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TD Ameritrade Reports 40.25% AMC Short Interest

TD Ameritrade AMC Short Interest Glitch
Market News: TD Ameritrade AMC glitch.

Screenshots from TD Ameritrade have come up on Twitter of AMC’s short interest at 40.25%.

Ortex is reporting AMC to have a short interest of 16.99% (2021 Archive).

So where is TD Ameritrade pulling up this information from?

They actually have a response to that.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the ape community has mentioned from time to time that a lot of the data provided by financial institutions is skewed. Here’s an example that happening right now.

“Our news and research is provided by Third Party Vendors”

So, why is this short interest data important?

Retail investors rely on the short interest data to determine how much of a company’s float is being shorted.

The short interest that Ortex is reporting is significantly less than that of TD Ameritrade’s.

TD Ameritrade’s short interest data is more than double that of Ortex.

Short interest data also enables us to see how much ‘squeeze potential‘ there is in a heavily shorted stock.

At least to a certain degree.

So if we have sources reporting masked or hidden short interest data, it’s deceit in many accounts.

Or is this simply a glitch from TD Ameritrade?

TD Ameritrade AMC Short Interest Tweet
TD Ameritrade AMC Short Interest Tweet

The ape community is questioning why ticker symbol AMC is the only stock that has had a significant number of glitches throughout the year.

Or are the real numbers being masked to divert the public from jumping in on this short squeeze play.

Afterall, hedge funds have begun closing, with many losing billions this year.

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Where is this data coming from?

The data comes from MorningStar but both TD Ameritrade and ETrade experienced this anomaly in their system.

TD Ameritrade AMC Short Interest 40.25
TD Ameritrade AMC Short Interest 40.25

According to TD Ameritrade, this was a glitch in their system.

However, the data would have not been changed unless the retail community pointed it out.

Was this a mistake on their end that retail was not supposed to see?

Or was this legit one of several glitches that has been occurring specifically for AMC Entertainment stock?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The broker is stating their technology team is working to correct the information but have no ETA as to when the correct data will be restored.

Why so many glitches with AMC stock?

AMC Entertainment has been experiencing several glitches throughout 2021.

They have varied from skewed data such as the short interest, to chart patterns, and even share price.

The ape community has concluded over the months that AMC’s short interest data is significantly higher than what is being displayed.

Lou from the YouTube channel has even concluded that AMC’s share price is being masked and could be in the hundreds to even thousands of dollars per share.

Now, while these are rather extreme claims, it’s not difficult to understand why such claims have been made.

AMC is one of the most overleveraged stocks from hedge funds shorting it.

Millions upon millions of shares have been borrowed to short it all year.

The feds have now begun investigating short selling practices and are tackling hedge funds who pose systemic risk.

As more hedge funds close, and others continue to bleed their customers, retail investors suspect they will do everything in their power to deceive retail from squeezing them from their short positions.

An interesting narrative, but a very likely one just as much.

What other glitches have you seen in AMC stock?


Out of the several glitches that have occurred, what other glitches do you recall seeing in AMC Entertainment stock?

Leave a comment below.

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Will Shorts Be Forced to Close Positions in APE?

Market News: Here's the latest on AMC and APE stock.
Market News: Here’s the latest on AMC and APE stock | APE short squeeze update.

A new proposal by CEO Adam Aron has been circulating the retail community where shareholders will get to vote on the conversion of APE equity to AMC common shares.

Shareholders are anticipating short sellers will close their positions in APE if the conversion to AMC common shares is approved.

While no official voting proxy has been distributed amongst shareholders, the talks are certainly on the table.

A second proposal will allow shareholders to vote on a 1-for-10 reverse stock split.

So far, more than 72% of shareholders said in a poll they’d vote ‘YES’ for the split.

You can read more about what a reverse stock split signifies for a company here.

Will shorts be forced to close their positions in APE if the conversion is approved?

There’s a very strong probability of that being the case.

Let’s discuss it.

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What Happens to Shorted Stock During a Merge?

APE short squeeze news and updates.
APE short squeeze news and updates.

In the case of APE and AMC, the merge between the equity and common shares may temporarily increase the share price of AMC stock.

This is where short sellers are caught in a bind.

Short sellers betting against the company would see big losses during the surge of the newly reflected share price.

Short sellers will have the option to close out their positions completely prior to the conversion or keep holding their position.

While they will not be obligated to close out their positions, they are at higher risk from momentum taking over and further escalating rising share prices.

Here is where shareholders have the opportunity to buy in heavily to keep short sellers from only pushing the price down after the merge.

As short sellers begin to fear the tide turning against them, the buyback of shares will result in a short squeeze.

If shareholders fail to create momentum, then short sellers may identify weakness in buying power and further add to their short positions.

Is an APE Short Squeeze Over?

APE short squeeze news and updates.
APE short squeeze news and updates.

Not quite.

There’s a strong possibility short sellers close their positions in APE prior to a conversion (if approved by shareholders).

In doing so, they avoid seeing share prices rise and the probability of having losing positions during the merge.

APE momentarily became the #1 most short stock according to Yahoo Finance.

In the past week, APE has surged more than 150% with heavy buying volume.

Is it possible this was caused by a few shorts closing?

Perhaps, but an APE short squeeze prior the conversion is still very possible.

Despite so much market uncertainty happening today, both AMC and APE have fair shots at squeeze short sellers from their positions.

So far, this has been one of the biggest catalysts for a short squeeze.

But it’s going to require retail investors to play their part.

Leave your thoughts below

Are you holding AMC and APE?

Leave your thoughts below.

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