Chase Customers Now Report Missing Deposits From The Bank

More and more Chase customers are now reporting missing deposits from the bank in what seems to just be one of several scandals.

In September, numerous Chase customers were unable to access money through ATMs in California and other parts of the United States, including Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York City, Arizona, and many others.

According to the bank, more than 16,000 ATMs were affected nationwide.

Now Chase customers on Downdetector have begun to report missing deposits from the bank again.

“My direct deposit usually hit on Wednesdays and I still haven’t received it, also I was making transfer online that were said to be declined, but the funds were taken from my account,” reported one Chase customer on Thursday.

“Still haven’t received my deposit from cash app!! Rep’s keep saying system is down give it till the end of the business day. I want my money like this is ridiculous,” says another frustrated user.

“I just joined Chase two months ago and have had nothing but problems with them constantly locking my debit card and now this. I’m waiting on my direct deposit and they can’t provide no time on issue being resolved,” said Terry on Wednesday.

76% of reports coming in from Chase customers are related to their account balances and transactions.

Just weeks ago, several users were reporting a red malware warning on the bank’s website which raised concerns about online security.

All these issues have dropped customer satisfaction as well as confidence in the bank’s systems.

The banking sector has already faced massive scrutiny from customers and investors alike leading many to transfer their money into credit unions.

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - Chase Customers Now Report Missing Deposits From The Bank.
Market News Today – Chase Customers Now Report Missing Deposits From The Bank.

15 Bank of America branches will now close in October, a trend we’ve been seeing all year now.

“The second largest American bank with over an estimated $2.5trillion in assets said it would shutter 15 more branches across six states this month,” reports The-Sun.

“The company has attempted to shut down locations with duplicate branches in the same city as more customers shift to app-based banking.”

Online-only banks have become a serious competition for traditional banks resulting in the closure of several bank branches.

In fact, more than 1000 bank branches have now shuttered this year according to fresh data from the S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“The majority of Americans are concerned about widespread bank branch closures – which are hitting lower-income households the hardest. 

Growing numbers of people are being left without access to basic financial services, as big-name banks have axed more than 1,000 branches already this year,” reports DailyMail.

Data from S&P Global Market Intelligence shows a total of 1,144 national and regional banks were closed between January 1 and July 31 across 49 states – with firms pulling out of some areas at a faster rate than others.

A survey by DailyMail has found that 51% of Americans are ‘very concerned’ or ‘somewhat concerned’ about the impact of “dwindling outlets”, which disproportionately affect poorer households.

According to the analysis by research agency Opinium, 10% of Americans with a household income less than $50,000 said they do not have a local bank branch. 

As previously reported, banks are federally mandated to report branch closures to the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) at least 90 days before closing.

Read the full list here.

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Market News Today - Chase Customers Now Report Missing Deposits From The Bank.
Market News Today – Chase Customers Now Report Missing Deposits From The Bank.

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