Chase Customers Now Unable to Access Money Through ATMs

Market News Today - Chase Customers Now Unable to Access Money Through ATMs.
Market News Today – Chase Customers Now Unable to Access Money Through ATMs.

Numerous Chase customers have been unable to access money through ATMs in California and other parts of the United States, including Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York City, Arizona, and many others.

This past weekend, more than 16,000 Chase ATMs were affected nationwide.

The outage was due to an internal technology-related issue, a source said on condition of anonymity.

“Looks like Chase is having ATM issues today. Tried the drive thru on CH Pkwy and the ATM crashed. All the ATMs in the lobby are down. Went to Chase on Grand in Chino. Same thing,” reported Jeremy Kuether from the I.E.

“No wonder my payments haven’t got though since yesterday,” said another JPMorgan Chase customer on social media.

As of today, Chase ATMs have now been restored according the bank.

“We have resolved the issue that prevented customers from using our ATMs today. They could still use their debit cards on purchases and other bank ATMs,” a Chase Bank spokesperson said Sunday evening.

Those affected were momentarily unable to pull out cash from Chase ATMs during labor day weekend.

Downdetector, which tracks outages by collating status reports from several sources including users, said there were reports of around 900 outages at its peak.

JPMorgan Chase ATMS down today - Bank News and Updates.
JPMorgan Chase ATMS down today – Bank News and Updates.

However, as of Monday September 4, reports by the hundreds continue with some Chase ATMs still being down.

“Brandon FL chase and Valrico FL chase ATMs were down as of yesterday,” says Anthony Akins.

“Chase needs to waive fees since their own ATMs didn’t work on a holiday weekend. Not a good look Chase,” says Christy.

“I’m an atm field technician for Hyosung. We are one of a few companies that services Chase ATMs. I can confirm that all Chase ATMs, nationwide, are down due to a network issue. No eta for restoration has been provided. Being a holiday weekend expect excessive down time,” said John on Downdetector.

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Other JPMorgan Chase News Today

Market News Today - Chase Customers Now Unable to Access Money Through ATMs.
Market News Today – Chase Customers Now Unable to Access Money Through ATMs.

A JPMorgan customer lost $30,000 in a new banking scheme, which the bank says the customer will not be reimbursed.

Milissa Ferrari says she recently received a text message and a call from someone whose phone number matched the customer support number on her Chase debit card, reports the Portland-based television news station KOIN 6.

“I got a phone call with the very recognizable Chase voice of a female saying that there was potential wire fraud on my account and that I needed to press 1 to speak to a fraud agent.”

After pressing 1, Ferrari was connected to a scammer and began handing over personal details on her bank account.

After a few hours, the scammer told Ferrari to go to her bank in person to “unlock her account,” which she immediately did.

According to Ferrari, a teller at the bank said the account appeared to be fine.

“They’re giving me reassurance that everything looked fine. And I walked out of the door not realizing that I was now launching this whole scheme on the part of someone on the phone that didn’t work for Chase.”

The scammer promptly sent $30,000 in wire transfers out of Ferrari’s account in the span of seven days. Ferrari says she then went to a different branch, where a representative said Chase had failed her.

“She looked at me and said, ‘I am so sorry we failed you. I’ve talked with the other branch and I know what happened to you there. We should have closed your account that very first day.’”

In a statement, JPMorgan Chase says it tried to recover the funds and has sympathy for Ferrari, although the bank will not reimburse her account.

“These types of scams are heartbreaking. As soon as Ms. Ferrari reported the scam we tried to get her money back but we were not successful.

We urge all consumers to protect their accounts by never sharing personal information with someone they don’t know. Banks will never call, text or email asking customers to send money to themselves or anyone else to prevent fraud, but scammers will.”

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Market News Today - Chase Customers Now Unable to Access Money Through ATMs.
Market News Today – Chase Customers Now Unable to Access Money Through ATMs.

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      👀😤 this bank is trouble for both investors and day-to-day users. They have way too many scandals on their hands.

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