An Unexpected Wave of New Layoffs Now Hits Pennsylvania

An unexpected wave of new layoffs now hits Pennsylvania as more businesses file WARN notices advising of upcoming job cuts.

The latest business to file a notice with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry this week is WABTEC.

WABTEC has now advised that a total of 94 employees will be laid off at its plant on Air Brake Avenue in Wilmerding this upcoming February.

It’s important to note that under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, an employer with more than 100 full-time workers must provide a 60-day notice before laying off 50 or more people at a single site.

So far, the following 13 companies have advised of upcoming layoffs in Pennsylvania in the fourth quarter of 2023:

  • WABTEC Corporation. 94 job cuts filed 12/1.
  • United States Steel Corporation. 105 job cuts filed 11/1.
  • NextGen Healthcare, Inc. 65 job cuts filed 11/1.
  • Vitro Flay Glass, LLC. 88 job cuts by 1/15/2024.
  • Saks, LLC. 90 job cuts filed 11/1.
  • Eagle Sight Delivery, LLC. 55 job cuts by 1/30/2024.
  • American Medical Response Mid-Atlantic, Inc. 152 job cuts filed 11/1.
  • RE2, LLC/Sarcos Corp. 73 job cuts by 1/16/2024.
  • Hood Packaging Corporation. 58 job cuts by 1/14/2024.
  • Dan Schantz Farm & Greenhouses, LLC (UPDATED). 120 job cuts filed 10/1.
  • VSSI Staffing Services, LLC. 180 job cuts filed 10/1.
  • Matheson Flight Extenders, Inc. 75 job cuts filed 10/1.
  • Assurant. 442 job cuts filed 10/1.

California remains the #1 state with the most layoffs in the country.

In second place is New York followed by TexasWashington, New Jersey, FloridaMichigan, and Georgia.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - An Unexpected Wave of New Layoffs Now Hits Pennsylvania.
Market News Today – An Unexpected Wave of New Layoffs Now Hits Pennsylvania.

A massive online retailer is now at high risk of closing as the company’s struggles deepen with their website currently being down.

Visitors to Zulily are automatically redirected to a blank webpage with only the message, “We are down for maintenance.” 

The message follows a period of time where “final sale” and “all items must go” language appeared on Zulily’s homepage, making it unclear if the company intends to go out of business or has already done so, reports RetailDive.

It’s also unclear if or when the website will come back online, which has been down at least since Monday. 

RetailDive reports that Zulily and Regent, the private equity firm that bought the retailer in May, did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment about the website or the company’s operational status.

Zulily’s customer service phone line is also no longer being monitored.

“When the number was dialed on Tuesday morning, an automated message said: “Thank you for calling Zulily customer service. We are unable to service your call. Please email us using for assistance,” reports RetailDive.

“The call then cut off, with no option to leave a message. A message sent to the customer service email received an automated reply indicating the company would respond “within 24 to 72 hours.””

Zulily’s Facebook page was still live on Tuesday morning.

However, the last post was from three days earlier – a promotion to shop for Sorel boots, sneakers and slippers. It includes a link to the now-dead website and mentions that “all sales are final.”

Customer orders appear to be in limbo, as one person asked under the most recent social media post “So are we still getting our orders?”

Another said, “Items not delivered, tracking numbers don’t work and all of their help and support options are closed for maintenance. Will be reporting this page to Facebook as a scam site.”

This is a developing story.

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Market News Today - An Unexpected Wave of New Layoffs Now Hits Pennsylvania.
Market News Today – An Unexpected Wave of New Layoffs Now Hits Pennsylvania.

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