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5 Advantages Retail Investors Holding AMC Stock Have Over Hedge Funds

AMC stock retail investors
Advantages retail investors holding AMC stock have over hedge funds

Community, today I want to remind you why you’re winning. We’ve been holding AMC stock for many months now. Us seasoned apes have seen some gains at this point. New retail investors buying the stock, don’t get overwhelmed if you’re not there yet because your time is closer than you think.

If you’re feeling uncertain at some point just come back to this article. Here are 5 advantages us retail investors holding AMC stock have over hedge funds.


Welcome to Franknez.com – I just want to say, I’m about to reach 2 million of you and I want to thank you for being a loyal reader. I’d love to know how long you’ve been reading the blog for. Comment below at the end of the article.

Lets get started!

#1. Holding AMC Stock Costs Us Nothing

You hear it over and over and over again community. Hodling doesn’t cost us a thing. Hedge funds on the other hand are paying a fee to continuously short AMC stock.

Hedge funds have lost billions from apes simply not cashing in profits yet. They can’t keep playing this game forever, our community is a big threat to their customers and business as a whole.

Whether you have gains or not on paper, know that you holding a position in AMC is costing the bad guys money. Remember, patience is a virtue. We can hold at ease while they hold in stress.

#2. Apes Own More Than 80% of AMC’s Float

The combined percentage of whales and apes that own AMC’s float is 80% according to Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Entertainment.

Ladies and gentlemen, we literally own the company. Just to put things into perspective, Tesla has about 33% retail investors while Apple has approximately 40%.

Whales, or institutions, will be selling on the way up. We’ve seen this happen before. I bring this up because it means that at some point we will own more of the company. This is significant because it allows us to be in control of when we want to sell stock and what price we’d like to sell the stock at.

What you hold is more valuable than you know. By the time hedge funds and short sellers have to cover their position, it’s going to be very expensive for them. We hold the supply, their request for the stock back is the demand. When demand increases the price also increases.

#3. We’re Investing Our Money, Not Other People’s Money

This is big psychologically speaking. As retail investors we have more sentimental value attached to the dollar that’s being invested. We will hold because we simply have no other option.

Our families depend on it and there’s absolutely no way we will ever cut our losses or cash in anything other than life changing profits. We’ve locked ourselves in on this game and have put away the key until the time is right.

Hedge funds on the other hand are burning their clients money. It’s not theirs so they don’t care. They’ve borrowed money from every crevice that will lend it to them but continue to severely take losses. If hedge funds were playing with their money, they would have closed their positions months ago.

And although leveraging other peoples money has played in their favor short term, the gash it’s going to leave long term is monumental.

#4. The AMC community is getting loud

Our community is being heard now by the media. We now have Melissa Lee from CNBC and Charles Payne from FOX Business questioning the SEC regarding the illicit activity of naked shorting.

When a community is loud enough change begins to slowly happen. We are more powerful than you think. Unification of the people is one thing governments fear the most. At some point the people who denied the manipulation in the market, like Charles Payne did many years back, will be joining us.

This revolution will be one of those things where it simply can’t be swept under the rug anymore. These are different times.

There’s been headlines about the SEC allegedly fining hedge funds for naked shorting. Not much information has been released regarding this. However, if the SEC doesn’t do their job then the AMC community will also be exposing them.

Leadership In The Community

Apes in the community are also using platforms as a means to help fight FUD and the manipulation. We fight the lies with the truth and educate the AMC community every way we can. Unlike hedge funds, who have superiors, we have multiple apes in our community doing the right thing.

Everyone is a leader.

#5. We’ve Saved The Entire Movie Industry

Have you ever stepped back and thought about this? If you hold AMC stock you literally helped save the entire movie industry along with the oldest movie theater business in history.

Our community did that, you did that. That is how powerful we are united. The fact of the matter is that there’s a future, a blimp in time where shorts get squeezed out of their positions. If the community can save an entire movie industry from going bankrupt, then the community can certainly squeeze the culprits who’s goal was to drive AMC Entertainment into extinction, out of their positions.

These short sellers have a backwards way of thinking. We should be supporting our businesses worldwide, not betting on them to shut down. Their way is not the way and for that reason they will continue to suffer extreme losses.

They said this is what we’re doing and we said no, this is what’s going to happen. It’s time for change. The biggest transfer of wealth is about to take place and it’s going to be marked in history.

And lastly . . .

Remember your why. Write down your goals and affirmations. Practice visualization because your mind and thoughts are that powerful. You become what you think about the most.

Red days, green days it’s all part of the process. Red days are needed just as much as the green days are. Any red days we experience become buying opportunities and help us stair step the way up.

Short sellers will continue to borrow shares to drive the price down. This is only going to make this squeeze that much BIGGER. The only reason hedge funds continue to short the stock is because they’ve run out of options. They’re desperate and it’s all they can do. Their defeat is already written.


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AMC Stock: Handling Buying At A High Price + Losses

AMC Stock Getting In At A High Price
Holding AMC losses? Here’s why you shouldn’t worry

Dear fellow ape, did you buy AMC stock at a high price? By high price I mean to the point where you’re currently negative on paper.

If so, I want to help you navigate this temporary season. See, majority of us have been there before. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you’ll know at some point I was negative $9K+!

I remember seeing my position in AMC plummet and thinking, wow.. How soon will things get better? Here’s what you need to know.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today’s message is to our new apes that have joined the movement. I’m excited you’re here today.

Lets get started!

Things did not get better so soon, and I know you can certainly relate. So why did I keep holding? Why didn’t I just say, “screw this, I’m cutting my losses”?

The answer is simple. The short interest data really built a strong conviction towards the stock within me. I remember I didn’t even tell my fiancé how much money I was under at first because I knew it was temporary, and it was only on paper.

I understood that if I held, my losses would shrink and I would eventually come up breaking even. Once I broke even I knew that I would then profit soon after.

Here’s Why It’s Important To Hold

Had I sold and cut my losses, I would have never experienced my current gains in AMC stock. And if you’re curious to know, yes I’m still holding but more on that in a bit.

As I was holding the stock, my losses eventually got smaller and smaller as AMC’s price action moved upwards. This is when the stock had jumped up to $20 per share back in January.

I bought in at $14 and the stock dropped to $5 per share. I didn’t begin profiting until at least 3 months later. The stock consolidated a lot around the $9 range. And once it broke $14, AMC stock really began to climb.

It took three months for my investment to bear fruit before ultimately finding a higher low of what we now know is the $33 range. So I’m still up significantly, 5-figures. But I still hold.

What I did during the time my investment was negative is I took advantage of the share price instead. I loaded up on shares like crazy. So, if you’re looking to increase your number of shares now is the time to do it.

The Data Hasn’t Changed

AMC short squeeze data
AMC losses are only on paper

Why do I continue to hold? I could take my profits, forget this battle and invest in other long term plays. The reason is because the data has not changed.

This is how I know you will come profitable soon, except you probably won’t have to go through two dips like us seasoned apes did. This could perhaps be the last big dip before MOASS.

