AMC Stock: CEO is Tired of Manipulation Talks

Market News Daily: AMC CEO fatigued by manipulation talks.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) CEO Adam Aron touches on billions of synthetic shares and market manipulation.

For years now, AMC shareholders have stuck to their convictions on a mother of all short squeezes (MOASS) due to the alarming amount of overleveraged shares out in the market that institutions still have to buy back.

AMC Entertainment stock has been shorted in the past by some of the biggest short sellers on Wall Street, though now they are playing both sides to hedge their bets.

Notorious short seller Citadel has a long history of market manipulation, Chairman Gary Gensler says more than 50% of trading goes through dark pools, and Patrick McConloguge, an ex-Citadel data scientist says the game is rigged and that rules are tailored to benefit hedge funds.

But AMC CEO Adam Aron says that is not the company’s problem, despite thousands of investors urging the company to take an activist role in lifting the suppression that keeps the stock price from rising.

Investors managed to raise AMC shares from $2 to $20, and from $5 to $72 per share — though halts and other forms of suppression limited how high the stock was allowed to go.

Shareholders have felt cheated ever since and have urged AMC’s CEO to take legal action against naked shorts like other CEOs are currently doing.

But AMC’s CEO has recently expressed a strong message towards the manipulation occurring in his company stock.

And quite frankly, the CEO expresses he’s tired of investors talking about it.

Let’s dive right into it.

AMC CEO on Billions of Synthetic Shares

AMC CEO Adam Aron on Synthetic Shares.
AMC CEO Adam Aron on Synthetic Shares.

In August 2022, just moments before the debut of AMC’s Preferred Equity, APE, Adam Aron released the following statement:

“Candidly, I’ve seen no evidence so-called fake or synthetic shares exist. But many of you disagree. This preferred equity dividend goes ONLY to company issued shares. So, it will have the impact of a “share count” or unique dividend many of you have sought.”

This alarmed many investors at the time with a few die-hard followers calling anyone who mentioned this news as ‘bot’, ‘shill’, or ‘fud’ — completely unnecessary of course but it paints the environment well.

Other Twitter influencers promised shareholders APE was the catalyst to an epic short squeeze but failed to explain the equity’s true purpose.

In other words, only a half-truth was being spread within the community which caused shareholders to hold even deeper losses.

A video surfaced on social media of Adam Aron speaking on market manipulation that has many investors somewhat divided — though it shouldn’t.

And I’ll explain why in a moment.

The CEO says, “guys, don’t believe everything you read on Twitter. Yes, it’s true that we have a lot of short sellers who have sold our shares short, but all that stuff that you read about market manipulation, and fail to delivers, and all this other stuff, there’s billions of synthetic shares out there — that’s not our problem.”

Adam Aron said on Twitter the company had reached out to the NYSE and FINRA to look into the high number of FTDs but failed to provide any sort of letter confirming the claims.

Shareholders are confused to say the least with what the CEO had to say during one of his events.

Is the CEO is experiencing fear, uncertainty, and doubt?

In another video, the CEO can be heard telling a shareholder, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just wrong. You’re just wrong across the board. There are no synthetic shares.”

Despite not being one of the most peppy AMC updates, it sure is something worth raising awareness about.

What the CEO says and what you have seen are going to reinforce your conviction or lack thereof.

However, there are always two sides to a coin.

In the full video, you can also hear the CEO state that essentially running the company fundamentally is more important than the manipulation happening in the company stock.

The clips are rubbing many investors the wrong way but shouldn’t be take completely out of context.

Still, investors feel the CEO should not discuss market injustices if he’s not willing to tackle them.

Why is This Important?

Market News Daily: Adam Aron tired of market manipulation talks.
Market News Daily: Adam Aron tired of market manipulation talks.

There are millions of investors out there who have witnessed the market manipulation single handedly for years and now they’re being told it’s not important — or rather it doesn’t exist, when real data, reports, and whistleblowers have stated otherwise.

Though the CEOs controversial statements might have investors divided, it shouldn’t.

In the end, a shareholder is a shareholder and everyone has a choice to make based on what’s happening in the market and with the company.

Some shareholders are indifferent, simply waiting to collect profits when shorts start closing their positions.

AMC’s short interest is still high at 23.60%.

The short interest was lower when AMC shares ran up to its all-time high of $72 per share in 2021.

Time will tell where AMC’s share price goes from here on out.

What do you make of AMC’s CEO’s thoughts on the manipulation?

Was this the proper way to address shareholders and the community who have been fighting for change in the financial system?

Out of the market injustices that have occurred ever since the ‘meme stock’ frenzy, ‘We The Investors’ has established a legitimate voice for the retail community and has been able to speak to Chairman Gary Gensler on concerns and issues investors are currently facing.

We’ve also been able to raise enough awareness to bring certain issues to light by bigger media outlets, ensuring your voice is heard.

