Unexpected Layoffs in Maryland Now Surge This Year

Unexpected layoffs in Maryland have now begun to surge this year as more businesses announce job cuts in the upcoming months.

Under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, an employer with more than 100 full-time workers must provide a 60-day notice before laying off 50 or more people at a single site.

“A popular pub in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is closing this week, with all staff to be laid off.

The Old Town Pour House at 212 Ellington Blvd will close on October 24,” reports Ash Jurberg.

“On Friday, the business filed a WARN act with the Maryland Department of Labor advising that 58 staff will be laid off on October 24.”

On Facebook, the company made the following statement:

“After 10 incredible years in Gaithersburg, our lease is up and we’ve decided to turn off the taps at Old Town Pour House at 212 Ellington Boulevard.

This last decade was filled with so many delightful guests and meaningful engagement with an outstanding community.

We would like to whole-heartedly thank everyone we’ve met along the way for making us a part of their lives. Our last day of service will be Tuesday, October 24th.”

Layoffs in Maryland 2023 Map - WARN Data - Franknez.com.
Layoffs in Maryland 2023 Map – WARN Data – Franknez.com.

California remains the #1 state with the most layoffs in the country.

In second place is Colorado, followed by IllinoisTexasWashington, New York, New Jersey, FloridaMichigan, and Georgia.

So far, 68 businesses have filed WARN notices in Maryland in 2023.

Below are the businesses that filed a WARN act of upcoming layoffs in Maryland this year.

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Upcoming Layoffs in Maryland 2023

Below is a list of companies that have recently laid employees off or have announced they will be cutting jobs in Maryland this year.

  • Ventech Solutions, Inc. 168 job cuts.
  • Ventra Health, Inc. 34 job cuts.
  • General Dynamics Information Technology. 950 job cuts.
  • Emergent Biosolutions, Inc. 211 job cuts.
  • Emergent Biosolutions, Inc. 20 job cuts.
  • Matheson Flight Extenders, Inc. 327 job cuts.
  • GXO Logistics Supply Chain, Inc. 176 job cuts.
  • Tesla. 55 job cuts.
  • Price Rite Marketplace. 25 job cuts.
  • Giant Delivers. 362 job cuts.
  • Perfected Logistics, LLC. 65 job cuts.
  • Management & Training Corporation. 174 job cuts.
  • Money Map Press, LLC. 63 job cuts.
  • Exemplis, LLC. 47 job cuts.
  • T-Mobile USA, Inc. 40 job cuts.
  • Oracle America, Inc. 102 job cuts.
  • Leisure Care, LLc d/b/a The Landing of Silver Spring. 75 job cuts.
  • Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Defense Systems Sector. 16 job cuts.
  • Ventech Solutions, Inc. 60 job cuts.
  • Old Town Pour House. 58 job cuts.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - Unexpected Layoffs in Maryland Now Surge This Year.
Market News Today – Unexpected Layoffs in Maryland Now Surge This Year.

The US Treasury Direct (TreasuryDirect) has now locked people’s money by prohibiting users from being able to log into their accounts.

Complaints of users being unable to access their securities for weeks to months has grown since the last reports.

Many TreasuryDirect customers have also reported having their accounts frozen after making deposits.

The inability to access money, especially through a federal department, is quite alarming.

I’ve been unable to login for at least 24 hours- 8:25 am Eastern time 9/25 now. I may miss the 13 week purchase deadline today. I’ve never had a PRIVATE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION BE DOWN FOR SUCH ASN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. GOOD JOB FEDS,” reports Fred Qwerty.

Maybe an ooops that is a precursor to the full Fed Now rollout. Get used to not really owning anything tied to USD currency, it is just numbers on paper or a computer screen,” says Mark Doore.

“My account has been frozen since April right after I deposited $1,500 from a settlement. I mailed in the required form from my bank that was needed to unlock my account and it is still locked.

It’s sad to know financial institutions are basically taking citizens money like times aren’t already hard,” reported Tammarra Johnson to FrankNez.

This year many people have raised several concerns over their bank’s or financial institution’s liquidity issue.

Families have been evicted over frozen bank accounts and retirees have been stripped of their entire life savings.

Samuel Clemens says, “there’s no way to speak with them. Emails are ignored and written correspondence takes months. In the meantime, my accounts are frozen, and I do not have access to my money. If this were a private business, fraud charges would be laid!”

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Market News Today - Unexpected Layoffs in Maryland Now Surge This Year.
Market News Today – Unexpected Layoffs in Maryland Now Surge This Year.

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