AMC Invests $250m in State of The Art Laser Projectors

AMC laser projectors
Business news: AMC Laser Projectors

AMC CEO and President Adam Aron just announced on Friday the movie theatre company spent a quarter billion dollars in state of the art laser projectors.

The world’s largest movie theatre chain also acquired 7 new movie theatres earlier in April.

The markets are currently bleeding and AMC is no exception, but I have a feeling all this bullish news is going to sling-shot AMC during a bull market.

Let’s talk about it.

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Adam Aron announces new state of the art lasers

AMC Laser Projector
Laser at AMC

Today Adam Aron announced “Laser at AMC”.

A quarter of a billion dollars were used to upgrade the move theatre experience for avid movie goers, according to the CEO.

AMC Entertainment is switching old projectors for state of the art laser projections.

The laser projections are going to provide guests with much brighter and sharper pictures on screen.

This is also the greenest environmental initiative in AMC’s 102 years, according to Adam.

The investment is going to elevate the movie experience for movie-goers and attract new guests to AMC movie theatres.

I’m excited to see AMC innovate and prove adversaries wrong as the company continues to grow and expand.

AMC leads the industry with increased acquisitions

AMC Entertainment acquired 7 Bow Tie Cinemas locations earlier in April.

Five of which are in Connecticut, one in upstate New York, and another one in Annapolis, Maryland.

The new movie theatres in Connecticut will double AMC’s presence in the state.

AMC also acquired several Cinemark Cinemas locations.

The theatre chain reopened Cinemark’s former lease as AMC Evanston 12 in Chicago earlier this year.

Last year the movie theatre chain took over the famous Gove and Americana theatres in Los Angeles.

Both of which were listed in the top 30 most successful movie theatres in the world.

Not to mention, the 22% stake acquisition of silver and gold mining company Hycroft (HYMC).

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What innovations would you like to see within AMC movie theatres?

AMC Laser Projectors – Laser at AMC

AMC theaters is innovating in so many ways right now.

How can the world’s largest movie theatre chain create a larger experience for its guests?

VR? 4D enhancement with fragrances and other interactions?

Leave a comment below.

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