How High Can AMC Stock Price Skyrocket Up To?

how high can AMC stock price go
How high can AMC stock price skyrocket up to? AMC News and updates

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AMC continues to be one of retail investors favorite stocks.

And yet again sources such as The Fool and other hedge fund partners are trying to steer the public from investing in this specific stock.

Well, just how high can AMC stock price skyrocket up to?

AMC stock price closed at $7.95 on November 15th.

The share volume remains healthy despite having gone down during today’s bear market.

Most of the market has been on sale and AMC has been no exception.

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As some of you know, I update this article frequently. I update it with the intraday price action as well as any information pertaining to the stocks performance.

A lot of the information on here will be left untouched as it is a means to archive a lot of the information from both this year and last year.

Here’s the latest on the channel.

What do we know about AMC stock price?

AMC’s stock price continues to be volatile although we’ve seen the stock is scared of single digit share price numbers.

The stock has been on a steep downtrend since it’s surge to its all-time high of $72 per share.

AMC stock price bull market

Key highlights

  1. We’re seeing strong support at the $6 levels.
  2. Big buyers include Vanguard, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, and BlackRock.
  3. The stock price is still relatively low enough for majority of people to buy, but hurry before it’s too late.
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Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment Interview

Adam Aron AMC interview
Adam Aron, CEO & President of AMC Entertainment

*[2021] Archive

Adam Aron has done an outstanding job with the media in the past months and continues to show a positive and bullish sentiment towards AMC.

He is now praised among the retail investors community holding AMC. And for good reason too.

See what CEO and President of AMC entertainment has to say to CNBC news about AMC Entertainment reopening and the Reddit movement.

As of today, all AMC movie theaters are now open 4/14
  • AMC Entertainment has raised more than 2.2 billion dollars in cash
  • 90% of AMC theaters in the United States are now open with New York and Los Angeles finally reopening
  • Vaccinations and policies are making movie theaters safe
  • New movie titles are guaranteed to increase sales revenues
  • CEO and President Adam Aron expresses an optimistic future for AMC Entertainment

In a more recent interview we get an exclusive behind the scenes moment with Trey’s Trades and Adam Aron.

If you haven’t watched the video you’re not gonna want to miss out.

In this personal interview from the CEOs home, Adam Aron talks about the 500 million share dilution, which by the way as of today has been taken off the table, as well as his experience and perspective behind the the Reddit phenomenon.

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AMC’s Short Borrow Fee

AMC short borrow fee interest

AMC’s short borrow fee as of 10/21 is: 18.20% via. Stonk-O-Tracker, this is different from the short interest of 19% (last updated in August).

The longer shorts-sellers hold their positions means the higher the borrow fee may increase. This is great news for retail investors.

Shorts eventually have to cover their positions and when they do, AMC’s stock price action will continue to rise, inevitably creating a short squeeze.

Why AMC’s short borrow fee matters

While it costs the retail investor nothing to hold their position in AMC, it costs shorts interest.

Shorts are more willing to hold their positions if the short borrow fee is low so they’re losing money every day they hold.

Remember, shorts still think they can bankrupt a company that is no longer going bankrupt.. I know right?

As hedge funds like Melvin Capital lose money, the short borrow fee will go up to make up for some loses.

As the interest goes up, shorts will naturally cover.

If they don’t, they will bleed bad.

With the short borrow fee being so high at the moment, it has retail investors speculating a short squeeze will start soon.

Melvin Capital suffered 49% loss 1st quarter

Melvin Capital AMC stock
Hedge Fund Melvin Capital – AMC Entertainment

Melvin Capital is a hedge fund that has been shorting both AMC and GameStop.

Well it turns out holding has paid off one way.

The company was down almost half percent their first quarter of 2021!

These are people who want to put your favorite businesses out of business. Ladies and gentlemen, the good guys always win.

If retail investors keep holding, institutions are going to raise the short borrow fee.

Unless hedge funds don’t start closing their short positions, they will cease to exist.

Or at least cease to run operations until they open a new firm from scratch.

But who will trust them? Their clients are losing money.

Breaking: Hedge Fund Melvin Capital Is Shutting Down in June(2022)

Hedge funds are a sinking ship

Hedge funds are losing money shorting AMC stock

Hedge funds have lost billions of dollars shorting both AMC and GameStop.