I mean who knows, maybe we do find a higher low down the road. But even then, you’ll find yourself in a similar position to us who have been holding since early this year. You’ll be profitable, but you’ll understand there’s a lot of potential.

AMC Short Interest %

Now, back to the data. Short interest by definition is considered to be extremely high at 20%. AMC’s short interest is currently at 18%. A high short interest is considered to be around 10%. This data tells you that AMC is a rare case. Apple’s short interest is 1%, just for comparison.

Utilization is in the high 90% and the shares on loan are above 100 million according to Ortex data.

But wait, there’s more. More than 60% of trading has occurred inside dark pools. This means that a lot of the buying pressure is not even reflected in AMC’s current share price! Dark pool usage has been increasing which means short sellers are running out of options. And it’s only a matter of time before they’re suspended from using these ATS’s (alternative trading systems).

How? Whether you believe the SEC will do something or not, change takes time. We didn’t have the attention of mainstream media nor of the SEC earlier this year, but we do now.

The point here is they now know, that we know. The spotlight is on them. Will they expose themselves as slaves of corruption? Or will they demonstrate to the world that they serve the people?

Will AMC Stock Go Back Up?

will amc stock go back up

Absolutely. AMC has found a new bottom in the $33 range. The last bottom was between $5-$9 and it consolidated at that price range for a few months before making a massive break.

AMC recently tested $37 again and touched $38. Once we break these levels and move to $40, the stock will see $45+ again. We know this through the Fibonacci retracement that presents technical analysts with the levels of resistance the stock went through.

This technical setup allows us to trace patterns whether AMC is trending downwards or upwards.

Well now we’ve tested $50+. Ladies and gentlemen, AMC wants to go up despite the shorting. AMC’s only intention is to go up.

AMC Movement Facts

  1. Apes own more than 80% of the float
  2. Retail investors continue to buy the dips
  3. Large institutions keep bulking up on the stock
  4. Shorts have not covered their positions
  5. Hedge funds are under intense scrutiny
  6. Short sellers continue to face difficult losses
  7. We’ve grabbed the attention of mainstream media
  8. Naked shorting and dark pools have been exposed
  9. The community is growing every day
  10. We’ve saved an entire movie industry

Give yourselves a round of applause. These facts are all going in the history books. No one can take away the ruckus the community has made.

Change is inevitable, the apes are inevitable, the biggest transfer of wealth in all human history is inevitable. This was meant to be and you were meant to be a part of it.

If you’re currently holding losses in AMC, welcome to possibly one of the biggest moments of your life. More than 4 million apes stand beside you.

The data says short sellers are overleveraged, whales continue to buy the stock, brokers are raising margin requirements, the SEC is getting involved. It is happening.

Apes, keep holding; we’re being processed.

What’s Up With Margin Calls?

AMC Margin Call

Why do you think historical amounts of cash are currently being pumped into our financial system? My guess is feds are getting ready to bail short sellers. They’re preparing for something massive.

We know that short sellers have been trading billions of synthetics and we also know that they have to cover those positions too. Hedge funds have been liquidating several positions in the markets and I can only assume they will need help from the government too.

These margin calls will be the biggest margin calls in history.

Final verdict


If you’re holding losses at the moment, do not worry. If you’re like me and you trust the data, you know that these losses are only temporary.

Amazing things are on their way to you, I know you can feel it too.

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Massive Disruption: Prepare For The MOASS

Massive Disruption: Prepare For The MOASS
MOASS Incoming

MOASS incoming. The feds are printing trillions of dollars, hedge funds have lost billions of dollars due to retail. People also seem to be worried about a possible recession.

And, the feds are now requiring major banks to hold roughly $1 trillion in high quality capital – enough to survive a severe recession and still be able to lend to households and businesses.

They crazy thing is only a few out of the 34 major banks hold more than $1 trillion in assets. How will this affect investors, and the common people?


Welcome to Franknez.com – today’s topic is rather grand. How prepared are you for a MOASS?

Lets get started!

There’s a lot going on here. I’m going to break major key points and give my overall thoughts and opinions on how everything ties together.

With so much money being lent out this means it’s all eventually going to have to be paid back sooner or later. Lets dive into the distribution of all this leverage and debt first with repos and how they work.

The Feds & Repos

The feds have been printing out a large sum of money to lend to banks, who also lend to financial institutions such as hedge funds. Well the feds have also been collecting billions in reverse repos from money going back into the repo market.

A repo market is essentially where a transaction between treasure securities and cash meet. In other words, they are short-term collateralized loans.

Money is continuously being printed and transacted back and forth through both repos and reverse repos. This loop is the reason why our dollar is becoming worthless every day.

Who Uses Repos?

Financial institutions such as banks and hedge funds both have access to this unlimited supply of leverage, or cash from the feds.

Repos are used as leverage to trade securities with the intention of profiting from the leveraged cash, and eventually paying the loan back.

While repos are primarily supposed to be used as a short term ‘collateral loan’, institutions take advantage of the loan to further leverage other positions in the market.

Hedge funds can use repo to increase their leverage, which magnifies both their potential gains and their potential losses. We know hedge funds have lost billions of dollars from shorting AMC and GME stock this year alone.

What Can Be Done About Excessive Repos?

The feds might be looking at ways to facilitate the amount to be borrowed by establishing a particular ceiling. However, I personally don’t think this is enough.

Some fundamental questions are yet to be resolved, including the rate at which firms (besides banks and primary dealers) would be eligible to participate.

How Much Leverage Do Hedge Funds Have From Repos?

In the figure below, we can see that 29% of asset managers (hedge funds) have direct access to repos from the feds. However, dealer who hold 41% and banks who hold another 20% can easily lend money to hedge funds with interest.

how much leverage do hedge funds have from repos

The problem here is that hedge funds are overleveraged and have too much power as a single entity. Hedge funds have been the root to economic downturns such as the Great Recession of 2008 and the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

In fact, it’s because of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) was born. It was meant to protect retail investors from fraud and illicit activity from hedge funds.

Unfortunately, the SEC has only proved to be a lobbied pawn from hedge funds; slapping them with fines that have no effect or real consequence to the injustice in the markets.

Hedge Funds Face Major Scrutiny

Market manipulation has been exposed by a growing community of retail investors originating from the sub Reddit known as r/wallstreetbets.

The community has since grown outside Reddit and established a variety of subcommunities on Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Groups, and other forums across the internet.

This community of retail investors known as ‘apes’ have sparked a movement worldwide to expose the corrupt tactics hedge funds use to short stock in the market and bankrupt companies.

Some of which include naked shorting and dark pool trading, which CNBC’s Melissa Lee publicly speaks out on.

The attention is now on hedge funds. Both Republicans and Democrats agree strict laws should be imposed on Citadel Securities after the Archegos incident earlier this year.

And it looks like their lifeline is about to be cut off.

Large Banks To Hold $1 Trillion In Capital

Effective October 1st, thirty-four of the largest banks will be required to hold roughly $1 trillion in high-quality capital.

