New Data Shows AMC and GME Stock are Manipulated

Proof AMC and GME are being manipulated
Proof AMC and GME stock are being manipulated

Data shows retail investors aren’t selling their AMC or GME stock, yet both stocks continue to plummet.

Are their share prices being manipulated?

Retail investors have been at war with hedge funds since the buy button was deleted from purchasing ‘meme stocks’ back in January of 2021.

Regulators such as the SEC have been under fire as well.

The SEC announced they would be voting on hedge fund disclosures, the vote was approved 3-1.

Keep reading for the latest AMC and GameStop market data.

Welcome to – the blog where you can digest content on trending stock, crypto, and market news. Today we’re discussing market manipulation and anomalies in both AMC and GME stock.

Let’s get started!

I want to give a massive shoutout to the retail community who has been bringing light to this information.

Without you, the community wouldn’t be what it is.

AMC Market Data

AMC market manipulation
AMC price does NOT match retail buying and holding

The yellow you’re seeing in this market data by CheddarFlow is identifying the strength in buying and holding AMC stock.

The blue line you’re seeing is AMC’s trading price decline.

The price does not reflect the true demand for the stock; in other words, retail investors are not selling AMC stock.

So, why is AMC stock’s share price plummeting although retail investors continue to buy and hold the stock?

This anomaly seems to be blatant market manipulation.

Not only have hedge funds faced intense scrutiny for playing dirty, but many have defaulted or are losing money betting against AMC and GameStop.

Here’s what an accurate chart analysis of how this pattern should be in sync.

Peloton accuracy
Peloton sell-off matches price drops

As you can see in this market data analysis, Peloton’s blue line (price) matches the yellow pattern of investors selling the stock.

This is an accurate representation of what a sell-off looks like when compared to the price of a stock.

When comparing Peloton’s market data vs AMC’s, we can clearly identify that AMC’s share price is being manipulated.

AMC shareholders are not selling their AMC stock, but rather hedge funds are using loopholes to drive the share price down.

What about GameStop (GME)?

GameStop manipulation
GameStop market manipulation

We’re seeing the same market manipulation in GameStop as we are with AMC stock.

GME shareholders continue to buy and hold the stock as hedge funds manipulate the share price by tanking it.

Naturally, the demand seen by retail investors should be driving AMC’s and GameStop’s share price upwards, not downwards.

AMC and GME share price are synthetic

AMC and GME share price are synthetic

When comparing both AMC and GameStop’s data to Peloton’s sell-off, we can only conclude that AMC’s and GameStop’s share prices are synthetic.

They do not reflect the demand in the stock market nor the psychology and sentiment within the communities.

The ape community has always been right when it comes to the nefarious strategies used to suppress the share price of these stocks.

Both AMC and GME stock are heavily shorted at 20% short interest according to Ortex.

However, the short interest reported can certainly be much higher that what Ortex, S3, and Ameritrade are being given to report.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

What does this mean for retail investors?

Retail investors who own shares in both AMC and GME stock have been experiencing a slow bleed in the markets.

The drops seem to be synthetically produced and are out of retail’s control.

Raising awareness of this market manipulation is the best fighting chance retail investors have.

There’s a massive suppression preventing AMC and GME stock from running a natural course based solely on supply and demand.

All activists fighting for a fair market should remain headstrong in creating change.

Lifting this suppression will drive both these stock’s share price up inevitably forcing short sellers to close their positions.

Thanks to @therealdarkpool on Twitter for pulling up this data.

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  1. Duane

    Very very good FRANKNEZ for not being afraid of the Corruptors and helping us to expose the blatant BULLSH!T. You are appreciated and this will go a long with with your company.

    • Frank Nez

      Someone has to brother 💪
      Thank you for your comment

  2. steven

    Overstock’s CEO was attacked calling this out years ago when shorts attacked his company. The hedge funds are in bed with the Government and both are corrupt. The only way to stop this he noted was to have trades done the same day and use block chain to follow the money this no funny business of naked shorts. Sadly, the people who make the rules always have a loop hole to game the system. The recently 2000 point swing in one day just shows how easily they can control the game.

    • Frank Nez

      Yeah, Patrick Byrne has great solutions to stopping this madness. It’s easy to shut down one man though, a community on the other hand is much harder.

  3. Hawkeye

    Thank you for continuing to be a voice for exposing this blatant manipulation.

    • Frank Nez


    • Alfredo Iznaga

      Hello, unquestionably there is tremendous manipulation of the actions, but I am still here without despairing, sitting waiting and I am going to continue until the trip to the moon!!!!

      • Frank Nez


  4. Jas

    Does it matter? what will happen? nothing at all….this is the world we live in. People with money makes more money.

    • Frank Nez

      That’s not the attitude for change ☝️ change begins when we raise awareness.

  5. Gent

    I don’t see how this is “New Data”, the chart has been showing this for nearly a year

    • Frank Nez

      Have you seen MSM publish it? Has anyone discussed this in efforts to create awareness? That’s what’s new.

      • Martin Rivera

        Thank you for comparing the diamond hands hodling sentiment of GME/AMC to an ACTUAL pump n dump like Peloton!

        • Frank Nez


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