Is AMC Shorted? Top 10 Institutions Driving the Stock Down

AMC continues to be the most shorted stock in the market
Market News: Is AMC Stock shorted?

Is AMC shorted?

AMC Entertainment stock has caused havoc for short sellers shorting the stock.

Hedge funds have proven to lose billions of dollars from the ongoing ‘meme’ stock frenzy.

Momentum stocks, as I like to call them, are more than just plays for money.

Retail investors have conjured up a real movement for change.

And although mainstream financial news platforms say it’s over, it’s far from it.

Hedge funds betting against AMC just borrowed more than 4 million shares to short the stock.

They just dug themselves a deeper hole.

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Is AMC Stock Shorted?

is AMC Shorted
Is AMC shorted? Short sellers continue to overleverage their short positions

Short sellers have borrowed millions upon millions of shares to short AMC stock.

Although AMC has had major buying pressure all year, shorts continue to attack retail and the company.

The community wants to see chairman of the SEC, Gary Gensler, take action towards banning activities such as naked shorting, dark pool trading, and PFOF.

The SEC was created in 1929 after the infamous Stock Market Crash of 1929 to protect retail investors against the manipulation from hedge funds and short sellers.

However, it was established in 1934 with the passage of the Securities Exchange Act, a law formerly governing the trade of securities.

Overleveraged positions in the markets have been the cause for economic meltdowns resulting in significant losses for the American people.

Our government has always had the power to fix the biggest problems retail investors currently face.

Why no real regulation has truly protected retail investors is the big question.

Talks of ongoing investigations have risen but actions will have to speak louder than words.

AMC’s stock price continues to be suppressed through overleveraged means only hedge funds and short sellers have access to.

The ape community has sparked a movement towards fighting for a fair market and aren’t going anywhere until real change has occurred.

How Can We Appoint New Leaders in the SEC?


Members of the SEC are appointed by the President of The United States himself.

The SEC is headed by a five-member board of commissioners.

Members are appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the United States Senate.

The president does not have the authority to remove members once they are confirmed.

No more than three commissioners may belong to the same political party.

The president appoints one board member to serve as chair.

Change will only happen if we the people voice our concerns publicly.

We have the right and the power to overthrow any form of incompetent government.

We must let these powers know that we see them and understand that they have the power to make things right.

There are more than 4 million of us in this community.

Our voice is our strength.

Will AMC Continue to Run Up?

will AMC continue to run up

I’ve been in this community since early February and the sentiment has not changed.

80% of AMC’s float is now owned by retail investors and the movement keeps growing.

The stock market is based on supply and demand, and so retail investors are in command.

Although AMC’s share price is being suppressed by heavy shorting in the market, AMC Entertainment stock will continue to run up as long as retail investors continue to buy the stock.

Which isn’t going to be a problem by the way.

AMC is more than just a stock, it’s a movement.

Hedge Funds Will Continue to Face Mounting Losses

There are no signs of retail letting off the gas pedal.

Investors in the ape community continue to buy the dips and hold their stock no matter the pressure.

Short sellers have already lost billions and continue to mount losses in liquidity and debt.

Betting on this stock, the company, and its massive community has been a terrible financial decision.

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What Financial Institutions Are Shorting AMC Stock?

is AMC shorted?
Is AMC shorted? Here are 10 financial institutions who have been driving the stock down

AMC Entertainment is currently being shorted by numerous hedge funds and financial institutions.

Who is shorting AMC? Here’s a list:

  1. Simplex Trading LLC
  2. Susquehanna International Group LLP
  3. Citadel Advisors LLC
  4. 683 Capital Management LLC
  5. Anchorage Capital Group LLC (Defaulted)
  6. Group One Trading LP
  7. Wolverine Trading LLC
  8. Bank of America Corp DE
  9. Millennium Management LLC
  10. Piction Mahoney Asset Management

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companies shorting AMC stock
Is AMC shorted? Here are the top 10 institutions attacking the stock as of 8/21 Source

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AMC Has Changed Millions of Lives

AMC Entertainment has changed the lives of movie goers through the theatrical experience we’ve all missed since the lockdowns.

The company has unintentionally sparked a movement greater than us, resulting in the resurrection of the movie theater industry during the process.

And it’s changed the lives of millions of retail investors, netting significant profits to majority of its shareholders.

Whether you’re holding for a short squeeze or to be part of a community with a movement, you cannot deny AMC is a beacon for change.

So, lets continue to be that change the world and our community needs.

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  1. Dan

    Unbelievable article. I am speechless, because you really said it all.

    Years later in my life, one great story I can tell as I am a part of this whole event, too. Just join the ape community this week (last week of 03/2022), with thousands of shares out of my pocket.

  2. John

    Great Article good to read something and feel your reading true news thanks Frank started following 🙏🏻

    • Frank Nez

      Much appreciated John, thank you for commenting brother. 🦍💪

  3. Will

    Hello Frank, your last article is:
    “It’s true, BofA is shorting AMC”
    but is shown:
    “AMC Continues To Be The Most Shorted Stock In The Market”
    is that correctly?

    • Frank Nez

      Hi will, that was the subject on the email. The article name you provided is correct. New article on BofA and other market shenanigans coming soon!

  4. Ollie

    Hello Frank, thnx for your detailed info. But the SHF’s have bought a lot of politics and judges. How can we fight them? In 2008 they were never prosecuted. Why willl they now? I hope the apes will win now.

  5. Patrick Anthony


    • Frank Nez

      That means a lot 🤝✨ – thank you

  6. Jason "The Traveler" Beckler

    It’s UMBAFUGLY this morning! AMC is back down to $41! WTF?! I’m holding my ground but this is worrying me.

    • Frank Nez

      Paytience ape 💪 #AMCSTRONG

    • Robert

      Your not alone, BUT we need to believe its going to happen. They want to scare us out

  7. Joey1sniper

    The SEC is not our friend. Biden, the ‘POTUS’ is responsible in appointing the members of the SEC. To make matters worse the senate has to give consent. So, yes, we would be screwed if we solely depended on those two groups.
    Heck, during the mortgage crisis in 2008 we discovered an SEC employee was operating his own porn site while on the clock. Hold fast, my fellow apes!!

    • Frank Nez


  8. Jaimee Munoz

    If you add up the short shares listed it doesn’t add up, 3,072,052 is what I calculated. Shares on loan are much higher, so who owns the rest?

  9. ZZZman

    You always drop an article when the community needs it. Great writing. Love these two quotes and I propose we think of them when emailing, calling or anyway we choose or have the ability to protest the SEC’s inaction. The first being a retort to overcoming the stock price suppression due to heavy shorting and the latter (which backs up the former) expressing how retailers or Apes like us and one company have turned into something larger than the sum of its parts:

    “Which isn’t going to be a problem by the way. AMC is more than just a stock, it’s a movement.”

    “ The company has unintentionally sparked a movement greater than ourselves..”

    -Frank “Caesar” Nez

    Let’s get it! ZZZman

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