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Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Just Bought AMC Stock and Sold Tesla

Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Just Bought AMC Stock and Sold Tesla
BREAKING: Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater buys AMC stock for the first time; sells Tesla

Another institution has bought AMC stock and sold another high-profile stock.

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater fund just bought AMC and GameStop and sold Tesla shares.

I was watching the multi-billionaire talk about the economy just yesterday with Tom Bilyeu.

Bridgewater wasn’t the only institution that increased their stake in AMC stock this first quarter.

The largest pension fund in America (CALPERS) purchased an additional 155,992 shares by the end of Q1 this year, totaling the number of AMC shares owned to 775,392 shares.

It seems institutions are bulking up on AMC shares right before executive order 14032 goes into effect.

Things are getting very interesting.

Let’s discuss it.


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Bridgewater buys AMC stock for the first time

Bridgewater buys AMC
Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater buys AMC stock for the first time

Bridgewater disclosed an AMC stake for the first time in its latest portfolio update.

Dalio and his team bought about 27,100 shares of the cinema chain, which were worth $667,000 at the end of March.

The fund disclosed around 4,100 GameStop shares worth $689,000 as of March 31.

The last time it listed GME stock in its portfolio was more than three years ago, at the end of 2018, according to Market Insiders.

Bridgewater owned about 25,500 Tesla shares worth $27 million at the end of December, and held the stock in all four quarters of 2021 but cashed out its Tesla stock the first quarter this year.

Ray Dalio is an incredibly smart person.

Why an institution like Bridgewater is bulking up on AMC and GameStop shares has to mean something.

The ‘ape’ community predicted the big price runups that happened in AMC last January and May/June and are expecting a bigger runup this year.

Are financial institutions catching up?

Executive order 14302 goes into effect soon

Executive order 14302 is going to prohibit financial institutions from using Chinese securities as collateral on June 2nd, 2022.

The last time Chinese collateral was prohibited on January 27th, and May 27th of 2021, AMC stock surged.

Is this why institutions such as CALPERS and Bridgewater are buying AMC stock?

And while CALPERS did not buy GME stock this first quarter, it did buy 70,600 shares of GameStop during the last quarter of 2021.

I wonder what Wall Street analysts have to say about this.

After all, they made it their life’s mission to derail investors from buying these ‘meme stocks’.

Something tells me ‘dumb money’ might not have been so dumb after all.

But I’m curious to know what you think.

Are institutions on board with the data that says AMC and GameStop have massive potential for a short squeeze?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog below.

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CALPERS Increases AMC Stake, Sells Netflix Shares

Largest pension in America (CALPERS) buys more AMC stock
Market News: Largest pension in America (CALPERS) buys more AMC stock

CALPERS, the largest pension in America increased its AMC stake this first quarter again.

Last year the institution loaded up on AMC and GameStop.

During this time, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CALPERS) had sold an 11% stake in Palantir (PLTR).

CALPERS purchased an additional 155,992 shares by the end of Q1 this year, totaling the number of AMC shares owned to 775,392 shares.

It sold an extreme amount of Netflix (NFLX).

Let’s discuss it.


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Largest pension in America sells 605,501 shares of Netflix (NFLX)

Largest pension fund in America buys AMC, sells Netflix
Largest pension fund in America buys AMC, sells Netflix

CALPERS sold a whopping 605,501 shares of Netflix stock (NFLX).

It ended the first quarter with a total of 1.2 million shares in the streaming platform giant.

Netflix stock is down almost 69% this year-to-date.

It dropped 38% the first quarter of 2022 alone.

Netflix received backlash in April after announcing the company plans to advertise on the platform with commercials.

Viewers argued that the company had already built too strong of a foundation to make such a change to its business model and that going that route would hurt its memberships.

Things did not get better after Netflix announced the crackdown of password sharing.

Netflix lost 200,000 customers in the first quarter of 2022.

Now America’s largest pension fund is dumping its Netflix stock and buying AMC Entertainment stock instead.

CALPERS keeps buying and holding AMC stock

Largest pension in America buys AMC
Largest pension in America buys AMC, sells Netflix

CALPERS increased their stake in AMC and GameStop throughout the 2021.

AMC and GameStop were two of the highest profile stocks in the market for 2021.

AMC saw gains upwards of +3,000% while GameStop saw gains half of AMC’s.

This year, AMC and GameStop continue to be high profile stocks as their short interest continues to be extremely high, sitting above 21% each.

AMC had a powerful Q1 earnings report this year leaving Wall Street analysts and reporters humiliated.

Last year CALPERS quadrupled their stake in AMC during the 4th quarter where they accumulated a total of 619,400 shares of the largest movie theatre chain in the world.

The pension fund now owns a total of 775,392 shares according to Barrons.

Analysts and corporate media reporters have been saying for over a year now the movie theatre industry was dead due to the rise of online streaming.

