unrealized gains.

This ladies and gentlemen is how the media has tried to manipulate the performance of a stock.

This influence can sway a new retail investor from adding to the surging volume of shares being purchased in the market.

To the new retail investor – make your financial decisions based on your own due diligence.

Not on what media sources get paid to write about.

Yahoo Finance & InvestorPlace

Platforms such as Yahoo Finance & InvestorPlace have also had their fair share of negative headlines to try and divert the public from skyrocketing AMC to the moon.

With InvestorPlace even throwing a jab at GME investors saying, “If You’ve Made Money On GameStop, You’re Not An Investing Genius”.

Perhaps not, but I’m pretty certain these investors are wealthier than the person who came up with that punchline.

These media sources have been discouraging new retail investors from investing in AMC since the beginning of the year although the stock is up year-to-date!

Manipulation In The Stock Market

robinhood stock market manipulation
Robing Hood? Stock market manipulation

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Robinhood scandal.

This is another form of manipulation in the stock market caused by the halt of buying power.

Robinhood prevented its users from buying stocks such as AMC and GME (GameStop) during GME’s bull run.

Although restrictions aren’t as tight anymore, we’re beginning to see trusted and beloved companies get exposed as hedge funds worst nightmares become a reality.

Today we’re seeing more people learn about how the stock market moves.

If more of the public is to understand how hedge funds pose a risk to our economy and businesses, we must expose these financial institutions for who they really are.

Read: Why new retail investors investing in AMC should avoid Robinhood

A House of Cards, r/superstonks (Reddit Post)

A Redditor just posted an insane amount of DD on Reddit.

This long form post discusses the transition from paper filled orders in the stock market to the use of computers going tracing back to the mid 80s.

The post reveals the beginning of issuing naked shares.

We’re also learning that a lot of transaction are being held by the actual institutions that are shorting these stocks.

Robinhood routes more than half of it’s customers to Citadel.

This information has now been disclosed via the Washington Post.

You can read the full Reddit post here.

Trey’s Trades does a quick breakdown on this DD as well.

The video is embedded for your viewing pleasure.

It costs retail investors nothing to hold, but it costs shorts and hedge funds money every day.

It’s only a matter of time before a squeeze occurs, no matter how manipulated the stock market gets.

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Franknez.com fights The Fool, Yahoo Finance, and InvestorPlace


Franknez.com is fighting for the community against malpractice from all news media shunning AMC and GameStop.

This platform will serve as a positive media outlet for the community and only spread factual documentation, and news related cited-sources.

I will not encourage retail investors to take a position in AMC.

However, I will outline the facts and evidence to help you make your own personal financial decision.

How can retail investors bring awareness to the community?

Retail investors can expose false information on social media to shine light on manipulation tactics driven by hedge fund partners.

Sharing factual and positive articles relating to the performance or analytics of a particular stock is another way the investing community can stay united.

Franknez.com is a platform for the community.

I am 100% pro retail-investors and I will continue to share DD that point towards an AMC short squeeze as well as any relevant information that exposes malpractice in efforts to raise awareness.


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Topic Discussion with FrankNez

AMC Entertainment Hires Former Frito-Lay Executive Ellen Copaken

AMC Entertainment Hires Frito-Lay Former Executive Ellen Copaken
AMC Theatres brings in former Frito-Lay executive Ellen Copaken

AMC Entertainment has hired former Frito Lay and Hostess Brands executive Ellen Copaken to help lead the company’s retail popcorn business.

This retail popcorn business is one of many ways AMC Entertainment is innovating and planning to increase their streams of revenue.

AMC will be selling AMC Theaters Perfectly Popcorn at malls and other retail locations.

Ellen Copaken joins the team as Vice President of growth strategy on February 18th.


Welcome to Franknez.com – AMC just hired a leader in the food industry to strengthen the company. Who exactly is Ellen Copaken? That’s what we’re about to find out.

Let’s get started!

AMC Theatres Hires Ellen Copaken

Ellen Copaken AMC Entertainment

Ellen Copaken is a food industry veteran who’s held executive positions in Frito Lay, Pepsico, and Hostess Brands.

She’s a brand strategist with over 20 years of experience delivering high impact marketing, innovation, and growth strategies.

