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Community, today I want to discuss some AMC stock news and updates. If you’re following me on Twitter, then you’ve seen me post this article a few times.

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Welcome to – I want to give more to the community. So, here’s the latest AMC stock news for you.

Adam Aron Has His Eyes On Shiba Inu Coin (10/29)

amc shiba inu news

Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Aron has done it again.

He took it to Twitter this morning asking the community whether they’d like to see Shiba Inu coin on the list of cryptocurrencies for online payment.

The CEO had created a poll on Twitter last month regarding the acceptance of Dogecoin (see below).

That poll showed around 77% of retail investors favored the decision.

The most recent poll on Shiba shows almost 90% of the community favors the decision of listing $SHIB.

SHIB has soared all week and has been a trending topic on Twitter since its major runup.

The cryptocurrency has made mainstream media headlines and has a strong community backing up its presence.

Skeptics of the cryptocurrency fear a diversion of the communities.

However, they fail to see that the SHIB community and AMC community are more alike than they think.

On the contrary, the introduction and acceptance of this community may very well play in each others favor.

How This Affects SHIB & AMC

Adam Aron is bringing more eyes to his company, to the stock, and to the community by making these type of moves.

He understands the importance of community and is accepting another massive community into his world.

The bullish news will serve both AMC and SHIB well, drawing attention to both the stock and crypto.

And if you don’t know where to buy Shiba Inu coin, you can buy it on Coinbase.

Leave your thoughts below in the comment section of the blog.

AMC To Accept Dogecoin Cryptocurrency (9/22)

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment, created on poll on Twitter asking retail investors whether AMC should accept Dogecoin for online payment.

The poll received 140,000 votes with 77% of retail investors saying yes and only 23% saying no.

Now it’s just a matter of AMC Entertainment making this form of online payment a reality.

Adam Aron has been an amazing CEO and has proven to be one of the first CEO’s in history to directly engage with its shareholders throughout social media.

Elon Musk even took it to liking Adam Aron’s tweet on Twitter showing his support on the innovation. Elon has been one of the biggest advocates for cryptocurrency with Dogecoin and Bitcoin being the two most popular choices.

What Cryptocurrencies Will AMC Be Accepting?

Aside from Dogecoin and Bitcoin, other form of cryptocurrencies AMC theaters will be accepting include: Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash.

This innovation is going to change our world. Cryptocurrency is making a bigger statement than ever before and it’s here to stay.

How it’s regulated or used in companies is something we will come to find out very soon. This bullish news should have retail investors excited for the future of cryptocurrency and AMC Entertainment stock.

And if you haven’t started investing in crypto yet, read this step by step guide on how to buy crypto through a real exchange today!

Now, this particular piece you’re about to read is from one of my moderators on the Discord, AMC with FrankNez. I’ll leave the link to the group at the end of the article. Enjoy!

Written by: Erin Scott 

APES! Huge news on the horizon for AMC. 

If you’ve been in Frank’s AMC discord, you likely have seen me in there posting memes, or cracking wise, as I am the resident memelord and comedic relief in the server. 

I have been doing some of my own DD, as you should too! Never take anyone’s word for it. Look for yourself apes, all the information is out there if you look hard enough, and boy howdy let me tell you.

I’ve found a few tasty breadcrumbs that could potentially be a trail leading to some major catalysts for an AMC runup. Now bear in mind, folks. I am not a financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. I am just a smoothbrained crayon eating ape investor who is hyped as all get-out and have a very strong bullish sentiment about the next few days in AMC.

As Frank says, let’s get started! 

Adam Aron announces AMC theaters will be launching its first ever $25+ million NATIONAL ad campaign with starlet Nicole Kidman! Apes, this is huge! Adam is joining us to remind people that the theater experience is a time honored tradition in our country, that won’t be driven away by greedy hedge funds! 

AMC Advertises

Aron has also been talking with Melissa Lee about never-been-done plans for AMC! Apes, could this be the AMC/GME team up that’s been speculated since AA confirmed he has reached out to GME’s Ryan Cohen??

As of the time of this writing, Melissa Lee hasn’t aired with the story yet, but I am sure Frank will update this article accordingly. Fam, imagine our favorite stocks joining with our community and taking the fight BACK to the shorts who would seek to rob us of our favorite entertainment!?

Furthermore, when doing a little digging, I came across this juicy choice chicken nugget dipped in spicy affirmation sauce! Confirmation of a SEC Investigation on shorted stocks baby! Right in section 5 of GME’s 10Q earning report filed with the SEC itself written in plain English on GameStop’s investor website. 

Click the link to view.

And lastly, we have been bullish for days apes! We have a solid 45° uptrend, and a signal like this chums the waters for those big institutional investors! Something huge is coming our way apes, strap in and hang on, because I have a feeling we are about to take a ride to the next level! 

I will keep this short and sweet but if you enjoyed this article, stop by in Frank’s discord and say hello! I’d love to hear from my fellow apes! STONKY KONG, OUT!

NSCC-005 Raises Margin Requirements (9/3)

The DTCC just released a filing approving the NSCC’s proposal to increase the minimum required fund deposit (margin requirements) for short sellers.

Short sellers were required to keep a minimum balance of $10,000 in their margin accounts until now. As of September 3rd, 2021, these accounts are require to keep a whopping $250,000 by law.

NSCC 2021 010 Effective on September 3rd

“On the morning of the effective date, members with a fund deposit below $250,000 will incur a deficit, that will require funding by 10AM EST”.

