TD Ameritrade Bartlett Warehouse Burns After Investigation Announcements

Bartlett Warehouse Fire TD Ameritrade
Bartlett Warehouse Fire TD Ameritrade

The Bartlett Warehouse fire seems to be a records storage facility owned by TD Ameritrade Inc.

The retail community finds it incredibly suspicious since the incident occurred after the SEC announced 60 hedge funds were to undergo investigations for manipulative short selling.

The address of the Bartlett Warehouse fire can be traced through SEC reports below.

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Bartlett Warehouse Fire News Video

Massive fire destroys document warehouse in Bartlett

The warehouse caught fire on Thursday morning, February 3rd.

Officials say the warehouse was stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of documents which further fueled the fire, via ABC7 Chicago.

The Bartlett Fire Chief anticipates the fire to be a multi-day event.

The cause of the fire is undetermined.

This news has retail investors baffled as the location of the building, 1200 Humbracht Circle matches an SEC filing tied to TD Ameritrade, the broker company.

Bartlett Warehouse Fire Address

Bartlett Warehouse Fire Address TD Ameritrade
Bartlett Warehouse Fire Address, SEC REPORT

Now, what makes the news rather interesting is that the storage company “Access”, is not filed as the owner of the warehouse.

After doing some thorough research, the retail investor community found that the warehouse actually pertains to TD Ameritrade.

Here’s the SEC report below.

Bartlett Warehouse Fire TD Ameritrade
Bartlett Warehouse Fire TD Ameritrade, SOURCE

You might be asking, well why is this even significant?

The SEC and DoJ have initiated an investigation on hedge funds in regard to illegal short selling activity.

Retail investors find it rather curious that a warehouse linked to the trading broker TD Ameritrade casually burned to the ground after the news of investigations surfaced.

According to Charles Gasparino, the Department of Justice is currently looking at 60 firms for illegal short selling practices.

This is a developing story.

Is there a connection between the two?

Retail investors over at Reddit have many mixed opinions on the matter.

Bartlett Warehouse Fire Reddit
Bartlett Warehouse Fire Reddit

Hedge funds have been under heavy scrutiny from retail investors.

More specifically from the AMC and GME community after the ‘meme stock’ frenzy early last year, 2021.

Hedge funds have been able to suppress the share price of both these stocks through predatorial short-selling strategies.

In a Bloomberg exclusive, Gary Gensler states 90%-95% or retail market trades do not go through the lit exchange, but rather through dark pools.

If you have not read the full article, you have to read it here.

Is something being covered here?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Marlaina

    There’s also another layer to all of this.
    Currently there is a significant amount of online coordinated stalking and harassment of a former Td Ameritrade employee. She was sexually harassed by a manager threatening to break into her home and ziptie her. She reported it to her manager and it was not teported to HR. A fellow coworker enteted a claim about harassment against this manager and that claimant named her.
    Immediately following, she was actively harassed, bullied, retaliated against, and gaslet. You name it she experienced it as far as workplace psychological trauma could be concerned.


    As of Wednesday of last week a former TD ameritrade/Charles Schwab social media team employee was a part of their coordinated cyber attack to shut her down.

  2. ZZZman

    The fact that there’s an elected Qanon congress person (no judgment just an example) and there are 5 million one issue voters (Apes) that not only don’t have a person in the house or senate to champion our issue (don’t care if they’re being authentic just want representation) but we have little to zero news coverage for over a year as well to me it goes beyond self indictment. Proof? Look at the SEC’s twitter account for the past year. SMH

  3. Nate Win

    I love how people have been trained to auto-associate the word “conspiracy” with fiction and fantasy.
    Open a dictionary. People plan… in secret, to commit crimes.

  4. Thomas Paine

    Not buying it. A little to conspiracy theory.

    Access is a large company that holds documents for many. They most likely lease the space which is why the are not appearing as the owner. Very common. TD stores with them.

    On the same filing TD stores with many others as well.

