Wells Fargo is Now Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal

Market News Today - Wells Fargo is Now Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal.
Market News Today – Wells Fargo is Now Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal.

Wells Fargo is now freezing bank accounts according to new reports from a customer, which has now led to a lawsuit.

“Wells Fargo seized a customer’s funds and shut down his bank account over a legitimate $207,765 deposit.

Ethan Parker says he opened a new account at the bank late last year specifically to deposit a large check that he received after the death of his adoptive mother.

But 15 days after the deposit, Parker says Wells Fargo shuttered the account, took the funds and accused him of forging the check,” reports DH.

According to the lawsuit, Parker then obtained a letter from the firm that issued the check to confirm its legitimacy.

But the bank was not swayed and continued to deny Parker access to the funds without “adequate explanation.”

The lawsuit asks the courts to force Wells Fargo to release the funds, and says Parker has been damaged in an “amount to be proved at trial.”

In a statement to Triangle Business Journal, a Wells Fargo spokesperson says the bank plans to defend its actions.

“We strongly disagree with the allegations made in the suit filed by Mr. Parker, and will defend our position as we believe Wells Fargo took the appropriate actions.”

Parker says he’s now unable to make house payments, and his lawyers say they’re looking for other people whose accounts were “improperly closed” by the bank over accusations of fraud.

But Wells Fargo isn’t the only bank freezing customer accounts.

The US Treasury Direct (TreasuryDirect) has left users without access to their accounts from weeks to months according to several reports.

Bank of America had also frozen more than 1,000 accounts connected to Coinbase this past summer.

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People Are Now Unable to Pay Their Bills

Market News Today - Wells Fargo is Now Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal.
Market News Today – Wells Fargo is Now Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal.

A US bank is now leaving customers unable to pay their bills after freezing multiple accounts and holding money hostage.

“I have been trying to get a replacement card since August 5th and been given the run around. It’s now September and still no card.

They keep giving me one due date for the card to arrive after another and since that time another direct deposit have been deposited. I cannot pay bills or buy my medicine,” reported Eloise Hall to FrankNez on Friday.

Green Dot Bank users have reported multiple fraud incidents where the bank is prohibiting customers from gaining access to their money.

The bank, which is now facing a fraud allegations lawsuit, has left customers with no money from weeks to several months, many of which include retirees.

“My friend had this happen during covid. All Green Dot would say was that they weren’t giving him his money back, it was over three thousand dollars.

I had worked for almost 20 years at a bank and knew what they were doing was illegal. We first sent certified letters requesting return of his funds they went unanswered.

Eventually we reached out to the Attorney General and FDIC and once Green Dot was contacted by them they reached out to my friend telling him it was all a misunderstanding and that it was a computer glitch and that they would over night him a check for his balance, which they did, however they also told him he could never have another Green Dot account because of him going to AG and FDIC, not that he would want one.

The entire process took about 5 months but we didn’t give up and eventually got his money but he did lose his place to live in the meantime because he couldn’t pay rent or bills while they kept his money hostage.

I think they do that hoping people give up trying and they have their money on deposit”, reported Michele Weigand to FrankNez.

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Market News Today - Wells Fargo is Now Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal.
Market News Today – Wells Fargo is Now Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal.

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  1. Crystal

    Bank of America did this to me last year!!!! Crazy since I was with them almost 10 years and now all of a sudden they can’t trust me??? Also how they said it would close one month and I still got a bank statement for the month after it had supposedly closed???

  2. Shawna vannoy

    So what do we do? Keep cash on hand? How will we cash paychecks, etc

  3. DeVonn

    Wells Fargo and now Chase have done me like this since 2019.

    They recently froze my bank accounts 4 months ago trying to stop the purchase of my home and keep the account frozen every 2 weeks since then.

    There are multiple issues with banks and freezing accounts with inadequate reasoning.

    I have lawyers working on the case as well.

    Thank goodness I’m not the only person suffering and dealing with this issue.

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for sharing DeVonn. Has anything been resolved by your lawyers?

  4. Hurtiswoodruff

    Am in alabama an I think there taking advantage of the middle class well fargo consumers I can’t find a lawer to deal with my fraud by the banker an the complaints sent to wells fargo what should I do

  5. Hurtiswoodruff

    Am from Alabama my account got flagged an is going to close own 27 thus month for receiving pay threw zelle also I woke up a morning of 14 with a negative balance because the frozen the account then unfroze it the next day now my app for the account is not validate anymore I need help

  6. Telkom University

    Have regulatory authorities or government agencies responded to Wells Fargo’s actions in freezing bank accounts?

    • Hurtiswoodruff

      Thanks but no they haven’t my app has been canceled an they sent a txt saying only email an mail will be for my account

    • Frank Nez

      Not that I’m aware of.

  7. Allison Alexander

    Get a lawyer gather every bit of verifiable proof you can. Your local or high court will award you your money back and then some. They are doing this shit because people are not sueing them.

    • Frank Nez

      Well said 🤔

  8. David farrell

    I think the banks should have to pay each customer that they froze accounts on 1 million for what they went through + the total of what they lost. This way they would think twice before doing it to other customers and if they continued to do so shut there doors for good. It’s against the law this needs to be enforced why are they getting away with this?

    • Frank Nez

      Wouldn’t that be something else!

  9. Kathleen Shotz

    This is insane’

  10. Emily

    What is the number to call?

  11. Frank's messana

    Would like attorney number I had same problem with Wells Fargo franksmessana@gmail.com

    • Hurtiswoodruff

      Yes sir I would definitely hurtis woodruff

  12. John Burnett

    I had accounts with Green Dot Bank(Go2bank), I closed them around 2 years ago and still haven’t received my refund in prepaid credit card, I sent proof of D.L and SSN, Now they can’t find my accounts, but they send me monthly bank statements, when I try to enter my name and password it kicks me off, and customer service hang up or put me on hold never answering again, am a cancer patient and veteran, $222.63 to a disabled person is alot,
    Thanks for your time
    John D Burnett

    • Frank Nez

      That’s wild… they didn’t give you your money back after all that time?? Sorry to hear that, God bless.

  13. Brittany

    Omg Truist did this to us! We deposited a check and they held it froze our acct and then closed it.

    • Frank Nez

      Was it a big amount? That’s wild..

  14. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

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