Massive Bank Branches in Ohio Now Scheduled to Close Soon

Massive bank branches in Ohio are now scheduled to close soon according to the latest data from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

“The banking exodus in Ohio continues, with two more locations set to close.

Over the last few weeks, several banks have advised of mass closures in Ohio,” reports Ash Jurberg.

  • Huntington National Bank stated it closing 7 branches in Ohio.
  • Fifth Third Bank, headquartered in Ohio and one of the largest consumer banks in the Midwestern United States, advised of 8 branches closing.
  • Park National Bank joined the growing list by stating 12 branches in Ohio will soon be closing.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Ohio outpaces the national average for bank branch closures.

In Ohio, 4.8% of branches were closed between 2020 and 2021, while 4.3% were shuttered between 2021 and 2022. This compares with the national average of 3.2%.

TheStreet states that “if the trend of current bank branch closings continues, there may be no bank branches left in 10 years.”

As banks continue to close, there is a fear that this could lead to banking deserts in some communities.

This is where communities are unable to access a physical bank branch without requiring some sort of long distance travel.

Below is the most recently updated list of bank branches closing in Ohio soon.

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Bank Branches Closing in Ohio

Below is a list of bank branches closing in Ohio according to the latest OCC data:

  • PNC Bank 1040 MT. Vernon Ave, Columbus
  • US Bank. 375 West Main St, Owensville
  • Park National Bank. 758 Wheeling Ave, Cambridge
  • Park National Bank. 898 East St, Athens
  • Park National Bank. 2810 Maysville Pike, Zanesville
  • Park National Bank. 220 E. State St, Newcomerstown
  • Park National Bank. 1274 Hills Rd, N. Pickerington
  • Park National Bank. 205 North Seltzer St, Crestline
  • Park National Bank. 2148-G Eagle Pass, Wooster
  • Park National Bank. 800 North Main St, Celina
  • Park National Bank. 8 West Maple St, North Lewisburg
  • Park National Bank. 2035 Dayton Lakeview Rd, New Carlisle
  • Park National Bank. 1176 West Main St, Tipp City E
  • Park National Bank. 5100 ST. RT. 132, Owensville
  • Huntington National Bank. 11623 Buckeye Rd, Cleveland
  • Huntington National Bank. 3516 South Meridian Rd, Youngstown
  • Huntington National Bank. 2001 Elm Rd NE, Warren
  • Huntington National Bank. 1509 Main St, Genoa
  • Huntington National Bank. 608 Raff Rd SW, Canton
  • Huntington National Bank. 3447 W. Bagley Rd, Berea
  • Huntington National Bank. 2147 East Ave, Akron
  • Fifth Third Bank. 3760 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati
  • Fifth Third Bank. 3600 Soldano Blvd, Columbus
  • Fifth Third Bank. 1010 Central Ave, Middletown
  • Fifth Third Bank. 20000 Detroit, Rocky River
  • Fifth Third Bank. 26700 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station
  • Fifth Third Bank. 4400 Liberty Ave, Vermilion
  • Fifth Third Bank. 60 North Main St, Peebles
  • Fifth Third Bank. 25 Jefferson St, Greenfield

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - Massive Bank Branches in Ohio Now Scheduled to Close Soon.
Market News Today – Massive Bank Branches in Ohio Now Scheduled to Close Soon.

A massive bank with 2,500 locations is now closing a major branch in Strasburg, Pennsylvania today.

PNC customers will still be able to access an ATM to make withdrawals and deposits at the location.

PNC said the bank’s assets will revert to a nearby location.

In previous comments to The U.S. Sun, PNC said it is trying to “strike a balance with its brick-and-mortar footprint,” reports The-Sun.

“PNC recognizes that branches play a key role in how we provide solutions to our clients, alongside our other channels,” the bank said.

“That’s why we continually study customer and prospect transaction patterns to determine how we can most effectively meet the needs of our communities.”

PNC said that despite the narrative around advanced bank closures, the company continues to expand its footprint.

“As a result of this work, we have grown our PNC branch footprint over the past five years – by building out new branches and through acquisitions – while total industry branches have declined,” the bank said.

“At the same time, we also make decisions to close branches as customer needs evolve.”

In March, the bank filed paperwork to shutter 47 locations, according to Best Life.

The bank closed 11 branches in Virginia and seven in Texas.

Bank branches have shuttered at a record pace this year, according to Kiplinger.

The publication found that banks shut down 3,000 branches throughout the US this year.

Banks have only opened 1,000 new locations.

The rise of online banking has been the primary reason why brick and mortar banks have been shuttering in the past years.

The-Sun reports that a study found that closures may have disparate aimpacts on minority-majority communities.

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Market News Today - Massive Bank Branches in Ohio Now Scheduled to Close Soon.
Market News Today – Massive Bank Branches in Ohio Now Scheduled to Close Soon.

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