Here’s Why Mainstream Media Is Attacking AMC

Here's why mainstream media is attacking AMC
Why does mainstream media target AMC Entertainment?

If you’re new to the ‘ape’ community, you might be wondering why in the world is mainstream media attacking AMC.

It’s to the point where the shilling has become almost unnatural.

Why are they portraying Adam Aron a certain way?

Why are mainstream media portraying retail investors a certain way?

At first glance, snarky headings could potentially sway new investors from staying clear from investing in the world’s largest movie theatre chain.

But there is always the truth.

Here’s why mainstream media keeps attacking AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

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Short and distort campaigns

The biggest way mainstream media is attacking AMC is through ‘short and distort’ campaigns.

Elon Musk said in a CNBC interview hedge funds have used short selling and complex derivatives to take advantage of retail investors.

The complex derivatives Elon is referring to could be an array of things such as options trading, HFT, swaps, borrowed stock, and even naked shares.

So, where does mainstream media play a role in all this?

The Tesla CEO says hedge funds will short a company, conduct negative publicity campaigns to drive the stock price down, then cash out and do it multiple times over.

This tactic is what’s known as “short and distort”.

Hedge funds impose their influence on corporate media such as The Fool, Wall Street Journal, and MarketWatch to scare people out of their money.

Here, writers get paid to write about a certain topic or narrative, hence the conflict of interest.

The Motley Fool: Forget AMC
The Motley Fool: Forget AMC

Here are a few titles published by one of the biggest participants in ‘short and distort’ campaigns, the Motley Fool:

  • Forget AMC: Is Clover Health the New Reddit Stock That Will Make You Rich?
  • Forget AMC Entertainment: These Stocks Will Make You Rich
  • Forget AMC and GameStop: These 2 Popular Robinhood Stocks Are Better Buys
  • Forget AMC: Consider This Streaming Stock Instead
  • Forget AMC and GameStop: This Stock Could Double Your Money

And the list goes on and on.

These types of headlines cost investors who didn’t take a position a lot of money.

While mainstream media warned investors of AMC, was saying to buy AMC when it was at $5 per share, the stock soared more than 3000% months later.

Hedge funds have always colluded with the media to drive share prices lower by publishing hit pieces speaking negatively of a company.

Not only has mainstream media attacked AMC with headlines but has strongly recommended the public to stay away from it.

Connecting the dots

Yahoo Finance AMC Stock
Yahoo Finance AMC Stock

AMC Entertainment stock has been one of the most viciously attacked stocks in the market.

This year alone, AMC has topped 16.5 million FTDs through May.

It’s no secret AMC was close to going bankrupt during the height of the pandemic.

A path to recovery seemed bleak – so short sellers naturally gravitated towards the stock.

The goal?

To short AMC Entertainment out of existence, profiting with no tax accountability.

But that vision was shattered when retail investors bought the stock en masse, forcing some shorts to close their positions and sending AMC’s share price to a new all-time high of $72 per share.

Mainstream media tried to derail investors from buying the stock throughout the entire journey.

See, MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, and other shill platforms are owned by News Corp.

News Corp. is the biggest news conglomerate in the world.

Citadel’s Ken Griffin, who just happens to have one of the top 10 institutions shorting AMC Entertainment, also has a stake in News Corp.

The conflict of interest is undeniable.

Other platforms partaking in short and distort campaigns include Yahoo Finance, InvestorPlace, and The Motley Fool.

Isn’t AMC over? Why does it matter?

AMC Short Interest

AMC isn’t over, which is why mainstream media continues to attack the century old movie theatre chain.

The short interest is still very high.

When AMC’s share price rose to $72 per share, its short interest dropped from 23% to 20%, and then to 14%.

AMC’s current short interest is back up to 22.63%, updated daily here.

And mainstream media will do whatever it takes to protect its clients.

They won’t touch topic on the short interest or address predatorial short selling strategies used to drive the share price down.

They’ve used AMC’s recovering fundamentals to bypass everything else.

But even then, AMC’s fundamentals have improved drastically, shocking Wall Street today.

The fact is AMC continues to be a short squeeze play in 2022, and mainstream media doesn’t want the public to know this.

Hedge funds already lost billions last year, with some even closing due to the damages caused by ‘meme stocks’.

Those who know, know.

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  1. Jimmy

    Rupert Murdoch has more money than Ken. Ken’s stake in news Corp is around 1.5 million shares , the float is almost 200million. Murdoch has ten times the power of Ken. Murdoch has been buying both parties here in the USA since JFK. Murdoch made sure he was on Obama’s side. Murdoch backs who HE WANTS TO WIN, no matter the party . Point is this , Ken while a big player has people ABOVE him pulling the strings. There is always a bigger fish in the pond. And the biggest fish, who are they? They’re the fish no one has never heard of and never will. IMO amc has always been about bankrupting the company so a big fish can come in and buy them for Pennie’s on the dollar. Movies aren’t going away, remember streaming is gonna take down theaters ! BS, if that’s the case and streaming is taking over than why are streaming platforms LOSING subscribers ? We all know why. And 6 share recounts in a year ? That seems a bit much? I don’t know what the norm is on recounts but it seems to me that AA IS ON IT! Maybe someone can enlighten me on what is a normal amount of share recounts in a year . It’s clear to me that amc while in a massive amount of debt is clearly heading in the right direction . They need to get the damn popcorn into the stores already . I am optimistic with that. Everyone always has popcorn in the kitchen and yes , I would buy the stuff too! This thing has to pop soon, WE took down Melvin, that’s a fact! That was a huge deal yet no one talked about why they went down . A few articles here and there but no mention of how apes took these guys down. They are the ones who got greedy! All I did was buy some stock and have managed to hold it for a year and a half now. But as you all know they don’t like that , they want you to sell ! The narrative now with all stocks is to sell! Read an article about how it’s a good time to sell so you can get some losses and deduct your 3k limit on taxes . They’re literally telling people to sell as the market is down. Criminals , all of them!

  2. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

    • Kerry Avitt

      The FAKE MEDIA ditzing AMC are the same paid SWAMP that said Hillary Clinton was going to win the election by double digits and Trump voters should just stay home! It’s a shame we live in a crooked country where the defense attorneys are smarter than the prosecuting attorneys and punishment for crimes is WEAK in the U.S. The United States has a very weak Justice system including the Department of Justice and if these shenanigans went on in the country of Japan they would be arrested and tried for their crimes 24 hours later and if a guilty verdict came in Ken Griffin, Gary Gensler in the rest of the dishonest crooks would have their hands cut off for theft 24 hours after the verdict!

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