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AMC’s Short Interest Rises to 21.64%

AMC short interest today
Market News: AMC Short Interest Today | Franknez.com.

AMC’s short interest is rising again.

Last week the movie theatre chain’s short interest was around 17%, according to Fintel.

Now we’re seeing a sharp rise in shorting as the stock begins to move upwards again.

AMC shares are currently up +44% in the past month, with a recent high of $9.15 per share.

Shares went as low as $5.05 but the heavy demand zone around $6 levels were able to create a bounce.

Will AMC share prices continue to rise?

Let’s discuss it.

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The Markets in General Are Bouncing

The SPY has created a triple bottom around the $360 level so far and hasn’t come down since.

First in June, again in September, and last in October.

October is the month when SPY began to bounce from this major level of support.

Around the same time, AMC Entertainment stock was having a bounce from its major level of support around $6.30 per share.

Is it possible the market in general has hit the bottom?

It’s very probable, although it’s fair to mention any official talks of a recession can easily crash the market.

If we do begin to see further continuation, we might enter a short squeeze season where stocks begin to have sudden price surges from shorts closing positions.

Last year, AMC and GameStop gained mainstream attention when retail investors began to buy heavily into these two ‘meme stocks’ despite their high short interest.

Users over at Wall Street Bets identified that with enough buying pressure, they could force short sellers to rush and close their short positions in order to refrain from taking on massive losses.

This buy-back of shares would further fuel the buying pressure already being applied from retail investors; GameStop shot up over $483 per share.

In June of 2021, AMC Entertainment stock surged from $14 per share to $72 per share.

Will History Repeat Itself?

AMC Short Squeeze
Market News: Will AMC squeeze again?

AMC’s short interest was around 21%-22% before short positions began to get closed.

AMC’s current short interest is at 21.64%.

This means that with enough buying pressure, retail investors might just have the chance to recreate the events that occurred last year, possibly even bigger.

But I’m curious to hear your thoughts on AMC’s rising short interest today.

Leave your thoughts below.

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Will AMC Rebound in October?

Market News: Will AMC Go up in October?
Market News: Will AMC go up in October?

AMC traded below $7 this week and shareholders are wondering whether AMC will rebound in October.

September tends to be one of the most bearish months of the year while October tends to be the complete opposite.

Even in the crypto space investors prepare for big price action.

AMC recently filed a form 8-K filing confirming it is selling up to 425 million APE shares to reduce their debt.

This fundamental strategy could also play a big role in how the stock moves this month as it steers towards the right direction.

Let’s discuss it below.


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Bullish October for AMC Entertainment Stock?

Is October a good month for stocks?

Historically, October has been a really positive month for stocks, although it has had its volatile moments.

Unusual Whales tweeted that October tends to be a “bear-market killer”, known for its historically strong returns, especially during midterm elections, per MarketWatch.

AMC Entertainment stock has tumbled all year alongside the market.

As the market reverses, we can expect AMC to follow.

Does this mean October will spark the beginning of a bull market?

Not quite, as it will take some time to see this develop.

The country is in a recession and just about every market has substantially more sellers than buyers.

October could yield a momentary bull run, but a bull market will take time to determine based on economic and buying conditions.

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Where does this leave APE?

APE Stock
APE Stock

AMC is selling up to 425 million shares of APE to pay down their debt, which means APE prices will tumble as a result of the selloff.

The company issued the following statement:

“Under the circumstances, we caution you against investing in our AMC Preferred Equity Units, unless you are prepared to incur the risk of losing all or a substantial portion of your investment,” said the official statement from AMC Entertainment.

APE gave AMC Entertainment access to a portion of shareholders’ capital without needing the approval to dilute AMC shares.

This cash cow is now available for AMC to claim in order to pay down its debt.

Is APE worth investing in?

I personally think it’s more of an investment tool for the company rather than for shareholders aiming to squeeze shorts from their positions.

But I’m curious to know your thoughts.

Leave a comment down below.

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