Leave your thoughts below.

Originally published on March 15, 2023.

Market News Published Daily

Market News Today - AMC CEO Fed Up with Manipulation Talks
Market News Today – AMC CEO tired of Manipulation Talks.

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  1. fam

    Hey Suckit pleases if you can forward that info to the judge it should help our cause.

  2. Richard Lay

    Why not? We’ve all been burned bad by all of this collective BS, why not bail and short it all the way to zero? At least we’d re-coop some of our losses.

  3. Curtis P.

    Write to the judge of the current lawsuit and let her know you never received your proxy papers. If enough people write to her, it will certainly help show something was very off about this whole proxy voting procedure.

  4. Suckit

    You have been a great resource of information for me personally. I feel you are fair & after reading how you broke down the vote that’s when I knew u were truly a fair writer but also bringing awareness to how retail feels. I shared your article trying to warn people with the info your provided if they were a NO vote but louder voices always win 😔 Thank u for being a fair honest journalist!

  5. Pepe

    Leave Adam alone!! Let him live in peace so he can enjoy our money.

    • Frank Nez

      Okay, that was pretty funny 😅

  6. Bb barr

    I give this until April. Then collectively we all pull out. We apes kept AmC alive. We can kill it too. He needs to be wary. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

    • Frank Nez

      No one is collectively pulling out – everyone is free to make their own decisions based on the changing circumstances in the company and stock.

      • T.

        Why not we are getting collectively ripped off by shorts, wall street, the CEO, the sec, FINRA… Why the hell not!

    • Joey

      You’re 💯 but not sure if it can happen. It would’ve nice though. I recall Adam kissing up to us but now he’s just chilling. I understand there’s thousands of Apes still supporting the potential MOASS but I’m not sure if it’ll happen. You can be a cheerleader all you want but it can get tiring and patience will run out. Good luck to all.

  7. Bo

    Most CEO’s care greatly about their investors and what they think. This guy obviously does not. His methods are manipulative and he appears unconcerned about his investors. Stop manipulating our stocks for your income and Run the damn business in effort to realize a return for your investors!

  8. Phil Billington

    In my opinion there has to be some leaning going on here. You can literally see the manipulation on AMC stock everyday. Months worth of more buys than sells and the stock constantly goes down. Blatant spoofing and ladder attacks on lvl 2 data. Someone powerful does not want this to run and is using all their clout for it not too. Lets not forget that when overstock came up with a solution to their shorting and illegal trading the SEC said it would cause a MOASS. Overstock said yes, basic supply and demand. The SEC answered we cannot allow that to happen.

  9. Heath

    Buy and hold especially if you think he’s being threatened, that means they are desperate!!!!!!

  10. Judah

    I believe us the investors have been played! AA is in on the whole thing get people to invest when it’s high then shake them out when you made your money. Look at what that idiot Trey’s trades did he completely quit preaching amc after he got paid from AA for getting everyone in. Point is the market is rigged I should have never invested in a company being run by someone that has attachments to the people shorting his own company and getting paid off by them once we go broke. Now I’m almost 30k in and have a little under 3k in my p&l. I only got into this to see a short squeeze, not because I watch movies just like everyone else we just want our money back. but you never know banks are failing now so possibly we could see something but that’s just pure hope.

  11. Licari

    I would like to leave a message. For those that read this board if you did not get your papers in the mail or email write it down yes or no and then put down what you would’ve said yes for the merger no for the merger yes or no for the 10 to one reversal split. Don’t you find it funny not to get your paper so they can vote on your behal. They wanted this to go through no matter what

    • Suckit

      It was set up! AA needed 50%+ of shares voted on whether yes or no, so all of those that voted no were actually voting FOR. If 1 was. No vote they should of not voted. I do NOT believe 87% of retail are for when AMC doesn’t even have 1% of profitable sh! He wrote a whole article on it. It was extremely informative & I tried to warn the no peep but “let your voices be heard” won. Hence why AA didn’t care how we voted. Just like when he said ” I could of sold in 2021 for 5 BILLION & be debt free. Majority of sh were FOR it but HE, OUR CEO, decided to wait. Why? Cuz the poison pill! He needed to get control back & found a way to do that while also letting shorts out of all the synthetics. Peep say shorts have to cover but in 3 yrs other than GME BBBY OCGN and a couple other SS, majority 2021, I have yet to see any covering. Does anyone know more about this stock code nn? AA also LEADS SH his m tweet & the games he plays. He spent 3 wks telling us the upcoming sh prices for APE & AMC. And his latest “hint” is either nn or n..based on what I’m reading it maybe nn…but not sure. Still doing DD. His average sh holds 120 sh based on sh count & outstanding sh…sad after 3 yrs to see people be at 12-20 sh & we all know it will tank w halts while going down. He took a great play, an opportunity to make history, bring change, used us, killed the SS, cuz he lost the poison pill, and needed control back! He didn’t care if it was at our expense or not. I sold w every other Co..idky I held w this one. Oh wait I do..I actually believed in AA. I won’t put another penny into AMC or their theaters period…and I’m not alone. His sh are also his customers &cheerleaders. Hence why his like on Twitter went from 15k-30k to the same 3k peep over &over since the vote!