While the narrative might support a short sellers view, it’s definitely far from the truth.

People aren’t willing to let go of the movie theatre experience for the convenience of online streaming; lockdowns are over.

There is a massive demand for AMC stock

AMC stock is not done running.

The ‘ape’ community that saved the movie theatre from bankruptcy saw something no one else saw.

AMC has always had a massive short squeeze potential that has yet to be fulfilled.

Mainstream media might have spun the narrative killing the hopes and dreams of newcomers of the possibility some time ago.

But AMC’s short interest data says a third runup will be larger than what the world witnessed in May/June of last year when the stock ran up to $72 per share.

Institutions know hedge funds are overleveraged and the closing of short positions is inevitable.

Buying the stock now as the markets are at an all-time low could bear fruit very soon.

I’m curious to learn what you think.

Leave a comment at the bottom of the blog below.

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Executive Order 14032 Could Be a Big Deal for AMC Stock

Executive Order 14032
Executive Order 14032 explained

Biden’s executive order 14032 replaced Trump’s executive order 13959 last year.

Executive order 13959 prohibited financial institutions to use Chinese securities as collateral, momentarily.

This propped up margin calls because of the large exposure our financial institutions have to Chinese securities.

When these securities were no longer accepted as collateral on January 27th, 2021, AMC stock surged.

The order was shortly amended (moved) to May 27th, 2021, where AMC stock had its second surge, reaching an all-time high of $72 per share only a few days after.

Biden then shortly passed executive order 14032 which gave institutions their collateral back for 365 days on June 2nd, 2021.

Well, those 365 days are coming to an end, and it seems June of 2022 could be a big month for AMC stock.

Let’s discuss it.


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No dates, only info

Executive order 14032 - executive order 13959

I’d like to make clear that the information provided in this article is merely only information backed by real government documents and data.

This excerpt is not to confirm a specific date where we can anticipate AMC stock to move up in price action, but rather acknowledge what’s happened in the past that could very well occur today.

Executive order 13959

Redditors were wondering whether there was a document that confirmed the replacement of executive order 13959.

And here it is – the order was replaced by executive order 14032.

One of the biggest differences between these two orders is that the previous executive order affected a total of 30 securities.

Executive order 14032 will affect more than 70 securities.

You can view the list of companies here.

Executive order 14032 is to go into effect on Friday June 3rd, 2022.

Will executive order 14032 trigger a short squeeze?

Given the nature of the rule, executive order 14032 will prohibit institutions to use Chinese securities as collateral, which will result in large margin calls.

When executive order 13959 disarmed institutions with this collateral in January of 2021, AMC surged to $20+ per share.

The order was amended as stocks surged resulting in sharp declines, giving institutions this collateral back.

The amended date moved to late May, where we saw AMC reach an all-time high of $72 per share.

Institutions were then given their collateral back on June 2nd for a period of 365 calendar days.

This collateral will no longer serve institutions on June 3rd until the order is amended again.

The expiration date in early June leads us to conclude we will see major short covering in heavily shorted securities such as AMC stock.

And because the list of Chinese securities being affected has increased, this means the amount of collateral that will be removed has also drastically increased.

If history repeats itself, this next surge will be massive.

That’s not even taking into consideration the next amended date.

Will this executive order lead to MOASS?

I’ve mentioned in previous articles I don’t think institutions will be held accountable for synthetics, but I hope I’m wrong.

One thing I do know is retail investors will need to keep an eye out on AMC’s short interest data to identify whether short sellers are calling it quits or sticking around longer.

No matter how high AMC’s price surges, the short interest data essentially provides investors with insight on how much fuel is left in a short squeeze play.

When AMC rose to $72 per share, the short interest had dropped to 16% from 20%.

AMC’s current short interest is 21.57%.

We’ve also seen that AMC short sellers have hit a record high number of shares on loan.

This means they owe more shares today, than they did AMC surged to $20 and $72 per share.

A third runup will be huge for AMC stock.

Only time will tell whether executive order 14032 is the catalyst or not.

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AMC is going to reach a new ATH

I believe AMC is going to reach a new all-time high from its previous record high of $72 per share.

Simply because the data is there.

The data that told us AMC was going to $20, then $72, and now even higher, is still there.

It’s just taking longer than traders would like.

But despite how long it takes, you can’t change the data.

You can’t change the fact that short sellers now owe lenders more than ever before.

And at some point, these lenders will need their money back.

Executive order 14032 seems like a highly likely trigger for AMC stock.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Leave a comment below for the community to see.

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Are Institutions Preparing to Close Short Positions in AMC?

how soon will institutions close short positions in AMC stock?
How soon will institutions close short positions in AMC stock?

Retail investors have been waiting for big institutions to close their short positions in AMC for over a year now.

Many short positions in AMC Entertainment stock still remained open after January’s and May’s runup last year.

This year’s bear market has dropped stock prices back to all-time lows.

