Mullen Awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla

Market News Daily - Mullen Awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla.
Market News Daily – Mullen Awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla.

Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) has been awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla by Green Car Journal.

“The fast pace of the expanding low/no carbon commercial truck field means there are many new and important models that deserve to be honored for their environmental achievement. 

Green Car Journal recognizes these vehicles with the Green Car Product of Excellence™ award.

We feel it’s important to acknowledge the design ingenuity, technical prowess, and environmental commitment exhibited by these award winning commercial vehicles and the companies responsible for bringing them to our highways.”

Other brand models awarded amongst the Mullen 3 and Tesla Semi include Blue Arc EV, Brightdrop Zevo, Greenpower EV Star, Lion5, Mack MD Electric, Rizon, VIA Motors VTRUX, and the Workhorse W56.

“The mission to decarbonize transportation is well underway.

We see this in the expanding field of high-profile electric cars regularly announced by automakers and discussed in the media every day.

The unfolding story of personal transportation’s move toward higher efficiency, cleaner fuels, and decreased emissions is an important one that has been well documented by Green Car Journal over the past three decades.

But this is just one part of the story.

Over the years, we have also witnessed a growing movement toward more environmentally positive trucks and vans for business use, including electric commercial vehicles.

This is important since the movement of goods is an integral part of daily life and a significant contributor to CO2 greenhouse gases.

Because of this, the big rigs transporting containers from ports to distribution centers, the trucks bringing food to supermarkets, and the commercial vans delivering packages to our businesses and homes have now become focal points for decarbonization strategies,” says Green Car Journal.

Global EV Technology Founder Says Mullen is The Next Tesla

Market News Daily - Mullen Awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla.
Market News Daily – Mullen Awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla.

Global EV Tech founder Lawrence Hardge says Mullen Automotive is the next Tesla.

The founder made the following statement on Facebook:

“Thank you. However, it is very difficult for me to keep quiet. However, the world will appreciate the new developments and deals we have been quiet about until announcement. I love you Tesla. I own one.

Time for me to have my own brand. Mullens will be the next Tesla. I retrofitted a Tesla and improved mileage to almost 500 miles with four passengers. Yes we are in negotiations with a host of international companies.”

A bold statement indeed.

CoinCodex predicts Mullen Automotive stock to surge big by 2030 and is giving it a ‘buy’ rating today.

“Based on our Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock forecast, Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock is currently a good stock to buy.

This is because the price of Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock is expected to increase by 1,174.67% in the next year.

According to our Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock prediction for 2030, MULN stock will be priced at $ 1,075.27 in 2030.”

Based on CoinCodex’s current data, the sentiment around Mullen Automotive is 81% bullish vs 19% bearish.

However, Mullen’s dark pool trading has surged as high as 70% which has prevented real investor demand from reflecting in the lit market.

Latest MULN Stock News and Updates

Mullen News Today

Mullen Automotive has officially split, but the stock is trading just above Nasdaq’s $1 bid requirement.

At a glance, it looks like MULN stock has a strong probability of being shorted below $1 again which could result in another reverse stock split.

Big buying pressure is what it will take for the company to remain compliant with Nasdaq’s listing rule and potentially squeeze short sellers.

Analysts have begun to notice the alarming cost to borrow rate hedge funds are paying to short the company.

Mullen’s short interest has also begun to rise, signifying more short sellers are targeting the company.

Currently, MULN has a short interest of 16%-17%, updated daily here.

This is enough short interest to squeeze short sellers from their positions and initiate a short squeeze like we’ve seen in the past with AMC Entertainment for example, who only had a 22% short interest before dropping to 14% and shares rising from $9 to its all-time high of $72 per share.

Investing in Mullen Automotive stock has been quite intricate for shareholders as shares have plunged despite several positive developments within the company.

In late April, Mullen announced that it is taking certain affirmative steps in light of the extraordinary trading volume and evidence of unusually high levels of failure to deliver on short sales as reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

These steps include retaining outside counsel, which is working with Shareholder Intelligence Services LLC (“ShareIntel”) to undertake a comprehensive analysis of data derived from broker-dealers, clearing firms and other sources to provide actionable intelligence on potential market manipulation and illegal short selling.

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Market News Today - Mullen Awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla.
Market News Today – Mullen Awarded Green Truck of The Year Alongside Tesla.

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