TD Bank Customers Now Report Unable to Use Their Money

TD Bank customers are now reporting being unable to use their money via ATM and debit card transactions.

Users on Downdetector say they have been unable to pull cash from the bank while others state debit cards have been declined despite having funds in their TD bank accounts.

“Still not working in PA! I can’t transfer or get any money out and I’m running out of gas and can’t get home,” said Amanda C. on Wednesday.

“8am no deposit showing. 9am $ available but payment with debt card declining. 12:50pm debit card still declining,” reports TD bank customer Natalie.

TD Bank said on Wednesday that the outage customers were experiencing in regards to delayed customer account activities has been resolved, however, customers are still reporting being unable to use their cards.

“My account is up to date – but I still cant use my card. This is insanity,” says Megan.

73% of reports coming in on Thursday have to do with TD’s online banking.

“TD should be waiving customers fees due to these egregious errors on their side.

There is absolutely no excuse for this to have occurred. I hope @SherrodBrown @ewarren and the other members of the Senate’s Banking committee are aware of TD’s problems affecting customer’s money,” said one concerned user online.

In a statement on Wednesday, TD Bank said: “This morning, TD experienced processing delays with the posting of previous day customer account activity.

Most customers could access their TD accounts via online and mobile banking but account balances may not have been up to date.

“We identified and resolved this issue and account balances and activity are being updated today.

All customer transactions will be posted and accounted for. We thank our customers for their understanding in this matter.”

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Market News Today - TD Bank Customers Now Report Unable to Use Their Money.
Market News Today – TD Bank Customers Now Report Unable to Use Their Money.

Customers are now reporting being unable to access money from a popular US bank.

Green Dot Bank has been facing fraud allegations from various customers who have been locked out of their account from weeks to months.

Many customers are having difficulty receiving a direct response from the bank’s customer service department, with many claiming to have been given the runaround.

“It been a month and I still haven’t been able to get my money from Walmart green dot. I have ask for a replacement card 4 time haven’t got a card yet my rent is do for last month and this month. I think there trying keep my money,” says Marzell Land.

Green Dot bank has been freezing multiple customer accounts resulting in missed bills or the usage of high interest credit cards to get by.

“Unable to access my funds from Green Dot and they have no answers and send me to a specialist that has me on hold for hours and then they hang up on me,” said Jordan, a Green Dot Bank customer on Friday.

“I had my check go to this account and now my $2,500 dollars is gone.

They have told me from Tuesday they would refund me. Do Not Use this fake bank!!!!!!

WE need to report them to BBB Crooks in real life @GO2bank. Was on the phone for two hours, NOTHING,” reports Lori Chong.

Several retirees in the U.S. have been affected.

The bank, which has 33 million customers, initially said account balances and transactions were impacted by an issue with a payment processing partner.

Now, the bank says its systems are fully up and running – but customers say the problems persist.

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Market News Today - TD Bank Customers Now Report Unable to Use Their Money.
Market News Today – TD Bank Customers Now Report Unable to Use Their Money.

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