Will this provide institutions with incentive to close short positions in AMC now?

Let’s discuss it below.


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AMC drops to all-time lows again

Are institutions preparing to close short positions in AMC stock?
Are institutions preparing to close short positions in AMC stock?

The entire market is on a free-fall.

AMC Entertainment stock managed to fall below $13 on Monday despite heavy buying volume.

The off-exchange trading for AMC is currently around 62.26% according to Fintel, and shorts have borrowed an additional 1M shares to short the stock according to Stonk-O-Tracker.

These predatorial strategies have retail investors pinned and losing money on their investment.

The economy’s health isn’t helping much either, but further fueling the market’s stress.

Interest rates are rising, inflation is at an all-time high, and the U.S is battling several issues outside the country with Russia and Ukraine, and at home.

Today’s economy has the entire market beat.

And AMC Entertainment is no exception the free-fall despite the company’s continuous progress.

AMC has become a trading ground

Traders and institutions are trading AMC at all times.

At some point, positions will have to get closed.

DTCC B16845-22 raised margin requirements by 25% for stock trading above $10 per share.

If AMC stock drops below $10 per share, then margin requirements will be raised to 30%.

This is rather significant because it requires institutions shorting AMC stock to carry more collateral.

Unfortunately for the rest of the market, institutions will continue to create massive selloffs just to keep up with these margin requirements.

But it gets worse for them because the lower AMC drops, the more collateral will be required of them.

Financial institutions are being stretched beyond their means and it’s not going to end well for them.

We’ve already seen hedge funds fall – and we can expect this trend to continue.

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Could institutions be preparing to close short positions?

Institutions will eventually begin to hedge on the upside (long).

For this to happen, they will need to identify the market’s bottom.

Economists believe there is still quite aways to go before the market begins bottoming out.

Others such as Forbes believes the stock market is finishing this crater of a selloff.

With this in mind, institutions always strategize when it comes to market conditions.

It is very possible AMC short sellers could begin to close their positions as the markets begin to bottom out.

When this will occur is unknown.

No one has been able to perfectly time the market; however, there are always signals in the market that allow investors to foresee specific trends.

A reversal is imminent

Despite where the bottom lies, investors holding AMC stock should know that a reversal is imminent.

A reversal is a change in the price of an asset which can occur to the upside or downside – depending on a securities’ current trendline.

For AMC, a reversal would push the stock up.

Not only is a reversal imminent for AMC stock, but for the entire market as well.

Stocks can’t keep going down forever, at some point they must go up again.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of the biggest reversals in history.

I’m interested to learn what you think.

Leave a comment down below.

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Is AMC’s Real Share Price Being Hidden?

Is AMC's Real Share Price Being Hidden

Retail investors have debated whether AMC’s real share price has been hidden from the public for over a year now.

Why would anyone question a stock’s price?

Before the ‘conspiracy theorist’ alarm starts going off in your head, know this.

Every time mainstream media called the retail community conspiracy theorists, data and news was released confirming retails claims.

Such claims included naked shorting, dark pool trading, and major conflicts of interest in the market.

So, are these glitches that show AMC trading in the hundreds of dollars per share merely glitches?

Or is there more going on that retail can’t see?

Let’s discuss it.


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Is AMC’s share price real?

is AMC's share price real - real amc share price

Retail investors have debated that because so much of retails orders do not get processed in the lit exchange (NYSE), not all of their buying power is being reflected in the actual share price.

Gary Gensler himself said 90%-95% of retails orders are processed in dark exchanges during a Bloomberg exclusive.

This provides concrete evidence AMC’s share price is heavily suppressed.

And heavy overleveraged short selling doesn’t make it any better.

If the SEC has proved one thing, it’s that the stock market is tailored to better fit the needs of financial institutions rather than individual retail investors and the companies that are the backbone of our economy.

Saying AMC’s real share price is being hidden is a strong way of saying institutions are stealing money from retail investors.

But where’s the lie?

When market makers make money trading retail’s orders through foreign exchanges while regulators allow this to happen.

Is AMC’s real share price being hidden?

It’s safe to say retail investors understand AMC’s real share price is definitely being suppressed.

AMC share price glitches

AMC Share price glitches

Evidence has surfaced on Reddit and Twitter showing AMC at a higher share price than is being traded on the NYSE.

These glitches have surfaced for over a year now where AMC has been seen trading between $100-$400 per share momentarily.

These discrepancies in the market have left retail investors wondering if AMC’s real share price has been accidently leaked from time to time.

To keep an open mind is to ask questions and to get down to the truth, whether these glitches truly are just glitches, or not.

Similarly, glitches have also surfaced for GameStop (GME) stock.

The ‘meme stock’ duo have been victims of heavy shorting for years now but market injustices have been brought to light by the ‘ape’ community in the past year.

Mainstream media won’t touch topic on these issues which is why I’ve made it my mission to stand up for the community.

