Deputy Global Treasurer Michael Kurlander Resigns From Citadel

Deputy Global Treasurer

Michael Kurlander, the Deputy Global Treasurer of Citadel Securities has resigned after 4 years with the hedge fund. Michael Kurlander is now the CFO for Pagaya, a financial AI tech company.

Citadel has been losing billions of dollars since the rise of retail investors in the AMC and GameStop saga. For this reason the community speculates Citadel securities is a sinking ship.

Michael Kurlander recently posted on LinkedIn, “Closing one chapter and beginning another…”.

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Michael Kurlander career history

From October of 2017 to June of 2021, Michael Kurlander was known as Citadel Securities’ Deputy Global Treasurer. Prior to working with Citadel, he spent 17 years of his life as a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

So what exactly is a deputy global treasurer?

What does a Deputy Global Treasurer do?

According to Zip Recruiter, a Deputy Global Treasurer assists a group of financial advisors related to supervising investments, risks, and financial operations.

As a Deputy Global Treasurer, other obligation include:

  • Verifying financial risks to investments
  • Assessing the institutions liquidity
  • Organizing and approving budgets for financial projects
  • And ensure the financial health of the institution

What are the qualifications to work as a Global Treasurer?

Obviously you’ll need some sort of education right? A bachelors degree is the entry tier while a masters degree is needed for policy and government positions.

You’ll also need excellent communication skills in order to present financial reports to government officials and community stakeholders.

As the community knows, Citadel securities is under high scrutiny for overleveraging their positions in AMC Entertainment.

Dark pools allow hedge funds to make transactions that aren’t required to be reported. Accurately at least.

As a Deputy Global Treasurer, Michael Kurlander certainly had a lot of lawful and ethical duties to respond to.

Often times people leave a valuable position in a company is due to the lack of ethics and integrity of a company or head.

This is what I’ve noticed from the most successful people I personally know in my life.

Closing one chapter and beginning another

If Michael Kurlander left Citadel for a rapidly growing financial tech company, then it must be for good reason.

I suppose when the head of a company is selling his multi-million dollar properties to keep the business afloat it might be a good indicator it’s time to jump ship.

Michael Kurlander leaves Citadel LinkedIn

Citadel continues to amount extreme losses due to the continuous shorting of a stock that is no longer on the brink of extinction. Ego kills dreams.

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Original publication: June 24, 2021

Revision: November 8, 2021


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