A Chase Customer Now Gets Scammed of Whopping $200K

A Chase customer now gets scammed of a whopping $200K after fraudsters impersonated the bank’s fraud team, leading to the illicit activity.

Charles Haney, from Cypress, Texas, about 30 miles northeast of Houston, claimed the money was stolen from his Chase Bank account.

The trucking company owner said scammers took money out of his business checking account following a phone call, according to NBC affiliate KPRC-TV.

Haney claimed that he received a text message on December 7, 2022, that asked him about a purchase.

He then alleged that he received a phone call from what he thought was Chase Bank’s fraud team to verify if the Texas man was paying for something in Florida.

Haney added that he told the person on the phone that he did not make the purchase. 

“The only information I gave him was to verify what he was asking me,” he said.

Despite this, he claimed that the caller already knew some personal information like his account numbers which he was asked to verify.

Haney said that this made him believe it was actually his bank calling him to stop fraud on his account, so he shared more personal information.

During this conversation, Haney claimed that he received a call from his business relationship manager at his local Chase Bank who asked if he had requested to send $42,000 through a wire transfer.

“I’ve never done a wire transfer,” Haney said.

“My bank account is like most people’s. It’s very, very regimented.”

Haney claimed that he told the representative from his local branch that he was on the line to Chase Bank’s fraud team.

The business owner then alleged that the local relationship manager encouraged him to stay on the phone with the initial caller to close the account.

He claimed that his account funds depleted from $192,000 to $3,000 in just minutes following four wire transfers that went to different states.

“Then, for some reason, three more transfers went through totaling $188,000 and change,” Haney said.

“Everything we had was gone… it was the entire working capital of my company.”

The business owner said he reported the supposed scam to the local police, the FBI, and the U.S. Treasury Department, and filed a fraud claim with Chase Bank.

“If I don’t know the number, I don’t answer the phone anymore,” Haney said. 

“It’s my past, my present, my future that just got stolen from me.”

A spokesperson for Chase Bank told KPRC-TV that customers should be wary of phone calls that they receive.

“We urge all consumers to ignore phone or internet requests for money or access to their computer or bank accounts,” the representative said.

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - A Chase Customer Now Gets Scammed of Whopping $200K.
Market News Today – A Chase Customer Now Gets Scammed of Whopping $200K.

A Bank of America customer now reports stolen money from a scam where the fraudsters used pressure tactics to trick her.

Barbara, a senior citizen from Orange County, Florida, revealed how she lost her savings in a Bank of America bitcoin scam.

Fraudsters claiming to be Bank of America contacted Barbara with the first call going to her home phone, reports The-Sun.

The call came up as Bank of America (407)-857-7035, which is the number for her local Bank of America finance center, according to the bank’s website.

“She’s telling me how much money they’re trying to get out of the account to the penny,” Barbara explained to news outlet WKMG6.

Following this call, another scammer told her to withdraw cash from her bank account and move it to various Bitcoin accounts.

He emailed her QR codes with the Bank of America logo so she could transfer the money through two cryptocurrency ATMs.

She had no experience in it but was directed to the nearby ATMs.

“‘There’s a place on Colonial Drive,’ he’s directing me now (Colonial Liquor),” she recollected.

Barbara lost $21,000 as a result of the transactions but told the news outlet that despite her lack of experience with bitcoin she was convinced it was the only way to save her money.

The scammers even claimed that the people trying to hack into her account worked at the bank.

“It’s embarrassing and it’s hurtful that it happened but I know other people want to hear my story. It will help someone else,” Barbara tearfully told the interviewer.

Special agent Caroline O’Brien-Buster in charge of investigating such scams told the news outlet: “We just want to bring awareness out to the community.”

“There’s just so many people being victimized by fraudsters and being told to use Bitcoin ATMs.”

O’Brien-Buster noted that these scams can instill a sense of urgency in the victim, pressurizing them to take action.

“They scare you and they say ‘hey, this is the only way that your money is going to be safe,'” she explained.

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Market News Today - A Chase Customer Now Gets Scammed of Whopping $200K.
Market News Today – A Chase Customer Now Gets Scammed of Whopping $200K.

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