Bank of America Has Been Unethically Shorting AMC Stock

Bank of America has been shorting AMC Stock
Bank of America is shorting AMC Entertainment

If you bank with Bank of America chances are they’ve been using your hard-earned money to short AMC stock.

Financial institutions have been shorting AMC stock all year, resulting in billions of dollars in losses.

Bank of America also has a 75% probability of going bankrupt according to MacroAxis (more on that below).

The shorting of meme stocks could explain why the bank is currently facing liquidity issues.

Welcome to – so much information is coming to fruition. I’m piecing bits of information that have been revealed in the last few months.

Let’s get started!

Information from one of my articles has been circulating the entire community recently.

In this article, I go over how AMC continues to be the most shorted stock in the market.

This is going to be a very important piece of info.

Bank of America Is Shorting AMC Stock

Bank of America is on the list of the top 10 institutions shorting AMC stock.

BofA is known for being an untrustworthy bank for the people, so it comes as no surprise.

They’ve been cheating the system by demanding printed money from the feds to lend to short sellers.

The insane part of this scheme is that everyone is a part of it.

I’ll touch topic on that below.

Bank of America shorting AMC Stock
Who is shorting AMC stock – SOURCE

A lot of the puzzle pieces seem to be connecting now.

Boston and Dallas Fed presidents Kaplan and Rosengren were fired due to investing in securities while playing a major role in creating monetary policy.

Repos have been at record high this year.

The feds have been pumping so much money into the financial systems for banks and hedge funds to maintain margin requirements from.

Hedge funds have been overleveraging their positions due to betting against retail investors who aren’t giving up the fight for a fair market, and a short squeeze play in their favorite ‘meme stocks’.

Now, 34 of the largest banks are being required to hold $1 trillion in capital, enough to be able to loan mortgages and business loans during an economic downturn such as a recession.

Will banks margin call hedge funds to meet the new capital requirements as of October 1st?

Or will they default?

Hedge Funds Just Got Smaller

We’re beginning to see financial institutions throw other institutions under the bus.

Citadel began pointing fingers towards Robinhood during a rant on Twitter.

I think very soon we’re going to see banks do the same towards hedge funds.

Will hedge funds be able to pay back banks?

Someone has to pay back the overleveraged debt they owe.

What started from a Robinhood and Citadel scandal just climbed the hierarchy and is now involving both the banks and feds.

This could be the biggest financial scandal in history.

Is America Headed Towards Financial Collapse?

Janet Yellen Hedge Funds

Janet Yellen just recently said, “there are issues relating to hedge funds and the possibility of leverage, they can trigger financial runs.”

So, we know that any chance of financial ruin in the markets is tied to overleveraged hedge funds and financial institutions.

Hedge funds have been borrowing money from both the banks and the feds.

The feds weren’t stopping overleveraged institutions from borrowing money, but rather contributing to their needs and gaining from them, as seen with Kaplan and Rosengren.

It seems leaders are washing their hands before these scandals continue to escalate.

A substantial portion of Citadel’s assets are held by Bank of America’s clearing house “BAML“.

Powerful leaders are fleeing the crime scene. Who are the first to flee a sinking ship?

Leave a comment below if you know the answer to this one.

Will Bank of America Go Bankrupt?

Bank of America has a ‘more than 75%’ probability score for bankruptcy, via MacroAxis.

The fact is there is no path that can save overleveraged institutions or short sellers betting against retail investors right now.

The future of the short seller is grim.

Bank of America bankruptcy

To make matter worse for the bank, retail investors are pulling their money out from the bank before things get a little more severe.

In fact, one of my personal family members just moved 98% of their money from BofA into a brokerage account.

Overleveraged hedge funds and banks will be the cause of the next financial collapse.

Something massive is coming very soon and I know the community can feel it.

I speculate paper-hand sellers will soon re-enter the markets as the first wave of short sellers begin to close out their positions.

This momentum will only further complicate the state of emergency these financial institutions are currently in.

What Happens If a Bank Goes Bankrupt?

If a bank goes bankrupt, the FDIC must collect and sell the assets of the bank and settle its debt.

For AMC and GME shareholders, this means that all the shares that were borrowed will finally get bought back.

Heavily shorted stocks would skyrocket as overleveraged debt is finally closed out.

The results? MOASS (mother of all short squeezes).

The momentum from billions of shares being bought back could push ‘meme stocks’ to unprecedented numbers.

Whether Bank of America goes bankrupt will depend on whether they file for bankruptcy protection or not.

A short squeeze play is imminent and there’s no doubt financial institutions are preparing for it.

