CNBC’s Melissa Lee Speaks Out On Dark Pool Manipulation

Melissa Lee Dark Pools
Melissa Lee Dark Pools – AMC & GameStop Stock

Melissa Lee is a reporter and news anchor for CNBC and is currently the host for Fast Money. Fast Money is a program that provides traders with information that is usually reserved for the Wall Street trading floor.

Melissa Lee has been highly appreciated by a very special group of retail investors in the AMC and GameStop community. For months now, these two groups have been uncovering the manipulation in the stock market.

The facts are AMC and GME stock should have naturally risen to higher prices. Hedge funds have been able to suppress the stock price by naked shorting it in dark pools (unregulated trading exchanges using synthetic shares).

And now the seeds the community planted early this year are bearing fruit. We’ve been heard.

Welcome to – today we’re going to be discussing a win for the AMC and GameStop community. Amazing things are happening.

Lets get started!

SEC Is Looking Into Dark Pools

Melissa Lee took to twitter to share an important piece of information related to dark pools and stock market manipulation. She shared a video of Gary Gensler, Chairman of the SEC, in an interview with CNBC.

“SEC IS looking into dark pools and how so much retail volume is being sent to wholesalers/ off exchange”. Click play on this video, MUST WATCH. Shoutout to Bruce Wayne on Twitter for sharing this.

Gary Gensler is asked what will the SEC do about Reddit and TikTokers promoting stocks and crypto within the community. He says, “it’s trying to foster good debate and dialogue just like on this program here, about investing, and the retail engagement is positive“.

In other words, the SEC has absolutely no concerns with us retail investors. They’re priorities at the moment are looking into hedge funds cheating the markets.

“We’re taking a real close look at market structure”. In THIS SPECIFIC VIDEO shared on Reddit (a little longer), one commentator even stutters in disbelief of the conversation that just took place.

This is a massive win for retail investors holding AMC, GME, SNDL, and BB stock. These heavily shorted companies should begin to see an upwards trend in price action very soon.

Prohibiting FTDs And Naked Shorting

The NSCC has been working with the Feds and SEC to regulate and prevent FTDs and naked shorting from occurring in the market. Proposal NSCC-2021-010 will allow AMC and GameStop to run their course without interruption.

I’ve been saying for months now that our community has the power to make change happen. If you’ve ever shared a TA video, an article, voiced your opinion on social media, and have fought for the community, you made this happen.

And I’m confident once AMC and GameStop squeeze the community will only grow bigger. 2021 is the year the ape community was established. We’re not going anywhere, we will be here for one another when opportunities present themselves.

And when justice is required, we will take action.

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    Will see if they even do anything lots of powerful people are behind this manipulation !!!!

    • Frank Nez

      The good guys always win 🚀

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