The Treasury Direct Is Now Preventing Users From Accessing Money

Market News Today - The Treasury Direct Is Now Preventing Users From Accessing Money.
Market News Today – The Treasury Direct Is Now Preventing Users From Accessing Money.

The Treasury Direct (TreasuryDirect) is now preventing users from accessing their money according to numerous reports.

Long-time users have been unable to log into their TreasuryDirect accounts for over a month now.

Newcomers have also been unable to create an account due to ‘maintenance’ issues.

Kenneth Jomoc says he’s been trying to open a new account with the Treasury Direct but that it’s been ‘unavailable’ for several days.

Others have received messages of ‘error’ when trying to create a new account with different dates of availability.

“Website has been down for scheduled maintenance for months. When will this be resolved,” says Michael.

“US TreasuryDirect website down. They did a software update over the weekend. Was supposed to be back by noon Sept 3, 2023. Hope they didn’t run out of money,” says Taichi Yang.

That of course would be a problem — many users on social media believe that these financial institutions may indeed be insolvent, or unable to pay their big debts.

In August, reports surfaced that the US Treasury Direct had been freezing customer accounts, leaving users without access to their funds from weeks to months.

Tammarra Johnson reported to FrankNez that TreasuryDirect has frozen her account ever since she made a deposit going all the way back to April.

“My account has been frozen since April right after I deposited $1,500 from a settlement. I mailed in the required form from my bank that was needed to unlock my account and it is still locked.

It’s sad to know financial institutions are basically taking citizens money like times aren’t already hard.”

“Treasury Direct is down right now. Starting to wonder if investing in treasuries is really a risk free return if they can’t even keep their website running,” said one user Tuesday of last week.

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Other Bank News Today

Market News Today - The Treasury Direct Is Now Preventing Users From Accessing Money.
Market News Today – The Treasury Direct Is Now Preventing Users From Accessing Money.

A US bank is now denying customers access to money according to several reports from users.

Green Dot Bank is now facing fraud allegations from various customers who have been locked out of their account from weeks to months, similar to TD.

Many customers are having difficulty receiving a direct response from the bank’s customer service department, with many claiming to have been given the runaround.

“It been a month and i still haven’t been able to get my money from Walmart green dot. I have ask for a replacement card 4 time haven’t got a card yet my rent is do for last month and this month i think there trying keep my money,” says Marzell Land.

Green Dot bank has been freezing multiple customer accounts resulting in missed bills or the usage of high interest credit cards to get by.

“From Az have not gotten my money since Wednesday I have a family and bills I have to pay. I know when they fixed this problem I’m getting my money and I’m gone like the wind, this is not right .🌋🌋🌋🤬🤬🤬. Just got done going through pandemic now this,” says Bobby Rivera.

What is being done about it? Nothing so far, though many of these reports have been submitted to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

“My funds are gone. I believe now the bank [Green Dot Bank] is holding it hostage. It’s my SS money and I can’t get it back, they keep extending the date.

I’ll get my new card with my money on it this has been going on since the August 1 and I was in the hospital when I was hacked..I want my money it’s mine not yours green dot,” says Sandra Machuga, who’s reported to FrankNez before.

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Market News Today - The Treasury Direct Is Now Preventing Users From Accessing Money.
Market News Today – The Treasury Direct Is Now Preventing Users From Accessing Money.

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  1. Marlisa M Meiers

    My name Marlisa Meiers I’m also a victim with Green Dot GO-2 Bank ,they need to investigate big time first of all the workers are not americans they sound like Indians and they admitted there not americans then why are they handling our personal information, I’m mentally Disabled and I lost my mind I cried and started to see the Demon in me they played with my mind so bad I thought is it me or what I been discriminated to where they see my number they wouldn’t answer and when they did put me on hold for over and hour call back just to get them to hang up on me they asked me for my email address social security number before they could help me I had to answer 3 security answers correct 56 went back as 20+ yrs if don’t answer 1 question correct they wouldn’t be able to unlock my debit card which they lock they claim for unusual activity 8 never asked for a replacement card but they issued me a ñew card which I never got they said I need to pu5 the correct address on file my address was on file so 5e6 refused to give me my money they said I had to sd a copy of my id before I could get my money
    and hado be a copy of my id not in black and white it’s lock threaten me that my account is close it says before you close your account we would get our refund then close your account and they said I have a lot of cards under my name if I do I never sign up for it and today my credit score is so low I have tax debt when I do file tax for one I have SSI income and they email me couple times a day asking when is my next payday since I’m a loyal customer that I have overdraft covered for up to $200 that’s why I said one they’ll get caught for holding onto our funds,big big scam go deep into investigating they been scamming people for a long time.

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