How Does This Affect AMC?

This doesn’t just affect AMC, this affects the entire market. Plays that are currently heavily shorted such as GME, SPRT, and BBIG for example, will all be affected.

Short sellers are getting a 2500% margin increase as of September 3rd, 2021. Community, this is massive. If short sellers cannot meet this requirement then their positions will be liquidated.

Your favorite stocks are about to start moving up through a series of gamma squeezes. These gamma squeezes could cause hedge funds to close out their positions resulting in multiple short squeezes from multiple heavily shorted stocks.

These series of gamma squeezes must not be confused with a short squeeze for any particular stock. These margin requirements will first eliminate the smaller short sellers.

Holding will be crucial if we are to squeeze the bigger short sellers from their positions. Massive things are right around the corner!

AMC Theatres On Demand

Whip Media just announced that AMC would be using their services for AMC Theatres On Demand.

AMC Theatres On Demand would offer more than 5,000 movies from every major studio and indie film distributors, available for purchase or rent.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with AMC to power AMC Theatres on Demand for their millions of customers and provide an infrastructure that is efficient and scalable”, said Carol Hanley, president of Whip Media.

Keyword ‘Scalable’

Amazing news for AMC Entertainment indeed. This type of bullish news should push AMC stock further up since fundamentalists are still looking at AMC fundamentals.

The ape community understands that fundamentals are out the window when it comes to a short squeeze play. However, every step along the way counts.

Any business that goes online now goes from limitations to unlimited possibilities. While AMC Entertainment earns money the traditional way, through ticket sales and concession stands, they will now have the ability to earn revenue at scale through their online services.

AMC going online can easily raise its value to a 3-figure stock alone. It no longer depends on old traditional business methods. AMC has now configured a hybrid business model that will generate revenue even while movie theaters are closed after business hours.

This is certainly exciting news.

AMC Breaks Through $40

What an amazing day for the ape and retail community. AMC finally broke the $30 level of resistance and flew past $40.

AMC stock volume traded at a whopping 221 million! The average volume is approximately 169 million. Today’s momentum pushed through short sellers like a mob trampling shoppers at a black Friday sale.

AMC closed today (8.24) in the mid $40s. My August prediction came true, $30 share price levels are now a thing of the past.

August was the time to bulk up before momentum started taking over again. I predicted that these coming days would consist of AMC having an open runway of which we saw happen today (8.24).

Short Sellers Lose $800 Million

According to Ortex, short sellers amounted a whopping $800 million loss as AMC stock spiked up more than 20%. Short sellers betting against the stock can expect this pattern to occur in the coming days to weeks as AMC surges.

The opportunity to close positions in the $30 range are long gone. This is what happens when greed overpowers reasoning.

This last week in August could be pivotal. If shorts do not close their positions now, they will continue to suffer immense losses.

The BIGGEST Catalyst To A Short Squeeze

You know what the biggest catalyst to an AMC short squeeze is? It’s you. That’s right. You reading this.

The ape community is the biggest catalyst to this short squeeze trade. As long as retail investors continue to hold the stock, a short squeeze is inevitable.

Now, while we cannot control what whales (institutions) do, we can certainly control what we do. And that’s all that really matters during this play. Especially given the fact that retail investors own more than 80% of the free float.

Today we saw sells of up to $2.2M, and it barely affected the share price. This shows you just how strong we are as a community.

Citadel Pulls Money Out From Melvin Capital

This weekend (8.22) we learned that Citadel pulled out an incredible $500 million from the hedge fund Melvin Capital. Citadel had an initial investment of $2 billion dollars in Melvin Capital according to sources.

That’s 1/4 of their investment in the hedge fund. Citadel and partners plan to withdraw the money at the end of the third quarter. They made the investment in late January during the time Melvin Capital’s short positions were under attack by the heroes who saved both AMC Entertainment and GameStop.

The ape community saved two major companies in American history and are on a mission to squeeze shorts from their positions. Will Melvin Capital end up closing their doors? It’s certainly possible, especially if the hedge fund continues to lose money.

What Does This Mean?

We’re beginning to see that hedge funds short on AMC and GME stock are now resulting to desperate measures. They are scrapping money from their own pockets now.

See, retail investors liquidate their positions in other stocks to buy more AMC, to buy more GME stock. Ultimately to make more money right?

Hedge funds on the other hand are liquidating their stocks, and pulling their investments out from other institutions because they’re running out of money. They’re required to keep money above margin requirements.

Charles Schwab, a whale invested in both AMC and GME stock, has raised margin requirements for short sellers driving these stocks down. Failing to do so will result in intraday margin calls.

Melvin Capital Enters Deeper Waters

Unfortunately for Melvin Capital, Citadel just left another hole in their sinking ship by pulling out a quarter billion dollars from the hedge fund. Melvin is already down about 43% this year with about $11 billion in assets remaining.

The retail community continues to buy and hold both AMC and GME stock. AMC stock is setup for another technical break above $40 which will only cause short sellers to trend negative on paper.

Hedge funds cannot afford to lose their clients investments this long. It’s been 8 months of nonstop losses for short sellers all year. Clients will be pulling money out.

It seems retail investors will not only be forcing short sellers to close their positions, but will also take down the hedge funds who planned to bankrupt America’s favorite companies.

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      Hi Laura, took you how long to reach out? LOL – they need this in their accounts in general. This is going to destroy smaller short sellers who cannot afford this increase ☝️😂

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