A New Motion Has Been Filed Requesting MMTLP Blue Sheets

Market News Daily - A New Motion Has Been Filed Requesting MMTLP Blue Sheets.
Market News Daily – A New Motion Has Been Filed Requesting MMTLP Blue Sheets.

A new motion has been filed in the Supreme Court of New York by Mark Basile on behalf of an MMTLP investor requesting FINRA for MMTLP blue sheets.

For months now, the MMTLP community has demanded FINRA to release the blue sheets but have not received a formal update to the request.

Electronic Blue Sheet (EBS) data files, which contain both trading and account holder information, provide regulatory agencies with the ability to analyze a firm’s trading activity.

Firms are expected to provide complete, accurate and timely Blue Sheet data in response to regulatory requests.

Incomplete, inaccurate and untimely Blue Sheet data compromises regulators’ ability to identify individuals engaging in insider trading schemes and other fraudulent activity. 

MMTLP shareholders want insight as to what type of trading activity was occurring, that could prove to be manipulative or illegal, prior and during the trading halts.

Mark Basile is a SPAC attorney who represents public companies in complex financial litigation in federal courts around the country.

This is not a lawsuit, but rather a motion that may eventually lead to a lawsuit.

New MMTLP Updates

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler is now aware of the MMTLP situation.

Although Chairman Gensler failed to touch topic on inquiries regarding MMTLP during this month’s hearing, Anna Trades confirms the SEC Chair is well aware of the situation.

Anna, alongside other members of the MMTLP community visited D.C to ask Gary Gensler the hard questions.

“I had the opportunity to ask Gary Gensler, some tough questions today. To which he only answered one…he is 💯 aware of the situation regarding MMTLP!”

Investors who held shares of MMTLP stock on the record date of December 12 would receive a preferred dividend of Next Bridge Hydrocarbon on Wednesday, December the 14th.

However, ticker symbol MMTLP stopped trading on Thursday, December 8 after FINRA delisted the security without notice or warning.

More than 34K MMTLP letters have been sent to regulators by investors affected by the aftermath of the U3 halt and delisting of MMTLP.

Fox Business’s Charles Payne interviewed SEC commissioner Hester Peirce, and asked for her thoughts on the injustices of the MMTLP case.

“I think the big issue that we’ve, and I’ve certainly heard those concerns, and I think the big issue that we need to take from this is we need to do a better job communicating about what happens when certain actions happen in the market,” said Hester Peirce on MMTLP.

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Market News Today - A New Motion Has Been Filed Requesting MMTLP Blue Sheets.
Market News Today – A New Motion Has Been Filed Requesting MMTLP Blue Sheets.

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