I’m interested in learning your perspective.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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How High Are ‘Apes’ Willing to Hold AMC Stock?

how high will apes hold AMC stock?
Apes are going to the moon, but how high will the community hold AMC stock?

If you’re reading this, chances are you hold AMC stock.

AMC is up more than 65% from exactly one year ago but down 41% this new year.

But retail investors continue to hold AMC stock.

The reasons vary – but I’d like to touch topic on this incredibly rare market phenomena we’re seeing here with this community.


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“Buy and Hold” skyrocketed AMC to $72 per share

And “buy and hold” will skyrocket it past a new ATH.

The concept has been simple from the very beginning, right?

Retail investors buy the stock to drive momentum and hold AMC stock to essentially refrain the price from dropping.

The aftermath would be even bigger momentum caused by short sellers closing their positions.

Well, the concept hasn’t changed today – the only difference is we’re stuck in a bear market.

Now, the biggest CEOs in America don’t think this bear market will linger, but it’s a different situation here than it was last year.

This year apes holding AMC stock will have to ride the bear wave and let the markets do some purging.

AMC’s trading volume has been below average but remains healthy in the tens of millions.

Apes are not just holding the stock this year; they’re continuously buying it too.

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Investors are asking, “will AMC go back up?”

You would have expected AMC’s negative beta of -43.0% to hold the stock relatively well during this bear market.

However, institutions continue to borrow millions of shares every day to short the stock, as seen on Stonk-O-Tracker.

Perhaps now that margin requirements have been raised by 25%, we’ll begin to see some deleveraging soon.

And in turn, see some suppression get lifted on heavily shorted stock.

I’ve gone over a number of times how AMC’s current short interest shows us the movie theatre chain is not done running.

You will know AMC is no longer a short squeeze play when the short interest plummets to the ground.

It’s currently at a high 19%.

It’s not a matter of asking whether AMC will go back up but rather when will it go back up?

Like the entire market, AMC Entertainment is only one of many public companies also stuck in this bear market.

A reversal will happen just as quick or just as long as it takes for bull sentiment to re-enter the market.

So, how long are ‘apes’ willing to hold AMC stock?

Apes are willing to hold AMC stock as long as it takes for shorts to close their positions.

But how high are apes willing to hold the stock?

I personally think it will vary from person to person as everyone has different profit goals.

This is why it’s been relatively important for investors to meet a number of shares goal.

The number of shares you hold is actually a multiplier that will play a big role in how much money you make in AMC stock (or any other stock).

If your share goal was 1,000 shares, then you will earn $1,000 for every dollar that AMC goes up.

From here you can determine when to take profits on AMC depending on your conviction of how high AMC will go.

Everyone’s number of shares goal will differ, but this is just an example.

Regulators have not held institutions accountable for synthetics yet, and for this reason I feel it’s best to play it safe and bulk up on shares (not financial advice) to increase that multiplier.

The last thing you want to do is believe in some absurd numbers, leaving you out of making a life-changing play.

Leave your thoughts below


Realistically, how high are you willing to hold AMC stock?

We know there’s going to be a bigger runup than the first two this third time around.

Will this be MOASS?

Who knows – but we’ll have to keep an eye out on exactly how much short interest goes down to determine just how much juice is left.

Feel free to leave your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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Will AMC Entertainment Stock Reach a New ATH This Year?

Does AMC Entertainment stock have the potential to reach a new ATH?

AMC Entertainment stock was the most searched for stock in 2021 due to it reaching an ATH (all-time high) of $72 per share.

Prior to the climb, retail investors were discovering the data that pointed to that surge on this very blog.

And if you got in late and are holding unrealized losses, you might have heard that AMC stock is not done running.


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$14 to $72 per share

If you read my article “Are You Holding Significant Losses in AMC Stock?” yesterday, you know I briefly touched topic on this.

AMC was only around $14 per share when it began to run up to its current all-time high of $72 per share.

AMC Entertainment stock is currently trading around $15, a support level we’ve seen for quite some time now.

It’s possible AMC has found a new bottom in the $14-$15 range, up $10 from its floor of $5 in 2021 after the stock ran up to $20 per share in January then $72 in May.

AMC raised new levels of support last year and it’s very possible we get to see this same trend as the markets shift away from the current bearish sentiment.

If the movie theatre chain company has set a higher floor, does this mean AMC will reach a new ATH during its next bull run?

And if so, how high can the stock go?

Let me give you a scenario.

AMC stock prediction 2022/2023

Although the biggest CEOs in America don’t think this bear market will linger, we don’t know exactly how long this bear market will last.

For this reason, I’m including the year 2023 into the equation, though like you, would like to see this happen this year.

We know AMC is not done running primarily due to its high short interest percentage of 19%.

AMC had a SI of 20% when it reached an ATH of $72 per share at the starting run of $5.

How can this history help us identify AMC’s next possible ATH?