Shorts can either:

  1. Take the loses and close their positions right now where the stock price is around $7.
  2. Or, get squeezed out of their positions at a high interest rate above $7, resulting in even bigger losses.

With that being said, short sellers have lost more than a billion dollars this second quarter according to Ortex data.

Will retail investors be able to create another rally?

Read: Citadel loses billions: hedge funds are getting dragged down

How will this affect AMC stock price?

Wall Street is furious.

The little guy causing a disruption, what!?!

My personal take is retail investors are going to continue to see foul play.

You’re going to experience this from bogus headlines.

They’ll usually try to steer the public from buying AMC stock to keep the volume and hype down.

Not sure if hedge funds know this yet but you do know documentaries of what’s taking place are in the works right?

Independent filmmakers such as the Mulligan Brothers will be covering this story from the retail investors perspective and rumor has it Netflix will be writing as well.

Expect AMC stock price to rise and continue to be shorted.

We will see volatility with shorts attacking the price action.

They do this by trading synthetic shares at lower bids in off exchange markets.

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AMC Gamma squeeze before short squeeze

*[2021 Archive]

AMC Entertainment continues to be one of the most shorted stocks in the market.

Because AMC is an extremely high shorted stock, analysts continue to demonstrate their conviction towards an AMC short squeeze.

The key here is for retail investors to hold their positions as they see some momentum beginning to build. #diamondhands

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AMC stock predictions (analyst)

AMC prediction from Fidelity TRADER PRO

*[2021 Archive]

Trey’s Trades walks us through the positive moves AMC has been making from an analysts perspective.

Trey presents his audience with transparent information and has been a key player in the analytics world for ticker symbol AMC.

Although this video is an earlier video, Trey’s videos are packed with relevant information that still apply to where the stock is today.

r/wallstreet bets and Discord

Members over at r/wallstreetbets and Discord anticipate AMC stock price can skyrocket as high as $1,000 with enough momentum.

The number of phantom shares hedge funds have to cover is astronomical which is why the community is calling this the mother of all short squeezes (MOASS).

AMC stock price wallstreetbets

By holding shares in AMC, retail investors are setting up a supply and demand scenario where short-sellers will eventually need to buy from them.

This in turn can drive the stock up as high as the retail investor chooses, theoretically speaking.

Large institutions such as Vanguard, Wells Fargo, BMO Harris, BlackRock, Fidelity and many more are buying AMC stock while it’s still low (via. CNN Business).

Take that for what it is.

Whether that number comes to fruition or not, retail investors will have to continue to hold and to add to their positions in order to skyrocket AMC’s share price.

We’re seeing more and more retail investors join the fight against short-sellers.

Short-sellers are the investors betting on AMC Entertainment to lose.

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Can AMC reach $100K or $500K per share?

There’s been a lot of speculation that due to the possible number of outstanding synthetics could be in the billions, AMC may potentially squeeze past 6-figures.

I just recently found ReviewDork on YouTube.

Gabe talks about this possibility and walks us through some math.

Check him out.

But is it realistic?

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Is it too late to get in on AMC stock?

If you’re looking to take on a position in AMC you might want to get on the train before it takes off for good.

If you’re looking to get in for the short squeeze play, AMC stock is currently on bargain. This stock is still heavily shorted!

Retail investors are teaming up together to see their visions come to fruition.

And they’re not waiting on anyone.

What we do know is that the current share price is still affordable for most people.

Why hasn’t AMC squeezed yet?

AMC stock consolidation

AMC hasn’t squeezed for two primary reasons.

  1. The volume isn’t all there yet. The volume needs to be quite high. Trey’s Trades referenced 500+ million being an outstanding number.
  2. Shorts are holding – they need to close their positions if retail investors are to squeeze them.

It’s not illegal for shorts to hold long on their positions; however, hedge funds may lose money every day they hold due to the incurred short borrow fees.

Fortunately for retail investors it’s free to hold.

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What will AMC’s stock price be when it squeezes?


AMC’s stock price can really be anywhere.

It really depends on when shorts close their positions.

