The Most Innovative Things Happening With AMC Today

AMC News Today
The most innovative things happening with AMC right now

AMC Entertainment is making incredible progress through their innovative approach towards the future.

The company has announced several achievements and goals during the Q3 earnings call conference.

Here’s a list of the most innovating things happening with AMC right now.

Welcome to – today I want to go over how AMC is evolving through innovation and by catering to its shareholder base.

Let’s get started!

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#1. Cryptocurrencies

AMC gift cards crypto
AMC news today – AMC Theatres accepts cryptocurrencies

It’s no secret AMC Entertainment has embraced cryptocurrency.

Adam Aron’s innovative approach stemmed from the high interest of his shareholders on Twitter.

At first, he announced AMC Entertainment would be accepting Bitcoin.

But now, he’s prioritized Dogecoin and even Shiba Inu coin.

Whether retail investors will use assets to buy a theatrical experience is up to you to decide.

I much rather invest it, how about you?

You can buy cryptocurrency using Coinbase.

You’ll get $10 in Bitcoin when you sign up which means you’ll already have credit for your next AMC purchase.

Once you hold crypto, you will be able to purchase AMC products with cryptocurrency.

#2. AMC/GameStop Collaboration

AMC GameStop Partnership

Adam Aron teased about potentially reaching out to GameStop to see how they could innovate together.

In Q3, the CEO mentioned there were now some talks about how AMC and GameStop could collaborate.

And although nothing has been officially confirmed between the two, we do know Adam Aron is open to creating something rather innovative with GameStop.

Can you guess how this would enhance the theatrical experience?

What would you like to see happen between these two companies?

Leave a comment below.

#3. Live Sports & Concert Showings

AMC News Today – Live Sports and Concert events

Sports fans and music lovers alike were excited to see their favorite sports and concert films on the big screen.

AMC Entertainment gave its audience a little taste of an innovative project in the works.

Adam Aron has said that they have been working on obtaining licensing agreements to premier concerts and live sports events across their movie theater chains.

AMC took an innovative approach by showing the Poirier vs. McGregor UFC fight in its theaters.

AMC Chance The Rapper
Chance The Rapper – AMC Entertainment News

We also saw Chance The Rapper partner up with AMC Entertainment when they released “Magnificent Coloring World”, a dive into the artist’s tour.

This innovation has to be one of my personal favorites, what do you think?

#4. AMC Introduces Investor Connect

AMC Investor Connect - AMC Entertainment News
AMC news today – Investor Connect – AMC Entertainment News

Speaking of shareholder favorites, AMC has introduced Investor Connect.

Investor Connect is a platform designed for AMC’s shareholders.

The program gives retail investors free popcorn when they go watch a movie at their local AMC movie theaters.

This quirky perk provides investors with a small benefit for supporting the company.

Investor Connect is an innovative way to get movie lovers and movie-goers an incentive to also purchase company shares.

#5. AMC On Demand

AMC On Demand - AMC Entertainment News, AMC News Today
AMC on Demand – AMC news today – AMC Entertainment News

A streaming platform has finally made its appearance.

AMC On Demand allows people to stream movies online as well as purchase movies.

AMC Theatres On Demand is available on Roku, LG and Samsung Smart TVs or via the AMC Theatres website or app.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited to see how much more innovative this streaming platform gets.

#6. CEO & Shareholder Relations

Adam Aron Twitter

Agree with me or not but the relationship Adam Aron has built with shareholders is unlike something we’ve ever seen.

Adam Aron has been able to communicate with the shareholder base to come up with all these great and innovative ideas for the company.

You don’t see this happening with other companies.

AMC Entertainment is innovative in the way the CEO connects with his shareholders.

Twitter has been a great platform for Adam Aron to run polls and ask the community questions.

The platform has also allowed the CEO to make announcements and clear any miscommunication online.

Are you following Adam Aron on Twitter? Let me know in the comment section below.

Final Thoughts

What are some innovative things you’d like to see AMC Entertainment do?

How can movie theaters evolve nowadays?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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