We can look at the gap between the previous bottom, and today’s possible bottom of $14-$15.

The difference from $5 to let’s say $15 is 3x the previous price.

Could we then say the price potential of another AMC ATH will be 3x that from the previous all-time high?

That would mean another major price runup could take AMC to an ATH of approximately $216 per share.

Now, keep in mind this only calculating a small percentage of short covering.

When AMC ran from $5 to $14 and then eventually peaked at $72, AMC’s short interest dropped only 6%, from 20% to 14%.

Is it possible AMC’s share price goes even higher?

This will highly depend on how many shorts begin to close out their short positions.

The reason early shareholders didn’t take profits at $72 per share is because of how much more potential AMC had to run – based on how much short interest was still available at the time.

Since then, the short interest has risen from 14% to the current 19% and has even topped 20%.

What does this tell us?

Despite the prices we see in the market today, AMC has yet another all-time high price to unlock.

How will we know when AMC has completely squeezed shorts from their positions?

Let me tell you this – the $200+ price range will only be from a few shorts closing their positions, again based on previous patterns (not financial advice).

We will have to keep an eye out on the short interest percentage as AMC’s share price begins to climb again.

For example: if AMC reaches $500 per share but its short interest is anywhere between 10%-11%, then you know there’s still room for growth.

Holding the stock at this level will depend on an investors level of risk of course.

Take this information with a grain of salt

The examples and hypothesis explained in this article regarding where AMC’s stock price can go are my opinions and thoughts only.

I look at the evidence, history, patterns, and factual data first before creating possible scenarios of where AMC can go during another epic uptrend.

If I hold the stock, it’s because I look at the data.

I don’t take synthetics into account because regulators aren’t holding anyone accountable for them yet.

I feel it’s best to strategize without them – remember, if synthetics are closed that’s just a massive bonus.

Will AMC Entertainment stock reach a new ATH this year?

I think AMC will reach a new ATH when the markets are no longer bearish.

No matter where you think AMC will top off, one thing is certain – it’s going to runup eventually.

Strategize and have a plan to make a lot of money.

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Is AMC A Good Stock to Buy?

is AMC a good stock to buy?
AMC Entertianment Holdings, Inc. – is AMC a good stock to buy? AMCStock Reddit

You might have heard all the ruckus going on with AMC and are now wondering, is AMC a good stock to buy?

What was once a struggling movie theatre chain company is now a rising phoenix innovating in every direction the market demands.

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. came near bankruptcy when the pandemic shut down movie theatres across the country.

Now that the world seems to be going back to normal, people are wondering how the movie theatre chain will stand against online streaming.

In this article I’m going to break down earnings, debt, short percentage, and various key factors that will help you make a decision.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today I’m going to help you answer the question everyone wants to know. Is AMC a good stock to buy?

Let’s dive right into it!

Join the newsletter so you don’t miss out on weekly market news plus new content that could make you money!

You can opt out at any time.

Let’s begin.

AMC now has positive EBITDA

AMC Positive EBITDA - is AMC a good stock to buy?
‘The Batman’ – AMCStock Reddit

AMC Entertainment announced during their Q4 earnings call that the company now has positive cash flow for the first time in two years.

EBITDA provides investors with a snapshot of a company’s overall financial performance.

AMC currently has a positive net cash flow of $160 million.

Why is this important?

The company almost went bankrupt during the lockdowns during the pandemic.

This is massive progress for any company to stand up after almost being defeated.

It demonstrates the will to succeed.

AMC box office grosses improved each and every quarter of 2020 and 2021 as the number of movie titles increased.

The company hosted approximately 60 million guests in the United States, Europe, and Middle East in Q4 of 2021 alone.

The recovery for AMC has been incredible in such a short period of time.

Now that the company has positive cash flow, AMC Entertainment will be able to provide more value to its guests and shareholders alike.

AMC futures

AMC Futures
AMCStock Reddit

AMC Entertainment saw more than $1.8 billion in liquidity its fourth quarter of 2021 and anticipates doubling its revenue this year 2022.

With more movie titles coming to the big screen this new year, CEO and President Adam Aron says the $1.8 billion will provide AMC with more security and flexibility to go on the offense.

AMC Entertainment doesn’t plan on sitting on this money, but rather on using it to play offense and innovate.

Adam Aron says he plans on obtaining licensing agreements to feature live movie concerts and live sports events in theatres.

If you’re betting on AMC long term you might want to become an owner of the company by purchasing the stock.

90% of retail investors now own the century old movie theatre chain according to the CEO.

The company has a strong and loyal shareholder base that even played a major role in resuscitating the company when it faced bankruptcy.

Adam Aron praises his shareholders as they are the majority owners of the company.

It’s a first in history where shareholders have a massive ownership of a company this big.

The CEO communicates with shareholders on Twitter where he takes ideas from the public to better structure certain areas of the company.