It would have been wise considering the stock continues to correct itself in an upward trend and has now set itself up for the perfect squeeze.

If shorts continue to play the long game, AMC’s stock price could potentially be higher when it squeezes.

In this case, shorts would have lost a lot more money due to accumulating and rising short borrow fees.

Can AMC squeeze after hours?

A question some people might have is whether or not AMC could potentially squeeze after hours.

AMC can certainly squeeze after hours when the market closes.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if it did this.

AMC’s stock price would continue to surge as retail investors watch immobile.

For one, shorts could decide to cover before the market closes in attempts to throw one final blow to retail investors.

This would give the price action to potentially come back down after hours.

Should you worry?

Although squeezes can last anywhere between minutes to hours, they can certainly last days too.

Volkswagen’s squeeze back in 2008 lasted approximately four days. GameStop’s lasted even longer.

Here’s how you can prepare for a short squeeze

A squeeze can technically happen at any time.

The short interest doesn’t necessarily have to be high.

Shorts could choose to close their positions with little loss opposed to massive losses.

  1. If you’re in a position to keep an open tab on your browser that is updated AMC’s stock price in real-time then I would suggest doing so.
  2. Own an Apple watch? Keep the stock in your background. This is a very convenient way to keeping tabs on the stocks performance.
  3. Join discords where you can be notified when something massive is going on.

When a squeeze happens you’ll know. Just don’t get a short squeeze confused with gamma squeezes.

Gamma squeezes are usually small spikes resulting from extremely bullish actions coming together at once. Otherwise known as relatively healthy gains of built momentum.

A short squeeze will be something more sudden and disruptive.

What should I do when AMC squeezes?

AMC stock price short squeeze

This is completely up to you!

You can choose to sell your entire position and collect your profits, or you can continue to hold and find out whether the squeeze continues to go up.

Unfortunately, we can’t time the spike.

For all we know, the initial squeeze might not be the potential price action.

This makes it difficult to calculate the best time to sell.

You could sell a portion of position and wait to see how AMC’s stock price moves.

We created a thread for you to share how you will use the money when AMC squeezes as a means to spread positivity and share with the community.

You can check it out here.

What is a circuit breaker halt?

A circuit breaker is usually a rule in the market that essentially pauses or halts trading for 5-15 minutes.

A common circuit breaker type is the Volatility Pause.

This helps smooth volatility in the market and prevent flash crashes.

It forces traders to take a 5 minute timeout, research the stock, news, etc.

Often times if a stock is spiking up and is halted, it will reopen higher.

Inversely, a stock selling off will often open lower.

Why this is worth mentioning

This is worth mentioning because it’s important for our readers and the ape community to be aware of possible halts as AMC’s stock price becomes more volatile.

If you happen to experience a circuit breaker halt do not panic.

It’s a policy to make sure trading goes as smooth as possible.

Important Advisory

It is important to note that I am not a licensed financial advisor.

Like many traders and self taught investors, all speculation is based on educated estimations based on highly reliable analysis, patterns, and documented news charts.

Where can I invest in AMC? What’s a good platform?


If you have not opened a brokerage account to begin investing, read this post on how to invest in the stock market (step by step) to get started.

In this post you will see a number of linked platforms that you can check out!

AMC stock price: quick overview

We’re currently seeing AMC trade at $7.95.

Although AMC’s stock chart has been relatively healthy in the past, the price has been influenced by the market’s overall downtrend.

Are you holding AMC stock?

Let me know what a short squeeze would mean for you in the comments section below.

If you found this post to be helpful or of value share it with an ape.

If you have not subscribed to the blog be sure to do so as I update you on this historic event taking place.

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      Been adding to my position since February, not financial advise 🙏🍿

  36. Lisa

    What do you think it will go to? I’m going to bug plastic surgery a car and idk stuff

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      If retail investors continue to hold while shorts cover, I think it can squeeze as high as $1K – might not have a ceiling. We’ll have to hold to find out

      • Smokey

        Yes we do. I wish everyone didnt have the hold till im worth a million attitude.

