COSM Short Squeeze: Latest News and Short Interest Update

COSM Short Squeeze News
Market News: COSM Short Squeeze News + More.

Cosmos Health Inc. (COSM) stock closed the trading day on Tuesday at $4.40.

Liquidity in the security fell massively from its average trading volume of 60 million.

COSM stock fell more than -31% on Tuesday alone and is currently down -95.31% this year-to-date.

Our current bear market has dragged several companies down and Cosmos Health Inc. is no exception.

Just two weeks ago the stock surged from $0.30 to more than $23.

The stock has come down drastically since, but shareholders say the stock is not done moving.

There seems to be growing ambitions of creating a short squeeze here due to the extremely high short interest.

Here’s the latest COSM stock news and updates.

COSM Short Interest Today: Will COSM Squeeze?

COSM Short Interest Today

Fintel is reporting COSM’s short interest today at a whopping 61.34%, data per FINRA.

Just weeks ago, COSM stock had a short interest of 321.74%.

The massive surge from $0.30 to $23 and drop in short interest suggests there are shorts who have closed their positions.

But like AMC Entertainment stock, (when it first surged to $22) there is a lot of short interest remaining.

AMC’s share price had cooled following the events of the first price surge in late January of 2021.

Five months later, retail investors were able to squeeze more short sellers out of their positions, taking AMC from $14 per share to its current all-time high of $72 per share.

Will the same happen with Cosmos Health?

If there’s anything the current bear market has proved it’s that there is much that is uncertain.

However, due to COSM’s residual high short interest, the probability of a larger short squeeze is certainly there.

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What Triggers a Short Squeeze?

COSM Short Squeeze

Just as we saw with AMC Entertainment stock and GameStop, lots of buying volume is what triggers a short squeeze.

But investors beware, failing to take profits during massive runs could result in holding great losses.

We’ve seen this occur in many communities.

Lack of timely information has also proven to be detrimental to late buyers.

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  1. Rob

    Is there still a squeeze play here? Looks like it spiked after hours Friday heading into the new year. I bought in on Thursday but don’t wanna stay if the squeeze is over

  2. Daryl Olson

    “Just weeks ago, COSM stock had a short interest of 321.74%.
    The massive surge from $0.30 to $23 and drop in short interest suggests there are shorts who have closed their positions.”

    Isn’t 321% fraud (anything over 100% – unlimited naked shorting?) and why doesn’t SEC/FINRA/DOJ shut it down/criminally prosecute it? Shouldn’t they revoke their trading licenses, seize their assets/profits involved in fraud, shut down dark pool trading…?
    I recall reading in a prior article you wrote that mentioned FINRA was unable to get some naked shorts to cover their shorts. The shorts could drive any stock to zero with unlimited naked shorting? (Lucent Tech, and Diamond Offshore are two I have owned that appeared to have been naked shorted out of existence – and there are many more.)

    • Joe Michaels

      Amen – and yet nothing ever gets done about it.

    • Richard

      Get rid of the dark pool for once and enforce the law against counterfeit shares from hedge Funds. Lock up the criminal

  3. FrankNez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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