The number of AMC shareholder has increased from 3 million last year to now more than 4 million this new year 2022.

Innovation and revenue streams

AMC Perfectly Popcorn Brand - AMC Innovation and revenue streams
AMC Perfectly Popcorn Brand – AMCStock Reddit

AMC Entertainment has really transformed its business model and is now taking form of a modern-type business.

This leading movie industry chain is now accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of online payment for movie theatre tickets, gift cards, and other accessories.

Not only have they cultivated the crypto movement, but the company is also releasing NFTs when new movie titles are released.

With NFTs, AMC Entertainment will earn a royalty every time an NFT is sold or traded in the marketplace.

This opens opportunity in the marketplace for both AMC Entertainment the company and the asset owner.

AMC Perfectly Popcorn brand is on track to hit retail stores and supermarkets this year too.

They will be selling AMC Perfectly Popcorn brand microwavable popcorn at your favorite grocery stores and outlets.

Adam Aron announced during the Q4 earnings call that AMC and UberEATS are working on making it possible to order pre-packaged popcorn for home-delivery services.

So even if you’re not going out to the movies, you can order AMC Perfectly Branded popcorn for that movie night at home.

This is just one way the company is hedging against online streaming.

Once the theatre chain has access to exclusively release live concerts and sports events, the theatrical experience is going to transform how we look at movie theatres today.

Although online streaming has blown up, the theatre experience is something you cannot replicate anywhere else.

And the data has spoken for it.

Does AMC have debt?

does AMC have debt?

AMC Entertainment, like many companies has debt.

However, unlike the previous year when they had debt and negative cash flow, the company has eliminated most of its debt and created positive EBITDA.

AMC paid $61 million of deferred (postponed) rent in Q4 of 2021, reducing their total deferred rent to $315 million.

It reduced a total of $155 million of deferred rent over the last 9 months of 2021.

They plan to reduce the deferred rent by $150-$200 million in 2022 leaving them with $160-$115 million left for 2023.

This amount could be paid in full that same year.

So, while they still owe money, the execution is being handled with vigorous accountability and success.

AMC Entertainment should have no problem paying this off while maintaining a positive EBITDA through its multiple revenue streams.

Last year the company sold a $950 million junk bond which they used to pay down debt and refinance certain interests to much lower rates.

This has given the company much more flexibility than needed.

I think it’s fair to say the company has proved that it can handle its use of money quite well.

CEO Adam Aron also donated $1 million dollars of his personal money to charity in both stocks and cash.

“I benefited greatly as retail investors have embraced AMC. That makes it time for me to step up and personally give back.”

CEo and president, adam aron

Does AMC offer dividends?

does AMC offer dividends?
Spider-Man NFT – AMCstock Reddit

AMC currently does not offer dividends.

However, the company releases NFTs when new movie titles are released.

These NFTs can sell on NFT marketplaces for quite a large amount of money, depending on the rarity of course, but they’re out there.

The highest sold AMC NFT was a Spider-Man NFT that sold for $17,000 according to Adam Aron.

When Spider-Man No Way Home came out, the first movie ticket buyers received random Spider-Man NFTs.

This is another great incentive to encourage engagement and revenue for the company.

I mean, what other company is truly innovating like this?

Elon Musk announced in January Tesla would accept Dogecoin for its merchandise.

But even he hasn’t gotten involved in NFTs like Adam Aron has, with all respect to Mr. Musk.

AMC shareholders who signed up before December 31st of 2021 also received a series 1 “I Own AMC” NFT.

More than half a million of these NFTs were created and sent to shareholders for free.

I believe these series 1 NFTs will be worth a lot of money years down the road as the company releases a variety of series NFTs with series 1 being AMC’s ‘originals‘.

The concept is incredible but only time will tell.

Are you an NFT collector?

Leave a comment below.

Is AMC still being shorted?

AMC currently has a short interest of 21%.

It’s relatively high meaning short sellers continue to bet on AMC’s stock price to go down.

In fact, the Department of Justice is investigating short sellers and big-time hedge funds for illegally driving AMC and GameStop’s share prices down.

Elon Musk spoke out against short sellers with Adam Aron mocking them for the second time when the announcements were made public.

Short sellers have been long accused by the retail community of tampering with AMC’s share price as the demand for the stock has not been accurately reflecting on the price.

Once called conspiracy theorists, major publications and regulators have now confirmed every allegation.

Predatorial strategies in the market are real and AMC has been abused by them.

The retail community is fighting to lift the market manipulation imposed on so called ‘meme stocks’.

The lift would allow the stocks to naturally surge based on supply and demand.

Is AMC a good stock to short?

Absolutely not.

Hedge funds have lost billions of dollars betting against AMC Entertainment and now the Justice Department has gotten involved.

The SEC recently warned short sellers of ‘short squeeze’ risks in a market transparency report.

The number of activists in the retail community has multiplied over the months and year.

