John Brda Provides MMTLP Solutions in New Interview

Market News Daily - John Brda Provides MMTLP Solutions in New Interview.
Market News Daily – John Brda Provides MMTLP Solutions in New Interview.

John Brda, former CEO of Torchlight, which merged with Meta Materials in 2021, shares solutions and his thoughts on MMTLP in a new interview.

MMTLP has gained attention after shareholders created a ruckus, forcing regulators and media to turn their heads.

Probably one of the most iconic stories since the ‘meme stock’ frenzy, the MMTLP scandal dives deep into the manipulation that the retail community has been trying to raise awareness on for the past three years and even decades.

Shareholders assembled in an organized manner, never seen before, to contact government reps and officials, lawyers, CEOs, and the media to shed light on the injustices the community has been suffering through since the U3 halt of ticker MMTLP.

Congress is now looking at the fraud in full detail, confirmed by a series of letters sent to Meta Materials CEO George Palikaras and FINRA CEO Robert Cook.

No solutions have been brought to the table aside from shareholders themselves, and John Brda weighs in.

In an exclusive interview with, John talks solutions and more on MMTLP.

Here are just a few of the things Brda had to say.

Two Ways to Resolve the MMTLP Situation

John Brda says that there are two distinctive ways to resolve the MMTLP situation.

  1. Is to allow two days of trading under strict supervision.
  2. And the second is to get the ‘bad actors’ to solve their settlement problems by buying shares of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons.

“You really have two ways to resolve the situation. You can basically allow for two days of trading under supervision so that there’s no funny business going on; there’s no additional shorting, there’s no buying from retail, it’s only position close only.

And there would be short covering only in that situation. But that cannot be under the ticker symbol MMTLP. The only way that could happen is with FINRA’s involvement and Next Bridge’s involvement as well to allow it to happen.

And again, for two days only, give people the two day that they missed and see where the chips fall; we’ll see what happens in that situation.”

Retail investors have demanded FINRA to give them their two trading days back with #IWantMy2Days flooding social media as a result of the manipulation.

“The only other scenario would be for, again after finding out all the information via blue sheets and share counts and information/questions we ask FINRA, how bad the situation is and who is involved, is that those actors can come to Next Bridge, try to solve their problem by buying shares from Next Bridge Hydrocarbons and settling out their issues that way.

We’ll see where it goes – I believe those are the only two solutions and hopefully we’ll get to a solution here shortly.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Latest MMTLP Stock News and Updates

latest MMTLP stock news and updates

The MMTLP scandal is out of the bag – congress, the FBI, and both FINRA and the SEC are aware of how grand this problem has become.

Now it’s just a matter of coming up with a definitive solution that will bring justice to MMTLP shareholders and hopefully along the way, provide structure for a better future in the stock market.

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Market News Today - John Brda Provides MMTLP Solutions in New Interview.
Market News Today – John Brda Provides MMTLP Solutions in New Interview.

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  1. Jackie May

    Here here! Something should be done. I only have 60 shares. But what’s this 60 shares of nothing?

  2. Tim Kester

    This is fraud. Somebody needs to be in prison, right after they liquidated and bankrupted. No more corruption, make them pay dearly.

  3. Frank Nez

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