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Will MMAT Stock Go Up This Year?

Will MMAT stock go up
Market News: Here’s the latest on Meta Materials (MMAT) stock.

Will MMAT stock go up this year? How soon will MMAT stock reach $2 again?

In this article, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about MMAT (NASDAQ:MMAT) stock including predictions for 2023, what it is, and how to buy it.

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Let’s begin.

What is MMAT Stock?


So, what is MMAT stock anyway?

MMAT is the stock ticker symbol for the company Meta Materials Inc.

Meta Materials is a developer of high-performance functional materials and nanocomposites for a broad range of applications.

The tech company is providing solutions in aerospace and defense, 5G communications, in the automotive industry, energy, and medical to name a few.

2022’s bear market dragged the entire market down and Meta Materials stock is no exception.

Like many companies, the company stock is down -50% in the past year.

Technical analysis shows us $2 is a key level.

In June of 2021, MMAT squeezed to $21.76, only weeks after AMC Entertainment stock reached its all-time high of $72 per share.

Latest Meta Materials (MMAT) Stock News

MMAT Stock news today
MMAT Stock News Today.

In December of 2022, Meta Material’s preferred shares (MMTLP) were delisted by FINRA, a week prior to the advised date.

Retail investors have been protesting on social media claiming FINRA manipulated the security, preventing it from squeezing.

A week later, the SEC named MMTLP (Torchlight Energy) in a pump and dump scheme lawsuit.

Many retail investors claimed the pump and dump was happening outside of their community, particularly in the options trading circles.

On December 28th, 2022, Meta Materials won a Lux Innovator of the Year Award for its NANOWEB® 5G Reflector solution, which is able to passively reflect and redirect high-speed signals at design-specific angles to improve signal propagation and help eliminate dead spots, without requiring any power or a network connection.

“META is developing breakthrough, next-generation applications, across a range of industries,” said George Palikaras, President and CEO.

“We have built a broad set of platform technologies, backed by a rapidly expanding IP portfolio, which is approaching 500 active patent documents. Nevertheless, we could not succeed without our global partners, who contribute technology, key materials, supply chain and channel relationships. I want to acknowledge and thank them for their continued support.”

MMAT Stock Forecast

MMAT stock forecast – Franknez.com.

IDTechEx report predicts that the meta-materials market will reach $8.7 billion by 2043.

Meta Materials is a premier player in its industry with hundreds of patents in the meta/functional-materials niche.

The company recently opened its global headquarters and Centre of Excellence in Canada.

This is a 68,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Experts say Meta Materials could ramp up its operations very quickly over the next 12 months.

These types of moves will without a doubt have a positive effect on the stock price.

Analysts are giving Meta Materials stock a forecast of $3.50 per share on the high end, or a +255% gain increase from today’s share price.

Analysts are also giving MMAT stock a medium of $2.75 (+179%), and a low of $2.00 (102.80%).

MMAT Stock Forecast 2023.
MMAT Stock Forecast 2023.

Is MMAT Stock a Buy?

MMAT Stock Forecast – Franknez.com.

MMAT stock is receiving a lot of what I call ‘pre-attention’.

It’s getting some coverage, mainly positive due to Meta Material’s success.

The company stock could be a great buy for value investors, that’s whether you’re looking to trade it short or long-term.

Short term investors may give it a price target of $2-$3 while long term investors might approach the investment more ambitiously.

How do you buy MMAT stock?

First, you’ll need to open a broker account with a reputable broker, such as Vanguard.

In this article, I walk you through how to open your account step by step using an example with AMC so you can buy your favorite company stock today.

Will Meta Materials Stock Go Up?

Will Meta Materials stock go up

Will MMAT stock go up this year?

Despite the many talks of a recession looming in 2023, MMAT stock could be a performing company this year.

Meta Materials is extremely well diversified in a number of industries that need the company’s solutions.

But I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Meta Materials.

Are you currently holding the stock?

What are your price predictions for the new year?

Leave a comment down below.

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The SEC Names MMTLP In Pump and Dump Scheme Lawsuit

MMTLP Lawsuit
Market News: MMTLP stock is named in Pump and Dump lawsuit.

According to the SEC, MMTLP is one of the tickers Atlas Trading was pumping.

The SEC recently charged a trading group, including @MrZackMorris for pumping a variety of stock tickers on their discord, per Bloomberg.

Regulators are saying eight members of the trading group took advantage of novice traders by promoting false information on certain tickers to increase buying power and then later taking profits while still pushing traders to buy.

Many retail investors are more concerned about the SEC not taking other serious matters into their own hands, such as market manipulation conducted by hedge funds and market makers for example.

It seems when retail traders are able to profit from driving price up in a security, the SEC is quick to sniff out anomalies.

But when big hedge funds use the media to manipulate and influence public opinion, dump shares, trade puts, and downgrade stock prices, the SEC is nowhere in sight.

While promoting false information is still wrong, Meta Materials (MMTLP) seems to have a strong community behind it though, with many protesting against FINRA halting it a week prior to its spinoff.

Here’s the latest MMTLP stock news.

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Meta Materials Named in Lawsuit

MMTLP Metal Materials News
MMTLP Lawsuit | MMTLP Stock News Today – MMTLP pump and dump lawsuit.

The group used the then-upcoming merger with Meta Materials as a catalyst for their followers to buy in.

