Ken Griffin Lied About Robinhood Communication During Halts

Ken Griffin Lied About GameStop Halts
Market News: Ken Griffin lied under oath.

#KenGriffinLied is trending number 1 on Twitter right now.

A document was just released showing messages between Vlad and Robinhood COO, Gretchen Howard, in regards to Citadel making demands on limiting PFOF (Payment For Order Flow) back in January.

The conversation then shows Vlad stating, “maybe this could be a good time for me to chat with Ken Griffin”.

Ken Griffin lied under oath by stating Citadel had no communication with Robinhood in regards to the halts on AMC and GameStop back in January.

Hedge funds have since been overleveraging their short positions while manipulating AMC and GameStop’s stock price through the illicit use of naked shorting and dark pool trading.

Retail investors are now looking at regulators to take serious action.

Welcome to – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are creating change this very moment.

Let’s discuss what we need to do to end this market manipulation once and for all.

Lets get started!

Will The SEC Protect Retail Investors from Market Manipulation?

But before I do, if you don’t know who Ken Griffin is, he’s the CEO to the Citadel Securities.

This is the hedge fund who’s been betting against AMC and GameStop for months now.

Citadel is what you get if our government’s power was not divided into three branches.

See, the problem here is Citadel LLC is a hedge fund, Citadel Securities is a market maker, and Citadel Connect is a dark pool.

You essentially have a tyrant making all the rules for themselves.

Now, many of you have been tagging the SEC, Gary Gensler, and even Potus on Twitter.

Now it’s time for the community to see what measures are taken by our government leaders to protect its people.

In the transcript above, you can see the initial conversation between Gretchen (Robinhood COO), and Vlad Tenev (Robinhood CEO).

Shortly after we see another transcript confirming the communication between Robinhood and Citadel..

Kenneth Griffin Lied about halts

Jim Swartwout is the President and CEO of Robinhood Securities. In the transcript above he states, “you wouldn’t believe the convo we had with Citadel, total mess.”

And get this, after 9 months of silence on Twitter, Citadel has gone on to lie again stating this is conspiracy theory.

Although the transcripts show evidence in plain ol’ English.

The community is fighting for change.

Citadel has yet to address their abuse of power through naked shorting and the usage of dark pools to mask bullish moves in the market.

Citadel’s Ken Griffin Lies Under Oath

Ken Griffin Lies Under Oath

Here is the footage of Ken Griffin lying about his team having any communication with Robinhood during the halts back in January.

The cat is out of the bag!

Community, we must continue to fight for our rights for a fair market.

The SEC has the power to liquidate these overleveraged hedge funds from their positions.

We must demand it. Only then will AMC and GME squeeze. This play, it’s your birthright.

Fox Business On Ken Griffin

In a recent interview with Trey’s Trades, Charles Payne and Trey discuss the matter.

Charles pull up some information confirming about 60% of AMC was traded through dark pools to which he asks Trey if it’s possible AMC’s share price potential could be higher if it did not trade through dark pools.

And of course the answer is that both AMC and GameStop could reach higher potentials if the market was being run based on supply and demand without any dark pool manipulation.

Ken Griffin Lied FOX BUSINESS

My favorite line is when Charles says, “diamonds are created over a long period of time though a whole lot of heat and a whole lot of pressure, are the apes up for it”.

This is why I’ve grown to really like Charles Payne.

He’s using his platform to fight corruption in the markets.

Charles Payne has given apes the mainstream platform we need and I’m glad Trey is the ape in our community to pass the message.

Time To Get Loud

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Will you fight for what’s yours?

Share this article with the community, tag our government leaders.

#LiquidateShortSellers #KenGriffinLied

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Original publication date: 9/27/2021

Revision date: 9/29/2021


  1. Todd Bridgewater

    Talk about COLLUSION!! Political collusioin yes sucks, yet financial collusioin sucks assets more aggressively from all levels of society!! Naked shorts, Dark pools have no place in our new market place!.

  2. Alvin Rodriguez

    And they still do nothing such BS

  3. Albert

    I want to see Ken Griffin held accountable like many others would. Many communities are watching if Ken and Vlad the Bulgarian boy are going to see their day of reckoning.

  4. Frank Nez

    Doing my best to keep the community informed 🤝✨ thanks Chana

  5. Chana

    Love your work! Thank you for keeping on top of everything!!

  6. Cazal Arnett

    If you believe the US will resolve then complain to Elizabeth Warren about the naked shorting, dark pool trading and perjury Ken Griffin committed. She seems not to like him.

  7. Darrell N Jones Sr.

    Should I pull all of my shares from Robbin Hood? When or if the hammer come down on Robbin Hood , I don’t want to be left holding the bag, paying for their wrong doing…

    • Frank Nez

      Apes have been transferring their shares to other brokers throughout the year. Some good firms include Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, and Fidelity.

    • Michael

      You will not. They attempted to block buying not selling. And now they will not try that again. But I too have robinhood and some in ameritade. If you try to switch you run the risk of the squeeze happening while your portfolio is in transit which could take a week

    • Lukasz

      I did pull it out and moved it to Fidelity best one to use these days it seems

    • Lukasz

      Mine took 2 or 3 days to complete some ppl waited only a day or two.

  8. Moto

    Keep the #Kengriffinlied trending! Thanks for the article!

    • Frank Nez

      🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍 #AMCARMY #APEARMY

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