The banks are:

  1. Ally Financial Inc.
  2. American Express Corporation
  3. Bank of America
  4. The Bank of New York
  5. Barclays
  6. BMO Financial Group
  7. BNP Paribas USA
  8. Capital One
  9. CitiGroup
  10. Citizens Financial Group
  11. Credit Suisse
  12. DB USA Corporations
  13. Discover
  14. DWS USA Corporations
  15. Fifth Third Bancorp
  16. Goldman Sachs
  17. HSBC
  18. Huntington Bancshares
  19. JP Morgan Chase & Co
  20. KeyCorp
  21. M&T Bank
  22. Morgan Stanley
  23. MUFG Americas
  24. Northern Trust Corporation
  25. The PNC Financial Services
  26. RBC US Group Holdings
  27. Regions Financial Corporation
  28. Santander Holdings
  29. State Street Corporation
  30. TD Group US Holdings
  31. Truist Financial Corporation
  32. UBS Americas
  33. U.S Bancorp
  34. Wells Fargo & Company

Out of these 34 companies, only JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and CitiGroup hold more than $1 trillion in assets.

In this list of the top 15 banks by assets, you can see just how far from $1 trillion a lot of these banks are. And this is just half of them from the feds list!

top 15 largest banks by assets
Top 15 largest banks by assets

With so many banks far off from reaching $1 trillion in assets, they’ll have to find the collateral from other means.

In my personal opinion, liquidation in the markets.

What Causes A Stock Market Crash?

A stock market crash is caused by those who bought stock on margin, lost value in their investments, and owe money to the entities that granted them those loans, according to Britannica.

A stock market crash is usually the cause of ‘panic selling’ or heavy liquidation in the stock market. With so many institutions owing other institutions money back, we’re going to see massive liquidation occur during the biggest margin call in history.

Hedge funds and short sellers now have higher margin requirements, and it looks like the feds just applied their own requirements to the biggest banks in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be the biggest opportunity of your life if you’re holding shorted stock, especially if they have a negative beta. Heavily shorted stocks with negative beta include both AMC and GME stock.

How Does A Stock Market Crash Affect The Average Person?

Unfortunately, the average person could lose their pension during a stock market crash and also find it difficult to obtain loans and mortgages. And if you own stock, your portfolio will suffer significant losses.

What Happens To AMC And GME If The Stock Market Crashes?

Stocks with negative beta tend to act the complete opposite during a stock market crash. AMC and GME holders will experience the MOASS as short sellers and institutions begin to cover their overleveraged positions.

But if you hold other common stock, keep in mind its value will drop. If you’re long, this could be seen as a great buying opportunity to add to your stock portfolio.

Other heavily shorted stocks with high short interest should also see a major increase in share price as hedge funds begin to pay their dues.

If the stock market crashes, it will be one of the biggest blessings for both AMC and GME shareholders as institutions will have to pay back every share they borrowed to short both these stocks.

Community, our time is coming. Banks have until October 1st to come up with the capital to fund their requirements. Expect liquidations left and right. Both the stock and crypto markets will be tanking.

And although AMC and GME are currently making upward moves, don’t be surprised if they fall back down one last time before shorts are inevitably squeezed from their short positions.

The MOASS we’ve all been waiting for is on the horizon. Get excited.



Before you leave, I want to say that I appreciate every single one of you who’s read FrankNez since the inception of this amazing community. It’s been a long and powerful journey to say the least.

I’m excited to see what the next chapters hold with you. Keep paying the knowledge forward 🤝.

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The Latest AMC Stock News For The Ape Community

AMC Stock News
AMC Stock News & Updates

Community, today I want to discuss some AMC stock news and updates. If you’re following me on Twitter, then you’ve seen me post this article a few times.

Bookmark this blog post because I’m going to be updating this article every time new AMC stock news is released! If you’re subscribed to the blog’s newsletter then you will be receiving an email notification or email from me once this article has been updated.

franknez.com AMC stock news

Welcome to Franknez.com – I want to give more to the community. So, here’s the latest AMC stock news for you.

Now, this particular piece you’re about to read is from one of my moderators on the Discord, AMC with FrankNez. I’ll leave the link to the group at the end of the article. Enjoy!

Written by: Erin Scott 

APES! Huge news on the horizon for AMC. 

If you’ve been in Frank’s AMC discord, you likely have seen me in there posting memes, or cracking wise, as I am the resident memelord and comedic relief in the server. 

I have been doing some of my own DD, as you should too! Never take anyone’s word for it. Look for yourself apes, all the information is out there if you look hard enough, and boy howdy let me tell you.

I’ve found a few tasty breadcrumbs that could potentially be a trail leading to some major catalysts for an AMC runup. Now bear in mind, folks. I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. I am just a smoothbrained crayon eating ape investor who is hyped as all get-out and have a very strong bullish sentiment about the next few days in AMC.

As Frank says, let’s get started! 

Adam Aron announces AMC theaters will be launching its first ever $25+ million NATIONAL ad campaign with starlet Nicole Kidman! Apes, this is huge! Adam is joining us to remind people that the theater experience is a time honored tradition in our country, that won’t be driven away by greedy hedge funds! 

Aron has also been talking with Melissa Lee about never-been-done plans for AMC! Apes, could this be the AMC/GME team up that’s been speculated since AA confirmed he has reached out to GME’s Ryan Cohen??

As of the time of this writing, Melissa Lee hasn’t aired with the story yet, but I am sure Frank will update this article accordingly. Fam, imagine our favorite stocks joining with our community and taking the fight BACK to the shorts who would seek to rob us of our favorite entertainment!?

Furthermore, when doing a little digging, I came across this juicy choice chicken nugget dipped in spicy affirmation sauce! Confirmation of a SEC Investigation on shorted stocks baby! Right in section 5 of GME’s 10Q earning report filed with the SEC itself written in plain English on GameStop’s investor website. 

Click the link to view.

And lastly, we have been bullish for days apes! We have a solid 45° uptrend, and a signal like this chums the waters for those big institutional investors! Something huge is coming our way apes, strap in and hang on, because I have a feeling we are about to take a ride to the next level! 

I will keep this short and sweet but if you enjoyed this article, stop by in Frank’s discord and say hello! I’d love to hear from my fellow apes! STONKY KONG, OUT!

Written by: Erin Scott 

NSCC-005 Raises Margin Requirements (9/3)

The DTCC just released a filing approving the NSCC’s proposal to increase the minimum required fund deposit (margin requirements) for short sellers.

Short sellers were required to keep a minimum balance of $10,000 in their margin accounts until now. As of September 3rd, 2021, these accounts are require to keep a whopping $250,000 by law.

NSCC 2021 010 Effective on September 3rd

“On the morning of the effective date, members with a fund deposit below $250,000 will incur a deficit, that will require funding by 10AM EST”.

How Does This Affect AMC?

This doesn’t just affect AMC, this affects the entire market. Plays that are currently heavily shorted such as GME, SPRT, and BBIG for example, will all be affected.