AMC Entertainment’s new VP of growth strategy is recognized for business turnarounds (like Adam), launching transformational product innovation, and creating new brands.

Ellen Copaken spent 4 years at Frito-Lay where she started as a Senior Marketing Manager, moved up to a Marketing Director, and eventually became Senior Marketing Director, Global Brand Innovation.

Ellen then spent almost 3 years in Hostess Brands before managing Sterling-Rice Group for another 4.8 years.

Now she’s leading AMC Entertainment’s Perfectly Popcorn business through her brand strategizing skills.

A great fit don’t you think?

AMC Theatres Perfectly Popcorn retail business

AMC Theatres Perfectly Popcorn Brand
AMC Theatres Perfectly Popcorn Brand – Ellen Copaken joins as VP of Growth Strategy

AMC is strategizing to sell AMC Theatres Perfectly Popcorn brand prepackaged and ready-to-pop microwavable popcorn in every corner of the U.S. market.

AMC Entertainment plans to sell their popcorn at shopping malls, grocery stores, and food delivery services across the U.S.

You’ll be able to doordash AMC popcorn for that perfect family movie night or gameday.

“Her executive ability combined with her significant grocery experience will be a vital asset to AMC as we explore and deliver on current and future opportunities, starting with our new popcorn initiative.”

CEO and President of AMC Entertainment, Adam Aron

The U.S popcorn industry has a multi-billion-dollar market and is expected to grow over the next several years.

It is a natural extension of AMC’s core business, the company says.

When will AMC start selling popcorn at retail stores?

Last November AMC announced it would begin selling its branded popcorn in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other food service venues starting in 2022.

Now they’ve brought former Frito-Lay executive Ellen Copaken to lead AMC Entertainment’s branded popcorn project.

AMC will also start to sell to-go packages of branded popcorn at its theatres for takeout or pickup.

AMC stock is up more than 10% after the news.

Will you be buying AMC Theatres Perfectly Popcorn brand?

Be sure to leave a comment below.

Before you leave…


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AMC Theater Debt Refinance Plan: CEO Shows Strong Resilience

AMC Theater Debt Refinance Plan: CEO Shows Strong Resilience
AMC’s debt refinance plan propels the company in the right direction

The AMC theater debt refinance plan is now officially on the table.

CEO Adam Aron touched topic on the subject last year after taking debt at a very high interest to survive in 2020 and part of 2021.

In a nutshell, Adam Aron’s plan is to refinance their debt and to lower their interest expense.

Moody’s also just upgraded AMC to Caa2 and gives the company a positive rating due to its continuing recovery.

But more on that later.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today’s market news is very positive news for AMC Entertainment indeed. We’re going to go over what AMC theater’s debt refinance plan means for the company and shareholders alike.

Let’s get started!

AMC Entertainment Inc. sells $950 million junk-bond

AMC Entertainment inc. sells $950 million junk bond
AMC Entertainment inc. sells $950 million junk bond

What is a junk-bond?

A junk-bond is a type of bond often times issued by companies that are struggling financially and have a higher risk of default.

It’s essentially an IOU to help companies stay afloat.

Well, AMC is restructuring its debt by selling this $950 million junk bond to pay down debt maturing in 2025.

AMC Entertainment was able to nearly double to the size of the original offering of $500 million.

Despite the decline in share price, this is a great sign that AMC is moving past the pandemic.

“The box office is returning, and the business is coming back,” said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Stephen Flynn. “This is clearly a recovery-from-the-pandemic story.” – Bloomberg

Moody’s upgrades AMC to Caa2

Moody's AMC positive outlook
Moody’s upgrades AMC to positive rating, SOURCE

AMC Entertainment Inc. has been upgraded from CFR to Caa2.

CFR meaning in danger of default to a now safer tier.

Moody’s gives AMC a positive outlook due to the industry’s continuing recovery.

AMC’s debt refinance plan has shown investors the company is taking their debt problem very seriously.

AMC Entertainment is currently $5 billion in debt.

Adam Aron has stayed true to his word in regard to paying off company debt.

It seems the company has a very clear goal to get on the right track fundamentally.

Where do you see the company 5 years from now?