        • bryanfrankieantunez

          That’s the overall sentiment but in the end everyone is free to make their own decisions

          • MsHarris

            I’m PRAYING everyone HOLDS for at least 1k that would put majority of us in a VERY good position., however I definitely understand if they can’t., GOD BLESS us all.., please remember it’s POWER in numbers.,the more of us that stands together for the 1k or higher the stronger we will be

          • bryanfrankieantunez

            Very well said

  37. Fred Buddy

    A squeeze would mean my kids can go to college without the debt that has entrapped so many of our fellow citizens. Why is our country (the richest in the world) enslaving its citizens with debt to get an education. Education would help drive innovation that would benefit our country, its citizens overall, and help maintain our economic, technological, and democratic leadership around the world….
    But debt is being used for the benefit of the ruling class like it has since the beginning of money, and there are many ways to get into it…. it’s a shame that debt starts from the point a young person wants to improve their life through an education and the amount can even become like another mortgage when a young couple starts life together.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      FACTS. Fred, thank you for your comment.

    • Samuel Beckett

      I’m 58 and not in the best health. This would allow me to retire early, pay off my home mortgage, purchase my dream home and to rent out my current home.
      This would give me the funds to send both my young children to college, giving them a brighter future.

      • Frank Nez

        Blessings are coming Samuel. Keep hodling on brother.

  38. Ciprian

    Great article , fellow ape , congratz . Holding 400 bananas , floor 50K on the way back down from 100k . 💎✋🌝

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Thank you fellow ape 🤝✨ don’t forget to share with the community 💎

  39. Jalal Yousofzai

    Thank you for the information! See you at the moon 🙌🏼

  40. Tony The Tiger

    Great Article!!! Great community!! Great Stonk!! AMC to the MOON!!🚀

  41. Olivia

    From January till date, I have been buying. Guess they better call to join the Board soon. Promoted to a Bongo Ape 🙂

  42. Teresa Rapkin

    One thing I will do for sure is use some money to make more!

  43. JL

    I would pay off the 100k debt that I was left with from a real estate scam. Then I would find a team of lawyers to go after every single one of the scammers that stole 4 years (and counting)years of my life and destroyed my credit. This is a squeeze or die trying situation for me. Holding 1500 shares with the only money I have left in this world.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Justice will be served brother

    • Alan Potter

      I know how that feels, GOOD LUCK, I hope it all comes right for you

    • Steven brown


  44. Greacore

    My 50 shares would definitely help me get my car running. I have not had a vacation in five years that would be the icing on the cake to have my car running and take a vacation in it.

  45. Shauna

    Lady ape buy stock Lady ape like stock lady ape will Hodl

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love it – welcome lady ape 🍿🔥

  46. Jonathan A

    just bought 100+ shares!! Good read.

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Right on brotha! Thanks for reading FrankNez

      • Dave

        Couple thousand shares here.
        But I’ve got 100 calls between 10:00-$13.00 so fingers crossed it squeezes in the next couple months

        • bryanfrankieantunez

          This could be the biggest transfer of wealth in history 🤞

          • ASW

            Absolutely guarantee it wont be – poor analysis and a basic misunderstanding of how the stock market works. Pathetically ignorant post.

          • bryanfrankieantunez

            Shill ☝️✅

        • K. Eaton

          Almost to 1,600 shares, holding to at least $643 a share because that grosses a million dollar payday, then party time!

          • bryanfrankieantunez

            Cheers to a million dollars 🥂

          • Cxrpse

            100k floor, hodl my friend, its not about our end pockets it’s about the movement to f**k the HF and bleed them dry.

          • bryanfrankieantunez

            I salute you

          • Jeffrey S Myers

            Would be nice to hit $1286 a share! That way when you pay Uncle Sam, you’ll still have $1 Million 😉

          • Barbara

            Factor in taxes to Uncle Sam. 40% to be exact.

  47. Daniel Heath

    51 banana holder here would pay off my debts and give me some peace of mind… basically a squeeze equals mental therapy!!!!

    • bryanfrankieantunez

      Love it – best of luck to you my friend

    • Mari M

      Finally the financial freedom to leave an mentally and emotionally abusive marriage, and giving my little family the peace they deserve. ♥️

      • bryanfrankieantunez

        🥺you and your family deserve that peace and freedom. Sending positive thoughts your way Mari.

      • David Misner

        Sorry about that. Hope you find the peace you deserve.

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