Short sellers are getting a 2500% margin increase as of September 3rd, 2021. Community, this is massive. If short sellers cannot meet this requirement then their positions will be liquidated.

Your favorite stocks are about to start moving up through a series of gamma squeezes. These gamma squeezes could cause hedge funds to close out their positions resulting in multiple short squeezes from multiple heavily shorted stocks.

These series of gamma squeezes must not be confused with a short squeeze for any particular stock. These margin requirements will first eliminate the smaller short sellers.

Holding will be crucial if we are to squeeze the bigger short sellers from their positions. Massive things are right around the corner!

AMC Theatres On Demand

Whip Media just announced that AMC would be using their services for AMC Theatres On Demand.

AMC Theatres On Demand would offer more than 5,000 movies from every major studio and indie film distributors, available for purchase or rent.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with AMC to power AMC Theatres on Demand for their millions of customers and provide an infrastructure that is efficient and scalable”, said Carol Hanley, president of Whip Media.

Keyword ‘Scalable’

Amazing news for AMC Entertainment indeed. This type of bullish news should push AMC stock further up since fundamentalists are still looking at AMC fundamentals.

The ape community understands that fundamentals are out the window when it comes to a short squeeze play. However, every step along the way counts.

Any business that goes online now goes from limitations to unlimited possibilities. While AMC Entertainment earns money the traditional way, through ticket sales and concession stands, they will now have the ability to earn revenue at scale through their online services.

AMC going online can easily raise its value to a 3-figure stock alone. It no longer depends on old traditional business methods. AMC has now configured a hybrid business model that will generate revenue even while movie theaters are closed after business hours.

This is certainly exciting news.

AMC Breaks Through $40

What an amazing day for the ape and retail community. AMC finally broke the $30 level of resistance and flew past $40.

AMC stock volume traded at a whopping 221 million! The average volume is approximately 169 million. Today’s momentum pushed through short sellers like a mob trampling shoppers at a black Friday sale.

AMC closed today (8.24) in the mid $40s. My August prediction came true, $30 share price levels are now a thing of the past.

August was the time to bulk up before momentum started taking over again. I predicted that these coming days would consist of AMC having an open runway of which we saw happen today (8.24).

Short Sellers Lose $800 Million

According to Ortex, short sellers amounted a whopping $800 million loss as AMC stock spiked up more than 20%. Short sellers betting against the stock can expect this pattern to occur in the coming days to weeks as AMC surges.

The opportunity to close positions in the $30 range are long gone. This is what happens when greed overpowers reasoning.

This last week in August could be pivotal. If shorts do not close their positions now, they will continue to suffer immense losses.

The BIGGEST Catalyst To A Short Squeeze

You know what the biggest catalyst to an AMC short squeeze is? It’s you. That’s right. You reading this.

The ape community is the biggest catalyst to this short squeeze trade. As long as retail investors continue to hold the stock, a short squeeze is inevitable.

Now, while we cannot control what whales (institutions) do, we can certainly control what we do. And that’s all that really matters during this play. Especially given the fact that retail investors own more than 80% of the free float.

Today we saw sells of up to $2.2M, and it barely affected the share price. This shows you just how strong we are as a community.

Citadel Pulls Money Out From Melvin Capital

This weekend (8.22) we learned that Citadel pulled out an incredible $500 million from the hedge fund Melvin Capital. Citadel had an initial investment of $2 billion dollars in Melvin Capital according to sources.

That’s 1/4 of their investment in the hedge fund. Citadel and partners plan to withdraw the money at the end of the third quarter. They made the investment in late January during the time Melvin Capital’s short positions were under attack by the heroes who saved both AMC Entertainment and GameStop.

The ape community saved two major companies in American history and are on a mission to squeeze shorts from their positions. Will Melvin Capital end up closing their doors? It’s certainly possible, especially if the hedge fund continues to lose money.

What Does This Mean?

We’re beginning to see that hedge funds short on AMC and GME stock are now resulting to desperate measures. They are scrapping money from their own pockets now.

See, retail investors liquidate their positions in other stocks to buy more AMC, to buy more GME stock. Ultimately to make more money right?

Hedge funds on the other hand are liquidating their stocks, and pulling their investments out from other institutions because they’re running out of money. They’re required to keep money above margin requirements.

Charles Schwab, a whale invested in both AMC and GME stock, has raised margin requirements for short sellers driving these stocks down. Failing to do so will result in intraday margin calls.

Melvin Capital Enters Deeper Waters

Unfortunately for Melvin Capital, Citadel just left another hole in their sinking ship by pulling out a quarter billion dollars from the hedge fund. Melvin is already down about 43% this year with about $11 billion in assets remaining.

The retail community continues to buy and hold both AMC and GME stock. AMC stock is setup for another technical break above $40 which will only cause short sellers to trend negative on paper.

Hedge funds cannot afford to lose their clients investments this long. It’s been 8 months of nonstop losses for short sellers all year. Clients will be pulling money out.

It seems retail investors will not only be forcing short sellers to close their positions, but will also take down the hedge funds who planned to bankrupt America’s favorite companies.

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If you enjoyed this short piece be sure to subscribe for more updates. I will be revising this piece as new AMC stock news comes up for the community.

Anything that has to do with our community winning against short sellers will be posted here. A lot is going on and has been going on.

Get excited for the next part of this journey.

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Every AMC Ape Will Be Profitable In September

Every AMC Ape Will Be Profitable In September

Apes were chatting about their gains on paper on my Discord this evening. Brandi mentioned she was finally seeing her account transition from red to green. It’s these type of discussions that really get me fired up.

Knowing my community is profitable motivates me to keep doing what I love doing. And that’s writing great content for you.


Welcome to Franknez.com – if your AMC account is still red, I’m here to tell you profits are on their way to you right now.

Lets get started!

Now, anybody who got in on AMC stock prior to today’s share price level is profitable. You might have gotten in at $30, $15, or even at $5 when I first started blogging about this massive opportunity.

If you remember me blogging about AMC since early February leave me a comment below! I’m curious to know how many OG apes are still reading FrankNez.

However, newer apes are either on the brink of being profitable or have yet to break even. If that’s you, don’t worry. I was there myself.

History Is About To Repeat Itself

You might have heard somewhere that September is starting to feel a little like May. And that’s because we’re starting to see a trend here. Before AMC moved up in June, it had a long period of consolidation. Once it broke that consolidation, it began trending upwards before making the incredible climb past $70 per share.

Well apes, we just broke the $30 level of consolidation late August and are on track to break $50 per share once we retest $48 again. The reason why $48 is so important is because AMC has tested this level three times already.

This bullish indicator has shown us that once it tests a level its fourth time, it tends to break in a momentum run.

This is where whales, known as institutions, begin to buy again. New retail investors are going to jump in on the stock and shorts are going to lose a ton of money.

Short sellers were able to withstand the first round, but will they be able to handle phase two?

We’ve Come Back With A Bigger Ape Army

Did you notice the massive drops in the crypto markets? Seems like someone is liquidating profits for something big that’s about to take place.