  12. Pina

    When you think about it this is the second time that Aaron is trying to do a reverse split. I’m sorry Erin but when you take the stock from $22 and drive it down to $12 and then add Ape shares and call it a dividends, to me you’re dreaming. and you diluted your shareholders. You’re not looking after your shareholders you’re looking after yourself . I pulled my shares out before the vote . I rather lose 1500 then trying to sell my shares at 75 a share which is what it would be after a split no thank you. That is exactly what you did was a reverse split two to one. Then hoping that the stock would skyrocket which you didn’t because you were hoping the APEs on the Reddit board would help you.
    Now watch as soon as you merge the app and then do a 10 to one this stock is going to cave. .

  13. Licari

    I don’t understand. Today the votes were 87%. How can that be when I know a lot of people in Canada did not get their proxy votes in the mail. According to TD Bank Canada they said a lot of people had to call In and ask about their proxy papers because they did not get their proxy votes on time. I myself know a lot of people that did not vote today because they did not receive their papers. Obviously something is wrong here. How can that be 87% in both apps and AMC.
    During the meeting today they try to vote online and it wouldn’t allow them when the voting polls were open. I got a hold of AMC twice by email with no reply. Yeah got a love this company, when they don’t even return your calls or emails

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for sharing – just so investors are aware, the third proposal allows AMC to lean in favor of the proposals if there are not enough votes. So, if you voted yes on that proposal, you gave AMC the green light to vote yes for basically anyone who didn’t vote.

      • Licari

        So there you go and this is the reason why a lot of people did not get their votes in the mail this was all a manipulation to make sure that they get to vote for you no matter what the outcome would be my vote would’ve been yes on the merger and no on the split. I would like to start a poll on how many people did not get their papers. And what they would’ve voted

  14. Colen stafford

    The analyst say the price should be 2-3 dollars I say stop talking about a reverse split , if it does well lose 50 percent more right off the bat , instead do a 2 for 1 split drop the price to 2.50 the shorts will be even further in the hole drop it to 1.00 we’ll buy up every week lots of apes will come back in we’ll buy the float times two they pay interest out the you know what , when the company makes money pay off your dept so what if you lose money based on shares , pay your depts profits will follow you do realize some of us already down 85% you really need reverse split so you can have half of the other 15% your just giving up letting them off the hook for have the shorts even if price didn’t drop 50% day one they sell it short all the way down again , yea the hedge that bought in to give you money you sold out to them , someone need ck your money flow ,

  15. michael tichy

    not saying it happened but when powers to be threaten life/family you will say whatever you are told to say

    • Frank Nez

      You think parties are silencing him? Or acting through him?

  16. Barry

    It was his tone in that rant that I found disturbing. Anyone who says it isn’t the CEO’s job to deal with security fraud is misguided. If the stock is manipulated the company ends up NOT being able to raise capital,how can this not be a basic function of a CEO to protect SP so raises are less dilutive. Simples really

    I’m long but not convinced about AA and his motives

    • Frank Nez

      The tone was definitely off-putting.

  17. David Glenn Misner

    Adam Aron is right. It is not their responsibility to stop the naked shorts. It is his job to make AMC profitable and have a positive cash flow. Just like it is not the responsibility of a bank to catch bank robbers it is not Adam’s job to stop naked shorts. When AMC gets to be debt free and cash flow positive then that will create buying pressure which will create FOMO which will cause the squeeze.

    • Frank Nez

      Well said 🤔

  18. Stevehoping

    AA’s big idea of APE to raise cash and save the company, the infamous “pounce”, has been a dismal failure, further tanking AMC’s price. No apology from him on this miscalculation either on this. He claims APE is trading at a “mysterious” discount but then says nothing to see here, move along. Well, which is it? Sorry but this guy has no credibility in my book. I can’t even retail ownership statistics from him.

    • David Glenn Misner

      Too early to call it a dismal failure.

      • Frank Nez


      • stevehoping

        I must disagree. Prior to APE, AMC was $18 to $20. Post APE combined, less than half that. APE was supposed to raise cash but had to be sold at a huge discount to make any return. Why not sell when it was much higher. Now APE will be used to dilute AMC and make the short squeeze play much more difficult. I haven’t seen one thing positive from this except finding a way around shareholders negative sentiment towards more dilution. Hence my saying it’s been a dismal failure

    • Frank Nez

      Partly, sure.

    • Jeremy Comer

      Pounce was on retail

  19. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

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