Hennessey claimed that Meta Materials would potentially partner with Tesla (TSLA) and had coronavirus-fighting applications in store.

He noted to his followers that the company had a “10-billion-dollar MARKET CAP POTENTIAL.”

This of course was a way to promote buying shares of the company for the leaders to profit from.

Source(s): InvestorPlace

Based on the lawsuit, the eight individuals will face disgorgement of all their illegal gains and pay civil penalties.

They may also be banned from trading securities in the future and face jail time, as criminal charges have been filed against them, per the SEC.

Did FINRA halt MMTLP stock due to these whereabouts?

And is it fair that shareholders who weren’t part of the fiasco were halted without warning?

Leave Your Thoughts Below

Is the MMTLP community completely separate from what went on with Atlas Trading Group?

Were you invested in the security?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Here’s How FINRA Has Failed Retail Investors

FINRA has failed retail investors
Market News: How FINRA has failed the retail investor community.

FINRA, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is a non-governmental organization that oversees the securities industry in the United States.

It is responsible for regulating broker-dealers, issuing and enforcing rules for the industry, and protecting investors from fraud and other unethical practices.

While FINRA plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the financial markets, it has been criticized for its handling of certain cases and its failure to adequately protect investors.

One of the main criticisms of FINRA is its arbitration process, which is often used to resolve disputes between investors and broker-dealers.

Critics argue that the arbitration process is biased in favor of the broker-dealers and does not provide investors with a fair and impartial hearing.

Here’s the latest market news.

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Ways FINRA Has Been Complicit

How FINRA has been part of the problem.
How FINRA has been part of the problem | FINRA fraud – Franknez.com.

Investors have reported that they were not allowed to present certain evidence or witnesses during arbitration, and that the arbitrators were not neutral and impartial.

Additionally, the arbitration process is often confidential, which means that investors are unable to share their experiences or warn others about potential issues.

Another criticism of FINRA is its failure to adequately police the securities industry and to hold broker-dealers accountable for their actions.

In some cases, FINRA has been criticized for not taking action against broker-dealers who have engaged in unethical or illegal practices, such as insider trading or fraud.

Additionally, some investors have reported that FINRA did not respond to their complaints or take action against the broker-dealers involved.

This has led to a lack of trust in FINRA’s ability to protect investors and to maintain the integrity of the financial markets.

Also Read: Retail Investors Say FINRA Abused Its Power by Halting MMTLP

Transparency and Accountability

In addition to these issues, FINRA has also been criticized for its lack of transparency and accountability.

For example, some critics argue that FINRA’s decision-making process is not transparent and that it is not accountable to investors or the public.

Additionally, FINRA’s funding model has also been criticized, as it is funded largely by the securities industry, which some argue creates a conflict of interest.

Overall, while FINRA plays a crucial role in regulating the securities industry and protecting investors, it has faced criticism for its handling of certain cases and its failure to adequately police the industry.

Critics argue that its arbitration process is biased, that it does not adequately hold broker-dealers accountable, and that it lacks transparency and accountability.

It is important for FINRA to address these concerns and to work to improve its processes and policies in order to better protect investors and maintain the integrity of the financial markets.

What Can Retail Investors Do?

FINRA market manipulation | Is FINRA corrupt?
FINRA market manipulation | Is FINRA corrupt?

Retail investors can voice their opinions and concerns on FINRA market injustices on social media in order to raise awareness. #FINRAFraud

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Retail Investors Say FINRA Abused Its Power by Halting MMTLP

Market News: MMTLP Stock gets halted by FINRA.
Market News: MMTLP Stock gets halted by FINRA.

On Friday, FINRA shocked retail investors everywhere as it halted trading of MMTLP stock ahead of the new spinoff.

This news has left investors with some pressing questions.

Meta Materials is distributing shares of subsidiary Next Bridge Hydrocarbons to its shareholders through what’s known as a ‘spinoff’.

The date of record will fall on Dec. 12, followed by the distribution date on Dec. 14.

However, shares of MMTLP will be automatically canceled, lose all of their rights, and no longer be tradable on the over-the-counter (OTC) market following the distribution.

In addition, Next Bridge will be an independent public reporting company that is not eligible for electronic transfer through any clearing corporations.

Next Bridge operates as an energy company with a key focus on an oil and natural gas project in the Orogrande Basin in West Texas. 

Here’s the latest market news.

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Why did FINRA halt MMTLP Stock?

Market news: Why did FINRA halt MMTLP?
Market news: Why did FINRA halt MMTLP?

FINRA confirmed the trading halt this morning on its over-the-counter equities list.

It has been given the halt code U3, indicating that it pre-dates a significant event.

In this case, it is the Next Bridge Hydrocarbons spinoff, an event that promises to generate high trading volume upon its completion.

Retail investors have been voicing their concerns with the halt with many accusing FINRA of market manipulation.

Many traders have even called for a lawsuit against FINRA and have resorted to tagging market influencers such as Elon Musk and AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron.

Though it is fair to point out that Adam Aron has not raised concerns about the market manipulation in his own company.

And unfortunately, FINRA’s actions all seem to be ‘legal’ per the FINRA Rulebook.

InvestorPlace says, “FINRA clearly believes it is necessary to halt trading in order to protect the interests of current investors. Retail traders may not be happy with the result, but it seems that FINRA is well within its rights to cease trading ahead of an important market event”.

But I’m curious to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts below.

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