Remember, Charles Schwab raised margin requirements for short sellers shorting both AMC and GameStop. On top of this, the NSCC has raised margin minimums from $10,000 to $250,000.

This means short sellers are under some serious heat. But guess what community? We’ve come back with a bigger ape army than the first time. The knowledge spread, and so did the conviction towards this short squeeze play.

Apes aren’t going anywhere until shorts have covered their positions. And you know what? We’ll still be here even then.

I know some of you cannot wait until you’re able to retire from this short squeeze play. But I’m not retiring. I will continue to be here for you even after we’ve mooned.

How Soon Will All AMC Apes Be Profitable?

A good number of you have actually just transitioned to being profitable. If that’s you please leave a comment below letting other apes know!

Although I do not know at what level you will be profitable, I do know that AMC is about to break $50 per share relatively soon due to chart patterns.

Breaking this level is going to kickstart another runup past $70 and beyond, fundamentally. And you know what this means right?

As long as apes continue to hodl, this price movement could ignite the rocket we’ve all been patiently strapped to. There’s absolutely no way smaller short sellers will be able to afford holding their positions a second wave.

Their accounts could even potentially get liquidated as the stock becomes harder to borrow. For hedge funds, this could mean the short borrow fee rate goes up, resulting in greater losses.

In summary, shorts drown in debt and losses while the ape community profits ‘x’ times over . September is proving to be a great month indeed.

Should You Buy AMC Stock Now?

should you buy amc stock now?

If you’re looking to add to your position, now could be a great time to do so before we break $50 and really begin to move forward.

We may consolidate in the high $40s a little longer before retesting $48 for the fourth time, we may not. Just as I was certain about breaking $30 last month, I’m certain we will be seeing $50+ very soon though.

I will continue to update the community as we progress so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter or follow me on social media. I will be leaving those links below.

Are you profitable right now?

And lastly, the community would love to know. Are you profitable? What do your gains look like on paper? Leave a comment below. At the time of this publication I’m up more than $36k and hodling STRONG.

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Should You Pull Out Your Initial Investment In AMC?

AMC investment
AMC Investment

A tough question most won’t answer. I care about my readers though, and I’m always going to be 100 with you. A lot of you are up a lot of money in AMC stock. New retail investors will have their big break very soon.

However, if retail investors are to experience a short squeeze they’ll have to hold. When does it make sense to pull out your initial investment in AMC? And, is it worth it?


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I want to discuss with the community something that might have crossed your mind before.

Lets get started!

AMC stock is up more than 1500% year-to-date. Retail investors who got in on the stock as of early this year are up significant gains. AMC Entertainment was up 3000% back in June. Most of us had never seen that much money in our lives.

New retail investors got in during these highs before short sellers doubled down their positions and shorted the stock back down. Yes some people sold but only a very small fraction of them.

AMC Finds A New Bottom

AMC stock has found a new solid bottom in the $33 range. This means the stock is set up for higher highs than its previous climb where $5 was the bottom.

Remember how we held AMC stock at $5 for quite some time before making its way up to $14? I strongly believe this is what we’re looking at right now with this new bottom.

AMC stock climbed to $20 before coming back down to $5. It climbed past $70 and has found a higher level of resistance around $30. The crazy thing is short sellers have yet to cover their positions!

They had the opportunity at $5, they have it $30, and they’ll have it well above the hundred(s) dollar range. So, if you’re a new retail investor who is negative on paper, I personally wouldn’t worry. The stock and the community aren’t going anywhere.

Not even after we squeeze shorts out of their positions.

Short Interest Keeps Increasing

AMC’s current short interest is around 19%, utilization is at 92.56%, and the shares on loan are at a whopping 111.67 million (via. Ortex)!

There are currently 550,000 shares available to borrow via. Fintel and we’re seeing the short borrow fee is going up again meaning short sellers are losing more money than they were last month.

AMC Entertainment continues to be the #1 play in the stock market. AMC’s beta is close to negative 4 meaning when the stock market crashes, AMC along with GME will do the complete opposite. They’ll shoot up.

Negative beta is rare and we know this play is rare. We’re not f#%!* leaving!

Should I Take My Initial Investment Out In AMC?

There are a few factors that play into this strategy. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself first.

  1. Do I need the money? (Emergency, family, etc.)
  2. Can I leverage this money? (Reinvest for more stock, other plays, etc.)
  3. Have I made enough to where it will not affect my position?

You Should Not Be Suffering

Does your family need the money this very moment? If so, then take care of your family’s needs first. If you don’t end up using the entirety of that initial investment then you can always average down by buying the stock at the current asking price.

Leveraging Your Money

This is going to be harder now since AMC has found a new bottom. This would make sense if you sold stock high to buying more low. If you did this then you now have more shares then when you first began this journey.

Here’s why this doesn’t bother me.

  1. You’re learning the market, you strategized and are now in a better position than you were.

Money is a tool and you leveraged it to multiply your shares. You wouldn’t have done this if you don’t plan on continuing to diamond hand this trade until shorts are squeezed out of their positions.

To the very few who were able to strategize this, kudos to you.

Does It Even Make Sense At This Point?

Those of you who are up significant amount of money, does it even make sense to pull out your initial investment?

In my personal opinion, I don’t think so. This new floor is allowing us to add to our position, not to take away from it. It made sense to do this up at $70 per share but it doesn’t anymore.

Selling stock, or claiming your initial investment now could tarnish this new and beautiful level of resistance. Now is the perfect time to add.

How About As The Stock Goes Up?

As the stock goes up, we’re going to want to let it ride up naturally like it did last time. Selling as the stock goes up is going to affect the momentum, we wouldn’t want to do that.

Instead, we can look at the pattern and see whether the stock reaches a pinnacle before ultimately finding a higher level of resistance again like we saw from $5 to $30.

And again, this is only if you would really need some form of cash at hand for your family during this point, or whether you plan on buying more shares, provided that the stock goes down.

In this narrative, shorts would have not covered their positions either. Once shorts cover their positions it’s a whole other ballgame. This is where you want to hold the stock and not try to sell some to buy more because ultimately you wouldn’t be able to buy more as the stock surges.

Don’t Scalp AMC Stock

If you must take your initial in AMC out do not scalp it. Instead, let your gains do all the work with peace of mind that a short squeeze is inevitable.

Scalping AMC is like shorting AMC. Taking profits during spikes for short term gains aren’t going to play in your favor, especially if you’re in it for a short squeeze.

Read: AMC stock August prediction: Short squeeze update

If You Don’t Need It, Leave It Alone


This is your safest bet towards trading a short squeeze play. The commonality in the community is we all want to trigger a short squeeze.

We all know this cannot happen if we all sell, right? In the end, diamond hands will bear the sweetest fruit and those who continue adding to their positions are essentially multiplying that fruit.

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3 Ways Retail Investors Can Fight Back Market Manipulation

wallstreetbets reddit amc gamestop retail investors

New retail investors might not be too familiar with handling market manipulation. Investors buying and holding momentum stocks on the other hand, know just what to do.