Leave a comment below at the end of the article.

AMC ends 2021 with $8.1 billion in cash

AMC Entertainment released a press release on their website summarizing Q4 earnings for 2021.

Adam Aron stated, “AMC’s 2021 results improved significantly as the year progressed, and we finished the year with the strongest quarter in two years. The fourth quarter of 2021 marks a meaningful milestone with positive EBITDA of more than $145 million, positive Operating Cash Generated of more than $215 million, and a record year-ending liquidity position of $1.8 billion.”

The company is without a doubt doing incredibly well at overcoming pandemic and market adversity.

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the United States, the largest in Europe and the largest throughout the world with approximately 950 theatres and 10,500 screens across the globe.

Despite AMC’s great debt refinance plan, the company stock continues to be heavily shorted.

You can read all about AMC’s short squeeze data here.

I will be highlighting AMC’s Q4 earnings call so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

Be sure to browse the market news tab for more content.

Final thoughts


Analysts bearish on AMC Entertainment stock will not discuss this positive news.

That’s why you have me!

Although investors buying AMC stock are in it for a short squeeze, the company has definitely won a lot of people’s support fundamentally.

I’ve said this since early last year, AMC is eventually going to evolve into a company you’re going to want to buy into whether it’s for a short squeeze play or for (at some point) long-term growth.

Given the various innovative changes in the company, it’s safe to say Adam Aron is steering in the right direction with the use of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

AMC is paying off their debt with this new refinance plan and the company seems to have a clear vision of where they want to go.

Are you holding AMC stock?

Leave a comment below 👊

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How Soon Will Hedge Funds Get Margin Called? (AMC)

Citadel Margin Call, When will hedge funds get margin called
When will hedge funds get margin called? Citadel Margin Call

Retail investors all want to know. How soon will hedge funds get margin called?

I’m going to be updating this article with new information as it becomes available so be sure to bookmark it.

If you’re investing in AMC or GameStop, this article will prove to be of value to you.

You’ve done an outstanding job. You’ve bought the rips and dips but most importantly, you’ve held on.

Let’s go over the data that is currently available regarding margin calls and hedge funds.

There are some incredible things happening behind the scenes that you need to know.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog keeping retail investors informed in stocks, crypto, and market news.

Lets get started!

But first, I want to give a massive thank you to my readers.

A lot of you have just recently started following me and I’m very grateful for your support.

I love seeing the community sharing FrankNez content on social media. It brings me great pleasure to know I’m providing value in your daily lives.

What is a margin call?

I published a piece fully dedicated to what a margin call is in the stock market world some time ago.

In short, a margin call occurs when the value of an investor’s brokerage account falls below the broker’s required amount.

This is when a broker demands that an investor deposits additional money into their account so that it meets the minimum requirement.

A margin call is usually an indicator that a security (asset) held in the margin account has decreased in value.

When a margin call occurs, the investor must either add funds to their account or liquidate (sell) some of their assets in that account.

Why does a margin call occur?

  • It may occur when an account runs low on funds usually as a result of a losing trade
  • A margin call occurs when a demand for additional capital is required to meet the minimum margin requirement
  • Brokers may force traders to sell assets, no matter the current market price, in order to meet the margin requirement if the trader does not deposit the funds

If you’re a new retail investor and have recently joined the ape community then you’ve more than likely heard the term margin call before.

A margin call is basically a 50/50% chance a short squeeze may occur on the spot.

However, even if hedge funds are able to keep enough capital in their margin accounts to keep them afloat, at some point they’ll have to cave in.

Hedge funds have lost billions of dollars and this game is only costing them more money each day that passes.

Bloomberg News on Gary Gensler / Margin Calls

Margin call hedge funds

In this video, Bloomberg News discusses Gary Gensler, the new SEC chairman’s concerns of overleveraging and manipulation in the stock market.

This five minute video is important to log because it demonstrates and acknowledges the concerns in the market.

Perhaps the SEC was incompetent in the past to say the least. But it looks like we might be looking at some change here community.

And although this particular video was published on May 6th, below are some things Gary Gensler is already proposing in order to protect retail investors and the overall market in general.


SR-NSCC-2021-002 AMC automatic margin calls

This proposal from the SEC is massive if it gets approved.

