Are You Holding Significant Losses in AMC Stock?

Losses in AMC stock
If you’re holding losses in AMC stock you should read this.

I know what it’s like to hold significant losses in AMC stock.

I first purchased the stock in February of 2021, right after it had surged to $20 per share.

The stock had plummeted all the way down to $5 per share during that time.

And I was facing significant losses in AMC stock.

But that all changed when shares rose to up to $72.

Many of you got in during the climb.

So, if you’re facing big losses, I’m here to tell you there’s still hope.

Let’s break it down together.

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Holding losses before the big climb

I was holding losses in AMC stock for what seemed like an eternity before the stock ran up.

Many people who held through the surge continue to hold the stock and are now facing minor losses or breaking even; others are still profitable.

The reason we held through the climb up to $72 per share is because the data showed us many shorts had yet to cover.

And this is still the case today.

When AMC surged to $72 per share it had a short interest of only 20%.

AMC’s short interest at the moment is 18.80%, it was at 20% only days ago.

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So, is it possible we will begin to see some price runup very soon?

It’s definitely possible.

All we need is for short sellers to close their positions.

We can use the short interest percentage as a way to navigate how many short sellers have yet to close their positions.

AMC dropped to 14% from its 20% short interest during its climb to $72 per share.

The stock was only at $14 when it began to skyrocket.

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What does AMC’s short interest tell us today?

AMC’s current short interest tells us that the price is not done surging.

AMC as a business has improved drastically, so there’s no risk in the company based on fundamentals alone anymore.

The movie theatre chain has invested in Hycroft mining company, in state-of-the-art laser projectors, cryptocurrency capabilities, NFTs, and so much more.

Don’t let today’s charts and price fool you.

We are currently navigating through a bear market where the entire markets have been on a downtrend.

AMC shares on loan

AMC shares on loan ORTEX
AMC shares on loan – ORTEX

There are more shares on loan that need to be bought back today than there were back in January when AMC ran up to $20 and in May when AMC reach $72 per share.

Corporate media won’t discuss this, but the data that pointed towards AMC running up in January and in June still says there’s another massive price surge underway.

So, if you’re holding significant losses in AMC stock just know the data didn’t lie the first time, it didn’t lie the second time, and I highly doubt it will lie the third time.

Don’t let this bear market confuse you.

Stocks will bounce back.

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  1. Joey

    I’ve got significant losses but still HODL. However, it’s disheartening and frustrating that we are not only battling a war against short hedge funds that fully control the markets, media, and the SEC. Elon Musk, 60 Minutes, even Jon Stewart have called out the SEC on the corruption. Nothing is happening and it’s not getting any easier. What else can we do besides HODL?

  2. Jake

    Thanks Frank!

  3. Dixie Normus

    I wish you the best of luck, because you are going to need it! This company is in serious trouble and the answer is definitely not to go buy a gold mine and sell nfts.

    • Jake


    • Brian T Johnson

      You have no idea what you are talking about. You must have a short position on AMC. AMC is going to be a part of the largest successful short squeeze in the history of the world. The data proves that AMC is shorted over 500% by arrogant wall streeters who try to keep that a secret, and since the data shows that reddit apes are not selling, short sellers will have to pay the stock holders whatever they want once they are liquidated and forced to cover their short positions. It is only a matter of time. Meanwhile, the company fundamentals improve daily. That is why they are scared, and need people to not buy, and for shareholders to get scared and sell. They want a panic selloff to drive the price to zero, where they don’t have to buy the stock back, and they can keep all the money, tax free. Main Street is finally going to win a battle vs Wall Street, and force a change on Wall Street. Don’t listen to this person, buy and hold AMC stock to join the largest short squeeze in history. $10,000+/share.

    • Frank Nez


  4. Robert

    Who is hitting the stop all trades button when AMC starts rising again! The Sec needs to do it’s job Period!!!

  5. Alfredo Iznaga

    Good comments as always Frank, I bought for the first time in June 2021 and I have been buying and I have lowered my average, I am still not panicking and waiting.

  6. Tyler Durden

    Other than this past March Run up I’m holding major losses. XXXX. I don’t care it’s a fundamental play and the DD adds up. I just average down when I can and buy and HODL.

  7. Robert

    Thanks Frank , I do get down every once in awhile as my average is in the high 30’s.
    so I appreciate the lift and positive energy.

  8. Craig

    March 2020

    • Frank Nez

      Oh, you’ve been around since before the apes!

  9. Charles

    Thanks Frank. AMC and the stock market will bounce back. The key is not to panic. Better days ahead . Your feedback is encouraging.
    Cheers Frank

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for your comment, Charles 👊🔥

    • Steven irons

      Yes your encouragement has definitely left me feeling better because I’m deep in the hole at the moment.

  10. dvcfamily

    💯 and if you bought in around June/July you are coming up to your long term capital gains tax rate so you will have more to keep when $amc rises 🌹 Enjoy the summer like weather and soon to be summer, relax, take time away and be the best you can be. Family first💯✌️💪👍

  11. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! How long have you been holding AMC stock?

    • Germainator

      28 de febrero mi primera compra de AMC, he seguido comprando hasta acumular mas de 500 acciones.

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