If you’ve recently purchased AMC or GME stock you might have noticed there’s a financial war between retail investors and short sellers. It’s all psychological warfare at this point. And retail is winning.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where you can digest content on personal finance and trending investing news and topics.

Lets get started!

I began purchasing shares of AMC stock back in early February when most of us thought the short squeeze was going to be quick. Little did we know that our investing community would face immense pushback from hedge funds and short sellers alike.

Yahoo Finance, InvestorPlace, and MarketWatch were attacking the community and the data at hand. That’s when I decided to step in and publish the data that mainstream media was trying to hide.

In other words, I had to stop the bullying that was taking place. Today, I fight these shill platforms for the community. Here’s how we can fight back market manipulation together.

#1. Defend The Data

Ortex has revealed to technical analysts the data behind an AMC and GameStop short squeeze setup. The short interest is high, utilization is almost at 100%, and the shares on loan are a whopping 100+ million!

These numbers have remained high all year. The data has not changed. If AMC and GameStop were dead, you’d see these number collapse throughout the year. However, short sellers keep borrowing stock to drive the price down.

This means shorts have not been squeezed from their positions.

Dark Pools And Naked Shorting Are Very Real

The AMC community has made enough noise to get the message heard. Hedge funds are overleveraged. CNBC, FOX Business, and the SEC have finally gone public about these very real problems in the market.

From stuttering anchors to $1 dollar ‘expert analysts’, opposing forces have difficulty taking the ‘L’. The democratic party is even getting together to broaden consequences for hedge funds in the market.

Proposal NSCC-2021-021 will also take effect end of August to protect retail investors from naked shorting and failure-to-delivers.

So, what can retail investors do? Remember, present, and protect the data when FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) challenges you. Be patient with new retail investors as they do not have all the data at hand. Which brings me to the second point.

#2. Forward The Data

If you’re invested in AMC or GME stock, it’s more than likely because someone forwarded you some sort of data, correct? Someone said, “you have to look at this!”.

While the ultimate play here is a short squeeze, some new retail investors do not understand why there is pushback. They don’t understand why AMC stock or GME stock is being driven down despite the volume and bullish sentiment.

As a community, we should be helping one another out. Share a tweet of important data, an updated article, a YouTube video, just share something that’s going to armor up the community.

You Are The Change

If you’re a seasoned ape in the momentum stock community, tell me I’m wrong. You got someone to invest in AMC stock and now they’re up significant amount of money on paper. They’ve more than likely never had that much money in their lives.

I know this first hand because I have family who are in the same shoes. They’re holding for MOASS (mother of all short squeezes), although they can simply take several tens of thousands in profit at the moment.

When you share a piece of content with valuable information, you can change the life of another person. That’s what Trey did for most of us. He showed us technical information and we were prepared to make change happen in our own lives.

Now it’s time for us to continue sharing the data until we squeeze shorts out of their positions. Because after this play, there’s going to be several other plays.

#3. Remain Positive And Be Patient

Detach your emotions from the stock when it is being heavily shorted, but celebrate the small wins. You will not attract abundance into your life if you have a worried mindset.

Negativity will attract negativity and you will lose this trade. Remain positive and give thanks for the opportunity at hand. Your patience will be a test. How bad do you want it? Do you want it bad enough to hodl longer? To hodl through the uncovering of the manipulation?

Nothing great ever comes easy. If it did, seasoned apes would be rich already and new retail investors would have never gotten the chance to get in. Everything that is happening right now is part of the process and has to happen exactly this way.

The questions is, will you let negativity rid you of the possibilities? Or will a positive mind space contribute to the successful trade you’re about to make?

Setbacks Are Part of Life


Don’t focus on the things that are out of your control but rather on the things that are in your control. Give regulation the benefit of the doubt, it won’t hurt you. These news either help retail investors or they are neutral.

But share the news instead of dismissing it. By dismissing it, you dismiss your probability of attracting this trade. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, focus on everything that can go right.

Share this with an ape that needs to hear it.

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AMC Entertainment To Accept Bitcoin As Online Payment

AMC Entertainment Bitcoin News
AMC Earnings Call – Bitcoin + News

Not investing in Bitcoin yet? Bookmark this page to learn how you can start

Adam Aron, CEO and Chairman of AMC Entertainment announced during the Q2 earnings conference call that AMC theaters would be accepting Bitcoin as online payment for movie tickets by the end of 2021.

Adam said he had been doing deep research in blockchain technology to set up systems to make this happen. The CEO is well aware that its shareholders are big on crypto and wants to further provide value to the community.

In addition, AMC Entertainment will also begin to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. The chains’ focus at the moment is on providing convenience on top of convenience.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I want to talk about what this incredible announcement will mean for AMC Entertainment, the stock, and shareholders alike.

Lets get started!

There is so much to talk about here. The Q2 earnings conference call went amazing. AMC shareholders should be just as excited as I am. Cheers to continuous growth.

Adam Aron Shuts Down Naysayers

During the Q2 earning’s call, Adam Aron confidently shut down naysayers doubting AMC’s capabilities and projected growth. The chain is doubling sales through rising attendance and an increased ticket and food sales.

“In short, AMC crushed it in Q2” – Adam Aron.

If you listened to both Q1 and Q2 conference call, then you know just how confident, mature, and innovative AMC projected itself to be this time around.

Rich Greenfield must be planning another way to strike back at the company, that is unless he’s been found with his foot in his mouth.

AMC and GameStop Partnership Teaser

AMC GameStop partnership
AMC GameStop Partnership

Adam Aron left shareholders in awe after teasing about a possible partnership with GameStop for an ultimate gaming experience in AMC theaters.

He did not say much but did confirm that they are currently discussing innovation to deliver the ultimate move and gaming experience to both their shareholders and guests.

If we’re talking company fundamentals, talks of partnerships and innovation should reflect in both AMC and GME stock in the days to come. I will keep an eye out for more information as more updates unfold.

Warner Bros. Provides Exclusive Window To AMC Entertainment

AMC Warner Bros
AMC Warner Bros News

Warner Brothers and AMC Entertainment just came to an agreement of a 45 day window on new releases. Warner Bros. will not be releasing new films to Disney or other streaming platforms with a 45 day period of its premier.

What a jab to forces claiming AMC Entertainment would lose to online streaming. Streaming services will now be denied access to release new titles as soon as they are released.

Congratulations to AMC Entertainment and CEO Adam Aron on this massive move. As an AMC shareholder it makes me real happy to see this company succeed.

AMC Entertainment Is Working On Bringing Sports To The Big Screen

The AMC UFC showings were a massive success. Showings sold out quick and AMC Entertainment now wants to bring more to the big screen!

“My bet is that we will see more partnerships like this in the near future as venues seek to diversify their offerings and leagues look for increasingly innovative ways to engage fans”, via. Front Office Sports.

AMC UFC Showing

Adam Aron announced during the Q2 earnings conference call that the company is working on sealing contracts with the sports industry to screen several type of sport events.

