Gary Gensler Expected to Answer Inquiries on MMTLP

Market News Daily - Gary Gensler Expected to Answer Questions on MMTLP.
Market News Daily – Gary Gensler Expected to Answer Inquiries on MMTLP.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler is expected to answer inquiries on MMTLP during a hearing on Tuesday, April 18th.

Investors have gotten in touch with several government representatives and told their stories relating to the MMTLP scandal.

Earlier this month we found out Congress was getting involved in the MMTLP scandal through a leaked letter sent out to Meta Materials CEO George Palikaras; however, a new letter from Congress details an ongoing investigation into naked short selling and other market fraud.

Congressman Bill Posey said in a letter that he’s been hearing from a variety of constituents on retail’s concerns involving MMTLP.

“While we have yet to be given evidence that anyone acted unlawfully or unscrupulously in this matter, I believe the regulatory agencies have an obligation to investigate this matter,” said the Congressman.

But evidence has indeed surfaced.

Conversations between FINRA and the SEC confirm the regulators knew of the fraud that was occurring in ticker symbol MMTLP.

Now investors are confirming they’ve been in contact with Congressman Warren Davidson, who has apparently confirmed to them SEC Chairman Gary Gensler will be questioned about MMTLP in front of the House Financial Services Committee.

Latest MMTLP Stock News

latest mmtlp stock news

A lot has happened since the U3 halt of ticker symbol MMTLP.

FINRA has responded to investors, though no solutions have been provided.

And now congress is investigating the fraud with investors expecting Gary Gensler to answer questions about MMTLP in the upcoming hearing.

Here are just but a few questions investors are inquiring about the events:

  1. Is the SEC aware of the U3 halt and investigation by FINRA into the listing, trading and halting of MMTLP?
  2. Has the SEC seen the blue sheets on MMAT and MMTLP, and if so, why doesn’t the public have these numbers?
  3. Has the SEC investigated any of the short sellers or market makers who were short on MMTLP after the merger between Torch and MMTLP?
  4. Relating to the OCC, has the SEC investigated their role and lack of oversight?
  5. Is the SEC aware of any communications FINRA had with market participants and FINRA reps on the MMTLP situation since its inception to ending?
  6. When you discover who the bad actors are, what punishment will they receive?

But John Brda, former CEO of Torchlight, which merged with Meta Materials in 2021, says he has two solutions for regulators.

John Brda has played a big role in getting the government’s attention on MMTLP, primarily behind-the-scenes.

Here are the solutions Mr. Brda has shared with investors in the retail community.

John Brda on MMTLP

John Brda says that there are two distinctive ways to resolve the MMTLP situation.

  1. Is to allow two days of trading under strict supervision.
  2. And the second is to get the ‘bad actors’ to solve their settlement problems by buying shares of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons.

“You really have two ways to resolve the situation. You can basically allow for two days of trading under supervision so that there’s no funny business going on; there’s no additional shorting, there’s no buying from retail, it’s only position close only.

And there would be short covering only in that situation. But that cannot be under the ticker symbol MMTLP. The only way that could happen is with FINRA’s involvement and Next Bridge’s involvement as well to allow it to happen.

And again, for two days only, give people the two day that they missed and see where the chips fall; we’ll see what happens in that situation.”

“The only other scenario would be for, again after finding out all the information via blue sheets and share counts and information/questions we ask FINRA, how bad the situation is and who is involved, is that those actors can come to Next Bridge, try to solve their problem by buying shares from Next Bridge Hydrocarbons and settling out their issues that way.

We’ll see where it goes – I believe those are the only two solutions and hopefully we’ll get to a solution here shortly.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Gary Gensler on MMTLP

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has been known to doge questions regarding manipulation and regulatory accountability very well.

Hearing him answer questions about the MMTLP scandal will be quite interesting to hear.

Are there any other questions you would like the SEC Chairman to answer?

Leave your thoughts below.

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Market News Today - Gary Gensler Expected to Answer Questions on MMTLP.
Market News Today – Gary Gensler Expected to Answer Questions on MMTLP.

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  1. TJ

    Gensler was not asked a single question about shorting, or MMTLP.
    Big disappointment by all in our corrupt and incompetent govt.

    • Frank Nez


  2. Douglas Bane

    I just want to thank FINRA for financially ruining me, I have lost everything, I am homeless, flat broke, unable to pay any of my bills and FINRA did this to protect scumbags who have been ripping us retailers off for years, their greed should be punished by public hanging ! Thanks again FINRA for protecting your buddies who you are to regulate and screwing us retailers over, its not just me, but you have single handedly ruined hundreds if not thousands of families as well !!

  3. Jim Aherne

    Do you think MMTL bring the AMC squeeze nearer.

    • Frank Nez

      I think what’s happening with MMTLP can teach other communities how to organize and tackle the problems at hand in efforts to expose fraud and in the process of doing so, hold culprits accountable, which may lead to justice in many forms.

      • arthur T shaw

        He should be asked why he is still allowing naked shorting in alot of other stocks and robbing retail investors

        • Frank Nez

          I agree 💯


    I sure hope this will be the beginning of the “bad actors” getting what needs to be done to them. Shit like this is happening way to often.

    • Frank Nez


  5. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

    • Tim Kester

      Gensler needs to be told to come up with a plan to clear the MMTLP fiasco within 48 hrs, or submit his resignation.
      We need prison time for those involved in this fraud.
      This is not a “hiccup”, it’s premeditated criminal fraud.

      • Frank Nez


      • Ray Swift

        I agree with you 100%! This has gone on long enough! FINRA & SEC needs to find a solution RIGHT NOW! They are kicking this down the road and hoping we forget about it. NOPE! WE WILL NOT SHUT UP UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED IN OUR FAVOR! To the META family…keep your spirits up & your voices strong! THANK YOU, James O’Keefe & Jon Stewart & Charles Payne & Frank Nez for your continued support! You guys are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

        • Frank Nez


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