95% of Retail Orders Don’t Go Through Lit Exchange

Gary Gensler says 90%-95% of retail orders don't go through lit exchange
Gary Gensler says 90%-95% of retail orders don’t go through lit exchange.

Gary Gensler announced exclusively on Bloomberg (see below) that 90-95% of retail orders don’t go through the lit exchange.

The SEC Commissioner says these orders are rerouted to dark pools rather than the NYSE.

It was only a year after the ‘meme stock’ frenzy that the community receives this official news.

The ‘ape’ community has been labeled as conspiracy theorists but have proven to be correct time and time again on the market injustices that have been occurring for decades.

Here’s the latest market news.


Welcome to Franknez.com – Gary Gensler has confirmed the market manipulation that the ‘ape’ community has been exposing all for years now.

This is big for the retail community because for some time, ‘smart money’ was referring to investors as conspiracy theorists.

And can the SEC suspend dark pool trading?

Let’s dive right into it.

Gary Gensler on Dark Pools via Bloomberg

Gary Gensler confirms 90%-95% or retail orders are processed in dark pools

SEC Chairman and Commissioner Gary Gensler says payment for order flow is partly the reason why orders aren’t processed on the lit exchange.

He says retail orders go to wholesalers on an order-by-order competition.

Citadel’s Ken Griffin has praised PFOF stating it’s good for retail investors.

However, PFOF allows market makers to process retails orders in the ‘dark markets’, or dark pools.

This means retail buying volume is out of sync with AMC’s actual share price.

AMC’s share price is synthetic, it only reflects a small portion of buying volume.

Market Makers Have Been Stealing from Retail Investors

Market makers have been stealing from retail investors with absolutely no consequence from regulators.

Now that the cat is out of the hat, what is going to be done about it?

How does one account for all the orders that have been derailed from the lit exchange market and fix the share price to reflect the correct amount?

Banning PFOF is one thing but what about the money that has been masked by dark pools?

Will these financial institutions be held accountable for financial treason?

The integrity of the stock market has been tainted for far too long, now it’s time to take action.

Will PFOF get banned in the U.S?

Will PFOF get banned in the United States?
Will PFOF get banned in the United States?

According to Gary Gensler, PFOF is banned in the UK, Canada, Australia, and in Europe.

However, because the U.S has a very strong capitalist economy, it could prove to be difficult.

Gensler says, “I think it’s natural that we look to say, how do we drive great competition and efficiency in this market, and use the tools that congress has given us.”

Here the SEC Chairman is saying their solution is to find someone who can compete with these market makers rather than banning PFOF in general.

We’ve seen these efforts through the IEX exchange D-Limit order.

IEX is a lit exchange that reflects much more accurate share prices and eliminates the predatorial strategies used by market makers and hedge funds.

These strategies include PFOF and high frequency trading.

Recently, Citadel, Charles Schwab, and the NYSE have teamed up to destroy new SEC Proposals.

However, ‘We The Investors’ has challenged Wall Street by submitting more than 1,300 letters supporting the SEC’s proposals.

Retail Wants Orders Processed Through the Lit Exchange

The SEC is supposed to be protecting retail investors from nefarious market practices.

Therefore, it is the SEC’s duty to find a solution and locate the money that retail is missing.

Retail wants orders processed through the lit exchange.

Market makers do not have the consent to move retail money through dark pools or other foreign markets.


Can the SEC Suspend Dark Pools?

Yes, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has the authority to suspend dark pools if it believes that they are violating securities laws or posing a risk to investors or the integrity of the markets.

Dark pools are private trading venues that allow institutional investors to buy and sell large blocks of securities without revealing their trading intentions to the public.

While dark pools can provide benefits such as reducing market impact and improving execution quality, they can also raise concerns about transparency and fairness.

The SEC has taken action in the past to regulate dark pools and address potential abuses.

For example, in 2014, the SEC brought charges against a major dark pool operator for making false statements to investors about the operation of its trading platform, leading to a $12 million settlement.

In 2020, the SEC proposed rules that would increase transparency and disclosure requirements for dark pools.

If the SEC determines that a dark pool is engaged in unlawful activities or poses a risk to investors or the markets, it can suspend the dark pool’s operations, require it to take remedial actions, or take other enforcement actions as appropriate.

Market News Published Daily

Market News Today - Can the SEC suspend dark pools?
Market News Today – Can the SEC suspend dark pools?

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  1. mrcomp11

    The US doesn’t have a “Very strong capitalist economy” it has a very strong criminal network of interconnected rigged market fakers and crooks.

    • Frank Nez

      Shots fired! 😤🔥

  2. Marcin

    anonymus should disable darkpool

    • Frank Nez

      Wouldn’t that be something!

  3. EMW

    Sadly I’m afraid you’re absolutely right. Plus, If Shitadel is, was or will be losing billions like everyone seems to believe they’d be out of business or at least would have had to give up by now. They have these things called ‘customers’ who would not allow their Fund managers to handle their investments like buffoons. Citadel doesn’t just hold AMC. I don’t care how corrupt the system is or the level of criminality. They’d have to be bringing in many billions more in revenue just to break even. So whoever is telling this story is feeding us horse manure and we must love manure because we’re certainly eating this shit up.

  4. Tom Peper

    If they don’t ban payment for order flow i wil never ever play anything again in the US stock market. Its forbidden in Europe and the markets are so much more transparent over here
    let’s go AMC and GME, release me from this manipulated market!

    Thnx for the great Article Frank, we spoke about this a little while ago! You’re my number one AMC men!! Keep doing this!
    Holland is holding strong!

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for your comment Tom! It’s incredible to think PFOF is banned everywhere but in the states. This has to change.

  5. Chris

    He is just kicking the can down the road…blah..blah..blah…there is a existing regulation that allows banning of dark pools already on the books…and could implemented tomorrow….just a talking hrad..

    • Frank Nez

      Regulators have to act now

  6. Terrance L Ross

    It’s insane they have stolen options, calls and puts by sending volume off exchange. How could you ever hit a strike price. This is total BS

    • Frank Nez

      The community must raise awareness and get this information over to MSM who isn’t covering it!

  7. Tina Brien-Matthews

    All the hedge funds that have been manipulating and stealing for retail buyers need to go to prison not get fine which does not affect them in any way. Margin calls need to be done immediately to address all the manipulation because there is no doubt they do not have enough money in to cover all the manipulation they have done over the last year.

    • Frank Nez

      Regulators need to take action now

      • mrcomp11

        You are exactly right Frank, but are the regulators trustworthy? Who has been bought and paid for in this spiderweb of financial entanglement?

        • Frank Nez

          The more the community raises awareness on these issues, the closer we get to real change imo. It all starts with awareness. No big change happens overnight, unfortunately.

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