CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030

Market News Daily - CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030.
Market News Daily – CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030.

CoinCodex predicts Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) stock to surge big by 2030 and is giving it a ‘buy’ rating today.

“Based on our Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock forecast, Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock is currently a good stock to buy.

This is because the price of Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock is expected to increase by 1,174.67% in the next year.

According to our Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock prediction for 2030, MULN stock will be priced at $ 1,075.27 in 2030.”

Based on CoinCodex’s current data, the sentiment around Mullen Automotive is 81% bullish vs 19% bearish.

MULN stock is currently down more than -85% this year-to-date despite several positive developments.

Recently, Global EV Tech partner Lawrence Hardge has hinted at a huge business opportunity that could net billions of dollars, though Mullen Automotive has yet to confirm these claims.

Mullen CEO David Michery has received big criticism from certain investors who allege much of the company’s press release is all ‘talk’.

The company reported that as of April 30, 2023, the cash available for Company operations was $116.1 million.

So, the company has cash at hand and seems to be moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately, high dark pool volume seems to be keeping shares at bay and in short seller’s favor.

Lawrence Hardge Says Mullen Will Be the Next Tesla

Market News Daily - CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030.
Market News Daily – CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030.

Global EV Technology founder Lawrence Hardge says that Mullen Automotive will be the next Tesla.

And according to CoinCodex’s price prediction for Mullen, it seems like they might think so too.

While it’s difficult to predict the future of any company in the next 10 years, if the leaked information Lawrence Hardge has provided on Mullen Automotive is true, there should be no problem for the company stock to reach these heights.

“The world will appreciate the new developments and deals we have been quiet about until announcement. I love you Tesla. I own one.

Time for me to have my own brand. Mullens will be the next Tesla. I retrofitted a Tesla and improved mileage to almost 500 miles with four passengers. Yes we are in negotiations with a host of international companies.

I made the decision to contract with Mullen’s because some saw them as the underdog like myself and today we are no longer chasing companies. I remained quite until everything was certified and blessed by the big companies,” said Lawrence on Facebook.

Mullen Automotive has recently begun working on a $680,000 federal contract agreement and become an exclusive partner to a second federal contractor.

You can read the latest Mullen Automotive business updates from the company here.

Long Term MULN Stock Price Prediction

CoinCodex is giving MULN stock a very bullish price prediction for the years to come.

The company says it expects MULN stock to reach $8.22 in 2025 and $1,075 by 2030.

Mullen’s market cap would have to either explode or the company stock would have to see various gamma squeezes throughout the years, similar to what Tesla went through.

Long-Term MULN Stock Price Prediction
Long-Term MULN Stock Price Prediction.

The report is certainly bullish, and as a friend says, it might not be a bad idea to put coffee or beer money into this play.

Still, there are risks at the moment, more specifically with the possibility of MULN stock falling below $1 again.

The company just went through a 1-for-25 reverse stock split in order to remain compliant with Nasdaq’s $1 bid requirement.

If share prices continue to fall, the company risks having to split again, ultimately compromising investor confidence.

But I’m curious to know what you think — leave your thoughts below.

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Market News Today - CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030.
Market News Today – CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030.

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    The Good of the one Will out way the needs of the many…….

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    I’m so tired of the dark pools illegally shorting stocks by the predatory criminal shorts that the sec does nothing about the market was fine before dark pools and it is just a way to stop short squeezes and Rob more from retail it’s supposed to be a zero sum game and fair but our government has proven itself a criminal enterprise

  3. Michael

    In 7 years 😉 Perfect for Longterm investor. I have to question the relevance of this article right now considering 2030 is 7 years away?

  4. Chris

    This sounds great but, it seems like
    This stock is used for pump and dumps. Why does it have such a bad downward trend

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