Can AMC still squeeze?

AMC’s current short interest is more than enough to send the share price to an all-time high.

The company’s stock reached $72 per share when the short interest was only at 20%.

The short interest came down to around 14% shortly after the price surge but has since gone up to now 21%.

When AMC climbed to $72 per share it was with only 6% short interest out of 20%.

Is it worth buying AMC for a short squeeze trade?

90% of retail investors holding the stock certainly think so.

For many, the reward outweighs the risk involved.

Though a wise man did once say, the only risk is not taking a risk at all.

Join my discord where many community members are discussing the data.

Is AMC a good stock to buy today?

is AMC a good stock to buy today
AMCStock Reddit – is AMC a good stock to buy?

What makes AMC so different from most stocks is the peculiar spot it’s in.

The company is working extremely hard to improve its fundamentals by innovating, paying off its debt, and increasing its revenue streams.

In the meantime, you have a loyal shareholder base looking to squeeze shorts from their positions while keep their ties to the company after successfully doing so.

Moody’s recently upgraded AMC to Caa2 rating saying the outlook on the company is positive amid the cinema industry’s recovery.

And while corporate (mainstream) media might tell you otherwise, it’s important to note that these companies are often times influenced and bought by hedge funds.

There’s no narrative here, only data.

Is AMC a good stock to buy?

The stock could be a great buy whether you’re looking at a long-term fundamental investment or whether you’re diving into a short squeeze trade.

Just remember, this is not financial advice, and my suggestion as always is to never put more money in the market than you can afford to lose.

Always do your due diligence and stick true to your conviction.

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Can AMC Stock Make You a Multi-Millionaire?

Can AMC stock make you a multi-millionaire?
More and more investors continue to buy AMC stock – AMC Lambo

Investors from all over the world bought AMC stock last year to enter a life-changing play.

This life-changing play would occur in the event of an AMC short squeeze, or MOASS (mother of all short squeezes).

The number of retail investors who own AMC’s float increased from 3 million in 2021 to a whopping 4 million in 2022.

So, why do investors continue to buy this so called ‘meme stock’?

Let’s discuss it.


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How high did AMC stock go last year?

AMC reached an all-time high (ATH) of $72 per share in late May of 2021.

Retail investors were able to drive the stock price up more than 3000% from mere trading volume and momentum.

The volume during the runup went as high as 700m-900m per day as FOMO (fear of missing out) kicked in from investors who neglected the data earlier that year.

While mainstream media was telling the public to avoid buying the stock, Franknez.com was the only news blog advising people of the opportunity that lied ahead.

Hedge funds betting against AMC lost billions in the process and continue to short the stock to this day in hopes to recuperate some losses.

What allowed us to see this massive surge months before it happened?

When AMC reached an ATH of $20 per share in January, the retail community noticed that AMC’s short interest was still high, meaning not every short seller had been squeezed from their position.

After several months of buying and hold the stock, AMC shareholders managed to squeeze only 4% of shorts from the total 20% short interest being reported at that time.

AMC’s short interest dropped to 16% when it skyrocketed to $72 per share and is currently sitting at 20% today.

How much money would you need to have invested in AMC to make $1 million?

AMC when lambo? Can AMC moon?

If you got in around $2 per share before AMC climbed to $72, you would have needed to invest roughly $14,285.71 in AMC stock to have made only $1 million.

Investing $50,000 at the same entry price would have made you $3.5 million if you cashed in at the all-time high of $72 per share.

But did you know that many ‘ape’ investors didn’t take profits and continue to hold the stock?

Well, why’s that?

The answer is simple, the short interest percentage continues to be extremely high and hedge funds have borrowed twice as much more shares to short the stock since AMC’s runup to $72 per share.

This means AMC’s third runup potential is even more massive than the first and second of last year.

Why is mainstream media trying to scare you from your money?

Because the owners of these corporations are betting against these stocks and don’t want to suffer more significant losses.

In the video below, I go over the short interest data that shows us why AMC’s next price runup is going to be larger than the one in January and May/June of 2021.

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AMC price prediction 2022

AMC when lambo? Can AMC moon?

I project AMC’s next major price runup will range between $140-$250 based on a 4%-6% short interest drop.

And this is only with very small short covering.

AMC’s share price could squeeze much higher depending on how many shorts actually close their positions.

I update AMC’s short interest data straight from Ortex daily here.

How soon will this happen?

In the video above I go over the patterns shareholders will need to keep an eye out on.

We are currently in a bear market so short sellers have an advantage in today’s market.

However, as soon as the market begins to transition towards a more bullish market, momentum and high buying pressure will begin to move AMC’s share price up again.

Here we’ll see more incentive for shorts to close their positions as the market sentiment in general begins to move upwards again.

We were in a bull market when AMC’s price surge occurred last year.

The SPY had even reached an all-time high.

Today the SPY (S&P 500) is down -8.36% on the year-to-date chart.