Is the Stock Market Rigged?

“The stock market is a rigged game for the wealthy as corporate execs can hide behind trading plans as they buy or sell stock, sometimes based on nonpublic information.” via ZeroHedge.

We’re seeing this happen right before our very own eyes. Fed presidents Kaplan and Rosengren were using their power to mold regulation in theirs and their partners favor.

Bank of America has been a liquidity refuge for Citadel, allowing them to overleverage their positions in heavily shorted stock without repercussions.

We saw that Robinhood executives sold AMC and GME stock right before halting trading back in January of this year.

The Citadel scandal has been the talks all over Reddit and Twitter. Citadel and Robinhood had communication about which ticker symbols would be halted.

The stock market is a device that has been created for the wealthy to leverage their wealth to build more wealth.

The SEC has proven to have little to no power.

Now, that doesn’t mean retail investors don’t have a chance at the market. Corporate executives simply have a much stronger edge.

Our voice and DD have been very powerful tools in fighting corruption in the markets.

We’ve been able to inform the public of what’s been occurring all while setting ourselves up for an immense short squeeze play.

What a journey.

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth Is Commencing

I believe this scheme revolving shorting meme stocks is finally coming to a close.

Empires are crumbling and new ones will rise.

But before new ones rise, retail investors would have made history by beating the financial system at its own game first.

It seems more information is being revealed with each day that passes.

I don’t think retail investors have had an upper hand like this before.

And unfortunately for short sellers, they’re about to get burned again.

This time for good.

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  1. paula watts


  2. Jay Jay

    When the 2008 crash happened no one saw it coming either, the financial industry kept it quite as well. Do your DD and look at events that took place before every crash and see if you can connect any patterns then make your decision. Good Luck

  3. Jason Skovronski

    I transferred my 15k plus shares out of Merrill Lynch bc I heard about this several weeks ago.

  4. Robel

    Beginner here and most of this I found difficult to understand. Any suggestions/advice, Frank?

  5. John

    Frank, it appears BAC is number 8 on the list of Amc shorts. HOw is this notable?

  6. Theresa

    So if you have money in your checking, savings and cash in a 401k, we could loose all that if BofA files for bankruptcy or the market crashes we would loose all our $ in our pension and investments? Please respond if you don’t mind.

    • Frank Nez

      BofA is FDIC insured so you’re protected up to a certain amount, whatever the bank policy is. People usually lose their pensions since they are moved regardless of it being a self-program.

  7. K-KID

    I saw your post. It’s so nice. Thanks.
    GME,AMC To the moon.
    Short squeeze is coming….

    -one weak asian investor

  8. Marjorie

    My husband and I are B of A customer and very concerned about our banking future. I have not found anything else about this any other place.

  9. Frank

    Hey Frank great article, just curious when the short squeeze happens, at what price point were you thinking of selling at?

  10. Ray BOTTS

    Who’s actually shorting the stock Bank of America or Citadel? Are they both doing it for financial gain? Yes!
    What do you think the first big sign will be to cause the train to roll? Bank of America demanding payment from Citadel?
    it wont matter but i would like to know how long before this could happen. Apparently, even with all the manipulation in AMC/GME and MANY OTHER stocks (look every chart at market open- almost identical movements) as if these huge HFs and their counterparts have assignees there to buy or sell so to shake sellers into giving up shares.

    You can see some mornings, after a huge spike causes FOMO then followed by a huge drop to “clean em out”.
    then a huge drop at open several days in a row and it looks like these stocks will keep falling. also shakes em out.

    but, with all this, its apparent that the bottom line is the lower 30s for AMC and 160-180s for GME. Personally I’m sticking to AMC because it is cheaper and i can have more shares for the MOASS! But, once the train starts a rollin, because it is all this leverage shorting and they are still losing BIG at this level!

    that means sooner than later bank of America and others are gonna go, “time to pay us back! ” to citadel and the others because the bad investment is getting worse. i personally see default after default from the Citadels on their “loan payments”. it will become a matter of saving their own personal wealth over the firm and they don’t care. they probably wont repay the banks. they wont care about reputations or anything else. but there will be a lot of assets seized and liquidated!

    so if defaults occur then both buying AMC / menes will be going crazy but also shorting the Banks and HFs out of existence who are breaking the law and partaking in this gravy train of investors since the beginning of the financial markets, will come crashing down Karma!

    i will be buying AMC and shorting the HFs and Banks for a lifetime of financial imprisonment to me and my family because i always said, “Just wait you assholes! if i ever get a chance i will be the first in line to ‘pay you back’ for the injustice caused to me living like a rat by comparison”, to these assholes and the financial harm to my family and ancestors who had no chance to even conservatively invest for the future. oh some did ok, but , not nearly as good as they should have. but, then 2008 happens and now 401ks and growth investors lost all their savings.

    i wonder how many deaths are directly attributable to the 2008 crisis and other majors that wiped the hard-working people out but get the offenders bailed out?

    is 1 death too many? YES IT IS!


