MULN Stock: 5 Billion Shares in Illegal Scheme Now Confirmed

Christian Attar Law Firm, who is investigating MULN stock, says approximately 5 billion shares in an illegal scheme has now been confirmed.

The firm in partnership with Warshaw Burstein, LLP, in association with forensic investigators, have concluded the magnitude of the spoofing is unprecedented, resulting in over 5 billion shares being issued at artificially deflated prices since Company’s Nasdaq debut in November 2021.

Mullen Automotive, a startup EV company, has been one of the few companies to raise awareness on the predatorial short selling practices seen in its stock.

MULN stock is currently down more than -99% this year-to-date.

On Wednesday, December 6, Mullen Automotive announced the Company has filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York alleging that UBS Securities, LLC, IMC Financial Markets and Clear Street Markets, LLC (the “Defendants”) engaged in a market manipulation scheme that violated Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5(a) and (c) and Section 9(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

This lawsuit alleges that between Nov. 9, 2021, and Nov. 9, 2023, the Defendants and/or their customers used spoofing to manipulate the market price of Mullen shares.

“FINRA has characterized spoofing as an insidious form of market manipulation that undermines the transparency and integrity of the markets by distorting the true nature of supply and demand,” the company statement said.

“Spoofing involves the submission and cancellation of non-bona fide buy and sell orders that have no legitimate economic purpose and are not intended to be executed.

The actual purpose of these orders is to trick shareholders into placing their own orders at a time, price and quantity that they otherwise would not have.”

“In the 21 years our team has been prosecuting market manipulation cases against Wall Street, I believe this could be one of the largest and strongest spoofing and market manipulation cases we have handled,” said Wes Christian of Christian Attar Group.

“After working with our consulting and investigative experts, I believe the damage model could be in the billions of dollars.”

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Market News Today - MULN Stock: 5 Billion Shares in Illegal Scheme Now Confirmed.
Market News Today – MULN Stock: 5 Billion Shares in Illegal Scheme Now Confirmed.

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  1. DrChiMED

    It is clear that the market makers & hedge funds collude in trading at the loss of the retail investors. However all retail investors have to litter their videos posted with “this is not finacial advice… I am not an investor…. Don’t buy & sale any stock based on what I say…” So how could we form a retail investor revolution to deliever the message & trust that “if they cheat us, we will cheat them?” And, do it in a way that becomes our peaceful, revolutionary movement against market manipulation?

  2. A D

    The filing is absolutely hysterical!
    “During the Relevant Period, Mullen sold or issued for value over 5 billion Mullen shares. As set forth below, many of the Defendants’ Spoofing Episodes occurred immediately prior to Mullen’s sales or issuances. Because Mullen sold or issued for value Mullen shares during the Relevant Period at times when the prices of those shares were artificially deflated due to Defendants’ spoofing, Mullen was directly damaged by Defendants’ unlawful conduct.”
    LOL! Because we issued over 5 billion new shares to our toxic lenders while “spoofing” may or may not have dropped the SP +-1%, we should be awarded damages even though we didn’t suffer because we still got our agreed upon funding.
    Make it make sense.

  3. Frank Nez

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  4. Frank Nez

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