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for your comment

  5. Joe Slider

    GTii is an OTC stock that has 100 million naked short shares trapped. The company is Genova Roth out of Long Island – This will be huge news when they are forced to buy back…

    • Frank Nez


    • Thomas Payne

      Hello, this really does NOT make sense. Access is a publicly traded company. They lease the space from a landlord to store documents, which is why it does not show as owning the property. TD stores with access as one of their thousands of companies. Looking at the filing, they list other companies as well that they store at. Sounds a lot like conspiracy here.

      • Frank Nez

        Thanks for sharing your opinion

  6. Sophie

    This needs to be looked into deeper with scrutiny. When the media doesn’t talk about it, we need to talk about it. There are millions of apes who can put pressure on the SEC & DOJ to make these hedgies accountable for all their manipulation. That we won’t just sit and do nothing. The hedges won’t get away with it this time and the new rules must be enforced! Thank you Frank, keep up the great work. We apes will stand strong ~ together!

    • Frank Nez

      I agree with you 100% Sophie. Thanks for commenting. The community must continue to raise awareness when MSM won’t.

  7. Musti

    I don’t know how it in the USA works because I’m from the Netherlands.

    But here you have to abide to rules especially for fire hazards like this.
    So documents stacked to the roof would never be allowed, next to that, there should be a digital backup of these files also required by law to trace things back. Files on paper as useless in cases like this.

    We will see if they get rid of those shorts this week and we squeeze.

    • Frank Nez

      It is definitely shady business over here. Community members are calling it a Mafia move.

  8. Fred Zilco

    I heard/ seen pics and vids on Twitter that they’re already removing the evidence!! Wtf is going on!! Wow man.
    Good work as always FN! Top job

    • Frank Nez

      The community must continue to raise awareness and demand change. Thanks for commenting brother.

  9. diamondguru-0ne

    these crooks are unbelievable…………no backups around ???? so trillions of NSS go up in smoke…

    • Frank Nez

      I have a feeling everything is going to catch up to them. The hole keeps getting deeper.

  10. Alfred Cormier

    Does not surprise me one bit, and yes our corrupt Government
    is in on it.
    At least we now know that our leaders and the American elites
    are no better than the evil leaders in communist countries.
    Blinders are off, we now know who the real enemies are.

    • Frank Nez

      The community must continue to raise awareness and demand change.

  11. Charles

    All good things come to those who wait. We have been holding and buying the dip. Thank you Ape community for your patience and resolve. This fire will certainly warrant an investigation. Cheers everyone

    • Frank Nez

      Great comment, Charles. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Robert Weiss

    Well guys Looks like TD was covering their ass in this story. Look for them to be the first to dump all there shorts and start the MOAS. Remember somebody has to be first to get this started. I thought it
    would be a smaller Hedge Fund trying to survive. Personally I could care less who is first.

    • Frank Nez


  13. Fake News by Lea

    Yeah, they do this in plain sight and no regards to the timing of the sec investigation. Makes you wonder if they have the feds in their pocket. Nothing will happen! The feds bailed the banks our in 2008 and never made any arrests. White collar crime isn’t really a crime in their world. It’s just another day of them getting richer.

    • Frank Nez

      There are literally articles from 2004 and beyond, “SEC investigates hedge fund” but as we’ve seen, nothing has changed. At least not YET.

  14. Brian

    Someone is afraid of these forthcoming investigations. Fire extinguisher systems everywhere and the entire building STILL burnt to the ground…?!?

    • Frank Nez

      Shady without a doubt

  15. David Ruch

    I don’t see how this whole building would burn to the ground before a municipality like Bartlett and surrounding communities could not get it put out. Of course documents of importance in a facility designed to secure archived documents would have fire suppression systems. This feels looks sounds like a blank cover up of a cover up. Too much for it to be a coincidence. There better be a investigation into this fire souls like these documents were stacked as if brought to this facility recently for the very purpose of “accidental “ destruction. Maybe some security cameras will reveal recent traffic.

    • Frank Nez

      There certainly needs to be a deep investigation into this.

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