Is AMC stock a buy in 2022?

is AMC stock a buy in 2022
Can AMC moon?

AMC’s float is now owned by 90% of retail investors; up 10% from the end of last year.

Retail investors buying the stock are discovering the short interest data that points towards a much larger price runup in AMC stock.

The question is, will you miss this third runup?

Although shareholders continue to hold the stock, investors anticipate due to the incredible amount of shares loaned that need to be purchased back, AMC stock can go as high as $1,000 per share or more.

While this figure might throw you off balance for a second, if regulators hold hedge funds accountable for the large sums of naked shares in the market, then this figure is certainly possible.

Whether regulators enforce this action or not is another thing.

But one thing looks certain.

Based on AMC’s short interest data, this ‘meme’ stock is not done moving.

And any corporate media platform telling you otherwise may only be feeding into the narrative short sellers want you to hear.

So, can AMC stock make you a multi-millionaire?

AMC when lambo?
AMC when Lambo? Can AMC moon?

This is going to depend on two key factors: the number of shares you own, and how high the stock price may potentially run up to.

In my AMC exit strategy guide I talk about goal setting to make sure you cash out handsomely profitable.

We cannot time the peak of a short squeeze nor determine how many shorts have covered until the data has been updated 2-3 days after positions have been closed.

However, I’ve found that creating an exit strategy with a goal in mind will help you determine how many shares of the company you will need to own to reach your cash out goal.

You may start off by writing down brackets of $100, $200, $300, and so on to identify how close or far off you will be to that specific goal in mind.

Keep in mind that the farther out your bracket is, the riskier holding your position may become.

The point of a short squeeze trade is to make a positive impact on your current finances.

Remember, bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

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Wall Street Journal is Indirectly Owned by Citadel’s Ken Griffin

wall street journal is owned by Ken Griffin

Wall Street Journal just published a piece on the AMC community where the conflict of interest is only so obvious.

They refer to the community as a mob and disrespect AMC’s CEO Adam Aron by saying apes made the CEO “play by their rules.”

WSJ tries to discredit the CEO and portrays the community as an entirely different culture than what it is.

Come to find out, Ken Griffin actually owns Wall Street Journal, well sorta.

Let’s dive right into it.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that fights FUD media. When the community is getting attacked you know we’re doing something right.

Let’s get started!

Now, we can’t be too harsh on the two writers who published this article.

Afterall, they’re just doing their job, right?

Who owns the Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp., a company where Ken Griffin’s Citadel has a stake in.

Who owns Wall Street Journal? Source, Investopedia

News Corp is Wall Street Journal’s parent company.

Not only do they have ownership of the Wall Street Journal, but they also own other DOW Jones assets such as the Dow Jones Newswire.

Other media brands by the DOW Jones include Barrons and MarketWatch, media companies who have been attacking AMC Entertainment all year.

DOW Jones Media Brands
DOW Jones Media Brands

All these finance media platforms are tied and owned by News Corp.

So, where does Ken Griffin come in?

Ken Griffin Owns Almost 1.4 Million Shares of News Corp.

Ken Griffin owns news corp
Ken Griffin owns News Corp, source

CEO of Citadel Securities, Ken Griffin owns News Corp, the company that has ownership over Wall Street Journal, Barrons, MarketWatch, DOW Jones, and other media outlets spewing ill words of AMC Entertainment and its community.

Citadel Securities is on the top 10 list of hedge funds shorting AMC stock.

Anchorage Capital, who was also on that list just closed down after betting against AMC.

The hedge fund had an 18-year run.

There’s a major conflict of interest when the owner of all these companies is using them to pump propaganda to fit a nefarious agenda.

Citadel Securities attempted to bankrupt AMC Entertainment earlier this year but failed after retail investors saved the company.

Because AMC stock has a short squeeze set up, retail investors are not leaving until overleveraged hedge funds have closed their short positions in AMC.

Though the multi-billionaire has the power to influence these companies, the community has the power to expose these untrustworthy media platforms.

And that’s enough to raise awareness.

The Fall of Hedge Funds and FUD Media

Both hedge funds and FUD media platforms face intense scrutiny from investors.

Not only are hedge funds such as Citadel Securities causing financial turmoil for their clients, but financial news platforms are now being exposed as being tied to manipulation tactics.

What can the community do to fight against this manipulation?

It’s simpler than you might think.

By raising awareness.

The more people are educated, the more they will have a clear conscious of what news to consume and what financial path to follow.

These mainstream finance platforms have cost the public so much money.

By scaring them out of their money, they missed the opportunity to secure a position in AMC Entertainment when it traded low.

AMC stock is currently up more than 1300% year-to-date.

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Share this news to raise awareness.

Your voice is a weapon against the corruption in our financial system.

And a special thanks to Kat for bringing this information to my attention.

Together, the community will reshape how we invest, with honor and with integrity.

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