Is a New AMC Stock All-Time High Coming Soon?

AMC stock all time high
Market News: Is AMC stock about to hit a new all-time high soon?

AMC stock’s last time all-time high reached $72 per share.

The stock had surged more than 3,000% last year when retail investors bought and held the stock, squeezing some shorts from their positions.

As a result, Citadel and others lost billions of dollars, and Robinhood lost all trust along the way.

Mainstream media continues to attack the retail community and stock in short and distort campaigns – where media and short sellers collude to drive the price of a stock even lower.

So, while AMC Entertainment has now paved a path to recovery, short sellers have not left.

And the data that stood out when AMC surged to $20 per share in January and $72 per share in June, points to another massive runup.

Is a new AMC stock all-time high underway?

Let’s discuss it.

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AMC’s share on loan reaches an all-time high

AMC Shares on loan

When AMC stock’s all-time high reached $72 per share, it had roughly 102 million shares out on loan.

These are the number of shares being loaned to short AMC stock.

But short sellers did not stop shorting the world’s largest movie theatre chain.

No – instead they kept shorting it.

Today, AMC’s shares on loan have reached an ATH of almost 180 million.

This means short sellers have more shares on loan that need to be returned than they did when AMC’s all-time high hit $72.

These shares on loan eventually have to be returned back to the lender, and the only way to return them back is by purchasing the stock no matter the share price.

Short sellers have sold all these shares high as AMC’s share price has dropped for months, with many new positions holding unrealized profits.

But they’ll eventually have to close their positions, returning the borrowed shares back to the lender.

And when they do, AMC will run like it did last year.

AMC to the moon

AMC to the moon

AMC to the moon – the concept of AMC reaching massive heights as closing short positions skyrocket the share price.

But just how high will AMC stock’s new all-time high go?

Speculation has always depicted AMC reaching thousands of dollars per share due to the incredible amount of synthetics conjured up to short the company stock.

Could this be an ongoing, but controlled short squeeze?

TA (technical analysis) shows AMC’s next all-time high can reach upwards of nearly $300 per share.

Is it possible that each year regulators are dismantling this time bomb in order to prevent massive market disruption?

It’s an interesting idea, yet a highly probable scenario given just how overleveraged financial institutions such as hedge funds are on these plays.

If AMC stock is to reach extremely high numbers per share, I can only expect it will happen in increments, rather than in one blow.

I’d love to know what you think.

How soon will AMC stock go up again?

The entire stock market has been on a freefall, and AMC Entertainment stock is no exception.

Despite its incredible negative beta, institutions have been able to suppress the stock from moving upwards.

I’ve stated in several articles and videos that the market situation is following the SPY and NASDAQ very closely.

It’s the way for those in control to keep the market together.

AMC began to move up in late March reaching more than $34 per share before it was regretfully halted along with GameStop.

The market has been keeping these ‘meme stocks’ in check during this incredulous bear market.

Despite the market manipulation, not all hope is lost.

Margin calls are looming.

And institutions are about to lose an incredible amount of collateral due to executive order 14032.

Lack of collateral will result in the same margin calls that triggered AMC to run in January and June of last year.

Only this year, the collateral haircut is much greater, consisting of 70+ companies rather than 30.

We will see how this plays out.

What is your prediction for AMC in the coming weeks?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog down below.

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  1. ZZZman

    I’ve been saying what you touched on in your article from the minute I joined the channel. Regulators will not allow AMC’s price to reach market breaking levels. People have called me a kook and whatever else but I have always had feeling that they will step in and negotiate some price that know one is happy with so that it doesn’t destroy the HF’s who heavily fund politicians. It looks even more like that’s their exit strat even more these days because of the dip in short interest & prices below $10 when they could have closed but instead for no other reason I can think of than exasperating the problem by going from a 14% low position to over 23% now. making it a threat to the entire economy and calling in some favors to bail them out once again by either some kind of price ceiling agreement or a bailout. This even ties into those ridiculous meme stock skits and SEC FOMO posts as an incredibly stupid way to try and reduce interest in the stock (which it had the opposite effect (the HF’s & SEC should be referred to as dumb money now, smh). Anyway they seem to be steering into the crash which I have no other explanation for. “All Hail Caesar!”

  2. Robert Quinn

    Are you prophet?!?! Lol I’m doubling down in amc

  3. Barbara J Bradley

    It’s all about what they are able to pay also..this play is bigger than I think we may even think.

  4. Bob

    Alex, are you coming from the future?
    If yes please give me the next Power Ball numbers!!

  5. Alex

    On Monday 13 June 2022 at precisely 11.28 ~ AMC will begin the very much awaited short squeeze ~ the share price at opening bell will be 17.45 and we shall surpass 34 usd within 2 hrs after 11.28 as noted above. It will be a 12 trading day frenzy of wild swings but on 28 June it will pull back a bit whilst at 64.68. Major desperate moves will be scrambled to stop the squeeze but by July 13 at precisely 15.11 a all time high of 96.80 cents will be reached.

    Watch these dates and times ~ it’s going to exciting.

  6. Denny Oliver

    I personally believe that these last 5 weeks the reason why shares on loan has increased significantly is for the main reason and goal …getting AMC below the psychological number of $10. We know for a fact the true value of AMC is between $12-24 at this time. It’s unfortunate that the hedgefunds continue to double down . The proof you need is in the Ortex short interest, that will not go away. AMC has had so many good fundamentals happen , acquisitions of HYMC and NCMI great box office numbers and to top it off a good earnings report.give it time the same cycle will soon be disrupted when you least expect it June July August or even late September. Noone knows, but they do by law have to cover, in what way we will find of soon.

  7. Tony Micle

    Executive order GME stock split, June is going to suck for the hedge funds.

    • Frank Nez

      FR 😤💯

  8. Tony Micle

    Combine this with the GME stock split which will force a share recall and the hedgies are screwed. It doesn’t matter who squeezes first. One squeeze will start the dominoes!

    • Frank Nez

      Exactly! It’ll just be another trigger 🔥

  9. Rob

    I got nothing to lose holding my 75 shares. It ain’t hurting me to hold but it’s certainly hurting someone. In the words of Axel Rose, all we need is just a little patience

    • Frank Nez


  10. Michael F. Sullivan

    Do you really belive the millionaires would let is retail stock holders make money?I don’t have faith in the SEC to help us out instead letting the people with money have there way

  11. K. McIntosh

    I’m just so ready for some type of movement!

    • Frank Nez

      I think we all are! 😂♥️🔥🔥🔥

  12. Sal

    I believe $300 is very very low 2-5K min

    • Frank Nez

      I believe it’s low too – would love to see this thing just ride it all the way up

  13. Bob

    That should have started yesterday…
    What do you think about the fact that not only yesterday we didn’t start a run up but instead we took a dive?!

    • Frank Nez

      Remember, removing collateral doesn’t necessarily mean institutions aren’t below margin right away. We could see more selloff to keep up with the collateral required before it gets too heavy to keep up with. It’s definitely not a good position to be in.

      • Tony Micle

        Exactly! It’s T+2 at a minimum. It might be a little longer but if the order isn’t rescinded again I expect the excrement to hit the fan by Wednesday or Thursday.

    • Candace

      That doesn’t happen immediately. Expect some serious movement 3-4 days after the provision takes effect.

      • Frank Nez

        Exactly, these things take time.

  14. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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