What Can We Expect from AMC’s Next Earnings Call?

AMC Earnings Call
AMC Earnings Call Q4 Expectations – AMC earnings Date

AMC’s next earnings call is expected to happen on March 1st.

The report will be covering AMC’s financials for Q4 of 2021, the year ‘meme stocks’ stunned the financial world.

The movie theatre company said it expects revenue of about $1.172 billion, up from $162.50 million the year-earlier quarter.

Is AMC Entertainment improving fundamentally?

Here’s what we can expect from AMC’s next earnings call.


Welcome to Franknez.com – AMC’s next earnings call is not too far ahead. I want to go over how the company has grown and what we can expect in the report.

Let’s dive right into it!

AMC’s earnings call for Q1, Q2, and Q3 surprised the entire financial industry to say the very least.

And after AMC said it expects to make more than $1 billion in Q4, the earnings call seems to be one of the most anticipated reports.

AMC Earnings History 2021

AMC Earnings Call 2021
AMC Earnings History – AMC Earnings Call 2021 – AMC earnings Q4 2021 – AMC earnings date

I created a long-form blog post on AMC’s short squeeze but also touched base on the company’s fundamentals and earnings report throughout the year.

You can read the full article here.

Here are the highlights of AMC’s earnings history for Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2021.

AMC Q1 2021 highlights

  • The retail community is recognized by Adam Aron
  • AMC Entertainment raised over $2 billion in cash to keep them afloat
  • Food and beverage sales are up by 45%
  • AMC Theatres is no longer on the brink of bankruptcy
  • Expectations for Q2-Q4 are significantly much higher

AMC Q2 2021 highlights

  • Increased revenue in tickets/concession
  • AMC to accept Bitcoin as form of payment
  • Adam Aron teases about a GameStop partnership
  • AMC theatres discusses licensing for sports and music events

Read AMC’s full Q2 breakdown here.

AMC Q3 2021 Highlights

  • $763.2 million in revenue
  • Reduced net loss from $905.8 million in 2020 to $224.2 million
  • Up 81% in revenue from Q2 2021 and 488% from Q1 2021
  • AMC Entertainment shows promising path to recovery

Read AMC’s full Q3 breakdown here.

What to expect: AMC Q4 earnings call

AMC earnings call
AMC Earnings Q4 2021, AMC earnings report, AMC earnings date

We can expect AMC Entertainment to break box office records for Q4 .

When looking at AMC’s earnings calls in 2021 you begin to see a trend.

AMC Theatres has seen impressive progress throughout the year despite company and market adversity.

The company already said it is expecting more than $1 billion in revenue for Q4.

The theatre chain had a lot of success with movies such as Spider-Man No Way Home, Godzilla vs Kong, Mortal Kombat, A Quiet Place 2, The Conjuring, and more.

Leave a comment below naming your favorite movie of 2021!

We will get AMC’s Q4 earnings on March 1st.

CEO and President Adam Aron has expressed his confidence in the growth of the company.

In Q4 we can expect to see lowered debt too.

AMC Entertainment has recently refinanced their debt to lower their interest rate.

The company also sold a junk-bond for $950 million which will be allocated towards paying off debt that was due in 2025.

The theatre chain is starting 2022 as a completely new company fundamentally.

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Should you buy AMC Entertainment stock?

should you buy amc stock
Is AMC stock a buy?

Retail investors buying AMC en masse are buying the stock to squeeze shorts from their positions.

Because the movie theatre chain was in danger of bankruptcy in 2020, short sellers began to heavily short the stock.

AMC’s short interest is currently at 21%, more than enough power to send the stock into the hundreds of dollars per share, perhaps even thousands.

If you’re looking at AMC fundamentally as a company, well, the company has made incredible progress.

Their goal is to completely get out of debt while increasing their revenue streams.

Former Frito-Lay executive Ellen Copaken has joined the team to lead the popcorn business side of things.

Moody’s has also upgraded AMC to Caa2 due to the industry’s rapid recovery.

And with a massive shareholder base, the bullish sentiment and buying power from retail is strong.

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  1. Robert Weiss

    Frank, It seems lately that the chatter is we are close to AMC coming to an end.
    What is your thoughts. I am hearing Mid March early April. Is it just chatter?

  2. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion!

    • Lorenzo

      Hi, Frank. First off… thanks for the great info all throughout this wild AMC ride.

      So, a while ago you posted a mathematical analysis of how AMC shares could blow up to 500K per. Question: how much of that (if any) has changed now that we’re just weeks away from the MOASS? Do you still believe we can reach that height in price? Or, do you see at least a moderate attrition in that predicted price due to any new variables not previously seen and considered? Thanks!

      • Frank Nez

        Hi Lorenzo, thanks for your comment brother. I shared Gabe’s video (ReviewDork) explaining this. I found it rather interesting which is why I shared it with the community. However, I think numbers will be much more moderate. In this article I go over my thesis: https://franknez.com/amc-short-squeeze-price-expectations-vs-reality/

        This of course is just my thoughts based on what I’ve seen and based on the information at hand. Hope it brings you some perspective!

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