Hester Peirce Lost for Words on MMTLP Scandal

Market News Daily - Hester Peirce Lost for Words on MMTLP Scandal.
Market News Daily – Hester Peirce Lost for Words on MMTLP Scandal.

Fox Business’s Charles Payne interviewed SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, who is known to have ties to a lobbyist group of anti-regulators, on the MMTLP scandal.

Transcripts show emails between FINRA and the SEC communicating about the fraud that was occurring in MMTLP prior to the U3 halt and delisting of the ticker.

Regulators knew fraudulent activity was happening and simply unplugged all trading, swallowing shareholders lifesavings and retirement money.

This has raised big fraud concerns within the retail community.

For months, investors have reached out to regulators and have created enough momentum around the problem to gain the attention of Congress.

Congress is now investigating the MMTLP scandal with many investors flocking to D.C to meet with representatives and to tell their stories.

After months of raising awareness, the community was able to get the attention of Fox Business’s Charles Payne.

Charles Payne asked Hester Peirce for her thoughts on the injustices of the MMTLP case.

Here’s what she had to say.

Hester Peirce on MMTLP

“I think the big issue that we’ve, and I’ve certainly heard those concerns, and I think the big issue that we need to take from this is we need to do a better job communicating about what happens when certain actions happen in the market,” said Hester Peirce on MMTLP.

But Charles Payne understands where the retail community stands on this massive issue.

“What happens with this particular case, will they release the FINRA blue sheets for MMTLP?

People are talking about this, people say “my money is frozen in this”, they see it as a deliberate attempt once again to derail regular investors,” says Charles Payne.

“Well again, when people are having issues like that, I do encourage you to contact the SEC,” says Peirce.

But investors have been contacting the SEC — in fact they have also been in touch with the FBI on this case.

“Sometimes it does take time to sort through these issues, but we do take those inquires seriously,” says the SEC Commissioner.

I encourage you to watch the interview clip below.

Charles Payne Fox Business MMTLP News.

Majority of investors were displeased to hear the SEC Commissioner dance around the questions, something the SEC has been very good at doing when addressing retail concerns.

However, MMTLP getting mentioned on FOX Business is a big win for the community as the story of those affected only continues to grow.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is expected to address the MMTLP scandal in a hearing tomorrow, April 18th.

Gary Gensler Expected to Answer Inquiries on MMTLP

Market News Daily - Hester Peirce Lost for Words on MMTLP Scandal.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler is expected to answer inquiries on MMTLP during a hearing on Tuesday, April 18th.

Investors have gotten in touch with several government representatives and told their stories relating to the MMTLP scandal.

Earlier this month we found out Congress was getting involved in the MMTLP scandal through a leaked letter sent out to Meta Materials CEO George Palikaras; however, a new letter from Congress details an ongoing investigation into naked short selling and other market fraud.

Congressman Bill Posey said in a letter that he’s been hearing from a variety of constituents on retail’s concerns involving MMTLP.

“While we have yet to be given evidence that anyone acted unlawfully or unscrupulously in this matter, I believe the regulatory agencies have an obligation to investigate this matter,” said the Congressman.

But evidence has indeed surfaced.

Conversations between FINRA and the SEC confirm the regulators knew of the fraud that was occurring in ticker symbol MMTLP.

Now investors are confirming they’ve been in contact with Congressman Warren Davidson, who has apparently confirmed to them SEC Chairman Gary Gensler will be questioned about MMTLP in front of the House Financial Services Committee.

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Market News Today - Hester Peirce Lost for Words on MMTLP Scandal.
Market News Today – Hester Peirce Lost for Words on MMTLP Scandal.

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  1. Kerry

    Fraud in the market place needs to be dealt with, with harsh and severe consequences to get it to stop. Gary Gensler and Hester Peirce deserve nothing less than LIFE IN PRISON! Their a disgrace to honesty, the SEC and for middle class investors. People don’t want to invest in the stock market anymore because of the theft and fraud. And Ken Griffin accounts for 60% of the transactions in the marketplace and he should be a “lifer” in prison as well. But above anything else the corrupt Department of Justice holds nobody accountable for theft in the marketplace!💯💯💯

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