The SEC has heard you and they’ve been looking into hedge funds overleveraging their positions in AMC stock and other ‘meme stocks’.

This proposal would allow an automatic margin call system to margin call hedge funds with overleveraged accounts.

This margin call system will essentially target short sellers on a daily basis and identify whether they are required to raise margin minimums or liquidate their positions.

SR-NSCC-2021-002 APPROVED 6/21/2021

SR-NSCC-2021-002 APPROVED margin calls
SR-NSCC-2021-002 Approved

This proposal was delayed after its initial approval date.

However, as of today the proposal has gone through and should be in effect in the coming weeks.

However, as long as short sellers are able to keep up with their margin requirements then this regulation is rather neutral.

A lot of these rules being put into place play in our favor the more money short sellers lose.

Total Return Swap AMC

The SEC and FINRA have gotten together to review the activity of ongoing overleveraging in the stock market.

Hedge funds could soon face total return swaps per Gary Gensler, SEC chairman.

In a total return swap, the payer (hedge fund) must pay the interest on the underlying assets, plus any appreciation in the market value of the asset.

This sounds a lot like shorts paying all short borrow fee owed on top of the market value of naked shares they’ve traded.

13-F filings and short selling disclosures

Citadel Margin Call - SEC cracks down on hedge funds
Citadel margin call – SEC cracks down on hedge funds

There’s a strong possibility that hedge funds also face 13-F filings. This filing will provide the SEC with insight on equity and dark pool disclosure.

Everything now seems to be falling right into place despite the continuous short laddering.

The SEC voted 3-1 and approved the hedge fund disclosure proposal on January 26, 2022.

When will hedge funds get margin called?

Charles Schwab has recently raised margin requirements for both AMC and GME stock.

This means that if they are unable to keep the minimum cash required in their margin accounts, they’ll be required to liquidate some or all of their positions!

This would create massive price action to trend in an upwards position.

We know that short sellers are losing millions of dollars every day.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is simply a waiting game.

The point is going to come where they can no longer afford to be negative each day.

This movement is about to get on a whole other level of excitement.

The fundamentals to this AMC short squeeze have not changed.

All retail investors will have to do is hold until short sellers cave in and close their positions willingly, or brokers margin call them.

Charles Schwab raises margin requirements

Charles Schwab raises margin requirements
AMC Margin Call

The broker is adjusting 100% margin requirements for AMC on all long positions, and 200% on short term positions.

As for GameStop, the margin requirement is 100% on all long positions and a whopping 300% on short term positions.

All this essentially means is that short sellers will be required to have more cash at hand as collateral.

So, not only are hedge funds losing a lot of money every day but are now being required to put enough cash into their accounts to cover their entire positions if need be!

You know what happens if they can’t cover right?

That’s right, margin call.

Instant liquidation of their accounts resulting in the MOASS we’ve all been waiting for.

Margin calls will result in a short squeeze

At first we might experience what’s known as consecutive gamma squeezes.

These are usually triggered by high volume in the market due to expiring call options in the money or very high purchasing days.

As more short sellers and hedge funds with larger short positions in AMC stock begin to cover, we will begin to experience the beginning of a short squeeze.

A short squeeze could last several days to several weeks.

During this timeframe, the stocks price will continue to skyrocket as more short positions are closed.

It really does feel like we’re coming to an end here.

This new beginning is going to change millions of people’s lives.


Proposition NSCC-2021-010 allows the NSCC to act as a third party lender to oversee every transaction between lenders.

It prevents short sellers from using naked shorting strategies and from creating FTDs.

This is one of the biggest AMC news yet regarding the stock.

It’s been delayed but should go into effect this new year.

The NSCC is also requiring that short sellers have more cash at hand to limit overleveraging their positions.

When should I exit my position in AMC?

I wrote an AMC exit strategy guide to help the community make a strategized decision on how to sell when AMC squeezes.

I do want to relay that this is only my take on it.

Many of you already have your own exit strategies, I understand this.

Regardless, it’s there if you need it and would like insight from a different perspective.

And lastly . . .


If you gained value from this article be sure to share it with the rest of the community.

Thank you to everyone publishing this information on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and on Discord groups.

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