AMC is About to Squeeze According to this Indicator

AMC News Today - AMC Squeeze
Market News: AMC News today.

AMC is about to squeeze; I mean we’ve heard it all year.

Catalysts have proven to provide false hopes time and time again.

However, there’s one piece of the puzzle you cannot deny, and it’s happening right now.

If you’ve been following my latest blog articles and videos on the channel, you know I’m referring to a special indicator I personally use.

The TTM Squeeze indicator – it signals a major shift in momentum whether it’s bearish or bullish.

The signal just transitioned from bearish momentum to the beginning cycle of what could be massive bullish price action for AMC Entertainment.

I’ve been watching the weekly timeframe on AMC to identify its macro trajectory.

And it’s looking very good.

Let’s break it down together.

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TTM Squeeze transition officially confirmed

AMC TTM squeeze transition
AMC TTM Squeeze transition confirmed –

AMC has officially transitioned from bearish momentum to bullish momentum on the TTM Squeeze indicator.

The chart shown above shows three green momentum candles gradually growing, signaling big price action lies ahead.

Last week I went over AMC’s history correlating its price action with the indicator on my YouTube channel.

And we can see just how accurate this data is.

If you missed that video, you may watch it below.

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In the beginning of the year of 2021, AMC’s price action took off as retail investors began to buy the stock in bulk.

That momentum is captured on the TTM Squeeze indicator.

The indicator’s momentum candles kept growing signaling AMC’s price action was not done running yet.

Eventually the momentum signal began to give ‘sell’ warnings after reaching its all-time high, indicating momentum was beginning to dissipate.

This is where we slowly see the TTM squeeze indicator transition from bullish momentum to bearish momentum (red) candles, and AMC’s price action gradually plummet.

After more than a year of downtrend, selling momentum is no longer what it was, and we can see it on the charts.

In order for AMC to have a clean rebound, these momentum candles will have to gradually get larger and larger.

If retail investors are unable to sustain this growth, then it’s very possible sellers will begin to take over again.

But because we are seeing these candles grow every week, it’s a great indication the stock is on track for big growth over the long haul.

Is AMC a buy?

is AMC a buy

According to AMC’s TTM Squeeze indicator, it’s a screaming buy.

The signal is showing AMC is on trajectory for larger price action on the weekly timeframe.

AMC has had a strong level of support in the high $8 to low $9 levels with many anticipating the stock has already hit its bottom.

But I’m curious to know what you think, leave a comment down below.

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  1. Mike

    They have spent so much money to keep it down and when it rips they will spend even more money to ride the wave on the uptrend and still be in business. It most certainly will have a big rip,when? Nobody knows(not financial advice). Unfortunately hedge funds rule the world but there is always a judgment day. Also just because some hedge funds have went out of business,doesn’t mean those vp ceo’s etc haven’t gone somewhere else. They can open new entities and start over most likely under some other rich guys name and play puppet master.
    Now its all about time.. either they let this drag on for years and manipulate their money & ours, or they actual cover, take their loss , move on and start to make some real money again. They are trying everything and it’s clear that their pride is in the way. Retail would hold this stock to zero and I think a lot of retail is down so much that they will absolutely never sell. Hedge funds have a hard time understanding this and don’t understand that in the end, this will cost them and the people that trust them with their hard earned cash in the end.

  2. Nicholas J Maples

    I hope you’re right, but there seems to be no shortage of tricks used to keep AMC from taking off. The amount of halts triggered that resulted in momentum dying alone is very frustrating. Why will hedgefunds cover their shorts if no one will force them too?

  3. Richard Lambert

    Too true, Frank, they have spent so much money to keep this down, including shorting APE, that it can only go one way now…UP 🚀

  4. Joey

    I hope they don’t halt the stock up.

  5. tonygreene113

    Continuing to add more AMC and now APE on preparation for the eventual climb out of the basement.

    • Frank Nez


  6. Tyler

    No dates but MOASS tomorrow 💎👏🏼 and DRS

  7. Eric ApeRadio Cuttill POS

    What do i think, Frank? I think that you are correct…. and i agree with you… AMC will squeeze fasho……

  8. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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