    • Frank Nez

      Great reference – thanks for sharing Martin

  11. Frank Nez

    “Based on the latest financial disclosure, Bank Of America has a Probability Of Bankruptcy of 75%. This is much higher than that of the Financial Services sector and significantly higher than that of the Probability Of Bankruptcy industry. The probability of bankruptcy for all United States stocks is notably lower than that of the firm.” – SOURCE | MACROAXIS has a great MOZ score, it’s not a bogus site.

  12. Frank Nez here’s the link

  13. Matthew Keevil

    Can you please post your sources and supporting information, most people on AMC want full documented DD to state something is true.

    • Frank Nez

      Just cited institutional list where it includes Bank of America – Refresh

  14. Peter Wiggin

    One thing I’ve researched recently is “disruptive technologies”. This would be industries where the development and implementing of a new replacement “product”. The entire “vaccine” experiment involves not “vaccines” but rather the mRNA delivery system.

    If an effort to become the next wave of “disruptive technology” Billionaires. The same companies positioning themselves in Vaccine market also had pharmaceutical lines of the “banned therapeutics”

    In both GameStop and AMC the “investors” were attempting to PUSH towards the disruptive technology and stifle any opponent against to force the change, much like the vaccine push and Hydroxycloriquine ban.

    Here, the disruptive revaluation was both against Brick and Mortar involving massive future on line markets. Just why was the largest owner of brick and mortar movie THEATERS so lowly valued. It WASN’T. They predicted, apparently, a shift away from in-person brick and mortar businesses. It wasn’t enough for these peoples, so they tried to rush the Bankruptcies to force the “disruption”

    Imagine the investors in Netflix. They are even seeing decreasing subscribers as we speak. They invested in virtual entertainment, and were not happy that AMC had cornered and would possibly preserved the Brick and Mortar movie theaters (Netflix is one of dozens riding the COVID wave to virtual entertainment)

  15. Dale

    Not to mention the unprecedented amount of fraud with the ETFs they are trading with AMC. This whole thing is going to explode.

  16. L with the good hair

    I can’t find any source that would attribute 75%

    did you mean 50%?

    which is where this website lines up most of the bigger banks

  17. Brian

    Look at RIDE. They purchased shares and puts. Then posted a downgrade around the 16th of sept… the sp went up.. then on oct 1st 2021 it appears they used dark pool and shares to
    Dump “shares” very limited retail selling
    Creating a falling knife on what was good news and a positive premarket. All this allowed their disclosed puts to be in the money again. Oh and the analyst downgrade did not disclose BAC as holding any position!

    • Steven

      I thought banks are not allowed to go bankrupt?

  18. Frank Nez

    It was from MarketBeat brother – strange enough I couldn’t find the link on Google anymore so I uploaded the saved image from a post I just recently published. I’ll keep an eye out for it and update it as soon as I as I’m able to get it. And if anyone else gets their hands on it please comment it below 🦍

  19. Drew

    BOA’s 13F from 8/16 was crossed out on
    Where can I find that source from screenshot that was taken

  20. Michael

    Might adjust your content- Ken Lewis was former CEO that resigned in 10/2/09..

    • Frank Nez

      Just fixed it ✅ – thanks

  21. Matt

    your link about the CEO resigning is from oct2 2009 bro.

    • Frank Nez

      Readjusting – thanks for pointing out brother

      • Todd

        Good read, well done! This country needs an overdose of good morality.

        • Frank Nez

          Much appreciated Todd 🤝✨ #ApesMakingChange

  22. Joey1sniper

    I hope BOA burns in hell. BOA customers “out of courtesy” had their financial transactions looked at on Americans to see if they were in the DC on Jan 6 and reported it to the FBI. How convenient. Yet my boy Gary turns a blind eye to Citadel, BOA, and the other fine institutions.

    • Frank Nez

      Bank of America has no integrity, SMH

  23. Carl

    The RATS are the first to bail on a sinking ship

    • Frank Nez


    • Crystal Loo

      Boy old Jim Griffin sure was quick to point fingers deflecting the questions away from him & citadel. The dominos are perfectly aligned…did Jim G just tip over the first domino with his pointy old crook finger??
      First to cover gets out cheapest$$$

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