These news has sports fans enthusiastic about new experiences for moviegoers. It’s this type of innovation that will put AMC Entertainment in the eyes of traditional investors who aren’t part of the ape community.

In addition, the CEO is also looking to reserve the rights to showcase more musical events such as that of Chance The Rapper’s ‘Magnificent Coloring World’. Music lovers will get a chance to experience grand shows and performances from the big screen very soon.

‘HODL’, Did You Catch It?

If you didn’t catch this bit during the conference it’s okay. It was very subtle but nonetheless massive news for retail investors.

Adam Aron confirmed him and executives would be ‘holding’ the stock. This means executives cannot sell their shares as AMC’s stock price begins to climb, preventing momentum.

Executives are required to hold their shares under contract for a certain amount of years before they can sell and cash in. For the ape community this means we’re in the clear from the company’s side that is.

So although we don’t have control of what other institutions do as the stock begins to surge again, we know Adam Aron and his team upstairs will not be selling.

A Bright Future Ahead

AMC ended the June 30, 2021 quarter with more than $2 billion of liquidity. This is double the highest quarter ending liquidity level AMC Entertainment has ever had in its 101 year history.

The chain plans to reinvest into the company to enhance the guest experience while increasing it’s revenue through new partnerships in show business.

So, what does this mean for AMC shareholders? Nothing but great news. I expect the buzz will bring in traditional investors for the long haul. AMC stock is the number 1 stock in the market right now and the community only keeps getting stronger.

Share these news with an ape in the community.


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AMC Stock August Prediction: Short Squeeze Update

AMC stock prediction
Could AMC squeeze in August? AMC stock prediction

AMC stock has found a new floor in the $30 price range. AMC’s previous floor was $5 before multiplying 14 times up to $70. Will AMC repeat this pattern? This would put AMC Entertainment stock roughly around $420 per share. And that’s without a short squeeze.

A lot of regulation is also being put into place. While the community might be taking this information with a grain of salt, we must ensure government bodies do their job. August 23rd is an important date.

franknez.com amc prediction

Welcome to Franknez.com – today I want to discuss AMC stock and August predictions based on the data at hand.

Lets get started!

If you’re not following me on Twitter yet go do that right now so you can be updated when I share a new article with the community. I also want to give a special thanks to apes sharing FrankNez content on Discords, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms and forums. You know who you are.

AMC Community Fights For Justice

The AMC community has been fighting for justice since the beginning of this year when short sellers began to manipulate AMC’s stock price. The use of naked shorting has been exposed publicly thanks to the community.

Personalities such as Charles V. Payne (FOX) and Melissa Lee (CNBC) have been strong voices outside the community regarding the use of synthetic shares to drive the stock price down.

Melissa Lee recently came out about the SEC finally looking into dark pools. She shared an interview with SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, regarding this manipulation.

While it might sometimes feel like we’re going around in circles, take the time to zoom out and realize change is actually happening right now. There was a point where no one was listening to us. So, if you’re new to the community, consider yourselves fortunate! We already paved the wave.

New Apes, Are You Negative In AMC?

If you’re a new ape who got in this movement as the stock was climbing, you’ve collected unrealized losses. However, this is just on paper.

You haven’t lost anything unless you cashed in your losses. Seasoned apes in the community faced the same reality many months ago so you’re not alone.

When AMC jumped to $20 back in January, majority of us got in as the stock was coming back down thinking it would go up. I purchased my first shares at $14 only for the stock price to plunge down to $5. I was negative $9k! So, you’re not alone, we’ve all been there.

Yeah some people sold, but those who held are now up thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. But we still hold. And you already know why. Shorts have not covered their positions which means you will be profiting very soon as well.

AMC stock seems to have reached a new bottom which is great for any retail investor looking to increase their position before we begin seeing higher highs and higher lows again.

When the stock originally came back down to $5, the community to advantage of the stock’s price. It was the perfect opportunity to increase our number of shares. The same scenario is taking place at the moment.

It’s The Number Of Shares That Counts, Not The Price

I’ve taken note that some apes in the community are waiting for AMC’s stock price to go lower so they can add to their positions. While adding to your position at a low share price plays heavily in your favor, it’s the number of shares that ultimately matters.

I had purchased 16 additional shares of AMC stock last week and one of my brothers had commented saying ‘too bad it’s only 16 shares’. To which my response was, those 16 shares at $1,000 per piece is already $16k. A $500 investment may easily convert to $16k during a squeeze (example).

If you’re a Patron or Discord member you saw I purchased an additional 29 shares today. By the way, if you’re interested in what other plays I’m buying, I update my portfolio on Patreon every month.

So, if you’re waiting for AMC to go lower so you can buy more shares, you’re going to miss this discount. AMC is demonstrating strong levels of support in the $33 range.

Breaking Level of Resistance

Trey’s Trades has predicted AMC would either drop down to a level of resistance in the $25 range, or take on a more bullish approach. We didn’t see this drop which means the technical data now points towards sustained levels of consolidation.

AMC Stock prediction – breaking level of resistance

What some apes in the community do not understand is that barcoding, or consolidation, is actually healthier than continuous declines. We could very well see AMC stock break new levels of resistance and consolidate in an upwards trend all month leading to the short squeeze.

This goes back to when we barcoded at $5. The stock eventually pushed all the way to $70. Could we see this type of multiplier in August? Absolutely.

AMC has the community to see this type of price action come to fruition. We’ve uncovered that although fundamentals may have influenced a stock price before, it’s truly based on the narrative of the shareholder and its community behind the company that drives the price.

NSCC-2021-010 Filing Confirmed, August 23rd

Proposal NSCC-2021-010 essentially prohibits the use of naked shorting and FTDs in the market. In this letter, FINRA confirms to rule this filing on August 23rd, page 3.

This leaves AMC with 6 trading days for the month of August with runway to follow its natural course up, without manipulation from short sellers.

Shorts have the option to cover their positions before another momentum upswing, or face bigger losses than AMC’s first runup. Hedge funds lost billions of dollars during the climb to $70.

AMC stock will continue to reach higher highs and higher lows, raising new bottoms as long as retail investors continue to buy and hold the stock.

Short sellers had the opportunity to close their positions at $5 and missed it. They now have the opportunity to close at $33 which means we could very well see AMC squeeze in August.

If they prolong the inevitable, AMC’s new bottom could very well be in the $200 range, given that chart patterns repeat themselves. I got to this number by multiplying AMC’s new bottom of $33 by 6. The common denominator from the stock’s previous floor.

What If Hedge Funds Don’t Close Their Positions In August?

If hedge funds don’t close their positions in August then regulations will get tighter on their practices. Margin requirements will continue to increase for short sellers shorting both AMC and GME stock.

Charles Schwab is a massive AMC shareholder and is in the ‘Top 10 Owners of AMC Entertainment Hodlings Inc’. They’ve been increasing their position in AMC all year. They are reported to hold a whopping 3.5 million shares in AMC stock.

