Businesses Now File Unexpected Layoffs in Colorado For 2024

Four new businesses now file unexpected layoffs in Colorado for 2024, according to the latest WARN data.

Dish Network has advised the company will be laying off a whopping 466 staff by January 7, and another 33 employees on January 8.

Broadcom, which recently acquired VMWare, has advised of more layoffs in Colorado, resulting in 184 staff losing their jobs in Broomfield.

Matheson Flight Extenders Inc. has also filed a WARN notice advising of at least 60 job cuts in Denver, Colorado next year.

Amentum was another business amongst the few who have already filed notices of layoffs in Colorado for 2024.

As 2023 comes to a close, there are still a few companies who are scheduled to lay off several employees in the state.

So far in 2023, there has been approximately 27,972 layoffs in Colorado across 98 businesses according to the latest WARN data.

The biggest layoffs came from Yellow Corporation, which let go of a whopping 22,000 employees in July.

Layoffs in Colorado 2023.
Layoffs in Colorado 2023.

California remains the #1 state with the most layoffs in the country.

In second place is New York followed by Colorado, IllinoisTexasWashington, New Jersey, FloridaMichigan, and Georgia.

Below is a list of businesses who have advised of upcoming layoffs in Colorado:

  • Evraz. 600 job cuts by 12/22.
  • Dish Network. 466 job cuts by 1/07/2024.
  • Broadcom. 184 job cuts by 1/26/2024.
  • SMX Cargo LLC. 84 job cuts by 12/17
  • Matheson Flight Extenders Inc. 60 job cuts by 1/31/2024.
  • Amentum. 54 job cuts by 1/01/2024.
  • Cygnus Home Service dba Yelloh. 51 job cuts by 12/15.
  • Dish Network. 33 job cuts by 1/08/2024.
  • American Nursery Services. 25 job cuts by 12/31.

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Market News Today - Businesses Now File Unexpected Layoffs in Colorado For 2024.
Market News Today – Businesses Now File Unexpected Layoffs in Colorado For 2024.

A popular retailer now announces an unexpected closure and as it now begins its going-out-of-business liquidation sale.

Unlike Amazon, Target, and most retailers who sell online, Zulily did not offer quick delivery.

That was literally part of its business model. 

“The secret to our deals is in our shipping. We wait and bundle items from multiple orders, using fewer boxes.

Then, we pass the savings on to you. Sometimes, it takes a little longer, but our customers say it’s worth the wait,” the company shared on its website.

That model clearly did not work as the company abruptly announced on Dec. 9 that the company was shutting down, reports TheStreet.

“All sales are final during Zulily’s going-out-of-business sale,” the website reads. “FINAL SALE. All items must go,” the company posted.

Signs of the company’s problems emerged on Dec. 7 when the Seattle-based online-only retailer abruptly laid off about 800 of its staff.

Along with letting workers go, the digital retailer closed its Seattle headquarters and two warehouse locations, GeekWire reported.

The company has not shared its impending closure on its Facebook page, which includes this description of its business:

“Find affordable items from the brands you love, without the hassle of sifting through countless racks.”

GenUi, a software development consultant, sued Zulily earlier this month “alleging that Zulily breached contractual obligations and owes the company $191,776 for work completed earlier this year,” GeekWire also reported.

“GenUI has performed work for Zulily since 2017, but starting this past April, Zulily started to fall behind on monthly payments, according to the suit filed in King County Superior Court.”

The company has not posted on X, the former Twitter, since May.

Zulily has not shared what its final day of operation will be.

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Market News Today - Businesses Now File Unexpected Layoffs in Colorado For 2024.
Market News Today – Businesses Now File Unexpected Layoffs in Colorado For 2024.

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