Top 10 owners of AMC stock
AMC stock prediction – Institutional buyers will keep buying more at this price

Charles Schwab, like retail investors, wants to make money from this play. We could very well see the broker raise margin requirements or even liquidate positions without notice.

Big institutions such as Vanguard and BlackRock also continue to increase their positions. AMC entertainment stock is not a dead freaking cat. Institutions have noticed this once in a lifetime opportunity too.

They’re buying and holding the stock; waiting.

House Democrats Demand Tougher Rules

If you have not seen this yet, there’s a push by Democrats to broaden consequences for hedge funds.

“Lawmakers are considering imposing federal oversight on large family offices like Archegos and banning the controversial practice of market makers such as Citadel Securities paying Robinhood Market and other brokerages to execute investors’ trades, a confidential note recently sent to Democratic members of the panel shows”.

So even if short sellers don’t close their positions in AMC stock, outside forces are working together to prevent hedge funds from having too much power. This will play in the retail investors favor and give the stock runway to continue going up.

AMC Prediction For August

AMC stock will break the $33 level of resistance and channel an upwards trend leading to September if it does not squeeze this month. August could very well be the month when AMC squeezes.

My brothers and I have been adding to our portfolios just to play it safe. If this is the last time we will see AMC at these levels then we’re certainly going to take advantage of the price.

And while shorts keep increasing their short positions, it’s only a matter of time before they get halted from doing so, and are restricted the power to continue overleveraging their positions.

What I can tell you though is hedge funds are about to face the biggest margin call in history. Whether it’s in August or not.

What does your intuition tell you?


Let me know in the comment section below what your intuition tells you. You have the data at hand, you’ve researched just about everything there is to know about AMC stock. Do you think AMC will squeeze this month? What’s your AMC stock prediction?

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Handling The Emotional Ride of AMC

AMC emotional ride
AMC emotional ride

Written by Grant Medford

There are things in life that involve a significant amount of emotional energy. Here are a couple of things that come to mind:

  • Buying a car – Haggling prices is exhausting. Car dealers know the ins and outs of the car buying experience. They use this knowledge to sell those cars at top dollar pricing. The back and forth negotiating can leave the car buyer frustrated, and force them to settle.
  • Telling my kids “no” – Teenagers have a lot of ammunition to use when trying to get their way. They will work hard to wear you down and even pit parents against each other.

Sounds a bit like being an AMC stockholder.

With the emotional warfare we face every single day, it’s easy to trade in those diamond hands for paper ones. It’s easy to get worn down by the pitting of apes against apes. That’s what hedge funds are banking on. So, how do we maintain a brave face and firm resolve when hodling week after week?

The key is having a strategic plan for the weekend.

When the bell rings on Monday morning, the difference between a true ape and those who are clinging onto their shares with a pinky finger are the apes who have taken care of their emotional selves over the weekend. Here are six things you can do to maximize your weekend for stronger resolve on Mondays. 

Rules for the Weekend

1. Manage social media

Social Media AMC

Reddit, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, news clips, articles. These are the fields of great information and quality DD. But, for every post, there will be a crowd of naysayers, meme creators and those playing devil’s advocate. Things can go south in a hurry.  

At some point, the noise of public opinion can be deafening. Managing your intake of voices has to be prioritized. While a good chain of gorilla memes can be quite entertaining, they can also be a rabbit hole that consumes way too much time.

The temptation to respond to the FUD can also drag you into hours of social media content. Limit your time online and stick to the basics of your best practices in researching.

2. Spend time outdoors


If you’re like me, you’ve been gobbling up as much information as you can throughout the week. This equates to massive amounts of screen time. Logging too much time on the devices can bring about tight shoulders, headaches, sore eyes and all kinds of back issues.

Take it outside!

Go on walks around the neighborhood. Take in some nature. Accomplish a project around the house. This one is especially important. After weeks of charts, unrealistic expectations and aggressive attacks by AMC opponents, life can feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

The human condition can only handle so much opposition and disappointment. Accomplishing a project around the house or at work can stem the tide of frustration.

3. Hang with your family and friends without talking about AMC

Family and Friends

I’ve had my fair share of snide comments and rolled eyes as I’ve waxed eloquently about my favorite stock. My wife is gracious. She knows I’m “all in” and tolerates me. She even asks how “my little stock” is doing. (Of course, my “little stock” is going to put her in her dream car and land her on a tropical island paradise for a month someday.)

The old adage is still true – too much of a good thing is a bad thing. You need regular breaks from discussions of naked shorting, hedge funds and the DTCC. The temptation will be to turn the conversations from the pool party to dark pools – resist! Enjoy the poolside environment and leave the dark pools for Monday.

4. Invest time in your favorite stock’s business

Like marriage, you can lose sight of the endgame and forget why you got into it in the first place. The tentacles of government corruption, unfairness in the market, and corporate greed can have you focused so much on what you’re against. But, we all need to step back and remember what we like about our stock. 

AMC brings us great entertainment in a comfortable environment. They provide the necessary distractions from the everyday stresses of life.

AMC’s CEO, Adam Aron, has been a solid force for our company. He’s had to play a strategic game of industrial chess against multiple players, all the while building his brand, leading his employees, and appeasing his stockholders.

The Ape Army can also be a source of light in the dark places of the squeeze. Reading and talking with other apes and hearing their stories of why they HODL can be downright inspirational.

AMC Discord group: AMC with Franknez.com

And if these truths don’t do it for you, you can always take the family out for an AMC movie experience to see why owning a part of this company is worth every penny and ounce of HODLing.

5. Put the phone away at night

I’ve never seen a more committed group of people gathered together for a cause than I have seen with AMC stockholders. The zeal and fortitude with which they come at research and encouraging one another is astounding. 

It’s also a constant flow of information – as in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With new information and research flowing into the internet constantly, there’s the temptation to constantly check for new information all through the day and night. This isn’t healthy. We know the MOASS will happen and it will take days to play out. The chances of the squeeze happening over a weekend or overnight are minimal – volume is simply too low for hedge funds to find buyers.

So, rest easy. Seriously. Rest. Easy on the late-nighters.

6. Do your AMC DD on Sunday afternoon/evening

AMC Stock DD

With a clear head and a rested body, you can easily do your prep work on Sunday afternoon and evening. Most bloggers and YouTubers have wisely spent their weekend following the above rules and are preparing for a new week of possibilities. Their content rolls out at the opportune time of Sunday so that their followers can step into a new week, reloaded for whatever gets thrown our way on Monday morning at the bell.

You’ll also find that the apes are prepping emotionally on Sundays, and the subs and Twitter feeds are filled with anticipation and encouraging posts to get you psyched for the week. It’s like a Sunday night pep rally around the ape community!

We need you at your sharpest. 

If we are truly going to see life-changing money, it will take an ARMY of apes who have a healthy resolve and a steady mind. Make sure you’re getting the rest you need and are taking advantage of the down times to refuel yourself. 

No rocket ever made it to the moon without it.

Grant Medford - Franknez.com

Written by Grant Medford

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